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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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Consultant Opportunities

Close To My Heart, Monica Wihongi, Jill Broadbent, Karen Pedersen, Michelle Snyder, Kristina Livingstone

Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Close To My Heart, Monica Wihongi, Jill Broadbent, Karen Pedersen, Michelle Snyder, Kristina Livingstone

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22. Consultant Opportunities

Lesson Info

Consultant Opportunities

Earlier, in our earlier segment of this cost, I shared a little bit about you with you about becoming a consultant, and monica had asked if I would in this kind of ending part of our of our time with you today, share some of the benefits that I have enjoyed with close to my heart, so I'm really excited to do that. Great. I think I have sorry slide it might need every gun when there we go. So you've heard quite a bit through our time here in creative life, about close to my heart's incentive trips, and I just wanted to take talk just a little bit about them. I have earned twelve of them, and if I had just been going by myself, they still would have been amazing. But when we were in an incentive trip, it's for us and a guest and my husband has come with me on a lot of those trips. But I also my husband, I decided early on that some of the best memories we have of our families when we were growing up was someone on one time, someone on one experiences with our parents. So I decided that I...

was going to provide that for each of my children, so each of my children have gone on at least one incentive trip with me. An experienced a trip somewhere in the world they never, ever with a couple of places that you've been too with close to my heart. Okay, my very first trip was with my husband to hawaii, which was really fun. My family actually moved to hawaii after I got married. How rude was that? I never got to live there, so it was really great to go there and spend time with my family while we're there as well as share that with my husband had been to europe with my daughter, we got to see some sites that I've only read about in history books. Someone asked me the other day what my favorite thing was about being in europe and I was I was spiritually moved by seeing the david and, you know, I looked at pictures of that in history and in our class and oh, well, it's that's cool, but I had no idea what seeing that person would be like alaska several times. In fact, you can see on one of one of the pictures on my slide there we took my whole family, including grand parents and all my children and my daughter's husband to alaska with us one year and it was such an amazing experience, they talk about it still all the time, and I think that was in two thousand seven, so you can see some just a kind of battery yes and all kinds of places you can see me on a float trip down a jungle river I mean we've done some crazy thing we do lots of really fun excursions way I really feel like we do a good job of spoiling our consultants there's just no doubt about it there are gifts every day on your pillow in your cabin there are excursions there just for us this consultants there there I can't even begin to tell you how spoiled we feel us consultants and monica is a big part of that oh thank you thank you so another benefit is that I think I touched on a tiny bit earlier in an earlier segment is building a team and how that was such I kind of fell into it accidentally and since then it has really grown I have hundreds of team members on guy love them they are family to me and my family knows them as well they know so many of them by name know what's going on in their lives and they know what's going on in mind and you would not have been able to meet them had it not been no close to my heart has brought so many people into my life that I never would have known otherwise in the picture that you see on the slide is some of my team members and I at this very passed close to my heart convention at disneyland, our team theme for two thousand fifteen is unleash your inner city superhero. So we were doing a little bit of that in this picture on dh we have a great time together. So that's, another great benefit I have. I haven't tried to close to my heart. Let's, look at this. Next. Okay, so this is like you might recognize a face. Oh, yeah, like you watched michelle do party planning today. And michelle is so dear to my heart is crying close to my heart brought us together. We signed at the same year we got married the same year we had her first baby the same way are the same age, only that's not very fair, because one time I thought it was a year younger if she would not let that pass on by michelle is just one example of so many wonderful friends that I have with close to my heart, and I didn't expect that to be something that would mean so much to me with this company. So I appreciate the friendships and the relationships in the family that are part of my life. Thank you so much, karen for sherry, thank you very much. Well, we're going to go ahead and go into now our workshop it's your way and I'll let you do that you e o call you right back up but don't be too far away so I want to talk to you about ways that you can make this community a part of your life and you can do it either by being a customer are being a consultant and so with our workshops your way program, which is just being debuted right now this is a brand new program here you can see we've got some layouts here I can show you some underneath the overhead camera, but this is a really wonderful way that we redesigned our paper packs here and so you can see I've got some of these upside down let me just put these over by using one of our background and touched her paper packs that have been designed exclusively for this workshops you can see that you get several of these different background texture papers, they're so beautiful. So this is brand new to close to my heart, so we talked about picture my life program, so this is like a a miniature sized picture my life but you cut apart yourself and it comes with this paper packets so it all works together again we love the way our systems work together and this is featuring charlotte and you can see our double sided background and texture paper here so beautifully designed by our designers who are really, really the most excellent designers, wouldn't you agree consultants, especially, yes, you've been playing with our papers so you can see how they're all double sided, beautiful paper. Well, there's. So many people out there that we know because we took a poll, that our paper quarters are paper lovers, and we know that you love collecting our beautiful paper and that's wonderful, but we want you to consume it. We want you to use it, and especially to tell your stories. And so here, let me show you this workshop. You can make three buyouts out of this one paper packet, here's one layout, and it comes with these packages of embellishments. Here you can see ribbon, everything you need to put these pages together. Come and this one workshops your way. Packet, let me show you this layout right here. Oh, I especially love this one. You can see these cute little embellishments here we even have some gold foil these beautiful hearts hello! Gold is so trendy right now, isn't it? And it gives you a little bit of that dimension as well. This is a piece of the zip strips, so like I said, we use every element of our twelve by twelve paper and these papers have been designed to be a little more muted so that you can use them as base pages underneath your photos instead of just accent paper. All right, let me show you the last layout that comes as part of this kit here look at this one and isn't it great how they each have their own unique look, but they all work together. So again you've got these wonderful little chipboard pieces that come as part of this collection. So it's a new program called workshops your way and let me show you how you can use the cut apart picture my life cards isn't this so fun this's such a fun fun so you can see how by cutting up our picture my life paper and using these as picture my life cards within our page protectors you have a fourth additional layout I know all in one paper packet now and we keep saying, wait there's more and that's just its true though, so here you've got your four layouts well, with the additional pieces we give you specific cutting guides and your leftover pieces you can make this beautiful card here so you get three so with this kit you actually can make nine additional cards can you believe it? What? So here we have the whole suite of cards that you can make in addition to the four layouts so don't you want to sign up to do this now? Well, let me tell you this kit and u s dollars only costs twenty four, ninety five and you can dio this whole entire workshop for that price. You do have some additional purchases like hard bases which you can buy in bulk but all of the embellishments all of the paper are all part of this kit and that's really exciting for us to have this new program because we want you to be consumers, not collectors and we want you to be able to use your your paper, use your products to really document and tell your stories because that's what it's about right, documenting our stories and telling those and sharing those for future generations. So I'm very excited about workshops your way and I believe I would like to ask let's see, I'm going to go through my keynote really quick because I've already shown you everything here in the overhead I want to talk right now about our incentive trips and so just tell you a little bit more karen was very kind to say that a lot of the success of incentive trips is due to me well yeah course I'm I'm also party girl you know the good kind of party party yeah so but we really dio enjoy planning incentive trips for our consultants we give a new incentive trip every single year and this year we're doing eastern caribbean cruise on a new region cruiseline brand new ship that's just launched and we set goals for our consultants to achieve these trips and every year we're so happy that we can bring hundreds of people with us to enjoy places that they would have never dream of going on their own so they earned these trips one they can earn it for themselves and an additional gas and it's all expenses paid too close to my heart so we include airfare and all of expenses that they have while going on this trip and we tried it do an all inclusive place that includes their meals and their drinks and those types of things and so we've done land trip we've been to new zealand and it's I mean we just spent all over the world yes so monica I just wanted tio to share some of the things that people are saying online we were talking about ah ha's earlier and so crafty card lady has said as a new consultant to I'm very glad to watch these two days, I've learned about the products mohr and how to be a successful career. Resultant. So I think it's, so cool to see that people are home, or having, ah, ha's, but especially consultants that are seeing how they can actually do this better, that I love it. And that's, that that's really been the goal? It's not just about reaching new people, but helping our existing. Has consultants have success. And now that it's possible. So we're very pleased with how this these. These classes have been going so thank you to create a live and thank you to our studio audience and of course our consultant presenters today who knocked it out of the park I'm just I could not be more proud of them and so here's a photo on our keynote slide here of our last incentive trip at the disney al ani resort and this is our crew and you know we're a family oriented business and we encourage you to bring your children with it with you I was fortunate enough to bring some of my kids you know I do have a very large family so we take turns bringing kids and this when we brought four of our seven children and it was really great because consultants really get to see our families and we you know like karen said she brought her grant or her parents and other children and so we have a buy in program so you do earn it for two but if you'd like to bring more people we allow that as well which is really, really awesome we have catered dinners and we do really fun excursions s and and we just hang out at the pool and we make it fun because they I earned this trip that they did not win it they earned it and they worked really really hard to get there and so it really is so much fun to be ableto organized the excursions and, you know, as part of my job, and this is probably the hardest part of my job. It is, I have to decide inspections, you know, and I have to go out and experience what I want our consultants to experience, and so I personally dio help in choosing where we're going to be going and what we're doing, what excursions were doing and, you know, that's kind of a fun, a little perk of my job is choosing where we're going to be going next. And so it's been great it's a great way to get to know the consultants, spouses or partners or other halves. And once we tell consultant, once you earn an incentive trip, you'll never want to miss another one, and you will have the support of that person that you bring on that trip for life. They're going to cut, you know, first it's like, oh, honey, so nice you've got this little stamp business going on, and this is so great, your little scrap looking thing, but when they earn a trip and they bring them to costa rica or hawaii or the caribbean I mean, the second they get off that ship, our gold, get home. All right, what's, the plan. How we're learning the next one where we're going next, what are we doing? And so it's a great way to get your partner in on making sure that you have a successful on planned out business. So we really, really love doing this and spoiling our consultants. We give them gifts every day, personally gifts like put flops and sarongs and beach hats and water bottles and backpacks. And so we try to think of everything for them and making sure that this experience is something that they'll always remember. And, of course, have amazing photos to scrapbook.

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Discover your creativity and celebrate the relationships that matter to you with the beautiful artwork of Close To My Heart!

Close To My Heart, a leader in the scrapbooking and stamping industry, partnered with CreativeLive to bring you Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!. During this unique event, you’ll learn how to use the Close To My Heart products to create beautiful scrapbook pages, customized cards, handcrafted home décor, inspired digital designs and more!

You’ll get dozens of inspiring project ideas as Consultants and staff members show you how to work with the complete collection of Close To My Heart Products. You’ll get instructions and advice on getting the most out of the Close To My Heart scrapbook supplies and Cricut embellishments, along with plenty of tips for good old-fashioned party hostessing.

Whether you just want to create personal treasures or are ready to start a home-based business of your very own, Close To My Heart is the perfect partner for you. Close To My Heart produces high-quality and inspiring creative tools and accessories that are only available for sale through passionate and hard-working Close To My Heart Consultants.

Tune in for Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More! and find out how fun and rewarding being a Close to My Heart Consultant and customer can be! 



I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


This video series will provide all viewers with a fantastic overview of not just the wonderful products Close To My Heart has to offer but the creative environment they foster. Whether you want to craft personally or would like to see if this could grow as a business, watch this series and receive tons of information. Thanks CTMH and Creative Live!


I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart