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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Lesson 13 of 24

Using Cricut to Create a Page


Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Lesson 13 of 24

Using Cricut to Create a Page


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Using Cricut to Create a Page

That's, where we're at and jill is going to start you on your next project, which is all cricket bay s with our brand new cricket cartridge artistry, that sounds great, so let's, go ahead and get started. I know that's what you've been waiting for getting your product out again. So we are using one of the stamp sets that comes with the artistry collection, and I do love that you can get your cartridge and you you have paper and a stamp set, and you're ready to get started the minute it comes in your mailbox, so this, uh, life is sweet stamp set and let me show everyone at home what we're going to be making this adorable layout has so many cricket components that we're going to talk through as we get started. All right, so you can see here I've got all my cricket pieces, wouldn't it be nice if it just came all pre cut for you like this's? So fun to work with, but you can see all these different embellishments things that overlay with one another. We're going to build this whole page tog...

ether using all of these bits and pieces and as well as our frames, so let's get started first by building our base, so we love our glitter this is a full sheet of glitter paper it's just such a fun pop, especially behind your cricket cut pieces, so I'm going to start with my twelve by twelve base page and then just center that glitter paper, crab, some adhesive, and we're just going to adhere to glitter paper right to our white daisy card stock right into the center. Now I have this overlay again, just a full she of the stars, and I'm going to add here that to the glitter so that you can see that each star looks like it's, shiny and shimmery because that's, all of the glitter you're going to see is what's cut out of the negative space of this overlay and you have just a little bit of a border as well with the glitter on the edge is such a cute way to start a background, but look at all that detail that comes just in that component and all it was was one cricket cut hay so then we have cut for you four different frames. The's air great again, they have that square opening for your instagram sized photos, but it also looks like the old school polaroid, which is a really fun thing to use and play with, and you can see we've cut them out of both. Be aunties and card stocks which is another fun thing to mix and match your designs and with the be aunties their double cited so you can play around with which side you like because really any of them would work but I'm going to start with the smoothie at the top smoothie card stock this is the peachy color I'm going to get them all laid on so I know exactly where I want to space them and sent to them so I've also used that hound's tooth and that pretty glacier color I'm using the honey card stock here and then I want those green polka dots to pop up and I'm going to use phone tape on this so that I can still put my photos behind you also have in your kit if you're working with the pre cut kit photo matt this is just to help you have a spot to put your photos if you don't have them with you currently so that's just a placeholder for your photo so we can add some phone tape here and then I'm going to go ahead and insert my photo to the center just get that in place again these are just going to go centered on my page got my photo mat underneath toe hold that in place for when I drop my photos in you might also if you're doing that you might want to not hear the very top of this so that you could curry on the side so that you can still slide your photo in when you get home, we would want to make this beautiful layout that then can told our photos. Right? I'm just going to put a little adhesive toe, hold my photo amount in place that's a film tape again just to give that dimension and then do the same down here with the other two. Joe. While you're doing that, can you talk a little bit about where people confined this size and information for cutting these on the cricket? Yes, it comes in this little booklet right here. So every cartridge comes with the overlay for your keypad. So that means basically, once you put the cartridge in your machine, this is the cartridge. If you have the machine that holds the cartridge, which is the majority you would put the cartridge in, and then your cricket recognizes your working from artistry. And so this keypad, then, is your guide to knowing exactly what to do so you can see here we've got all these feature buttons. You might have to get really tight to be able to see them, but you can see how has the different features here, the icons, the shift, the layers, the banners, your backgrounds. And then here's, that real dialled size that we were talking about so that is your spot to be ableto unlinked anything that plane together and said it any size you want, we've also got your shift, so with our fun, you can always do the lower case and the upper case. But then again, everyone of these functions here by having shift gives you a secondary option even within those functions, so just, like continues and continues, and then you've also about all your other come ways to control your keypad on this site here