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Riding the goal from this place as to what you want to dio and the result you want let's let's look at the role of a creative entrepreneur and so a creative entrepreneur let's suggest this person is a videographer again so this videographer has decided that they want to corner the market in being, uh a videographer of choice in their local community for a specific nish let's say speakers and so as they're creating their their goal, their goal is very specific right that they want to be the videographer of choice that they want they may say I want six new speakers contracts it may be that now is that relevant? I mean if they said twenty six I don't know only you know if that's relevant is that number six twenty six but the more you can put a number on it, the better it might be for you because it gives you a target where to go everybody following me on that and it's the internet tracking on that they are they are I think they're working really hard too to process and just get all this i...

nformation down as well. This is a challenging one I'm so I'm here with creative live and I'm doing this live on television in a workshop but there's a lot of um heavy work going on right now as you're thinking of these go ahead, kelly a vague one okay maybe you can help me with that. Um as a business owner I have a marketing plan that keeps me on track and communicates to potential clients about my services availability I mean really final lesson enough I need a number in there to quantify it is probably and I'm probably maybe a little bit more conciseness to it yes I'm okay let's try the many hats so as a business owners let's try it again let's just take it in segments so I have a marketing plan my marketing plan my marketing plan um keeps me on track I mean obviously I have a marketing plan I follow a marketing plan ok might be um I track my marketing plan I create a marketing plan that keeps me on track that produces what are some of the results of produces black posts okay, so we can pretty much put that into that includes social media there we go. All right, so it notice how we just grew up okay and what else does it do keeping its specific and measurable communicates my services to potential clients I present to you all right so communicates my butt what result do you want from the communicate? I'm kind of I'm like that I like that that the intention is the end result is it communicates to your ideal clients you it communicates um your services attracts new clients to you would be a result um, are you tracking on this one on trying to tighten it up? Yes, yes, this is hard work, isn't it right? Because there could be several different things, but if I have a plan in place to do it, you know, is it postcards for that client? Or is it? I don't even know what that's, what I want you to stay away from. I want you to stay away from how you're going to achieve the goal if we get in and this is an important point, if we get into too much of how we're going to achieve a goal, what that does is I really don't think that's a goal that that's an objective I mean that's the how to you're going to dio um that's the later work that we do month by month by month where we start riding in our activities let me give you yes, go. Okay, so I'm thinking that christmas letter thing that I would write to my family like, oh, I gained twenty new claims this year by my efforts of expediency, whatever it was that I did, my x y and z marketing plan was so good it brought in twenty two clients. I have a fantastic marketing plan that attracts the ideal clients for me, uh, that attracts four clients per quarter I mean don't don't make it too much I mean I I let's paint this picture again we have a one page plan we have our goals on it I give you a peek I'll tell you we're going to select ten goals but when we look at all the goals you gotta flush out all your goals right now when you look at it then every month you're going to ask yourself how do I progress this goal? What is it I'm going to do this specific week the specific month so that's why I want you to get out of the house to so many goals are written as actually objective how to plants and a really goal is a bit of a stretch you some of them you don't have the faintest idea how you're going to get it you just know that that's my goal I am going to new york now there are many different ways I could go to new york plane boat, train walk hitchhike south north which way am I going? But the goal is I'm going to new york and I'll be there by september first alive now that specific is that specific guess and and so and of course it's time bound because it's this year but I'm not saying how and I'm not even stopping myself saying oh oh but I don't have the resource is I don't own a car I don't have the money I don't know anybody who's ah owns a plane so it's the determination that because maybe the goal I have on there is that I am a new york resident remember the labels as a homeowner they're going to collect all the dead electronics in the house and take them to the annual recycling event in september that that work that kind of it works it's more of a process of as to what they're doing but what's the end result they get because of that I'm going to ask devi hotels I've gotta ask yes what's the end results you get because you've done that because you've deke leathered the house that we had some decluttering over here erica good let's use one of your you wanted to, uh declutter something so that means you would have the result of unorganized garage or whatever it wass correct, right? And even just mentally just able to relax better okay, cluttered house okay, so I think I've got confused with smart goals being a little bit more of a how to so for that type of thing I had written well, this is more of just keeping up the house, but I had written, you know, follow the fifteen minute a day cleaning plan but that's more of a how to and less of the you rack burned goal so the upper end goal is have a de cluttered house so that yeah, it's easier to pursue the things that I want to dio yes or that's so I can find things ah, have a de cluttered house so that I may organized spouse that finds things or they're so reach for the end result, not the process not how it's going to be a tank is we have plenty of time. We have a whole year. We have a whole system that's going to show you the process soccer again. Another distinction. Why? This is just not new year's goals, new year's resolutions that the the you could have those new year's resolutions throwem into our system. Throw him into the process of best year yet so that you actually will attain it so that there is a roll out to it again. There is nothing wrong with saying I I have a new year's resolution. January first I am changing my nutrition plan and that's a big goal for the sake of what? For the sake of why why are you changing your nutrition plan? Because I want to live a healthier life, more longevity I want to up my stats at the doctor's office. I want to create a smile on the doctor's face when they say, what are you doing? Look at your cholesterol so there's the big, broad stroke I'm changing, I'm shifting, I'm selecting a new nutrition plan that brings me better health increases my test results and puts a smile on my doctor's face. Now, how am I going to do it? Well, next month, I might say, I'm going to research, I'm going to identify which nutritional plans I think might be better for me or maybe next month I'll say I think I'm going to give up caffeine. Oh, no, not caffeine uh, that that gets us into the actual process of progressing the goal to the end result. Who else has an example here before we go back over to the internet? I'm hoping that they're chatting away and there was some examples ruth, you're writing away furiously? Um, well, I wrote one um, let's see, um, my weekly writing routines supported myself and a thousand regular readers. So I'm saying say that so at the end of september so in december, it's that in december of I my weekly writing routines supported myself in two thousand regular readers okay, supported myself. All right, I know this is putting you on the spot here in front of a naughty inside of hundreds of thousands for yourself, and I see the blush you need to quantify it, what would that be? So otherwise you're almost shooting like thiss with the bullseye riding for me this is more a piece that it's not it's really important to me this piece of writing that I'm committed tio and it's for it's to be a service to be of service yeah, and so every so I'm included in the what the writing the gifts of the writing are all right, all right, well, I could just say I couldn't leave myself out and say my weekly writing routines supported my my weekly writing routines provided a valuable service for a thousand regular readers all right, we're a little bit were more specific and you're saying it provides it and it gives you it gives you a direction so when you are that and you have achieved that, what do you have? Well, I have a I have a block and a, um a platform that is a service let's say I have a new identity as a writer s o now so let's go back to that label thing so you are a blogger writer and you might even say let's say your blogged was named uh ruthie's blogged okay, ruthie service blawg something and I am the rider of ruths blogged okay? And of a weekly blogged for ruth or you know, so you're going in you're going to quantify it with what it is and how much you're going to write and what the results are for it and what it does you know you've got it quantifiable that that a thousand people are reading it and find it now are they also responding and saying thumbs up and in it yeah, they'll they'll be responsive pieces they'll be yes it's a reason it's yes. So try to write that goal so that it is the full thing. Notice the parent once been half a day each month with chris and leslie doing what they want if we had just left it at spend half a day each month with chris and leslie uh okay, but you noticed how this now gives it more life and legs and livelihood to it because now we're saying we add on doing what they want I could spend half a day with chris and half a day with leslie I could be doing that and it's their homework. They may not like that and this is taking me over and maybe the role is involved parent or bonding parent uh you see that that connection to the two will sometimes help you get to a really important goal of what's important to you in each of those roles. Okay, evie, do you have a goal? I have eyes all over the place right now I'm a bit all over the place um what would help you not be all over the place I think I'm confusing the goal and the end result okay, I'm kind of mixing them up and trying to I think I'm trying too hard to do it right and and that's a good point I want to make, which is you can't get this wrong you can't get this wrong at all um this is going teo I'll give you a clue that's going to be some homework um but I want to make sure that you're getting it now and that you're getting goals for each of these roles you have declared that each of these roles are important to you tow live in your life this year to take a slice of your tension and you've got a breakthrough role that you've selected so it's going to get some goals in there and so if we if we look at this and make sure that we're going to get clear on what are some end results at the end of this year that I want in this goal I just roll I do have that end result for that okay pacific area but I'm not sure if it's a zinc tonight well let's, try it it's I said I write a block that creates social awareness and gives a voice to empowering causes and people okay, I write a block okay so let's say um create a vlog or is it already existing? No okay, well so first of all it's going to be where couldn't create a blogged yeah okay and and follow it on again for me that creates social awareness and gives a voice to empowering causes and people wow that hit me that felt powerful how often are you gonna write that blogged that's a great austin, huh? They're going that coach again, huh? Okay, because now we're getting back to specific so again now I think you're pretty good there. What would that specific be once a week? Is it attainable? Is that realistic and relevant for you to do it once a week? Okay your goals yes, a stretch but also not a set up not a set up because they just don't go with life and you know what your life is going to be this year somewhat you know, we all have a crystal ball it's a little fuzzy sometimes, but for the majority of it we can see ah yeah yeah, but if you've got a really huge project coming up and you see it and you've got a huge intention coming up and you say I'm going to do something weekly I'm not saying you're not going to I'm just saying that there's some extra special effort and attention and focus to make sure that that fits in that's where more of that is that realistic to your life it's relevant to your work? Isn't it and to your intentions he said something there I think it was quite powerful is you know you will make mistakes things will not necessarily go the right way we got two questions of procrastination is saying can dori please speak about self sabotage and rianna saying yes how do you stop yourself from sabotaging your mind sets okay, you set your goals but how do you stop yourself self sabotaging what you're looking to succeed wow yeah it's a big one wow, I don't know anybody who sabotages themselves a self salvator wow no, I do appreciate all of you out there who do that because that's why you hire people like me as coaches uh we do that hi to that and and to not sabotage yourself first of all there's one clue that we've already worked on today our new paradigm so if you're a procrastinator and you're self sabotaging yourself wasn't your limiting paradigm that's what you do that was probably the big one and then I'm going to ask you so what was your new paradigm? What did you create so I know today I mean this morning you walked in, you procrastinate and you sabotage yourself and right now after noon you're not just boom, not a self saboteur any longer oh look at that I'm not anymore unless somebody hit you over the head or gave you a lobotomy it take you took years creating that behavior you live in that limited paradigm that you created that box we talked about and it's not going to shift right overnight but your guidelines let's go back to those guidelines wilt those guidelines when you start employing them when you start using them they will start shifting that procrastination I think so I wonder if if they could respond again and tell us if that's true that did their guidelines did it match up to help them with some behaviors because as we get into these goals um and we're talking about what's relevant and what's realistic with you uh yes if you're going to live in your story that you never make the mark that you always procrastinate that uh it's not gonna happen for you you're not good enough you don't have enough you're likely to fail then we're still wearing the coat of our limiting paradigm this riding your goals is not asking you do you think it's going to come true I don't think you would select goals in all honesty I don't think you would select goals that were such a fault far stretch that you couldn't do him we have some answers those for you the answers of your your guidelines again you're new paradigm that major role focus that major role focus if that is the road role you are committed to remember as we went from the um need to the want to the hatter to the decision and to the commitment the choice if you're committed to that role of having a breakthrough in performance, then you're going to put some effort and some attention towards this did that help? Did we get a response back? We didn't get a response but we'll keep looking we'll let you know about that I thought was a great answer thank you yeah and then there's a lot of ah conversation going on butterfly vanessa says okay, so I think I understand let me give it a shot okay by focusing on the end result the outcome with the goal feeling happy and energetic every morning about what I love to do and doing it full time as a result, I've turned my hobby and to a profitable and successful career and reached my first goal of ten thousand subscribers by the end of the year. Yes, yes, I love that one thank you, I might I might squeeze it down to st it a little bit more, but I love it. You've got the framework you've got some measurables in their eye clearly got a picture of what you're intending to dio and and the result that you're going to get from it it sounds like a goal which is coming from the inside out inspired from inside you out we talked this morning a little bit about should tze and most important here when you're writing this this is not somebody looking over your shoulder and standing there saying you should do this you ought to have this as a goal thes goals need and that's why I used the label process thes goals need to be bubbling up from inside of you you want this end result you want to hold the bird in the hand which is what it is at the end of the year that you've described I want twenty five engagements with speakers and trainers I'm playing the role of videographer that's what I want I want to work with with um the best of florida's speakers and be there videographer of choice and have six contracts by the end of the year or buy november first so choose stretch dream and get to the end without how you're going to do it becky do you have one um e f um yeah well I'm learning teo paraglider and I kind of have more fun stuff right now this's gonna play this year so you know learning paragliding yeah so my goal is to get certified to bp to by march twenty first so let's go on and that's good so it can be a simple assistant is that to be certified as a paraglider by did it uh well uh that's done it doesn't have to be long elongated, elaborate but does everybody know where becky's going with this one is pretty clear it's pretty clear now there may be a lot of things you have to do a lot of steps now if you wanted to amp that up and say certify and actually get it and paragliding in new zealand by the fall planning a paragraph are planning and booking may be booking even more booking a paragliding trip in new zealand by fall oh, that one sounds good that sounds great the goals oh there's so many goals I'm trying to think some of the wonderful goals of clients let me tell you one that's a bit of ah ah heart warmer for me well, I get a little choked up on this one even um a client of mine had the goal of having a date night monthly with her husband to renew their relationship to bring it back to the way they were when they were first married and and that's the way she described it. So her goal was date night with jim monthly to renew our uh our bond our marital bond it was paraphrasing and uh and as I was working with her um about three months into her plan her husband came down with a diagnosis of a fatal disease that he had about three months left to live and she uh she took that and use that goal tweaked it a bit but it still was true and evident for her they made that date night daily. It was daily because it turned out that they needed that protection from all the people who wanted to be with her husband, but so they could have that time for those three and a half months so that they could stay and create that bond and relive that. And she said to me and that's, why I get a little choked up on this one? I mean, she said, I never would've thought that this would have made such a difference, and it was the one goal, along with one of her guidelines that helped them create that for them for their marriage. And, uh, I thought for sure she was just going to let go of her plan, and she says, no, I'm not going to do it. You told me that when life comes in, that and life will come in during this year, no matter how good our plan is that we've written out, life will come in that it's still strong and solid and true, and will carry me through any of the changes that come in and wow, what a challenge that was for her. So you saw the end result, which was I wanted a stronger bond going back to the early days in our marriage with my husband. I wanted to do it I want a date night was going to be our choice now that's a bit of a process but she didn't say what dates and what kind of dates and when the date was created to be and and then she shifted it his life came in these will work for you how's our internet shopping over there cassidy nation who asked the question therefore it is they're saying three guideline that they set themselves that they won't procrastinate but they're having a hard time seeing how impactful that will be it's the actions that come behind the guidelines that count it is the actions you and the guidelines take you to those actions the guidelines I promise you that I keep saying that I do promise you that if you use your guidelines if you behave and come from those places and you take the actions do the behaviors express yourself the way your guidelines are written they will bob some of those unfavourable things that happen in your life they will not come out of the ballpark for you you can kiss him goodbye and say I slayed that one and and the results will be favorable so you have some answers for your goals don't get you know too far in there with how is this gonna happen let me hear from somebody who has a stretch goal some something that you use me as your coach to refine it who in our audience it's a stretch erica looks like you've got something well uh don't I also want to create a blogged um but it's not exactly a stretch goal for me part of the thing is that I I don't know what it will be about necessarily okay um so its defining the purpose in the mission of that blogged and then you know gaining readership and posting all right and I suppose like the stretch school part of it I think for me is having readership so I don't think the stretch goal for me to go ahead and do it but having readership is that stretch goal oh it isthe so perhaps the end result you want is you want readership can you quantify it? What would make you what would float your boat? What kind of your ship would you like? You know I don't even have a basis of what it is reasonable and what is a stretch of of gaining that I don't have number for bread give me it okay one hundred from your gut that's what you said one hundred is a number that let's go with our droga trust this trust this so one hundred feels good what happens when I say two hundred um that's exciting that's exciting and five hundred that's very cool let's go for very cool okay let's go for very cool if that is just too queasy for you then when somebody tells me that they want to earn x amount I I love that and then I double it and I see their reaction said let's double that oh no no no no no you know you get them all right so let's bring it but what I've done is I've stretch them a little bit and from where they were over here because they were still living in the land to much of well, this is what I think I can d'oh which is fine but let's put him somewhere and so they end up somewhere in the middle or somewhere mohr than what that original was because you do notice how you giggled and got excited by that that's what these are two d'oh and and as you're working on these uh as our internet is working on these, I want you to remember tonight because this will be your homework. I want you to remember to get that giggle factor into to get that exciting phase about it to to write your goals for each of your rolls doesn't have to be one you could do to you could do three you could do for let it flow what result do you want in each of these roles? What would be an intention you have that you want to produce, stay within if you can the specifics some of them cannot be quantifiable some of them can ill now you if they can yes I will philby says they're stretch goal is to be a designer for a famous person procrastination wants to build a one hundred k business from an online resume writing class and build it from scratch dinelli beans wants to be a travel photographer and the netherlands oh yeah so what then? I would just simply ask are those realistic to you? Are they realistic this year? Um are you going to be placing yourself where these celebrities are you going to is along with those are you going to have some kind of marketing plan that goes with that? Um if you're going to be a travel photographer uh do you have a suitcase? Are you ready to go? Hey, have you been taking the travel hacker courses? You know, what is it that you're you're doing teo to measure that I love those just make sure that they can can qualify within the year? Or maybe you're saying that I'm setting myself up to be that because that's the three year or the five year plan and kelly you're going like this so I hit a chord with you what's that throws the giggle factory and I'd like to get a doctor um um I wantto my goal is a photographer's to shoot for dwell magazine or apartment therapy or something along those lines so that that would be a giggle factor a stretch goal like okay a reality yeah yes yes and I would encourage I love these stretch goals I've had a stretch go on my plan for a number of years and it was to be a uh a published author uh buy a big named publisher so I quantified it that way that I am the author a published author by a big name publishing house and yes at one time I stretched too much for me because it just wasn't in my makeup to say new york times best selling author it also brought in that saboteur it also brought in that that self sabotaging oh yeah right the gremlin on my shoulder again talking I look today and I go holy cow I signed a contract with a big name publishing house and it felt seriously it fell out of the sky it didn't fall out of the sky I worked my plan every single year bringing my notoriety or whatever it was to get the attention that a publishing house said okay I think this girl can do it so these things have that one in there and we're going to progress it each month each week what are you going to do to get to that feel good he wants to know would making some many stretch goals first be an approach teo to getting to that stretch you know uh this is a really good question you guys are asking some really good questions out there. Uh the answer is yes and the answer is what what works for you if the many stretch goals are again where you're feeling that it's attainable that you can and it's going to make you feel good yes absolutely remember these air time bound for this year? I'm just requesting that you have at least one out there that allows all these minis to come in so that big one that's there you want to be a published author so maybe the goal is I'm gonna I'm going to purchase a new um uh software book writing software uh bye april eighth april thirtieth and so what are they gonna have to do each month? They're gonna have to look and say I got a research it I gotta ask people I've got to get the resource is to buy it I'm gonna have to purchase it I'm going to have to install it well uh april oi this year I have a new software system and and it's headed towards that big stretch to take me to being a published author remember you have those new roles we showed an example of a sailor so if you have the role of sailor so what is it your intention for this next year to take sailing lessons to join a regatta too too whatever. It's going to be there's going to be something in there? What do you want? By the end of this year or sooner?

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I bought this course a couple of month ago and I'm glad I did; it has given me such clarity and a great toolset which has already lead to the first great results. Thank you so much Dory Willer and the CreativeLive Team for making this course available.

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This is a good class. It gives you the blocks to build your best year, but ultimately it is you that must commit to the work throughout the year. to make it happen. Michael Hyatt also has a similar course, that is good.


She has very good ideas and technique, as do most coaches. But the amount of promoting her business was such a turn-off and so distracting. The best way to promote yourself is to just showcase your work, not sell yourself every few minutes.