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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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Close to My Heart Cartridges

Close To My Heart, Monica Wihongi, Jill Broadbent, Karen Pedersen, Michelle Snyder, Kristina Livingstone

Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Close To My Heart, Monica Wihongi, Jill Broadbent, Karen Pedersen, Michelle Snyder, Kristina Livingstone

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12. Close to My Heart Cartridges

Lesson Info

Close to My Heart Cartridges

So the very first one that we introduced his joe mentioned is art, philosophy and let's. Go ahead and go to the keynote and here we have art philosophy is our top selling cartridge. It really has the basics of what you need with cricket cartridges. It has your basic shapes, your basic flowers, even a font as part of that whole cartridge. And so, as I said, it's been our most popular. You can see these cute little banners have been part of this art philosophy cartridge you can have all of these different beautiful flower technique are flower images cut out of it as well. And again a stamp set three stamp sets that have been designed to go exclusively with this cartridge so it all works together. And when you look in our annual inspirations catalog anything that has a red outline, a stamp image means it goes with the cricket cartridge, so not only are the three stamps, that's is part of your collection the only stamps it's that go with that, no there's so many. So anything that has a red...

outline in our annual idea book goes with the crooked cartridge, right? I do love our police and our see all of them have to work hard so you get going and way were so clever people, lots of me, the one we're talking to us is if someone were just starting out and didn't know which cartridge to buy, I would always recommend our philosophy, but it has to go to greatest jumping off point if you're new to cricket or if you're just new to the close to my heart cartridges, it is a perfect cartridge to get you started because it does do all those brackets and squares and circles and tags and all those basic shapes that you will use over and over. And when jeanette designed this cartridge, you know jennette lynton, the owner and ceo close to my heart it was her inspiration tohave a cartridge that you would never want to take out of your cricket machine that she wanted a cartridge that you didn't have to keep finding all of the different things that in another cartridge this is the answer to that and we really did hit it out of the park so thanks to jeanette and we could have happened to but way always tryto have to ourselves and so we're onto our teeth. Yes, yeah artist was our second cartridge, and the reason that it is so fun and unique is that it is basically your three dimensional cartridge it allows you to build all kinds of different projects and things we showed yesterday that were the different boxes and little treat bags so you can see you know this obviously that's actually are take home box that wasn't cut, but the face and the tangle of that it has great themes, hears you. Yeah, you can see that you can cut all the different flowers now. This entire slide has the boxes were cut, and then the flowers. The flowers are amazing because they cut as a straight, flat circle, and then you simply roll them up to be these beautiful creations. So everything you see in this picture was all cut with the artist cartridge, and, you know, we do have aton of videos on youtube on are close to my heart channel that shows you step by step on how to put a lot of our car trip peak cartridge pieces together, in particular cooling flowers. I just filmed a quelling flowers video for christmas, and it is beautiful, so you can always go to our youtube channel and find the techniques videos there. Another thing I love about artist is using that for your party themes, so you can see here we've got invitations, we've got the cupcake liners again, because we love our cupcakes and all these cute little monster details, all of that is housed together on some keys that will allow you to say, I want to do the monster themed party, and so these are all the components on these two keys, and with just the push of the different function buttons, you can cut all the different components to bring this whole thing together so it really we've taken all the guesswork out of it for you and did I mention seven hundred images on each cartridge? I'm telling you you've got it all with our close to my heart cricket collection it also like we said has afan every cartridge, so this is the artist fall, which is a great basic fun but you khun scale it down to journaling tio making the g a full twelve inch size city so there's so much flexibility with that and then and blow envelopes which are obviously made to help you design and make your cards but look how fun it is to use it on a project. Scale the envelope by twelve page and you can scale those envelopes down to any size you want so you can make a traditional envelope or you could make it as an accent piece or to send a team. So we used to sell a plain white fill a box that was pre cut and ready to design, which was fun and fabulous, but once we could put it on a cricket cartridge, then you can make out of any paper you wanted any design you want, and so the possibilities just continue when you can cut and design your own project s and the size of the pillow box you could make it like a small is putting your tooth from a tooth fairy in it you know all the way up to a regularly with of doing that oh my goodness like have you did get the tooth under the pillow? I'll be like, oh, the tooth fairy must have lost it I don't know what happened all right? So this one is awesome. So we did show you the witches hat last yesterday that became kind of are piece there is istante thiss was another gone viral project. We showed just a fun idea with the artist cartridge and making a birthday crown for your birthday girl and the request for the recipe to make this hat went crazy so that is on our block but it just shows you how much you can do with this cartridge so really a lot of those components we're designed in mind to make a little accent for a page you know, all the brackets, shapes and the things that make her entire headband or pieces that were designed to take down the crown was meant to be for a twelve by twelve page but that's what's so great about the creativity of the cricket cartridge and the images is that you really can just do any I think you can make them and so it's adorable yeah and everything we have on our blogged to show is how the step by step comes together so here you have it comes flat like you saw in that first picture this becomes a cute little strawberry box so cuts out flat then you start to build it and it shows how to put it all together and then a topper of course and there you have like a full project and this entire project was cut out of a cartridge yeah