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Portrait Startup

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A Thank You For Sue

Sue Bryce

Portrait Startup

Sue Bryce

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18. A Thank You For Sue

Lesson Info

A Thank You For Sue

Now I would ask Sue how she's doing this morning, however, I will tell you how she's doing this morning, because Sue Bryce has lost her voice. Kinda hard to believe, right everyone? (laughter) So, yesterday we were all about Sue, introducing the mentors, we were talking about the challenges of pricing, of finding yourself, your voice, and today a lot of you, (laughter) yes I know, a lot of folks at home and the whole reason we have these nine women here who are the Sue Bryce mentors, is because they have taken 28 Days With Sue Bryce and built their own successful businesses in the Sue Bryce model, and are living the life that they want. So yesterday you guys wanted to hear more stories from them, and you had a ton of questions about their specific challenges, and how they've overcome things. So that's what we're gonna do today. Today we're gonna have, Sue is gonna be peppering them, via my voice, with questions. And so get in that chatroom, and we're gonna have the opportunity and usin...

g the ask icon, for you guys to hear from who are now your nine additional mentors. So Sue, it's a little bit ironic, that you have lost your voice, don't you think? You for the past-- I never lose my voice. You never lose your voice. Never even lost my voice. And for the past three years, you have been teaching people to find their voice. Own their voice. To own their voice. And it's quite ironic. I mean, the thing is, that you've created these women, and now they are exponentially going out there. I have been sick for a few days. Yep, you have been sick for a few days, I know, I know, I'm gonna be translating the whispers of Sue. (laughter) So, Sue, it is really ironic, but it is an incredible opportunity for these women to now truly be mentors. So, we have a little surprise for you, Sue. We have a video that we were going to play for you at the end of the day, however, we are gonna start off with it right now, and we have a lot of people who want to say thank you, Sue, for you helping them own, find and own their voice. So, we're gonna play that video. Hi Sue! Thank you for pushing us, and for guiding us, and thanks for giving us so much to think about our heads hurt every time we talk. Thanks! Hey Bryce, remember that girl I was, sitting with you having coffee in Potts Point? Now I have all of this. Because you inspired me, and I love you for that. Thank you so much for being my friend. Sue, thank you so much for changing my life forever. If it wasn't for you sharing my story to the world, I would not be able to help others that are going through cancer. You brought glamour back for women everywhere. You helped me launch a new career, which I love. Thank you for being such an incredible force of light and love, Sue, for kicking my butt when I needed it, and reminding me to never, ever let anyone outside myself determine my value. Hey Sue, I wanna thank you for inspiring me to pick up a camera. I think it was the second job with you, I was like, yep, this is what I wanna do. And I was hooked. There isn't a shoot I'm going to without thinking about you. Thank you for everything that you've given me in the past five years. I have so much gratitude for your friendship, for your encouragement and support, and your constant kick up the bum that I always need. You have been my coach, my friend, my mentor, my butt-kicker for sure. Thank you so much for just sharing your story, and for lighting a fire under all of our butts to be better photographers, better artists, and better business people. If you had a TV show, I would watch you everyday, literally Oprah-style. Thank you so much for giving me my first makeup job, for believing in me, and for inspiring me so much. Your photography helped me to see who I am to other people, and not just what I've made up in my head. 'Cause of you and CreativeLive, we've gone from having $1800 months to having $18000 months as a portrait studio. Since the day I met you years ago, it has been such a pleasure, such an honor, and most importantly, thank you for inspiring me. I think I speak on behalf of many thousands and thousands of people across the world that you have inspired to become better photographers and push themselves. Thank you, Sue, for being an inspiration to so many people, including myself. You elevate everyone that comes in contact with you, and that's certainly true of everyone here at CreativeLive. Sue, you are such a brilliant woman. You've helped make the dreams come true for so many people. I mean, how amazing is that? You've certainly helped change my life, I appreciate you, I'm so proud of you, and I love you. Thank you. Thank you for teaching me that when I wake up every day with unconditional love for myself, anything is possible. You have taught me compassion. You have taught me self-discipline. You have taught me how to work harder, and that's all in addition to being a phenomenal photography teacher. The creative photography community is a better place for having you be a part of it, and women all over the world, myself included, have a stronger self-worth because of the things that you've taught us. I am so incredibly proud about what you have done over the last three years at CreativeLive. You sum up the very best of what this place exists to do. And you've transformed people's lives, you've transformed my life. I can still remember this Kiwi girl landing in Australia. She had a huge dream and big talent, and we knew you were something special, Sue. It's been incredible watching you achieve your dream, inspiring so many people along the way, and having such a huge impact on the photography industry. And best of all, we know there's more to come, so here's to you, Sue! (gentle music) (applause) Speechless, is a good place to be right now. We'll show you that again. That is why we're here. That is what this class, that's why you wanted to create this class. Because all of these people, all over the world, this is just a small sampling, are creating the life that they wanna live. And that's what this is really about. Whether it's their business, their family, whatever it is, it's waking up every day and creating what they want.

Class Description

When Sue Bryce taught her first CreativeLive class in 2012, she reinvented the category of glamour photography. That workshop inspired thousands of photographers to create a new kind of portrait photography business.

During this special event, you’ll hear from Sue again and meet nine photographers who changed the trajectory of their business and their lives thanks to inspiration they found in Sue’s CreativeLive classes.

In Portrait Startup, you’ll find out exactly what these photographers did to transform their fledgling photography operations into sophisticated, profitable businesses. You’ll learn about what it takes to build a profitable photography business and Sue will detail the Areas of Mastery required to run and sustain it. 

You’ll learn about:  

  • Cameras & Lighting
  • Studio or Location
  • Website & Portfolio
  • Marketing & Design
  • Social Media & Connection
  • Price & Product
  • Sales & Selling
  • Money Management
Sue will discuss the essential elements for building a successful glamour photography studio and you’ll get specific, tactical insights for doing it yourself.

Each of the guest photographers will share their own unique story of following Sue's business model and they’ll provide intimate details on what they've discovered and what worked (or didn't) for them. Sue will share the secrets behind her wildly effective Reveal Wall and share strategies that guarantee sales while keeping clients happy and eager to refer you to their friends.

If you want to build a photography business that celebrates the beauty inherent in all women, while running a business that provides for you and your family, join Sue Bryce and guests for Portrait Startup and learn how to build a business and life that you love.

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Sandra Sal

How glad I am that I have purchased this course! Sue is just wonderful woman, photographer, business person and life coach. This course is so informative, inspiring, educating and just AMAZING!! Simply a must have! Don't even think "should I get it" just buy it and you will be blown away! I loved every second of it and will keep re watching it many times more! Thank you to Sue, wonderful mentours and Creative Live!!

Laura Captain Photography

As a person that is new to portrait photography and to starting a portrait business, this class has been extremely valuable to me and well worth my time. It is also very helpful to hear from the mentors. I have a lot of respect for Sue, her work and her wisdom. She is genuine, has a passion for her work and has a wealth of information to share. I believe this class will actually allow a person to achieve their goals and build a business. I now feel more knowledgeable and more confident about pursuing a photography business. Thanks so much Sue and thanks to CreativeLive for providing wonderful online education.

Janice S.

i just finished watching this workshop. though i'd seen sue's name on the list of creative live workshops, this is the first one i've done. to me, she is effectively partnering life coaching with photography education. which is awesome. between being an ER nurse for almost 20 years, as well as arriving at my late 40s not unscathed, i can relate to much of what sue has said and would like to think that i'm in a better position to tackle the business of business ownership than i would have been 20 or 30 years ago. the other thing i noticed was hints of rhonda byrne. this may or may not actually be the case, but it seems like it. the power of positive thinking essentially. i loved the whole thing. though i'm not really close to implementing the business practices taught here, i wanted to watch the whole thing before moving on to her glamour photography workshop. i wanted to understand what i would be moving toward as i go through my technical education. i believe i will be adding 28 days to my class list too. thank you sue!