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Hello everyone and welcome to creative live my name is ken klosterman and I am your host for the olympus om d e m five mark too fast art class with john gringo now john gringo has over twenty five of these fast start classes here on creative lives for all of the popular classes that are out there on the market john is an outdoor and travel photographer and he also has one of the most popular photography classes here on crete alive the fundamentals of photography now john in in this fast art class I mean people buy this camera they've invested in their olympus camera probably spent fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars and they think they're going to read the manual but they don't tell us what people are going to get out of this class in addition to kind of learning those fundamentals about the camera itself all right, so welcome to the olympus omd iam five mark to class we're going to be going through this class in full glory in detail to explain how all the major functions work on t...

his camera so kind of a layout of what we're going to be doing here is first off give you a little bit of overview about the camera I think understanding a little bit about the history of olympus is important in understanding what they're making today and kind of what they're going for in cameras. We'll go through a few basic controls for you but most of this class is we're gonna be going through the controls of the camera all the buttons all the dials were going to explaining what they do how to use them and how to customize them to do what you want to dio a big portion of this class will be going through the menu system and we're going to go through and explain what each of the items do do and mean in there and how to get them set and then we're gonna be going through the operational section of how do you take all this information and actually operate the camera for different types of photography? One of things to note is that this class does come with a pdf and this is just more of a note taking guide while you're taking the class but there are a couple of areas in here that I think are particularly helpful towards the back of the class our package panned out let me just hold this up here for the camera I had the entire menu six section on one page I'm a very visual learner and I work better when I have visuals in front of me and so this is a really handy paige for me I know sometimes someone will ask me a question about this camera and I'm like I know it's in there but I can't remember where and so if I look at this page I can scan it really quickly with my eyes and find the feature I'm looking for now what I've done is I've gone through and made some recommendations that I will be making as we go through the class for specific menu settings like if you didn't know where to set your camera this is a great introductory setting now you're going to want to customize the camera and change it yourself and so you can do whatever you want so what I've done is I've also included another page that is blank so you can make your own recommendations in favorite settings where you like to set it so if you know that you always like it in this particular one spot you can do that and then at the very back of his hand out I do have where is it dance a little bit on this page but it's mostly on the very last page my different recommendations on how we would set the camera up say for instance for landscape photography where would I set my shutter where ready set my aperture what would I do with my focusing system and I do that for portrait action and a few other different types of photography and so this is a little bonus that you get with the class and handy little guide that a lot of people like to have along with the video of the class I think both go together quite well all right, so the instruction manual in this for this camera is not exactly real large. It is it's lacking a bit of information, definitely a little bit of style that's, for sure. It's ah it's. Great for looking up specific bits of information, but it can be a little 00:03:59.185 --> 00:04:00. bit hard to figure out how to no work, everything. 00:04:00.81 --> 00:04:05. And so this class is pretty much a supplement. A replacement 00:04:05.03 --> 00:04:07. for the instruction manual. Occasionally, you might 00:04:07.77 --> 00:04:10. want to take a look in there, there's a few things 00:04:10.24 --> 00:04:12. that were going to pass by a little bit more quickly. 00:04:12.3 --> 00:04:14. Maybe you like printing from your camera or doing 00:04:14.27 --> 00:04:16. a slide show out of your camera, something that is 00:04:16.76 --> 00:04:20. directly involved in the picture taking process. Something 00:04:20.43 --> 00:04:23. else tio take note of is that this class is on this 00:04:23.77 --> 00:04:27. camera. It is not on photography if you wanted to 00:04:27.37 --> 00:04:30. learn about composition and what different shutter 00:04:30.09 --> 00:04:33. speeds do that's really important for taking photos, 00:04:33.26 --> 00:04:35. but we're not going to be covering that in this class 00:04:35.01 --> 00:04:37. because, well, frankly, the whole time is going to 00:04:37.14 --> 00:04:40. be spent on this camera and understanding this camera 00:04:40.1 --> 00:04:40. in particular.

Class Description

Ready to make the most of your Olympus® OM-D® E-M5 Mark II? Join expert photographer, John Greengo for a fast-track introduction to taking full advantage of your camera’s features in Olympus® OM-D® E-M5 Mark II Fast Start.

John will teach you how to navigate and set up your camera’s menus and guide you through its buttons, dials, and features. You’ll learn how to take full advantage of your camera’s super-fast live view focusing. You’ll also learn how to optimize your camera for sports and other high-motion photography. John will teach you about your camera’s high-resolution sensors and settings and help you get them attuned to your shooting style so you get the picture you want, every time.

This course will have you using your Olympus® OM-D® E-M5 Mark II like a pro in no time – no complicated manuals required.


a Creativelive Student

I had previously purchased the Fast Start for the earlier OM-D E-M5 model and found it invaluable. I was lucky to catch this E-M5 Mark II Fast Start when it was live and had my camera set up beautifully - until I updated the firmware recently and discovered how uncooperative the camera can be in the absence of the combination of settings recommended by John. So I bought the course, which enabled me to restore the camera to the optimal settings and gave me may "Aha" and light-bulb moments about things I'd forgotten or not understood the first time around. I am glad I now have this course so I can revisit it as needed. NOTE: There IS an option to save settings to the PC before updating firmware. I will be doing that in future!