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Best Year Yet Plan is Complete

All right, there's something in my in studio audience that's underneath your seat and on the count if you'll reach for that on the count of three when I count down, you're going to pull it and so ready ah one a two and a three so what you've just done is that cool, creative, live you are creative? Yeah e so I don't have the bottle of champagne to pop, but we do have the streamers to celebrate because this is the face for that we talked about just pull it, pull the face for of of appreciating, praising, congratulating yourself in that cycle of productivity. Congratulations, you have now created your one page plan it's done it's done how's that feel it's completed. You've acknowledged and appreciated what happened last year we have to find useful lessons. We created a positive internal focus for producing results. You've identified your top ten goals this morning for next year you've completed your one page plan and let's see what that's going to look like. You're one page plan on page t...

wenty nine in your workbook this is giving you your guidelines is giving you your new paradigms, giving you your rick major role focus and it is giving you your ten top goals that's all it is one page and it's good now in my audiences I normally have somebody stand up in declare what they are and so because when you're declaring what they are, I get a nice smile over here from becky uh when you when you're declaring what they are you're now embodying them you're also of course in the workshop you're telling your co students your co participants what it is you're going to deal so I'm going to ask you to do that too so let's start with becky read everything stand up just your one page plan this next year is going to be my best year yet I have the following guidelines bi curious uh find creative solutions and look at the bigger picture um my new paradigm is I am clever and creative major focuses creator top ten goals explore california by spending a day and night off the beaten path um launch snap shop that's may um my portrait website by the end of february um spend an afternoon a week gone curious creatures my tall tale uh learned a paraglider um by march twenty first spend an hour every monday outlining my weak I borrowed that from media like that um host the neighborhood treasure hunt every two months um hiked the john muir trail this summer spent a night a week dancing I love dancing um never have more than one drink just to stay clear um and leave my house by seven thirty in the morning I get up early and a little that'll drive you crazy okay there's only one that I'd like you to to modify never have more than one drink so that's starting with the negative that the one one drink or less okay yes good job hello nice one how'd that feel in your body when you're doing that it's gonna be a good year you in here and it started off because you just declared it you justin body did did you feel that yeah good, good all right, erica here we go it's my best year yet and this is what's gonna get me there I don't have it all written in the book yet so I may be turning some pages but my best year yet plan be present and eat the frog first keep up with relationships my new paradigm is I released fear and I rise to a challenge. Ah, my major focus is erica's coach and accountability partner uh my goals are have a clear minded and low anxiety life by journaling twenty minutes and meditating fifteen minutes daily get fit and lose twenty five pounds by following nutrition and exercise programs. San top of routine tasks by creating an implementing a schedule a swell is keeping the counter up to date invisible uh capture the everyday things that make our relationship great and show how we grow over the years by documenting our life is a couple weekly plan a new adventure each month find my inner voice as an artist by working on projects that facilitate refining and learning new skills at least fifteen hours weekly mary my creative and analytical skills and passion for sharing by defining and creating a blogger with five hundred followers rediscover and thoughtfully cultivate friendships by reaching out at least three times per month create a relaxing home environment by decluttering months lane clint cleaning and organizing at least twenty minutes per day uh get closer to extended family members by reaching out at least three times per month oh very clear your clarity is exceptional I love that and how does that feel great it does feel great um you had said make sure you have a couple of stretch goals and I was looking through and I thought, well, I like I have the block on just stretch goal and I'm not quite sure any of the other ones are but I realize that like with the get fit and lose twenty five pounds that uh it wasn't until this last segment that I really like it really actually became riel and that then once it became real like this, I'm actually going to do it than in it it was clear that it's a stretch goal and you know it gives me a little gulp so it was great to really had like it does really clicked that it's really really I'm really am willing to do everything that I said here so what I love is your body language gives me that it tells me that you stand very straight you're so you're very proud of this and you didn't tell me how everything is going to happen right but I have a very clear ah picture of what it is that's going to happen for you this next year good job thank you alright number that came up yesterday but just for people joining us today what does eat the frog first actually do the things that I like so they're things that I want to avoid do them first before doing the things that I'm comfortable with and and that seem easier fun I love frog first too scorpion source leo see who needs sauce I appreciate it her hair her okay for my best year yet my guy lines be confident focus on goals and build connections my new paradigm I'm successful and gaining ideal clients my major focuses on being a business owner and I'm still defining the timeframes on my goals but uh repurpose my website social media and marketing materials oh that was hiding and that was very helpful in like this perfect dorrie's client thank you doing client I like to create a community's one of mine uh obviously build connections so creating a community of reaching out to other photographers um and participating in groups and whatnot so that was helpful as well already stated the workout by may thirty first for the family wedding ah in north carolina my re band brandon complete by march fifteenth happens to be a big birthday uh home organized in budget in place um having fun and getting away from the computers both my husband and I are are tied to our computer so be nice to get out and explore our area and dance learned to dance by the end of the year um that's one I'm not going to read and a portrait siri's have that portrait per week taken and the portfolio review at a meeting in october wonderful and tv that's I mean kelly that makes a very important point which is some of our goals are ones just for us and we may not want to be posting them on the refrigerator and though they're in our plan there's a process to I'm going to explain this afternoon that helps that password protects and everything so only your eyes will see it and of course your coaches have if you're using a coach, however the one that goes on the refrigerator the one that you want the world to see because people will walk up to it or in the or in the office cubicle that you have a good job, another good job of clarity I feel it all right good. I need clarity all right over to your tv. Okay um yeah, I haven't had a chance to copied all over so it's a little you can flip back and forth that's fine I mentioned by the way remember that this workshop it has a fast pace and it has a fast pace on purpose and again it's okay there's no right or wrong way you do have it it's in there all right, let's go. So my guidelines were teo trust my instincts teo release beer and forget the rules teo asked for help and to stick with it. Um my paradigm was I bring joy and, um my top ten goals are teo write a letter of gratitude to someone who's affected my life one time a week so one time week ideally mail a letter or written letter, not an email or a facebook message um break out of my comfort zone by doing something that frightens me at least once per month ideally twice permit. Um stick to my weekly review um stick to within as my role as uh by the end of this year I'll be a wife stick to a weekly routine that's fulfilling to us both so something that we do once a week that is together and makes us both happy and also I'd like to find something that I can do that special that is strictly for ryan not for me that is something maybe something that I don't really want to do but I'm doing it for him or something special but whatever it is that something that is just for him um I had so I had collaborate I haven't gotten the goal really hammered out exactly how that is but I think that that goes along with creating a community and there there was a meet up that you mentioned and I think that that's when I'm going to use the repurpose ing my web site and social media also spoke to me and that's something that I'm setting out as a goal because it supports some other things um work on my my creative self so I want to spend at least ten hours a month either taking classes or really um really nurturing that side of myself and um in terms of and then also the writing for my block that I'd like to do so is michael's I didn't hear your major role focus didn't know you know what? I might not have read it it's a major role focus was writer influencer activity ha so now I can see the goals that fit that and and you had that goal um we sparked an idea and you for the goal of collaboration and it sounds like collaborate and create a community that might be just a sweet as it is and I will wait for the how twos to come monthly because you're still in the what I call the cooking stage you're still noodling in it and you're not quite clear on what that community is about, but I think it's just right there create a community for the sake of what? Why would you create that community? What would it do for you and for others? Um creating social awareness? Yes, yeah, yes create a new community that I find that I'm a founder of or that I collaborate with others eso we've got that you're really close there on that one and of course all the, uh, learning that you intend how great here create a look at the catalogue, look, a tons that you can go through another good job, really good job, let's see if we've got any chatter going on in the internet because, hey, this was a big, important segment let's find out in here what some of our creative life viewers well, they're shifting its really interesting as they're following, along with students as their you know, really getting coaching, not just from you, but also from karen who's in the chat rooms they're they're sort of shifting their goals, which is really interesting to see as they're learning about process and learning about how to really set in stone and made them realistic when one thinks of course we talked about at the top of the show yesterday of you with was what's the difference if you like between a new year's resolution which none of us ever think about by february one and then putting in a real action plan about what are your goals for the year and making them happen um but we got some great ones here you know super blonde is saying I've noticed that with my top tangles some of the eight rolls are not present not present represented a tall in the way they handled their life on dh then we actually have some clarity ligations because you know, this is part of the great thing about being here and being able to interact so varvara from russia is always wondering how they can set up a specific goal regarding relationships they want to start dating they wanted to be a more serious thing they want to try to put it in that smart format but they know it's not something that depends on them on lee that's true that's true. Let me let me address that one. So when you're talking about that that's a process goal that is not so much a result go well could turn into that I take that one back uh but let me formulate one that I think might work how about just begin dating um and and then begin dating it can be completely whole and complete in itself because the person hasn't started dating now we can take that a little bit further if we want to make it more result goal. I actually have a girlfriend who uh set the goal of dating one hundred men in one year now do you feel that ah hundred men in one year and she had three children at home and of course she's a single mother so you look and you go holy moly is that is that realistic? Can you attain that? No, she she said that's my goal and jumping to the end she achieved that she achieved that goal how did she do it? She set up baby sitter she used the process that we're going to work on this afternoon and later on which is how do you do that? How do you start all that? Well look you want to start dating then the goal is date I mean it could be a simple as that date and what could be the end result for the sake of what? Why do you want a date? I want to get out there. I want to mingle I want to meet more people in her case she wanted specifically to find a mate eight she was ready for remarriage and bless her heart she did it, she did it. How did she do it great stories, because I know you're dying to know it's, just like the same has seen the women who climbed out mount everest. The first question we all had in the audience was and how did you she pulls it out of her pocket and says, this is how a woman does that anyway, how did this woman do this? She set up baby sitters. She set up days she scheduled sacred time. She knew that she got very inventive. How could I have a date? It could be a walk. It could be walking the dog. It could be coffee. It could be dinner. It could be a movie. Uh, she said no, not movie that's really not a date takes too much time don't get to talk to the person. And then here was the other thing she would date to get one hundred dates in in one year, three hundred sixty five days she knew she could not date the same person twice the same person twice. So she created her goal to date. And then it expanded and as it expanded, the clarity came in and it became more result oriented. But she did have for the sake of what the forsake of what was because she wanted a maid she wanted to see could I truly get the exposure and experience and know what's out there and I think there was one other thing which was I wanted to make sure that there was somebody out there for me and they they weren't all like my former husband, so she had all these intentions associated with it nice story, by the way, she did find that one they did marry and, uh, ten years later, yes, yes, she loves telling the story. I'll give her a shout out because her and her husband wrote the book cupid cupid's playbook, cupid's playbook all about thes experiences of dating there's a long day iad going on talking about, but I hope that illustrates and demonstrates for for the person in russia there what it takes if you want to get out in date, then do that. If it's you need to get out of network the goal khun b network now I'd like to see a little bit more and when you have somebody like me as a coach, we're certainly going to prod a little bit more and help you get in there and figure out what is network for you. But network is whole and complete by itself one hundred dates in my life like seventy three you were seventy four I'm lying again, but I'm open to offers now rubio photos saying in my role sections, I have chosen two of my top roles as a business owner and the occupation is in the business I'm moving forward I'm moving toward my primary business being photography but currently I am also a marketing consultant and copywriter on the latter two currently are my greatest sources of cash flow in my role should it just be photographer or should I continue to pursue all three? Wow well well mmm now I'm not gonna tell you what you should do because then I'm not a coach I'm going to be your friend if I tell you what you should dio uh if you want an opinion as to which one I would say well which one do we balance here? How much time do you have how much focused you have depends of all the stations you've got going on in life so to answer that question is going to come from right here the process though of helping you get the money in so that you can pay the rent so that you can put the food on the table which may be the breadwinner type of position right now and then worked the dream occupation we do that a lot in coaching and that's why coaches air hired is to help people especially entrepreneurs or those who are ready for their second act I've had a full career and now they're it's their turn it's their turn to have a second act is toe work their plan so that as this one starts bringing down in time and this one starts coming up in time that desired occupation that business the entrepreneurial venture then you get to jump over and say bye bye to that one because this one's working that's how it's done so the answer that question though it's going to depend on what is your time how we're going to control it this year how we're going to arrange it uh what is the absolute necessity for this job that's bringing in this career that is bringing in the revenue and how can we pump up the revenue and the other jobs so that you can jump over and say okay, I'm no longer this I'm now this I hope that was helpful fantastic and then sort of just lost my last question mad hatter mom is saying how do you keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed by the ideals that you have when your goals for the eight rolls are all seemingly very time consuming? Ah very good question and it's a frequent question we get all the time how do you keep yourself from being overwhelmed? Well you need to stay tuned because I do have the answers for you and because this does look I mean this feels good, right? Right feels good but it's a lot I want to remind you though what you've put down is going to be achieved in a whole year we're not walking outside this door and bam it's there it shows up this is a process that takes an entire year and there is a system for doing that to make sure there's another reason why and and I hope you can feel this now this is not setting new year's resolutions this is probably more so than goal goal achievement or goal setting that you've ever done before and it is ash she an element of the process for businesses that do strategic planning there's a difference though a lot of people in strategic planning and businesses you see they're big binders, they're big files that they created now they're even hidden because they're in our pads they sit on the shelf to collect dust and for in our thing and I oops I got to go in I better pull it up because guess what tomorrow morning is next year strategic planning session so we have some elements but we have some things that are not dust collectors not sitting there waiting to come up next year you need to stay tuned I have those answers for you this afternoon on how to make that happen. All right? So going to wrap up question nine question tin is next we're going to talk about our one page plan, but right now what I'd like you to dio is just sit with this and close your eyes for a moment look at your plan in your mind's eye, look at your plan and visualize. I want you to visualize it being achieved. You're sitting on the beach, you've got the cash deposit at the bank, you're looking at your bank statement, you are feeling the wedding is done. Thie engagement with the spouse is renewed. Thie business flog everything has fallen into place. Your guidelines have really shifted your behavior that new paradigm. I can feel the new paradigm it's, really, for me right now, take a deep breath, bring your hand to your heart, and lock it in. Come on back, give yourselves a big hand.

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Join executive coach Dory Willer to learn how to use the successful Best Year Yet® system to create a strategic plan for making your personal and professional goals a reality.

Dory guides you through setting goals and crafting step-by-step plans for achieving them. Dory is joined by Best Year Yet® founder Jinny Ditzler, who explains how to crash through your own obstacles to personal and professional success and access your greatest strengths.

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I bought this course a couple of month ago and I'm glad I did; it has given me such clarity and a great toolset which has already lead to the first great results. Thank you so much Dory Willer and the CreativeLive Team for making this course available.

a Creativelive Student

This is a good class. It gives you the blocks to build your best year, but ultimately it is you that must commit to the work throughout the year. to make it happen. Michael Hyatt also has a similar course, that is good.


She has very good ideas and technique, as do most coaches. But the amount of promoting her business was such a turn-off and so distracting. The best way to promote yourself is to just showcase your work, not sell yourself every few minutes.