all right did you have a question kanna well I just wanted to jump in and invite the people at home tio join us here if you are loud they're two different ways that you could do that one is via the chat room you will see a chat black chat box and that is where people are chatting from all over the world we have lisa from close to my heart who is in there answering your questions about close to my heart if you have questions for joe and monica or any of the other instructors today just used the questions box that's beneath the video that you're watching but those just questions about the class itself if you want to give your answers all the things we'll be talking about head on into the chat room so that way we want to hear yeah we love question a cz well thank you thank you can yes we want to know where you're at ok so that's art east in a nutshell, again, if there's so much to talk about, but we just have a small window, so do go to the youtube channel if you want to learn the ins and outs of every peace that we're talking about here. But the next one that we did, our artist was art booking this in africa are strep occurs, right? This is fantastic. This cartridge is really your go to for twelve by twelve scrapbooking, and really you can again size things down to make them smaller, and we're going to show you some of that art. So let's, go to the keynote here you can see like the border at the top and these cute little sunburst down at the bottom, all done using our art booking cartridge. The are booking cartridge has fifteen different layout options, as well as ten many books, so that in and of itself you could produce if you just did each of them once fifteen, many books and ten layouts would just make it worth it. They're totally there. You can change and moving, you know, it just continues on and on. So so here in the key note, you can see this fantastically out has an overlay, and this is where your scraps do come in handy, we gave crafters a reason. To have their scraps, and so we can all feel good about it. So you have to buy an ar booking cartridge if you have ah, whole desk full of scrap pieces of paper, because you just lied. Those in underneath your overlays, and it really makes your layout come to life. All right, let's, look at this one. So, who were those? Cuba must be the jill broad david joke on my husband did ask if he was getting royalties for his picture. I said you married me. So you, your wrist, these are gone, you find upto I am your royalties, but this one I love because every single thing on this layout was cut with the cricket, you've got the background and it's double layered, so we've cut the background twice and offset it so that you have the double background. You've got the brackish eight that pokes out of the side, as well as all those dub tail tags and that journaling spot. And I love you, talk bubble and the love title and again, that love could have been scaled all the way up to fill the entire top of the page to make a love title. Instead, we scaled it down, so it just shows how much versatility and that's, just one little part of one little cartwright. You know what I love about this piece of art in particular is that it's used as a home to core piece and so you can do that. You can you have your twelve by twelve pages? We actually have products that help you display them as home to core pieces and I think that's a beautiful pieces that sitting right in your living regions. Ok, here we go, here's another one and you can see the overlays been shrunken down to be a focal behind the photo. So instead of taking the whole twelve by twelve canvas it's actually just taking a portion of that page and it really is so great how we can do that and you can see the happy at the top. There has also been done using archaic cricket this art booking car tree and the happy is just one of the icons rather than one that's designed to be a title. But we just scaled the icon up to become the title, so the flexibility just continues through all the options. Wow, look at this beautiful double page layout you've got here again using your scraps. You see, we need to keep all of those pieces of paper because it really helps have the overlays and you, khun dio we have some watercolor technique underneath it that as well. So this really helps your pages have dimension and flow, and it gives you a lot of design elements for your twelve by twelve pages more because we just love this kind of this one shows the borders as well, even though you can tell so much because the photos are on top of it. But on that left hand side of the page, you can see that the, uh, the impact pattern doesn't fill the whole page that's because we also have borders. So you have the full overlays that we've been showing. But then you can also cut border piece is is also olive atis sized to fit together. So the other thing is using the negative space. So those little but cute little by the be yourself. Go be yourself is the negative space from that overlay. So you use all of the pieces as you take them off of your cartridge cuts. Yes, doris can the are booking twelve by told pages be downsides to six by twelve for those of us with the original creek a? Absolutely yep, so it will scale down if you're not using like design space to really tweak your image, you can scale it down. It would be a six by six, it wouldn't be six by twelve, but that's as why does her machine will go so she can make a six by six of anything you can scale up all the way down that's why it's perfect make a twelve by twelve way out, but then also make a mini album out of those exact same or even cars you can use. We have a sample of that as well. Yeah, ok let's talk through this one again using our font and this one also has a bond as we've talked about before, you can see that and then the overlay doing just a small overlay off onto the side. All right, next one here just titles and accents and pieces all over and then this one shows a perfect use of that border. And again that as tech pattern on the side was the overlay but shrunken down to fit as an accent piece on a page so let's, look at it two times on many but it's shally here is one of our many books that comes off of the art booking cartridge. Oh my goodness, look how adorable it is. And so let me see if we've got a little more detail on some of these so you have lots of different options, as jill said, and you can again size them to what you want and then use those elements within your book as well and everything about that is they are all scaled to a specific size, so it will cut if you keep your machine because lean yes, linked, it will cut everything exactly the way it needs to be to make that entire many albums, so you don't have to say, how big should my title be if my many album is six by twelve? How big should I make my title? You just push the title and it knows that your book is six by twelve or your layout is twelve by twelve and it's going to scale and keep everything cut to that right size. So every frame background, border title sentiment, any of the little icons you, khun, just simply push the button and cut it, and it will cut it proportional to make your layout look perfect every single time. But if you have that desire to use those pieces in different ways, like we've been showing, you simply push reald I'il size on your keypad and then set your dial to whatever you want that one shape to be. So if in my lay out, the heart is linked to be a two inch size, but I want to make a six inch art, I just quick riel dial size and unlinked the image from the project, and let's just had an insight, so the linking feature is unique to us and it's something that we have found to really help the crafters make beautiful projects every time and takes the guesswork out of you don't waste any paper when you're cutting because you didn't have to put it in and no it's going to work we're paper lovers right on again as we mentioned before you this cartridge also has coordinating stamp sets so bringing in your stamping back into your scrapbooking as well so it all comes together all right let's move on to this next one oh I love these overlays the sunburst is really one of that effect is really one of my favorite so you can see there again using you're scrapbooking leftover paper you really have a beautiful piece here by bringing in all kinds of different texture background texture papers and different colors and again the overlay is not fit to size the twelve by twelve sheets and you shrink that down as well all right let's look at this next one this is where it shows that overlay of that quadra file pattern being shrunk down to fit a card so again is designed to fill a twelve by twelve background but you khun size that down to be a piece of your card another background the leaves behind that photo and then the leaves themselves have all been done in your bottom title it just goes on and on and on I keep talking about it wear question in the audience yes well not really a question but I just have to state that artistry so our newest cartridge I am so in love with it and it is so inspiring when I came home from convention I immediately started creating like it was amazing so thank you guys we're going to get to that way are so this one's going to be featuring if we get the video going it will be featuring our cars it's called artfully sent and so of course we had a cartridges that was more targeted to scrap booking well this cartridge is targeted to our card makers three stamps sets your card stock but against seven hundred images within that cartridge and then all of the different designs and we have five different card designs within artfully scent is so I just got the cricket air for my birthday and haven't played around with design studio but when you're talking about the linked and the unlinked does that have a in designed studio have you guys played around with it on that bad so it does is it just the same thing you press really dial and unwraps it and act the same exact way we're actually going to be skyping in with two of our cricket experts a little later in the segment and let me tell you they know all the ends and outs of everything to do with cricket plus there lots of your video basically is kind of like your photo shopped for the cricket cartridge so it really lets you take whatever your keypad would let you d'oh with you know and it half inch increments it will let you warp and stretch and change and all the and well things together so it is just kind of like the next step it kind of goes beyond what your machine itself does so it's just another another cool way if you know all those features to you so I was excited when you guys came out with the codes I think natural codes because it's so much easier for us who have the air we still get the stamps sets we still get the paper and then we get the digital code that right? So I was really excited that brand new to us and we really had some great success with it and I think we're going to keep moving forward with digital codes as well giving you the options because we also because we're tactical people and attack the company we like toe hold our cartridges and just kind of go like this you know keep it close to your heart that kind of thing way do have so many training videos on our art booking that we just talked through because we're sure going to say all these different features we have like thirty is that thirty one a very famous on our booking, taking each key and each function and doing a whole video, just that one to really train you and help you to understand all the ins and outs of it, and we've done many, many videos on each cartridge because as you can tell, they're so much to cover in our small time here today. So while our police sent has twenty five different themes is andi, it has the same linking picture feature as art booking does so let's go to the keynote so you can see see the cards, some of our cars air the pop up cards, and we have sleeve cards and the swing card, so let's show you a little bit of that all this is so fun, so this hot air balloon all comes cut out from the cricket, and it has little tick marks on where you're going to fold those so that they actually pop up so they feel they are dimensional cards as well. You can see here, look at this, let the deer and what you can't see in the keynote, though, is the dimension it actually is standing out and it's layered, so it really is a fun way, so when you open the card, kind of like that room card that brynn showed, you know, it's got that same kind of effect of, like, wow, it's, a real wild card for sure, and you can see here are swing card and the sleeve car that's a sentiment car. Yeah, we have a lot that just have a great focal point on the front of the card. Look how cute that is. That is a great example of our pocket cards, so on the cartridge because we have our picture, my life program and all the different things we worked with, the three by four in the four by six cards, you can actually cut your own pocket cards on the cricket. So even though that's put on the front of a card, you can easily slide that into your pocket. Scrapbooking and do layers and different pieces that don't come in are printed cards. You can make your own so that's a great feature to tie those products together as well. Here's the fathers take hard, you can see again it's that pop up feature where the card you opened the card and it comes out and it's got that old old time vehicle. There are layers and layers of paper really fun.

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I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


This video series will provide all viewers with a fantastic overview of not just the wonderful products Close To My Heart has to offer but the creative environment they foster. Whether you want to craft personally or would like to see if this could grow as a business, watch this series and receive tons of information. Thanks CTMH and Creative Live!


I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart