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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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Consultant Event Basics


Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Lesson 16 of 24

Consultant Event Basics


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Consultant Event Basics

I just wanted tio give you a shadow tio folks that are watching on lines that say so proud to be part of michelle's creative hearts team like nearly eighteen years was she hosts the best parties and celebrations so there's lots of love coming your way directly with you as well there's also a lot of great themes that people are talking about from mardi gras theme for a scrap retreat that rachel is working on prepping sandy is also sandy web sandy web is from your yeah team and that's what she says I wish I lived closer and could attend mohr of your great events so that is so encouraging thank you for taking a moment to share that and thank you created parts I d'oh um so if we're going to put all of those parts and pieces together, tio make just the right thing for a party or event or whatever, we're whatever we're working on keeping those four steps in mind let's look at one example so this actually happened? I got I had a friend who is turning forty and this was just this last year and...

she was turning forty and shouldn't you know that does that little bit of what should I do, especially when it's a forty or something you know it's one of those momentous kind of things which I do and so she's texted me shoes is down about shopping texted me this picture this is actually the picture that I and that came through on my phone and she said I thought this thing I kind of like the colors can we build a whole party theme around that and of course I said yes we can totally do that let me just you know, tap into my own I got my four steps and I've got my close my heart resource is right and put them together and so if you were looking at this picture what kinds of things do you see in there that you could maybe pull out to flare so if this is going to kind of get us that our theme writes in to set the tone you set the theme then the next step is looking for elements that can be repeated and carried through right so looking at that picture what kinds of things do you see? Nam e first thing that jumped out at me was the colors and then the icons of those almost retro sort of starburst things aren't they fabulous? Yes so you've got those little starburst things all over you've got fabulous strong colors and let me show you what came next so this um is where I started so do you see some of those same things similar colors and we've got some of those shapes and things they're not exact okay? Let's get rid of the idea that has to be exact ok, no one else but me I saw that little picture she sent me right? So whatever I do after that it's all good so this is where we started we've got those fun bright colors, some of the similar shapes and things kind of carrying through and so that gives us our theme we've got the elements and then we're going to a third step was considered the guest experience right? So how can I take this and put that sprinkled about the room right? So that as people walk in the front door is actually a huge event center but as they walk in, what will they see and hear and experience to kind of set the tone for that party so just some simple things along the way on this remember we like to keep our budget in mind so we're going toe reuse recycle, repurpose multiuse wherever possible this was the sign okay, so this is kind of just a quick will shot we're just setting up so it's not quite altogether but this would be like the guest the welcome table people were walking in the door we had this little area set up this is sitting there on the table it kind of creates you know, welcome sign is they're coming in we had some of those same shapes and pieces cut bigger their cricket shapes right so I could make them any size I wanted right? I could make a great big one that sits on the table they could even be placemats all kinds of things little ones like confetti to sprinkle about and then there were also you can't see it really well there but we also had some scrap of pages or things that would be scrapbook pages at the end right? Considering guest experiences beginning to end so here are scrap of pages these were where people were kind of signing birthday message is kind of like autographing your books so I put I made several pages I got some pictures from her husband and just made some layoffs with blank white spaces that also still pulled the colors and the icons those elements through the whole thing and people could sign them as they came in with your happy birthday all of these things then of course when in the scrapbook which is the after right where we're putting the memories to be shared and preserved for down the road so all of those parts and pieces kind of coming together and then also you'll see where we're making some of the center pieces for the tables same colors simple tool it's very cost effective it doesn't wrinkle crumple it's left it's great stuff but the boxes is one of those a budget mindful things that I wanted tio share with you today also these boxes same box. You're seeing it there, it's on our table here we'll talk more about it. I've had them for twelve years, same boxes. Ok, that means I invested once in something that was already pretty cost effective, pretty affordable, and I have reused them and you can kind of hear if I've got a theme to get together at least once a month, right for my team. If nothing else, I've at least got that going. Those boxes that have had a little use, they flattens store flat, but I can change the colors and the icons for everything that we're doing. So those air just some quick peeks at kind of how those four steps come together and then let's, take a look at our fifties party here. So on the table, I've kind of set of some of the parts and pieces the's would not necessarily be all together in one spot. This is just for us to talk about it, right? So I got the same box down there with the party time record on the front that might be over where the refreshments are or it could be at the welcome table. So it's kind of sprinkling things about, but I wanted to tell you a point of inspiration for this particular theme remember I said they can come from anywhere, right so this one was I don't know if you've ever heard do you know neil sedaka anybody out there know neil sedaka okay big fan but he saying it's on called happy birthday sweet sixteen it's so snappiest, so catchy, so much fun and it's perfect for that sweet sixteen birthday party and a fifties theme so I could put those together right? So that's a classic records right? It's not the cassette tape that we talked about and it's it's not the cd if they vinyl record so as I'm thinking about that's going to be my theme, so then the party elements I'm going to choose to colors I chose lagoon and cotton candy as my accent colors and black and white simple black and white checker board right that's classic fifties don't you think? And so those were my colors and then just pulling some of the same icons throughout all the pieces so the records are just circles it doesn't get a whole lot easier than that and my cricket cartridges cuts them all to all the different sizes and gel if you could help me hold that this little there's just so much goodness on this table it's going to take us both to show everyone thought this banner how adorable is the so happy birthday sweet sixteen still as my guests arrive right we've got the music going neil sedaka is totally singing maybe alternating with sixteen candles others other great fifties types of songs right and all of those simple simple things but it's repeating the same shapes you can see them on the bases and on the different things same shape same colors through the whole thing I don't need to do a lot of pieces but it's being intentional about the pieces you do do choose still then it coordinates and kind of expands and and just kind of spreads the fun and the magic throughout the space okay thank you jill still whether it's your treat bags and party favors all of the things that you might use start to finish um including the scrap of pages that will tell our story later everything that you're seeing here is made from the colors in the adventure paper pack so I'm going toe see if I can pull this out because I just want to show you how quickly a theme can change let's say this is our consistent element ok so for this party we had cotton candy and lagoon with that right let's say we want to switch decades checkerboards actually go to lots of different places but we could go eighties same paper pack we could go eighties pulling in some holly hawk and honey and pair with our checkerboard right what about what kind of theme might go with let's say we had our checkerboard and we switched colors this way nascar exactly or dizzy cars movie, right? Andi and speaking a dizzy was to see if they if you knew this how about if we did this color combination a little cranberry little pacifica and watch what happens next in our keynote slide here we go herbie the love bug right? So this was a party that I put together for a group of students says mentoring and because shared experiences helped to build relationships that's kind of what my focus was today what fun thing can we do together? So we watched herbie the love bug and we had a r I'm all of our party things and I hope that as you're looking at the pictures here you can see it's a sprinkling not a downpour ok a spring clean of those elements that bring it all together so it doesn't have to be complicated and it can be cost effective so I'm just using my paper and cutting things on my cricket machine and I'm using those close to my heart tools and resource is that I already have even the giant cookie is running short on time right? So instead of making a whole batch of individual cookies or a giant you know that crayola cake did take hours can we say ok one giant cookie and then pulling the fifty three because that's herbie's number pulling simple elements through the whole thing and they loved it everything worked together and it doesn't have to be complicated so close to my heart products really helped me do a lot of those kinds of things and so far let's just kind of take a look at what we've looked at with close to my heart products simple card stock which comes in forty colors with matching inc and accessories so you have this great huge palette to work from right and then we could switch to fundamentals if we want to add a little texture and you have two sides of texture still the same colors but now I'm still working in same color second blend them but now I've got these textures and patterns that I could pull even out of those papers as well what way worked from a paper pack that already has some stuff going on let's take a look at this paper and we have such an amazing art department it close to my heart they are truly gifted people at putting together color combinations and themed papers so this one had a fabulous party theme going on and I loved all the colors and shapes so that that will be what I built my theme around so as you're looking at this piece of paper what are some of the elements that you see that I'm going that I could pull through and all my party planning some of those things around the table here if you look at this there's this little kind of a cloud maybe a thought bubble sort of thing but that yellow or canary in close to my heart language canary yellow so I just cut a shape that similar exact no similar enough tio work and tie together yes then we've got this happy I often will cut the letters I'm thinking happy is just going to be one color but this paper helped me remember hey we've got so many colors that everyone there could be a different color and that could be even more festive so on my sign it's going every letter matches right because we have the same forty colors working all together and everything it's fabulous icahn shapes that are going to pull through you can even take those shapes and if you're cutting things out on your cricket so I can cut shapes and even make garlands that could hang as a background behind the refreshment table or could be hanging and swags in space is to pull the color and shapes around and I can use the paper tio make different shapes and things that will hang or move about this space so you've got color high and low and it's just kind of moving and tying everything together so close to my heart has a variety of themed paper packs and collections that air already beautifully designed and put together with accessories that you can quickly pull from for party theme so by chance does anybody have a birthday today? Okay here's a tidbit that I love so a little allyson wonderland statistics say that everyone has one birthday but there are three hundred and sixty four un birthdays okay, what does that mean? That means that every single day has something to celebrate everything away so jill it looks like we have a lot of on birthdays here way have well unbirthday trade are you just going tio what this is and how you did this because how adorable are these but what is it really it really is a hershey candy bar happy birthday tio happy end it is just a hershey candy bar and I'm going to pull this um I think it's kind of unfortunate as well that one way have one for kennedy to so this candy bar if I can I'll just kind of show you here I've just taken a piece of card stock and I just cut a piece of card stock that will wrap around the candy bar and I've added some of the same checkerboard it's all just card stock and crystal shimmer tram because we like our little bit playing right way do like our little bit of break bling did you see how the rapper just slides right off of there that make it so easy for the guests right? They can easily get into their treat it's also easy for me to put together it's not it doesn't take a lot of time and it can be done with anything so in the on birthday theme here I've even taken these will slide off their little mini eminem's so I can very simply wrap anything and make themed coordinating party treats party favors and it doesn't take a lot of extra it's also great ladies scraps things left over it doesn't take much hours like that yes, so they're just quick simple party favors and they could even go inside close to my heart has this whole line of designer creations products and there's little bags that you can decorate or even just I mean they're super cute just by themselves they've already got patterns and fun prints on them, but you've got to put the michelle's but it doesn't take any effort so michele always looks like the queen of all things adorable and fancy, but it really is her simple system that anyone could do so I love that about my daughter kind of snickers is you know, people come and they say, oh my goodness, I can't do this I'm like yes, you can you can, she says yes you can she can show you how it's really easy so it and it helps a time to have all the great resource is that close to my heart brings along our brings our way I'm so happy I'm birthday to all of you happy celebrating and other close to my heart products so we've got cards, stocks, fundamental papers we've got themed paper packs the other kinds of things they're super helpful for me for planning parties are of course we already mentioned that cricket cartridges right? Seven hundred shapes on every cartridge it doesn't matter what team I'm doing, there are shapes on there that make it perfect, okay and how to books way have a whole series of how to books, which are kind of like I kind of their kind of recipes, recipe books for making cards and for designed scrapbook pages so it tells me exactly what the composition should look like, how to cut the paper, how to put it together I don't have tio really think of anything I can grab my paper fundamentals right reaching my toolbox, grabbed my paper, grab my how to book flipped through their pick one and go so that saving me time right, saving me a ton of time and I also can take those and make them a little bigger and put on the front of a gift bag so all of those recipes and how to books help me, teo put all of the pieces together it's a great jumping off point for anyone who's hating that inspiration and then once he start going, the ideas just continue to flow and turn into something beautiful so yes and we all need those kinds of jumping off points that I think hugely helpful resource is um so as we are I want to show you one more theme we had our herbie thing going here he s kenneth okay so before we go away from the herbie theme yeah a brief story okay okay so earlier in the class we were talking about how it can pull up images and they will trigger memories yeah and things that you may not I've thought about for years and that that's what this is all about creating these memories so when I was five years old my dad actually worked on the movie herbie goes bananas I went down to mexico which is where they're filming and I haven't thought about that in years and I was probably like I said about five years old so just how cool I you're not happen all of a sudden it floods and there's another and locked in that box open that box is stacy julian was going so you have a story to write down right from that cool yeah shell has the right paper I can annex birthday party tio excited about that thank you for sure yeah yeah and all this you know be honest with you the kids that I was throwing that event for several of them were not familiar with herbie yeah you know they know cars and but they did not know herbie they know herbie now way had a blast learning all about herbie and celebrating that day it was great funds so that's an awesome story thank you they have a question we should well, you were talking about how the fundamental books you get ideas from that my consultant also showed me studio j how she takes some of the layouts from there and does that also yes, yeah, I think actually amy may have made reference to that earlier as well, but that's a great place to look for compositions and things that you can plug into other projects. They're both terrific resource is thank you, no problem and just a little recap, a theme can come from anything right? Points of inspiration is what you're looking for. So I'm planning a baby shower and we had mom to be thinking about who's, my guest s who's coming who might tryingto honor with this shared moment, right this mom to be and then that little play on words b e so what colors does that mean? We're going to use, right? Yes, so we're going to pull out some canary and some black and white and what kinds of icons close to my heart has this love this I love this I would plan this whole party for this this little thing, right, honest? Sometimes you do plan being based on what you look like, we dress our kids and certain clothes because you want to use that scrapbook page happened way sometimes we work a little back kid, but the end result is always beautiful red and it's kind of this mental notes you know, close my heart shared that brand new embossing folder and I make honey comb that is fabulous it's going to go perfect somewhere and the mom to be thing I'm like bingo yeah, this is perfect. So what this does is it takes that regular to standard card stock and makes that raised pattern and then you took that a step further because typically when you would've boss something the pattern would become raised but still be that same color. So you just I just took a stamp pad and I lay it down flat on the table and I just swiped the stamp pad right over the top of that race and boss surface and that ik on the paper then add some definition and kind of makes it pop up just think only picks up on the part that's raised and so then you've just got that double tone so then I can take that honey comb and transfer it threw out sprinkle it right we're gonna sprinkle it threw out the party so just like we talked about wrapping candy bars the's are just roll owes and I like clean, simple shapes weekend easily wrap a cylinder, wicked there, the rectangle and the candy bars, but I also like tio multipurpose everything, and so just by adding the little name tech now it's a party favor, but it also becomes the place card at the settings, so instead of jane, a separate place card because time is often of the essence right now, I have a treat and a place card just by adding that little little somethings we've got color and all of those elements working around the table, and while we're talking about simple things to wrap, you can kind of see in the top right hand corner there's a little vase with some daisies, you can't have bees without flowers, right? So daisy's without other element that sprinkled throughout, and this is what was wrapping that base so that we and the bases I already invested in that this was probably were a good dollar store. Yeah, mine to begin with, but you don't have to buy your dollar items every time that you just simply wait there, if you can reach it. When you tell me things, look at this so I think silas yeah, fallout, but simple shape, so I've got squares and rectangles and cylinders, and I never actually attach anything to the container just like the box, right? It's never attaching to the container. So all these things just light off, just like your candy bar just slid right out of your rapper. These little bands of color and theme building elements just slipped right off of the base, that genius so I can raise everything. So I'm storing less stuff because I'm reusing it. I'm spending less money, right? If I don't have to spend my budget every time on new pieces, then my dollar a lot farther and I can do a whole lot more. I also love when you keep these things, because again, she could just pack this up and keep these. How many times have you been asked to throw a party for someone else? And then you can go? I don't even have to do any work, because now I can just pull out these components that I already built, so I might have used them for my little boy's birthday party. But then I have a nephew who need something, our friend across the street, you know, you can repurpose those even for multiple party, exactly in and of the paper efforts that you've already done, reuse, recycle, repurpose, and it makes it all faster, simpler, easier, and that's what makes it doable, right, so, um and the flowers on the table are in a cylinder base, and again, that all just slides off so you can use that for other types of events as well. And when last little piece, so this was we're considering guest experiences beginning to end, right? So invitation had a little honey calm on it, and then their little treat bag party favor that they could take with them. The same type of candy bar thing. Slights in my little close to my heart bag, a little bit short, trim well, flowers from my cricket and it's all matching coordinating easy to put together of its greet. So has a close to my heart consultant. You can hear that I have some serious advantages, serious advantages as close to my heart consult that you're keeping it all to yourself. You're happy to share, right? Yeah, so happy to share, and there are all of these great resource is available for everyone to use to make party planning aa lot faster and easier. But one of the things I love about close to my heart is they're always looking for ways to help all of us be successful. So whether you are a customer and you're planning a party and you need faster, simpler, easier, right, all those steps for you, close to my heart takes that a time to design all those parts and pieces? So they worked together. You're not spending hours trying dio hunt down just the right thing. It's just there, it's right there. But as a consultant, I love that close to my heart thinks about me, and they also want to make things faster, simpler, easier for me. So as we do parties and get together and have home gatherings and different things like that, close to my heart has brought together four party themes that we can use with all the parts and pieces already thought through. So let's, take a look at some of those things. There are four party themes that are already thought through and put together for consultants tio pull from and one of those is a chocolate lovers theme, and keep that in mind because there's some exciting things coming up with that chocolate lovers party theme, and we've got the fiesta theme, a luau and it's, a party that could tie into everything, even an unbirthday party, right? Yeah, every day can be a party, but what closely heart has done is they have designed stamps sets for each theme, and then they have they provide consultant recipes like the how to books this other recipes, how to use the stamps to make your invitations and even recipes for refreshment. That you might serve decorations for each theme everything has already thought out and it's right there I just click on the button all those things pop up in the home office and I can use those resource is to party plan quickly for my my gatherings and events. They even put together these images that are so professional I can use thes images to send reminders to my guests a cz tech messages or through social media and it looks great and definitely faster, simpler, easier if I'm not creating that right that's already there for me the tools and resource is air there to help me be able to make connections with other people in a simple way but having a look fun um and professional so all of these resource is make even everything we do as consultants a lot easier for us and fun at the same time. So four great themes right there at your fingertips on all of those things are designed to help it be a fascinating for the consultant which also it makes it fun at the same time for the customer and easy for the hostess and means everybody's having a good time so as it consultant there also so many other ways that I can connect with customers and share close to my heart, which is one of my favorite parts right sharing moments and sharing all the great products and things that we have to help people so home gatherings or parties are just one way that I might share close to my heart and those air really a fun thing. You're actually going to get to see a live home gathering here and just a little bit. So you want to stay tuned if your home stay tuned because christine is going to be sharing a live home gathering with us and just a little bit and those air a great time tio just scheduled time to get together with friends and learn something new and have fun together and there's also some hostess war rewards and some free things and and hands on projects great things, but we also one of my favorite things that I like to do, our work shops and a workshop is where you might come together for a little bit longer period of time, where you're making a completed project and maybe learning more specific tools and techniques, having a little more hands on time, toe, learn some of those things and actually get something done, leave with that thing and s o I wanted tio share a workshop with you today, and there we go workshops could be anything from making scrap of pages to home to core items there. A card making workshops all kinds of different things. Just about anything you want to create. We could have a workshop. And if you're curious whether or not there, what kinds of workshops are available in your area, you can go to the close to my heart website and use that little consultants consultant locator button. It'll pull up that consultants in your area, and then you can check to see what types of workshops and things might be coming up that you might want to get in on and make some of those fun things, and learned those tips and techniques for getting creative. So the workshop that I designed to share with you today is using paper fundamental adventure color pack because that's kind of what all of this is is focusing on that one color family. And, again, it's this you get ten, ten different colors of coordinating papers in a fundamental pack and there's two sheets of each one. And so what I wanted to dio for my customers with this particular workshop was show them how they could take that paper fundamental pack. And, um, I wanted to show them how they could make a whole bunch of cards from just a little bit of things and to make that faster, simpler, easier for me. I start with the how to book right so I pulled out my how to book I chose five card compositions from the how to book and I put all of those compositions together on one cutting diagram so when my customers come to this particular workshop one of the things that I want them to learn is how to take this cutting diagram and their paper and just be able tio it's kind of slice and dice put it together quickly right by doing that they also leave with that cutting diagram and they've already used it once so it's familiar they can go home and plug in any paper they could even plug in thes kinds of papers that could use anything to make more cards that they whatever theme they wanted to work from. So the idea is being able to get together and learn something new that they can take home and use again in in other ways. So these are side five compositions and what I've done here with this particular paper pack because we have all these different colors right there's ten different colors and so you can combine them in so many different ways because it's a like a color family they all go together so you can mix and match and make any combination so I chose three color combinations to share with you today and these air the five compositions and at this particular workshop might guests would make each of the compositions in the different color groups. You could actually make fifty cards from this package of paper. Fundamental paper. You know, you've got all these colors. You can make the match. And so one of the things that we're learning here with this class is that you can use the same composition and just change the colors and be ableto, have lots of different themes or finish projects that you can share.

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I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


This video series will provide all viewers with a fantastic overview of not just the wonderful products Close To My Heart has to offer but the creative environment they foster. Whether you want to craft personally or would like to see if this could grow as a business, watch this series and receive tons of information. Thanks CTMH and Creative Live!


I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart