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Completing Your One-Page Plan

This morning I just want to review a couple of things about for especially for internet audience. I know our in studio audience has their wonderful booklets and and you too can have ah wonderful booklet too when you purchase this course, the booklet comes with the course in a pdf and also a template for those gorgeous guideline cards that you're putting in your wallet but you are more than welcome to use a pencil and paper that is, after all, how it started, how it began pencil paper and and it still works today. So pencil paper get ready! Try to stay off of the keyboard, please again, like I discussed yesterday, let's, tap into that inner coach that you have you have some really brilliant things that comes out better when you're writing we're at best year yet dot com slash creative live it's a special page just for the creative live viewers if you go there, I understand yesterday we had some what should we call groups? Some issues with that when you were signing up free for our newsle...

tters and all our goodies and tools? Hey that's, what happens when you're alive and but it's fixed today? So if you had trouble yesterday signing up, go there today, you'll see your sign in and you'll start off with our first tools and tips another shout out for b why? Why coach karen and chris they are exceptional coaches, they are not only good colleagues of mine, but they have taught me many things in best year yet, and I know they're going to help you to they're going to help you in the chat rooms, they're going to help you refine some of the things we're going to review again this morning, and of course, being coached is what it's all about toe tighten up to strengthen to power up the plans so they are exciting and enticing to you, so take advantage of this it's free creative life, go onto the chat rooms and use coach chris and coach karen, so we're going to do a recap of what we did yesterday. First of all, we acknowledged what and what and appreciated what happened last year we created those lists of accomplishments and disappointments, and some of them stung a little bit. Then we defined our useful lessons, and we created those guidelines that are now on your car dashboard on your bathroom mirror those guidelines of behavior that take you to actions that are promising, and I promise you they will take you to more favorable results when you employ them and you use them, and we created a positive internal focus for producing results that's a nice way of saying we shifted and busted a paradigm of yours we identified the values that you want to drive and inspire you to fuel you, to motivate you towards action and decisions. And then we declared your major role focus that hat that you wear in the role that you wanted, a breakthrough and performance this next year to really create the type of results, the type of goals that will propel you to your best year yet and then, of course we started with the development of smart goals smart, specific, measurable, attainable, achievable, realistic, relevant and of course, time bound, and I sent you home with some homework for that, but now you're best year yet is taking shape yesterday's homework assignment that you all went home with? Well, first of all, I had you tuck that paradigm underneath your pillow remember that and he said, sleep with that and see how it fills does it? Does it shape shift? What was it like this morning now? Of course, today, it's not true yet it will be as we progress through the year. So if you don't mind let's, go straight to the the in studio audience and at the internet audience creative live internet I want you to start chatting in the rooms, start blasting across for us so that we can see what some of your paradigms were that you slept on and you said this is it this will be my new paradigm evey starting with you what did you settle lock and load with on page twenty nine um I had I light up a room with enthusiasm and authenticity and I have to say that I keep I had played with that yesterday and my initial thought was bring joy and I can't think the tangible thing might be better stated as bring joy and so I'm still kind of playing with it you know I like that permission the coach yes, I really like that and the reason for that is it's so simple it's succinct and it applies in anything that happens so when you say bring joy how about let's do that you know the personal the pre the president the five piece that we have to make a empowering paradigm I m joy how does that feel? Good bring joy I bring joy better yet even even better it gets there okay? And I bring joy so next year at this same time you're going to stand in this place and you say dori, I bring joy because that'll be true and your reality good good destination on that map good pinpoint great kelly so my new paradigm wass I'm talented and have the ability to succeed in client relations money men mint, mint and gaining ideal quality projects good that's a lot of it. I would suggest that you tighten it up so let's try it again. I am or I started on I succeed. I like that keep going in, uh, gaining quality ideal projects. Yes, ideal projects you right. I succeed in getting ideal projects because an ideal project is going to have quality associated with it. And it's probably going to be associated with an ideal client, right? And all those other things. So the, you know, the tighter you do with that, the more and now as you embody that and you jump forward to february next year, how does that feel that that is true for you? It feels good. I can see it. Yeah, I can see it. I'll take one of those. Yeah, I'll have. What she's having right, erica, I release fear and rise to a challenge and I I still I feel like it's it hits me. Yes. So it's sort of like this I'm on wobbly ground. I'm not sure oh, I don't know, but oh, I sure wanted right and that's how you know it works that's how you know you nailed it, teo, you know, five years from now when you flip back through previous years paradigms as I dio and you look in that and you go well that's true now that that's true and I can remember when it wasn't true so that's what we're doing here busting and shifting these paradigms thes old paradigms that move us there there's a blessing on them they move us to something like that that's more empowering and what is it to causes us to grow oh yeah yes I like this if as I embrace those it will completely change all right like every aspect of my life I want to hear from you so dorry dot will or at best year yet not so right next year we'll see what this is like okay becky and yours um just I am clever and creative I am clever and creative perfect perfect nothing there I don't need polishing on that one love it all right let's find out if the internet audience has a couple of lock and loaded ones we did my favorite was from a super blonde she says her says I can have it all you can depend on what all is for her to only she knows what all is yes and then an s says uh oh I'm sorry uh stunning element says yea a gold star for for them we also have a mat on nep ast says I focus on one goal and I worked to achieve it then we got philip from belgium joining us welcome to belgium but he's saying I didn't do any homework I think he said he wasn't feeling well you get an excuse of venus says though I attract people who value me uh that's a really nice on good job internet very good job very powerful I think you've done a great job good for as you noticed that she sleep on it how it just bubbles progresses and again now we're done with that you are locked and loaded with that and you're good to go now more of our homework wass we were creating smart goals and the creating the smart goals were for the eight rolls that you identified yesterday one of those rolls being remember the my coach the one that takes care of you maybe it's that guardian angel maybe that's that cheerleader whatever you called it it's the role that looks out for you so as we're creating those we identified and created goals for that major rule focused the one that you decided you needed a breakthrough in performance and I taught you how to keep the end in sight for creating a label for the role instead of just the role of parent it's austin and empty nester are happy empty nester as a label for parent obviously because the kids are out of the house hopefully not baby boom and back in but for the moment that year the intention and it's the intention that counts of what do you intend the role to produce a result towards the end some examples of good goal setting I just pulled a ton out of miami my treasure trove of all the client plans. So if this does, uh, kind of simulate somebody and connects with the name, it was an intentional or whatever that disclosure issues supposed to say uh let's just pull one of them, repurpose my website social media and marketing materials to align with my desired nish books. My mistake if you catch any of my type als u uh yea gold star uh knish for speakers in trainers resulting in six new contracts now let's look, do you feel that that is specific it's certainly measurable, isn't it six new contracts a specific as to what the persons intending to dio is it realistic? Well, we had that question from the internet yesterday and it's realistic if it's realistic to you and relevant to you we can coach you to find out if it iss but only you know the answer to that and does it? Does it have a time bound to it? Yes, it does because automatically your best year yet plan is a full year plan. So it's time bound. If this person said I I intend to do this it's by a particular date june thirtieth then we've got it time bound even stronger as a smart goal in the best year yet plan second one create a community of like minded people by starting a videographer meet up group with fifteen or more members by september first pretty good as a result go, isn't it? We have process goals we have result goals that we talked about yesterday this is a great example of a result goal grow spiritually by selecting a spiritual retreat to attend and through daily meditation so this person is bringing in a process and bringing in a result but it's more of a process goal here select a new exercise regimen that increases my stamina improves my annual physical exam results putting a smile on my doctor's face remember and has me wearing my favorite bathing suit by july wow specific very smart goal timed, relevant, realistic, attainable so internet audience I want you to start chatting today right now in our chat rooms work with b why? Why coach chris and b why why coach karen or shoot me over a question coach story is this goal tied enough? Is this goal? Does it need refining? I'm having some issues with this one and I'm going to turn to our in studio audience and see how they did with their homework assignment make your goals specific too those eight rolls we identified yesterday and I'm going to be looking and listening for goals that fit the one hat the role they wanted a breakthrough and performance so let's go this way in our front row becky let's start with you let me hear some of the goals that you created um one of them was eyes around my traveling one um and instead of always going jumping on a plane to travel there's so much in california so it's just sex blore california by spending a day and night you know, off the beaten path could be campaign could be in hotel wherever just get out and do something different just get out and do something different so the specific of the goal again just if you make these similar to this one line to three lines at the most they're going to fit on one page and there's nothing more that's needed because remember these air not how to they are both either result and process goals or kind of mixed together so let's hear the sickness um explore california by spending a day and night per month off my beaten path yes, yes woo I like that one that's a great one. I loved it any others that you can share um you see produced a solid portion of I call my tall tale like a graphic novel novel um by spending an afternoon a week working on it for the next year okay it's a little bit not assisting but are you willing to do that? Yeah, okay, yeah is that do you have the time? Do you think you'll have the time to do that it's important to me it's important to and so if it's important to you, you'll commit to it and it's back to that discussion yesterday that she has chosen the stake is in the sand and don't try to wiggle her off of that steak she is doing that because it's enticing and exciting to her what the end result's going to be so when you are at the end of this year and you have done that what do you have? Becky? I'm not sure what we'll have gotten a lot further than if I hadn't set some goals I'm not sure that I'll be punished but uh is it about being finished and I want to say is it about being perfect? Wait no it's not about being perfect it's about progressing I you know gosh so many times we strive for perfection and incomes that until a phobia and you know I know that word so well because if we keep waiting and waiting and waiting till we are ready until it's perfect until we have enough until we're good enough gosh something's going to pass us by and I think that's going to be life so cheers for you I can see that means a lot to good job good job alright erica okay um for my coach my personal cultural I am have have a clear minded and low anxiety life by journaling twenty minutes and meditating fifteen minutes daily good good goal um this goal so I had spent a bunch of time last night working and goals and then I put my head on the pillow and this one just sort of popped into my head so I haven't ruminated on it a whole lot but it's sand top of routine tasks by creating an implementing a schedule as well as keeping the calendar up to date invisible so for me the routine tasks are appointments bills, car renewal I mean I can't tell you how many times my car renewal has been a panic to get it in you know, not this year right? So um that one just came into my head I like that and and when it comes into your head when you're on your pillow or when you're woken up and he said you know that is your inner coach talking to you so that's that cheerleader within that's that coach taking care of you and good job for you to kick that gremlin off the shoulder to get that voice that we were saying who was bugging us yesterday saying what the hey is she talking about good job good all right kelly as a photographer I will make one photo picture per week towards my personal project of people in my neighborhood um another one is I have a hard date that I have to be in a bathing suit in front of people as of june first so that exercise and eating regimen I I can relate to that story on that one ah aging a model shoot god no it's family wedding but it's in the outer banks of north carolina and you know oh bathing suit it iss okay, there we go yoga and eating healthy all right, so you have actually selected some actual processes of what you're going to do to do it and that's perfectly fine that's really good because what you've done is your you know that that's what you want you're a yoga girl and and you are committing to that and of course the internet audience is looking at you and saying all right, we've got kelly's number kelly you want to go to yoga today and when kelly says, oh gosh, I've got to do wash the car but no, no, no, no over to yoga and and so there's a process here to ask for some support to help you do that your goals are fine no refinement good job you guys are great tv um I struggled with the goals trying teo do them the right way and I opened up my booklet that I was kind of doodling in while we were in the class yesterday and I was just jotting little notes and stuff, and I had jotted something down that said break the rules and I kind of switch it over to forget the rules because I try to do things right so often that I kind of paralyzed myself. So I did that, and then I kind of came across that I'm not sure how well I did it, but today interrupt you for a moment. Sure, sure. Alright baby, that is a brilliant guideline for you. Forget the rule I tend after working with you just for these day day and a half or so that is brilliant for you. And I think that's going to serve you quite well because as we talk about it, you don't have you can't get anything wrong in doing this process. It can only be right and it's, right for you and for you and for you and for you. The point obviously is it's your life it's your plan you're making it. Somebody can tell you from over here over here what is right? And what is wrong for you? I love. Let go of the rules. Break the rules. Let go forget the rules. Good guideline. I actually added it on the side of my guidelines. So it's officially a fourth and I was like, well, you know what I'm doing for yeah eyes that is a perfect point when somebody has something like that and it's yes, of course, because you are going outside of the model and you're going to break it, go for it on all of you doing that out in the internet we need three, so our focus is not diluted, but evey gets for I continue. So in my mind I called it evelyn's enthusiast is what I ended up calling my coach or, you know, the main thing great, I have to that stand out a number of them in here, but one is doing a weekly review for myself. So it's sort of, um because part of this role is making sure I do all the other roles. So it's basically asking once a week what went well last week, what could have gone better? Um, what I'm looking forward to or dreading in the week coming up and what would make my week coming up exceptional. So I want to do that for myself to try to hold myself accountable in all the other roles, and my other one is to do things that scare me, and I know I need to put, um uh tangible on it or uh, you know, do what do what when, how many times? And I'm having a little trouble with that part of it to things that scare me? I mean, and I have a list of, like, things that scared it's just kind of about breaking out of your your safety zone. Oh, so it, um the result would be that you're going to do something that scares you and so the goal might be break out of my comfort zone die weekly monthly? Yeah, at least yeah, exact out of my comfort zone. And, um so I think to do things that scare me uh, there we go now, the important part is are you going to know how to measure that? Yes, yeah, I think you will and you'll be able to do that, especially because today the majority of today is about how to make this plan happen. So as I said, this is simple. Did do you agree? This is a simple process, but not easy. It's not easy. You were digging in. I'm causing you to use the grey matter upstairs and also your heart, so not easy but simple. You make the plan, then the work begins. Good job, wonderful job let's hear from the internet, I'd like to hear some of the goals that are flying across the screen hopefully absolutely were so privileged to have you here coach story but taylor stone is saying something that a lot of people are reiterating that is extremely helpful tohave the two coaches chris and karen and chat with us said that they're getting coaching there to think you can appreciate it very much I've got lots of different comments on venus is saying their goal is to get their photos into a publication this year there's something that clearly they've set very definite matin epa says uh that a big thank you to the coach and here auntie you'd but to create the e book there e book by april first tohave a hundred copies sold by may first I mean they're trying to figure out if that's wonderful two separate goals no one that's one that's good I mean there could be uh save again read it again for me okay it is to create an e book by april first and have one hundred copies sold by may the first perfect wonderful I love it good give yourself a good hand that's very clear it's got great clarity to it it's got the smart structure to it wonderful job oh there's one more actually butterfly vanessa and nine who we tweeted um and she was saying how valuable this course wass she says for that creative craft or teacher goal to plan prepare and download a fun weekly video on youtube I love it, you've got it. Bingo c, this is simple. Listen to the internet audience. Listen to what you've done. This is beautiful, but I'm asking you, have you done a goal one or more for every eight rolls and if not start writing, keep going. We need more goals from you and and make sure you've got one for that major role. Focus. Make sure it's in there, all right, back to our in studio audience, which one? If you have not read it already, is your absolute favorite goal that excites the hay out of you, erica. Which one? Uh, it is for as my role is a wife, um, capture the everyday things that make our relationship great and show how we grow over the years by documenting our life is a couple weekly wow, and still be using some skills from a previous creative live class, and I'm the project life class to do that and it's something that my husband and I have been together for twelve years and there's so many little things that we've just for gotten, um, so it's really important to me to capture that I'm really excited tohave that because I'll remember it, you know, the things three months ago, but three years from now, as we're looking back, um it's really exciting. Haven't idea for you yeah, we have valentine's day coming up here in the u s I think that it may be celebrated in other countries around the world to and with st valentine's day those wonderful heart candy boxes I need the chocolates. Empty the box and put that goal in it. Give it to your husband like you made my best year yet. Plan love great. Okay, evey which one is your absolute favorite? Most exciting enticing? Um, I think I already read it. I think that getting out of my comfort zone that's exciting. I think so too. That's good. Kelly becky let's go. Becky, we switched just for my most immediate kind of future. Just launching a website and kind of getting a portrait business off the ground in the next. I'm hoping to launch it at the end of the month so you are so ready I can feel that it's like it's like you need to jump out of your chair right now and go do this. I can feel this for you. Yeah, this is good. Okay, kelly, I think I read it about my personal project that I'm working on a portrait siri's that it's already gotten started, but to dedicate myself to it and get it out there, okay, so good so I'll just check in with the internet one more time before we go on. We got a great one from anna s action. Anna says I want to be a zumba instructor holding at least one class a week by the first of october potential is saying, is that smart enough? S m a r t your acronym and everyone's saying yes, absolutely it's on there saying the loft number, et cetera the rainy day stories joining the rainy day store's been going through some personal issues. We really appreciate you being so open thank you for sharing. She has been having some issues with cancer, but she's she's making that her goal to stay on her special inflammatory diet, take the supplements to help her chemo and have these says to shrink the tumor so that's small enough so she can have surgery by the end of the year. So that's a very intimate thing we appreciate you sharing that openly but it's again, it's an amazing goal tohave you know, life happens. Life happens when we're planning our best year yet life happens during our best year yet uh, I have a really good crystal ball, but it is not one hundred percent accurate. It gives me ocracy for the present moment it gives me a look and a vision into my dreams and my desires and I can't always predict though what is going to occur during this year so there there are processes there are unique coaching tactics in the best year yet program that helps you plan for that not necessarily plan but plan for the interruption in life and how the interruptions in life where the changes in the shifts will still carry through with your best year. Yet even when you're in perhaps a place like this like like our internet um what was our internet persons handle their the rainy day stole the rainy days and also, um those that might be jobseekers right now it may not be pleasurable to be without a job this process works I use it with job secret groups and it just is amazing how it gets you focus, which leads me into the next segment just prior to question nine so we're gonna polish up question eight here, wrap it up with a bowl I have these questions for you are you willing to do what it takes? Whatever it takes to achieve the goals you've written, I see a yes for america, callie because if not cross it off it does you belong there it's just a big fat should or ought to goal that creeped on to your plan and maybe or maybe and maybe or maybe it's a goal that gets saved for another year so cross those off right now. You've got my permission, take a big red pin and slash it out. Now. The next question is, do you have a balance of goals? Do you have a couple of stretch goals? Ah, couple of goals that cause you to gulp along with the goals that, yes, I need to do this. I want to do this. I am going to do this. So take a look at those and make sure that you've got a nice balance. If you have your entire plan as all stretch goals, we can also lose ourselves in what I call fantasy land at a hague. Heck of a lot of of work on stretch, all goals, being stretch goals to really shift life and bring it in. So a nice balance would help.

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I bought this course a couple of month ago and I'm glad I did; it has given me such clarity and a great toolset which has already lead to the first great results. Thank you so much Dory Willer and the CreativeLive Team for making this course available.

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This is a good class. It gives you the blocks to build your best year, but ultimately it is you that must commit to the work throughout the year. to make it happen. Michael Hyatt also has a similar course, that is good.


She has very good ideas and technique, as do most coaches. But the amount of promoting her business was such a turn-off and so distracting. The best way to promote yourself is to just showcase your work, not sell yourself every few minutes.