so you're most machines have the size either elektronik lee or a dial that lets you set the size that you need so that answers their questions. Thank you, huh? Okay, so we're just going to continue to put this together with a little phone tape again and one more to finish it off. You can see how it really does just take a lot of that guesswork out your projects because the designs are all coordinating and all fit together so nicely you khun just find the one you like, push the diallo and your layout is a beautiful masterpiece every time I love that it gives both options because we do have those true artists out there who love to just look at the shape and come up with crazy, amazing ideas that air totally out of the box but it also has that capability for someone who wants to not have to think or or design toe also have a beautiful page so it's got so it kind of works for both types of artists all right, so that's that's basically air base that's where photos go those are beautiful little pop of color to really bring this layout together but we can't stop there because we have so much more cricket goodness to put on this page someone scooted just to decide it for a minute and grab all my bits and pieces here so you can see everything we're cutting so let's start with this one that doesn't have any stamping it's just this fun banner shape so again, this banner could be a full eleven inch sized length that could go all the way across my page but instead for this project we've scaled it down and we're layering it with another shape so I've got a banner and a narrow and I'm just going to layer those together I'm going to get here this ray across my green photo piece here so you can see that and then I have this shape here and it has an overlay piece so again I could use this on its own but I can also just nested on the piece that it's designed to layer with and I'll have that pop of color behind just like this and then I'm going to put a little film tape on the back of this and it here that to the center of that and you can see now I've got four cricket cuts just all messed nested together here to really make that come together and b a beautiful focal point on my piece there now we're going to do one with a little bit of stamping to show how those stamps coordinates so nicely with the cricket cut pieces so I've got this little yellow piece and then we're going to go into the stamp set and we have this image that says this moment I'm simply going to feel that off my stand backer grab a block he's the longer block for that one just a tad big way go and I'm going to use honey inc and I've got a brand new stamps that which we talked about in an earlier segment just seasoning that stamps that when it's brand new and you just want to make sure you've got your stamp and the paper lined up the right direction well that's why I have my stamp upside down there we go stamp this it says this moment and if you just look through your clear stamp and stamp directly onto that cricket cup peace, then you've got a stamped image that coordinates and match and fits perfectly on that piece that's cut out for you so I'm going to add just a little bit of foam taped to the back of that stamped piece and we're going to add these to fun pieces to the bottom of our yellow photo matt, I've got just the little piece here and then I'm layering that with a stamped image there we go, so look at the dimension we're just building on this page and the visual interest that comes with that next we've got a little more glitter paper because there's just never enough rain, so I'm going to take this fun image that has the hearts cut out of your geo tags I'm going to add here that right at the top of this photo mat and I liked it always fill my empty negative space that's cut out with full paper, so I'm making sure that that goes completely along the bottom of this photo piece and then we're going to stamp on this is well, so we've got a little banner and it says today on the stamp set, so I'm going to take that image in a season that brand new stamp and I'm using smoothie ink on this season this up. The other thing when your season in your stamps it matters the most on your more solid image is the one that take the most ink because that one takes just a little bit more to make sure that it's nice and seasoned you can see here as I stand that how much of a solid surface there is on that versus a line image that might and you can see how it it's still not quite as clear as I want, so I always when working with a more solid stamp image I like to do it a few times to just make sure it gets really seasoned and I don't have any splotches or any blank spots, so once you're happy with the imprint you're getting, then you can go ahead and stamp that onto your project we're just going to go for it here there we go then I'm going to add just a little bit of foam tape behind this okay? And then that is going again as another just layer of cricket accent to this page right here beautiful we have one more to d'oh oh, you know what? I even forgot this had another piece underneath but again that's just another piece of that paper but it does show that this piece layers and you can build those colors so this one is against the same color so we don't need it but you could always put a different pop of color behind all those pieces because they nest together all right? Our last stand piece is going to be this best ever in a fun banner style shape I'm going to use peacock ink on this one stamp that, make sure got a nice clean image and then right onto the banner. Another thing I like to do when I have a full sheet of paper or even just a bigger piece if I go into my cricket and I'm going to cut this for this project, I'm just going to go ahead and cut for five of them so that when I want to stamp up next time, I don't even have to load my cricket machine. I kind of keep little bowls all over my counter of pre cut cricket pieces because all of these that we've cut today, I would use again and again and again, and since they match the stamp set, then I just like to cut a bunch of those in that same shape that I'm going to use over and over and just have them at the ready. I usually do that with white daisy, because it's, easy to stamp and change the color that way, so don't load your whole machine just to cut one little thing you can always just add to that. All right, now we've got some banners that we're going to put on here. There we go, this overlaps again, even down to the most intricate teeny. Piece this one still connected just a bit there don't want to rip it there we go you can see how tiny that is on the tip of my finger and that you can cut that all the way down to this small of a size and that even layers here so just the smallest of detail but we love those details that's what really brings the interest to our projects in our pages I think I had one more but I don't see it here so I'm just going to add this one and my cricket cut sentiment again with a little bit of foam tape and now we've embellished this entire page with the most beautiful little details using the cricket shapes all the different stamp components all the different layering techniques, photo mats backgrounds this page in and of itself I'm going to pull in the one that's journal and has beautiful photos on it so you can see that finished piece we did of course add some embellishment I've got some the gold sequins on here we've got some pink gems and some blue dots so fun just to pull in those embellishments to really bring the page together that this is a great representation on this one twelve I told paige off all the different features and benefits of a cricket cartridge so just shows you the versatility and how many different ways you can use this so any questions coming through canada yes we do first of all lots of comments about how great it is to see you doing this live oak eso people are really excited about that just a few basic questions this one is from car miller are you able to make your own designs on the cricket I'm not through not through the cricket but close to my heart cricket cartridges I do believe there's other options when you have the digital design space with cricket with trouble craft but through the close to my heart cartridges you wouldn't be able to design your own okay and back when I asked you how you know when you showed us like the booklet over there is that where people just for clarification is that where you get like the individual image links yes let's look at one time let's look at one here so you can see looks like here at this little cake one if you want to zoom in here so this shows you on the icq so I would go on my keypad here and I would find the eye well there you go right there that's what this entire pages referencing all of these pieces right here are on the ikey so by that one key I get one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve different options that's more than twelve fourteen I can't even count this morning so you can cut by pushing this icon button maikon one I pushed that and the I and it's going to cut me this cake base at whatever size I've set that to, then I can go in and push icahn one and the shift function the second one in the booklet is always what happens when you push shift so I always want this secondary option. I can push my shift locker if I'm just cutting the one I put shift, then my icon one is on and I push I and I'm going to get this cake overlay can cut that in a different color and layer and nest those cake pieces together. Then I've got a cake plate and candles and those will cut if you have if they're linked together, the cake plate will cut to the right size that this cake will fit on top in your candle will be small enough to fit the cake, but again I could make that any size I want by just pushing real dialled size and cutting that too to scale same with here's jeff it's just the different functions that are over here that allow me to do all these different things all within that one key. So the party theme on artistry all eyes on the on that ikey and you can see it ties into another key, but then we'll get a totally different theme when we turn the page so everything to kind of do a home or a city scene is on the w key and it's the same thing once you have one cartridge in you understand the functionality they all work the same way in that all the shapes kind of stay together are linked and work to build a scene together on one or two key specifically very cool and so like you said your youtube channel even further into debt we don't take one specific e and show you everything that one he can do in just one video and then yeah and so that's just search for close to my heart that we have a close to my heart channel that you can subscribe to and follow along and then you can also go within that channel to find all of our different playlist you can search by the different if you're looking for specifically artistry or specifically art booking you can just simply search by that great thank you yeah okay I think where are you guys doing ok out there an audience getting this page put together it's so fun and easy isn't it how do you know what size to cut each piece to use the stamp sets on the explorer so that they are the size for that stamp set right it's the same even if you're using explorer right on the stamp said itself if you can come back to the overhead camera I can show you but here on each stamps that it tells you two and a half inches so you would set your cartridge or you're cutting machine, whether it's, the elektronik explorer or the dial machine in the earlier version of cricket machines, you would set your dials size, or you're cutting to be two and a half inches for this specific one. And if you need to know which key that is in the booklet, you would go to page thirty one. So if we were cutting this big all you need is love. I would pick my book and I would go to page thirty one in my booklet. Right here, thirty one and here it is, here's my banner background. So then I would know on page thirty one I need to push those icky the banner function and set my dial two, two and a half and then this is going to cut out exactly to the right size for this specific sampson and every single stamp set on every carrier she does. The same thing tells you the page number in the booklet that you would find it. And then what? Which measurement? To cut that out to make this fit. I'd like to also show john inside of her annual book you can see right here when we were talking about the red lines around the images this stamp set was designed to go with the cricket cartridge and when you look down here at the part number and description it actually tells you which cartridge goes with this stamp set so it says cricket art east cartridge so that you know that this dance that goes with that and you'll find that throughout our catalog you can see here here's the bodacious banners and it goes with cricket art philosophy cartridge so you see how it all works together that way yes amy so you might want to let people know about searching online and getting being able to order all of the different cricket cartridges you go ahead and tell me well if you go to your comm sultan's website there's a whole section on the online shopping that's all of the cricket ah um related stamp set so even if it's not in the current idea but you can still access it online wonderful thank you for sharing that tip so throughout our entire idea but you can see that here's another one it shows the baby stamps that here and it tells you which cartridge it's goes with artistry cartridge which that means it's one of our brand new ones as well so it's wonderful how the system again we love working in systems if you can tell and it's a nice we try to always make sure that we're still designing stances for cartridges that have been out longer because we know you've made the investment having that cartridge so even in this new annual idea but we didn't just design stamps that's for the new cartridge we still are supporting your art philosophy or original cartridges and all the different ones that we carry well you'll always find coordinating stamps new stance that you can buy for the cartridge you already own so it's a great way to stretch your investment of your cartridges and er stamp sets wonderful I love this page I love how you use the glitter paper underneath it just is a fantastic fantastic page all right joined melanie we're online all right let's get with our joint melanie cricket girl I lovely ladies I like hey we're awesome we're excited to have you thank you for joining us well thank you for having us how's everything intact until today yeah I loathe deep in the heart all right so tell us a little bit about your experience with our cricket cartridges we would love to hear what you have to say okay my name is story trade me I have a clock called best scrapple dot com and I love it and I love our again because they have just the bliss are out they have also been images and corny sense in everything that's on tv interviews. You all right? Right? Melanie? I don't think saying that cartridge it anymore are you what it makes me so? And I'm glad that people in our hearts I can hear every other word she's saying but aiken translate she's saying she actually, uh I was saying that she uses their cricket cartridges were close to my heart cookie cartridges almost exclusively now so both of these ladies, before being a part of our close to my heart family use the cricket cartridges put out on the market just round about us, found out about close to my heart and joined and have had huge success with their businesses because of these cartridges and what they've been able to do with them do they have any art samples to show us some quick example? He do we dio let's check out this one this one is made with can you see it a little bit just right there love in our philosophy and one of the new stamp sets in the seasonal expressions catalog. And then also we use a little bit of a cuddle bugging with the stars started and then your boss decides or the size of her year yeah, yeah beautiful it's beautiful. This was the mack daddy, you know, you guys got a look at this thing. This is phenomenal much that is layers upon layers of cricket lookit that santa oh my goodness when you get santa but look how small they were able to scale that santa down just for a little piece of pop on a card or you could make him the focal point on a scrapbook what cartridge did you say you pulled this office? This is artistry one hundred percent artistry in that great yeah so so cute and we've got this card here we've used the glitter paper and then this is from our philosophy isn't yeah those ornaments yes and then this is a clear picture my life oh behind the fundamentals like you guys yes well, what a great way to combine different product lines into one these are all pretty you know that's what that's what we're going to talk about this one mail this one is again artist rate because that's what I'm like really into it at the moment artistry then why my paper this is artistry that's artistry yeah these that's our mystery these air they they're not compliments there the it's beautiful a little bit of sequins on their very cute way have simple this cute little pumpkin this is artistry this's that is forty straight up yeah marquis party art east so come on seasonal icons you have and you've done have you done some stamping on this card as well jim buss with gold there we go now we now we're seeing it you know oh and on this last one this was stand and melanie color these with a shit hand parker's l but it looks like adam it does that's beautiful thiss well you just amaze yourselves don't you know it's so fun whoa like that you think you're getting that forget it was it hard supplies so young said she you know kraft filtered andi I thought just decorated and it make it personalize you even put a monogram on their whatever and it's you know something being my church for very long life don't this is all artistry that's our that's our district u k e melanie is great at layering a lot about a beautiful and all the holly berries the little circles all came off artistry as well probably just explore that yea yeah okay beautiful beautiful that way more waiters bring it on we love it the thing about you know loves the bells tell them how the bows come when you cut them this bose from rt straight correct correct so they come in a long strip and then you have to fold it and this is a low a wonder is this the one with the two things that sit down it's a fully one ok hopefully one of then I cut up that those are extra pets from saying ashraf yeah she she walks and that's why you're our cricket experts weigh this and this is yellow I love with cars if you're behind on your heart making you khun do this so fast but twitter paper just one casa is there a trick to cutting with the glitter paper is there a certain feature that you need to use more or not that I mean if you were on the expression I do like six late oh yeah you know, just because it's a little thicker and has a lot of texture on it so I just wanted to tell our viewers viewers out there it cuts like butter it's very good but all right e really well it's better than our competitors and you can get it in a box store because we use use those for years and this is cuts much better with your machine you smell like the competitors true sniffing it yeah and it was joy reality show awesome great fabulous you guys are hilarious. Any other great cricket tips before we say goodbye um if you want know what? How big you want your cricket cut to be that that is the height so for example if I want something five inches hunted out of five inches it's not a mystery it's always the height minutes always behind books yeah so because we get that people are very confused by that so thie only accept it would be like an artfully sent I think sometimes some of those cars are not before our booking or breaking tio generally just like a regular cut if you want it to be fine and just hauled in cut it at five good you go over what I did I made me think of another u s for years all right? I want one favorite thing from each cartridge. Yeah, just whatever whatever shape are just are you know are my favorite are the cards there's so many cars and I go to them their shapes they have cut out something I goto those all the time for background cards if I'm going to be cutting just a playing card to like mount stuff on because they've got the scallops circle they have planes circle they got spiky circle you know, that's my favorite our philosophy what is your did I just take your no, no, I like how there's like so many layer like our philosophy and artistry both have where you can layer a bunch of stuff together like the tags yeah, yeah. So you can mix and match and yeah, I really love that. I like to pile on the layers and both of those cartridge affords you the cuts to be able to do that and then what's your favorite with our teeth artie hearties has all those bags yeah, the bags and boxes yeah, yeah cartridges and then some here it's god you could make most candidate in or like the cone and different gift bags and it's kind of going on it's got it going on gotta la holiday stuff which is awesome and then what about art booking? I like the many books on art but I love the backgrounds and are looking oh, yeah you can use those parts to having a lot of cards, right? I mean, don't be fooled that are booking is not all about art booking our booking khun b any kind of crafting right? Just size it yeah, yeah, right, right. You can size up what you need to yeah on dh then and you can use our police stand for scrap booking you can add because there's all those there's all those images that go in the cards that you can without cutting cars right make those any size you want I love the swing cars aren't releasing what do you like on our police and papa? Yeah, opening up get kiss e fifty pop ups and fifty swing is that correct? It's over a lot of that that is correct a lot and then artistry artistry is so on trend I think I really like that about it the font super cute and it's really the trendy looked today like yeah, the fonts really cute and you know what I love about fun all the circles are filled in, so you never like searching them out to put that little circle. Oh, yeah, that's true ways you're like, you want stamps? Yes, unions upon steve, that one font stamp that matches, which is called I don't know, but you guys will wear officially blowing the audience is mined with how much we've thrown at them in this one short hour about our five cartridges and all the possibilities. But one thing we're going to talk about today that we're excited to get into with our audience and those watching at home is about being consultants and about the opportunities of close to my heart. And so I'd love to hear from you guys as your experience, how you were kind of more in a retail space with crickets and your experiences there, but then have grown into the community that is close to my heart and being consultants and what that's done for you? Well, I actually had a really I was a consultant long before I had a relationship with cricket. I am I just fell in love with the stuff because it was like all the colors and everything matched and I was like, you know, angel started singing, I was like, I did not know about this yeah, it was like on a cricket message forward, I'd heard about it and then I went there and I was like, I immediately got a consultant and I was like buying everything, so I like having close to my heart budget every month and so that I was like, you know what? I'm going to sign up, so I started out as a hobbyist and that's why as an up line, I never I never write anybody I don't know you never know when the light is going to turn on and it's going to click and they're going to think, oh, I could really make this a business, you know, I really love this and I could give this a go, so because that was me I was the hobbyists and then, you know, I've done really well, so melanie has the record of the highest monthly sales at forty seven thousand something like that, I mean so forty seven thousand one month so jake fooling around, ok? Let's, let's explain what an up line is you that means that you've signed people onto your team. So now you have a team leader, right, darling? What's the name of your team melanie scrapping east of us grafton e stas alright, joy, give us your your experience um, I had been knowing I have both worked with cricket and had a blogger together called every day cricket it's still up there's probably a thousand projects on it that you could still look at today. And then we decided melanie was with close to my heart and she was having a great time with it and I use the products his melody was always given them to me she's like hey here's, a new cattle over hey, you know whatever and it just looked like a lot of fun and I love the cricket cartridges. They are the fullest most complete. You can own these cartridges and no other and be happy as a clam and still not cut everything out because I mean, I haven't got everything out of you could ever know no there's still no there's always won't even on our philosophy. And I have probably nearly one hundred projects made with their march ridge. Yeah, and I have and their still more more to mine here so it's very awesome and the bonds are great and so that's kind of my story. So I joined and it's been quite a ride. It's been really fun, but you know what what's crazy is? I know when I joined, I never thought I would be signing up to have all these great friends people now, you know, I kind of, you know, for the friends, and I think it really all right? I saw you for the crafts, and the friend says they've been the cherry on top, right? I mean, I had a rough year last year, and if it hadn't been for my close to my heart sisters, I really don't know how I would have gotten through it. I mean, they really rallied, and I just love them, they're like family, and I such a skeptic, I was like, yeah, yeah, you know, but no, really we're like sisters, and we all really love each other, and we help each other through bad times, and I just can't I could have done it last year if it hadn't been for them. True story, that's amazing melies, a cancer survivor and we're so proud of you, melanie cause you just kept pushing through and teaching and coming to our events and going on our incentive trips that you earned, and so you're really inspirational. Thank you. It was what kept my mind, you know? I mean, you know, that's, something to think about. All right, well joy I did want to mention to some of your really awesome successes and that is that you earned the incentive trip in about two months of signing up right? We were halfway through the incentive trip year and I'm pretty sure that's a record I think you signed up in june and you've earned the trip by august and off you went and what was your first destination that you got to go to I got to get a history ca and it was really really bizarre it was the accommodations were beautiful we have like a villa with a big suite with a balcony our room happened to be just on the other side of ocean which I don't know how we lucked out but we did it so it is really great that was great I was outstanding and it's a place we want to go on to you know, on around my husband on top cellar top recruiter I mean just a phenomenal ladies as you can see, their enthusiasm is contagious for all of those around them thank you so much for participating and being a part of our creative life class way yeah yeah you have a great day thank you we'll get your machines chirping away all right well that covers all that we have to cover for cricket cartridges and even actually scratch the surface wear today exactly we didn't have one question we do first of all just some comments melissa sanchez robinson says it is truly amazing to see the connections formed through this company and we also have fans of joy and melanie do people always love to see them and that they have two different styles and so there's something for everyone so thank you again to joy and melanie we do have a couple of questions and then we have some prize pride cricket car suggestion okay, so from rene valenti do you have any tips and tricks about pulling your items off the circuit match cricket match that they do not curl and bend yes, there is a spatula that you convey get if you don't have that you could use the edge of your scissors or like a piercing tool to simply scrape underneath and just lift it off but pro craft does make a cricket spatula that you can easily just run under just like you were picking the cookies off your cookie she just big new shape right off the sticky matter so right yes terra have a microphone yes, but over also one trick I've noticed is if you instead of peeling off the mat if you flip it upside down and peel the matt off the project sometimes that helps too thank you thank you simply could tip all right perhaps one more and do you recommend using the multi cut feature with glitter paper that is a good question I have never I've never had a problem cutting it with just using the deepest setting on your blade but again, if you're having any trouble if your blades a little dull the multi cut features are glor paper is then really thin and literally really smooth and write it doesn't play cough, but the multi cut feature for those who don't know is basically it will cut your shape and then go back over and cut it again as I can second time over the take the same passed twice so if your card stock didn't cut all the way through that's a good way to go back and cut it again but there are just the different sizes of our day depths of your blade, the pressure and the speed in which your blade cuts so playing around with all of that and learning how how that works for your machine in your paper that you're using really is helpful so great. All right, well shall we do it? Shall we did but and the winners are we need a drum roll right? Um the winners are jennifer rolf's who is going to win the art philosophy cart way have anne marie who is winning the artist cartridge way have catherine you check who is winning the art booking cartridge kelly walker congratulations you have won the artfully sent cartridge and finally, krista hershberger, congratulations, you have won the artistry cartridge e I love hearing the way that we know are they names that they're familiar. Yeah, that's. Great. We're happy, sultan. You'd have to share the close to my heart, love with our consultants, and also with those who are joining in and experiencing close to my heart for the first time this weekend, we're loving all of it, sharing it all. Then you it's been so fun to be on social media and watching all of the excitement around close to my heart.

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Discover your creativity and celebrate the relationships that matter to you with the beautiful artwork of Close To My Heart!

Close To My Heart, a leader in the scrapbooking and stamping industry, partnered with CreativeLive to bring you Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!. During this unique event, you’ll learn how to use the Close To My Heart products to create beautiful scrapbook pages, customized cards, handcrafted home décor, inspired digital designs and more!

You’ll get dozens of inspiring project ideas as Consultants and staff members show you how to work with the complete collection of Close To My Heart Products. You’ll get instructions and advice on getting the most out of the Close To My Heart scrapbook supplies and Cricut embellishments, along with plenty of tips for good old-fashioned party hostessing.

Whether you just want to create personal treasures or are ready to start a home-based business of your very own, Close To My Heart is the perfect partner for you. Close To My Heart produces high-quality and inspiring creative tools and accessories that are only available for sale through passionate and hard-working Close To My Heart Consultants.

Tune in for Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More! and find out how fun and rewarding being a Close to My Heart Consultant and customer can be! 



I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


This video series will provide all viewers with a fantastic overview of not just the wonderful products Close To My Heart has to offer but the creative environment they foster. Whether you want to craft personally or would like to see if this could grow as a business, watch this series and receive tons of information. Thanks CTMH and Creative Live!


I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart