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Focusing and Applying the 9 Areas of Mastery

so those are my nine areas of mastery and what we're going to focus all of our attention in the next two days is pricing it selling it and selling yourself uh this will be the most exciting segment for me because this was a revelation to may this revelation really came from this idea that I have spent the last ten years telling photographers not to sell digital prince although everything I sell printed I sell digital so I'm spent the last ten years telling photographers to sell digital and prince digital and prince would remember my saying whatever you buy I will give you a thumb drive off all of your images all right so if they bought the prince I'm selling images but why are we selling prints one they have a higher value too you want them on your war three if they frame them for the next fifty years that somebody walked into their house and admires that shot it has your name on it all right because it's the old school way of portrait's because we've become a digital nation because we...

aren't printing because we need to print out work however I will say one thing I realized two years ago that it is not that we are a digital generation at all we are a now generation when you buy something you want it now if you sell something on an online store the first thing somebody asked us I need to download it now and I can't and they get very angry when you buy a song from itunes you don't load it within three seconds it's a now generation so I realized what if I printed all of their photographs and then sold them their photographs so they could actually leave with them now instantly it worked for may but it's not mei that is extraordinary it's these girls because it has doubled their sales if not more and I'm watching them poor averages of two thousand four hundred dollars with the reveal wall what does that tell you now we decided as mentors last night raid a meeting there is an entry point into what level you're ready to sell the reveal you need to lock down your selling first digital eh because that costs money and we're gonna break down how I do it now most of the mentors that outsourcing to labs and I went and bought the cannon pro one printer so I'm going to show you that tomorrow we're going to kick off tomorrow with reveal wall and sales all right so this is where I'm going to focus all of my attention price product sales and selling in really getting you to sell in connect yourself is a photographer and really getting you to decide and define what it is you do and what it is you're selling because it seems to be the greatest area off the moor now there is so many lies you're going to tell yourself as a creative I shit winnings but I don't want to I really want to shoot uh newborns and the truth is is I hate weddings so much and I really want to shoot newborns but I just don't see how I can make it work because there's a lot of new born photographers in the area and I don't have a good enough studio and all I hear is hate now if you're working in any form of hate I hate retouching I hate selling myself I hate pricing myself I hate invoicing height I will destroy your business because the first thing that will does isa robbie off your house okay hate and resentment of the first thing that will attack you and you will be sick and yet you're doing something you hate now why are you doing that why don't you just change and people marry I martinus I read it the other day he said people will stay with no one misery before they go and seek I'm no enjoy better the devil you know right but you've told yourself this lie that this is your truth that this is gonna happen that you have to do this to get this in order to get this and the truth is that on the other side of that is possibly financial freedom but you would rather stay with known misery before you go towards unknown joy and I feel that business is designed to be one of the hardest reflective energy exercises you're ever going to do you have to confront how confident you are you have to confront hell you have to confront how you receive money and some people just seem to receive money so easily and some people just repel it and some people seem to receive it easily but they're not keep it and then other people seem to keep it in accumulated and when you start confronting your money challenges ah whole new world opens up I've been working a lot with nikki personally in the last two years about money about nikki feeling good enough to receive money and her sales have doubled in the last two years doubled and I have watched her go through the process off trying to speak out loud a woman's convention and just losing her power and losing her passion and we talked and then the next day she went back to the show and this time she went back fully connected to what she does not what she was trying to sell and her voice came easily and she booked three times more bookings you know your ability to sell and connected that is extraordinary I can't wait to talk to te me about how she went to big sales because timmy told me I wasn't afraid of selling I sell thirty thousand dollar corporate packages three grand was a joke to me do you know how that makes me feel three grand was a joke dear I'll tell you how it makes me feel I can x is just like that the pain and fear that I had to experience in order to sell my work fifteen years all right may people sit in front of me with my beautiful where khun tear my soul out just trying to accept one hundred dollars for it in paper friggin rent it is so real to me I can bring a bag like that even now even now when I get three thousand dollars or eight thousand dollars I still struggle to receive it so when she sees it too may I want to kick her in the face tweet that because that was really to mei that was fear to me that was anxiety to me that was I'm not with it I had to get to three that she breathes through it and I'm in a maze of pain like I'm running I mean chased by a lion and running into walls I'm in pain over this and it is my greatest life listen because now I learned to value myself and now I get to teach you this and maybe the tem ease of the world three percent but you know what I when she said that to me it physically hurt may now I would rather spend my time coaching you through your blocks around these nine areas than teaching you how to take photographs did you notice posing and direction is not on there and yet I have mastered that posing is my life it is every part of me if you would ask me what I do before I told you that I'm a business builder in educator a photographer I would tell you that my sole purpose in life is to show people and teach people had to move their bodies I love this I have spent my life mastering this and it's not on there why because not many people have mastered it and yet they still have perfectly successful businesses so it's not even that important I would take connection in a photograph and a beautifully lit shot in photoshopped image over perfect posing as you mostly do correct all right sorry this is where we're gonna focus on nine areas of mastery this is wi I asked the girls what their nine strength where and what their nine witnesses where these girls here this is where we're going to talk about uh how we move through the most important part and that is getting paid to do what we do receiving money for it valuing our craft and building out businesses do we have any christians can before I go on so you talked a little bit about ago about forty percent forty percent ten percent ten percent and people were wondering what was that what were you talking about I think it was positive opinion knowledge personality cell tell us again with that what okay so there's two very distinct type of brands that you will see in any genre photography or designers or anyone rock stars there's a solution brand and then there's a personality brand ok so I watched last month I watched carriage in tillie's boot camp business boot camp and every morning it was one hour I would work and watch her boot camp uh while I was during my email social media and the first thing that she bought two light was that these two types of people you have to decide which you are with you're the personality and your brand or whether you're a solution brand so if you google marie folio for instance or you know danielle report the first thing that comes up is going to be a hundred photos of those two women because their personal of the brands and if you google supervised the first thing that will come up will be a hundred portrait that I have taken a picture of me because I'm not a personality brand I'ma solutions brand so basically that changed everything for me in terms of what I was putting out there because it means that I would engage people bidder on social media if I was speaking through my solutions not through may now if you put too many southeast out people will unfollowed you and if you put too many selfies up you look narcissistic anyway and if it's not your personality brand then people are like what's with all the selfies uh so I noticed I've got a little poppy I didn't buy the puppy to start marking my business although people have said congratulations based marketing you ever did and I was like okay that's not what I got a puppy for she is cute but I stopped putting her pictures on my business page uh and I do post maybe once every two weeks I put something up because I get an instant and follow off up to five people for posting my dog now she's cute and at first I thought to myself maybe I don't want you to follow me if you don't like dogs eggs because what sort of person doesn't like puppies I mean go away goodbye don't let the door hit you on the way out maybe I should post happy pictures every day but I realized what people want to see from me is my work because if I published my work and that's another thing terrorists is go to your social media and have a look when you getting the most amount of attention and when you getting most amount of bounce so in that boot camp I learned that what it was that people were attracted to me and so I went through and looked at my youtube videos from creative live I looked at my online education I looked at my facebook and I worked out when people were the most connected to me when they're the most connected to me I'm showing them my photography and teaching them something about it so basically I'm like look at this beautiful portrait I shot this with this this and this and everyone would go nuts and I get eleven thousand likes but if I post a picture of my poppy I get a thousand likes in five people and follow me within a minute and it really bummed me out but then I realized how I can mix which is number nine so remember sorry number six how I connect in my social media how I connect my message to the world is very palpable now everything you write on facebook has an energy to it so if you win jing bitching morning getting angry or being defensive you look like that and you will attract people who are following you her also winching bitching moaning angry trolling that energy starts to be very palpable online and you can feel it now I teach people this all the time and people actually come up to me and say one of the biggest things that you taught me was that you can feel the energy of a post when you post it you can tell if I'm trying to had you khun tell if I'm doing a tired gratuitous post you can tell if I'm being spammy you can tell if I'm thinking um you know inauthentic you can tell a fine bank disingenuous you can tell because people will call me out and I have to instead of get upset I have to go I wass I didn't want to share that somebody asked me to and I felt obliged to I didn't want to post that I just haven't posted for two days and I thought I better but you know what I'm tired I'm tired and I don't want to go on social media today but you feel this need to please everybody and post something and be seen and you don't need to because and this is coming from a genuine place people can feel it so forty percent positive opinion was be positive there's enough hate negativity pain bullying rage violence in this world I don't bring that to my social I wouldn't take that too a party so why would I write it on facebook don't write it on your business page and then keep the hate for your personal page again the source of people that love you who follow you personally are your quickest source declines oh my god I love so bright she's one of my friends I found her on facebook you should do a shoot with here it's my first referral base so don't think you're hiding yourself from everybody by being you know bit you on your personal page stop with that energy you need to stop now and when you can't shoot fake shoots you can do it everybody's fight this shoot in fact this thing about watching people on line I think is derrick and that's a real show do you think that's a real shame of hs not even a real show she just looks like a model I'm just like really who's going to model in if that's what you want if you're criticizing me for doing it go on do it go into a fake shoot going to a personal shit you see I'm not afraid now I'm actually saying this is a personal shit because I make my pistol shoots a bit more creative so I'm not afraid of saying this wasn't a real client you know I wanted to photograph the skill in this victorian wig I made the wig this is a personal shoot for may I feel incredibly artistically inspired by it it has invigorated made these are some of the best images I have even done I'm not afraid of saying that now but I was afraid of saying that two years ago positive opinion all right knowledge what is knowledge as a photographer now this is where you have to be careful you see I'm speaking to photographers on my business page so I have one hundred and forty two thousand followers and they largely photographers so when I post a shoot I'm posting if stops you know I'm posting my and and what lens we're using and where was the reflector and I'm posting a behind the scenes shots that's knowledge but you guys aren't posting that you're posting to clients so this is where everybody gets a little bit confused and you start marketing to other photographers and then other photographers follow you but other photographers aren't paying you unless they are paying you because I also shoot photographers so this such a great area there but I feel like head new comeback teo head facebook bane alive and well at the height of my business before I became an educated say two thousand five two thousand six two thousand seven I feel like you would have seen it I wasn't on facebook then I feel that you would have seen me talking to people not photographers so I can't give you more of an example other than maybe I can block more ideas for you to share but wait a minute hang on how often do I share a beautiful story all the time how often do I share my heart all the time how often do I share my fear all the time how often do I share something incredible about a woman that I've just photographed am I really speaking to photographers are my speaking to people because I've got it locked down by just being honest I feel very compelled sometimes to write something negative and then I remember the consequences of that and I tell you something there's a feisty woman inside me that wants to come out swinging when somebody applies pressure to may my first reaction is attack okay because I'm like I grew up in south or planned I have a right to defend myself I'm a martial artist and I've done it for years I used to start my martial arts class for the japanese quote that used to say in japanese that translates to I'm a student ofthe karate I come to you with an empty hand that's what karate means it's the way of the empty hand so it's no weapons if your aggression forces me to defend myself I have already bought my weapon okay and then I would stop my class and all of my students will be fully locked in an empowered feet down I'm powerful but on my social media I don't get a right of reply so if somebody text me it's like getting punched with no god up and then you have to walk away but you have to go and then you kind of like on and then you're like oh so it's like there's a kind of a range of like really psychotic emotions you know on and then you have to tell someone they say this about me and then they get angry and then that gets you really angry new year I should say this on then you act and then I realized that listen to the criticism take it come back positively the best invited we're gonna talk whether something into the best advice I can give you is to say I'm sorry I disappointed you but you know I type it like this sorry I disappointed you because it's hot but I adhere to knowledge and positive opinion and you have to understand something if somebody is saying something or criticizing you or hating you or even just calling you out is truth in it otherwise it wouldn't hurt you but you do have to remember you really really have to remember one thing there is not any truth in it it's the a truth now social media is going to give you a massive amount of support I've seen people post really below average images and writer said story attached to their image and everybody jumps on because we love the underdog you've got this your work is beautiful it's incredible and then a week later their advertising a workshop because they have been empowered online I've seen it okay you need to understand the criticism in the support of fake they're based on people supporting you online when you turn off your computer those people are not in your house they're not holding your back they're not supporting your business and when I turn off my computer and I'm alone with my puppy my cute puppy when I'm alone at night I realized that this is where I run my business from not from what you say now let's say you want you follow surprise dot com or you follow surprise photographer on facebook and I posted image and it gets a lot of support hand on heart I did not know what I have done to get the support that I get online it over whelmed me that you would stop like an image and take time to come in on it like I I see that and I'm just like his people do that willingly telling me every week that they love my work I don't even understand that I am overwhelmed by that and then the people that take the time to hit may or criticize me they're just telling me a truth so the best listen is you will get a lot of support you'll get a lot of criticism none of them are real they're just people clapping you in now when somebody he doesn't like what you're doing it's because they asked perceiving you is having something they want okay so if they look atyou and see you getting all the support and they getting none they're not selling their work they are angry they feel like they work is good it's his good as hiss and then they start why is she getting all the support and I'm not that person is in pain and when they're in pain they're gonna write stuff on your wall they're gonna say stuff about you that is the truth that's not your truth so you only ever taken on board when it rings true for you and the truth is that only hurts if it's got a truth to it you need to understand your reaction to it so again I go back why do I constantly stick with forty percent positive opinion forty percent knowledge team percent personal of eighteen percent sell because if I over sell people won't leave my page if I over personality too much puppy too much selfies people won't leave my page here's my rule of thumb when you open instagram you can see twelve photographs they go three across for deep okay every month I photograph my instagram I screenshot it and then I put it on my facebook page because it builds my instagram followers if there is more than one image off me or more than one selfie off me and there's twelve selfies uh I'm taking too many south face so I scrolled down my instagram and I am one two three four I'm one of twelve on every page on instagram and if that goes up I button it back you know why people don't want to see south face I don't take selfie sitting in the car with my safety about on and I don't take selfie standing in front of the mirror I read once in a maim that if every second photograph of you on instagram is yourself then everybody thinks you're in a hole okay and I thought about that and I was like I follow people and I can follow them for too many cell face who's done that gone somebody tell me they've done that I'm just like you know what I can't just look at your face like a what time you need to give me something other than your face so I do the twelve roll on instagram and then I try and button it back because we do expect you know what one of the hardest things to do was as I was loosing weight I was torn between I'm not wanting to show anybody my weight last and also being very proud of it s so I would go as long as possible without showing my body and then people would be like whoa and then I'd get half supporting have criticism so I found it so vulnerable to put myself constantly out there but you just can't get lost in it it's very very important this is one of your biggest connectors to the world and I'm telling you right now if you can master that connection the way you speak in your own unique voice and then find what your path is then I think it's going to be one of the best things you can do if you're not having success in the facebook area you're not doing it right I did not have a facebook page before it did my face creative live it's been three years and three months I have one hundred forty two thousand followers I hit that page on a daily basis it is important to me to speak back to people it is important to answer questions when I post to shoot it is important that I answered as many questions as I can and speak back and it's really important that I engaged that page with enthusiasm and power and you know positive opinion in knowledge because it works for me and when people tell me it's not working because it's the algorithm then I have to say you know that's not true when you're being shared your being shared when your heart your heart when people are talking about you your own feeds when they're not you know is that like the long way round like because I've dated guys that have seen you go a long way big backstory there couple of comments for your su merry in germany says why do you get support sue because we love your honesty and vulnerability and that's crazy to me I feel like I don't think you're vulnerable out there I do honest I do I think I'm very vulnerable I mean I keep a lot of my private stuff private but I am very emotionally raw like I can access that really quickly and I want to be honest about it but I'm also like for us muchas I'm war I'm a little bit of a harder sometimes like I I feel like when I lock down into the back kicking I'm kind of no prisoners I'm not going to feel sorry for you you know and I also feel like I'm the school of hard knocks like I have delivered to a lot of these photography is standing in front of me right now I've delivered you know hache ah hash reality too like I'm kind of like listen so you know I feel like I'm kind of quite that's why we're here so yeah um okay so these nine areas of mastery and I know we're going to meet the mentors in the next segment however this is a great question how do we figure out where we are failing falling flat we each bring something unique to the table I struggle to objectively review my weakness and balance ego how do we raise ourselves I feel like let's look at it like this uh the camera cameron lighting your entry point would be the images I'm taking on good enough and nobody wants to you know they're just not good enough there not at that standard yet that's one of those gray areas we talked about when you are learning and leaning to price at the same time the evolution off your work and your price need to go in I need to go in tandem and unfortunately that is the greatest area because there are people that think they're absolutely amazing and the judging like they're charging up here and it's still down here because the egos in the way there so this is one of the greatest areas in itself first entry point of business I have not made a photographer in my life and twenty six years on august the fifteenth I have been unemployed photographer for twenty six years and I have not made a photographer that has a gauge on that if I could create an international standard off pricing in photography were you actually put in your photographs I was telling them in towards last night that in new zealand and australia they have ended I p p in the a I p p that is a professional photography body you pay a membership to join and you submit twenty images from twenty eight by teens printed off twenty different shoots it was the most move wrecking moment on my life twenty different people you're not allowed to do the same shoot then you go in a board off people they uh rate it and then you become a member of the a p p in the v I p p and you have being accepted to use their badge as a professional photographer we don't have that rating worldwide so when everybody says everybody said photographer I'm like if it doesn't make you a good one I'm not competing with the bad ones I'm not competing with the ones that can't sell themselves don't know howto make money I got them already you know I'm competing with a whole lot of women out there that I don't like my arms and I don't like my thighs and I don't know my hips I've got more to worry about then what job logs is doing down the road I've got way more to worry about with my client's trying to sell my product to them than trying to be better than kate down the road who's selling the same package for two hundred fifty dollars because she's not and guess what she's not gonna survive anyway because I know you can't survive on turn and fifty dollars a week you know for all of your product so it's just this again lie you've told yourself that you can't put yourself out there and you can't sell yourself so if you're here how good is my wig and is it in tandem with my sales I feel like that's where you need a mentor you need a second person to sit down and tell you the truth now I said to these mentors you can be positive you catch more flies with honey than vinegar but you need to be honest if somebody is not performing at a professional standard you need to say to them this work is not that a professional standard yet okay so you're doing trade for folio trade for print whatever you need to stay there until your wig starts to sell now how do you do that when you need money you need to go and get a job now the most interesting part about my evolution is I head an outstanding folio because I was unemployed photographer thirteen years before I started my own business yet I could not master that bottom three line so that tells me I've already mastered this I'd already mastered for the shop I had already mastered studio because I had a garage I could also shoot on location I had already mastered my website I hated it I'd already mastered my marketing design somewhat I didn't have social media because I'm a dinosaur but I had not mastered these three lines so if you're not getting shoots and you're not getting money then you need to look down here okay so when people get very confused about their blocks I don't understand this like I don't understand that people are confused because people will stand in front of me beer faced and tell me they're doing it all right all of it I'm doing everything you say and I believe it okay here's the hottest thing you're gonna hear then you it's about you okay because of what I have to say to people like you are you likeable to smell funny are you repelling people with your personality and your energy are you saying that it's a ll good but really smell of desperation are you selling the product for you selling the service this is one of the most transformative thing she will hear your marketing and connection needs to bay for the client not about the product your marketing and connection needs to be for the client not about the product and it certainly shouldn't be about you because they not buying you and then not buying that product they have buying what the experience that they getting so you need to lock that down this week and decide what that isthe now everybody knows when they come to be photographed by may they're going to get a mixed bag of goodies they're going to get photographs that they love they're going to feel empowered in front of the camera they're going to get an address that they like to who they like who they work that they like to create something for them they're going to feel comfortable and confident and they're going to leave with an experience that has something more to do with the south than it does to do with the photographs I've already locked down what my experiences because I've been doing it for a long time and all of my marketing and all of my selling is around that it's for you not about may now this is wait everybody's going wrong we used to think that he who shouts the loudest gets paid the most he who stands up gets paid the most that is not true anymore or I went on youtube the other day I skipped the ed I opened something on facebook the other day I said it said sponsored posed a opened it a skipped eight heads I follow a magazine every high profile magazine the whole facebook page sponsored posts are really interesting they're just all ads I get annoyed at how I have to swipe and skip those ads we are trained to not being sold to we go to trade shows and we don't make eye contact in case somebody gives us a voucher way go and we walk and we put our heads down and at best we do this oh you take it and throw it in the bin shouting doesn't work okay what do people do they live images their videos and they'll watch them eighty five percent of people will watch your video and click on the link to your website all my friends I rang all my friends and I go why have you connected your twitter account to instagram and they go because when I instagram a tweet I said no it doesn't tweet a link it doesn't tweet a photograph I upload to instagram then I upload to twitter then I upload to imbued with so then I upload to supervise personal if it applies to my friends and family then I upload to twenty eight days with surprise because they're all my groups and then I upload to supervise photographer and I do it organically with every hit no links because ninety percent of the time nobody is going to go off their feed to direct your link so when I did that and I did that maybe eight months ago I read that people don't hit links anymore because it too much if it isn't it to stop scrolling but hang on think about it the second you're scrolling through their facebook feed there's and link you want to hit it because I want to see what ken is doing on the beach and I like that cannot I'll lose my place on the feed and then if I go to your link and then come back to it the feed's re populated based on album with them and then I'm like damn it I saw this business part so they really wanted to see so I go I'll go back and see what kin is doing later or when I'm on instagram I follow you there I'll see you there and yet all of my friends doing it so I turned off my connection from instagram to twitter and now I post organically to twitter and I went from seventy four thousand twitter followers to one hundred twenty five thousand and five months suddenly I'm posting images on twitter and I've almost doubled my following in five months and I don't know how that got on that gravy train but there I was there I am like I'm just like him and then I'm still following all my friends with links I get the length ofthe show show sheer tell sure she had tell you know show people to a positively with grace speak from the heart it's easy you're a photographer so tell me what you love not what you hate tell me what you really positive about nowhere you struggle with and if you do tell me about what you struggle with tell me how you overcame it because I'm at home hitting just like you and I want to not tell me that I have the power to learn and grow tell me that I am okay that there's nothing wrong with mei tell me that I'm enough and then hear me and see me but give me something because you exist online but when you answer a reply only adds her response is the greatest gift you can give anyone and tell me your facebook's not working because mine's working great it's really really great and every day I'm blown away by the connection the support it's amazing let's say you're really struggling with marketing and design there's a slide coming up this afternoon that's called sticky logo and a ceo with the sun don't shine because I built a really successful business without search engine optimization and without a frickin logo and you're spending all this money given logos design and you're wasting your time I am not buying your logo nicaea height logo I hate it it doesn't reflect you it's lucky it's lucky I love your work because when I see a logo actually get angry because I know what it is it's avoidance she was choking on his tongue because she's a designer and she's like her she just said stick your logo and I'm gonna tell you what it's sticky ceo this afternoon too because I tell you right now I've been a portrait for talk for twenty six years and people aren't calling may I'm calling them and that's a really big one because winning photographer isn't getting phone calls portrait photographers are not and that's where the biggest transition flies that can't wait to teach you about that so if you're struggling in your marketing and design show images I don't give a crap about what type face you've chosen I don't give anything to the logo you've chosen I care about what I'm getting so if you're struggling in this area pick your best images images that make your heart sing and show them and if they take a while to get better it doesn't matter people will see your evolution you know people said to me right from the beginning you getting so good now and I think oh thank somebody said to me you could actually do this we're living in my garage and I was like yes thinking about it hoping to pay my rent that week uh if you can't price yourself and you can stand in front of me and tell me what your price and product is go here go to the segment come back after lunch because I'm telling you right now I do not have a problem saying this uh I will do one shoe today now I used to do three uh my first night my package is a beautiful folio box with an enlargement for the wall it's three thousand three hundred dollars that's what I charge so when I stand in front of you and I tell you what I sell how much I sell it for every cell in my body believed that so when you aren't telling people you need to go here if you are not connecting two businesses strangers in the strait anybody who's worked with may no said I talked to strangers uh it is a gift I was given I did it as a little kid uh my parents used to freak out I would go missing my brother would say she's in that house down there and my mom would come looking for me and I would be sitting at the table for years old having a cup of tea with a couple you know his titan I have that ability so when I was crippled by this which you saw before when I could not touch this line here which is timmy did so easily carried it so easily and I don't I'm working on my resentment um you know every day uh when I struggled here uh to get paid I realized I had a big problem if you're not in business without that bottom line uh nobody's gonna pay you if you can't price yourself sell yourself and manage money said this was my biggest awakening but that's not timmy's biggest awakening all right and so the cool part is we're gonna find out where your strong so when you tell me how do I know what are you lacking is it bums on seats isa connection is it sails as it follow through is I'm shooting but I'm not getting the money from people is that I just can't get a studio and I can't get my head around shooting at home we're shooting on location because joanna is she's one of the main tools and she doesn't have a studio okay is it you can't finish this is that you can't put yourself out there is that you can't like just look at that and tell me what you can't do what you're not getting because you'll tell me you're doing it but I don't believe you and even if you tell me you are doing it um and it's not working for you tell me as mentors you're going to make all the mental zone the next the segment but tell me something the second you actually walked towards something that starts to come to fruition is that correct like the second you go my marketing is down any more bums on seats you turn your attention towards it and it starts to build do you in that moment get on facebook and say it's not working I can't what do you do that when you go into your reserve off I know what works I know what has worked for me in the past I can connect to this group I can ask questions but I've got to ask questions on empowerment not on block so if you would've come to me and say it's not working I'd say what's not working what are you doing and I would go to the core first um so that's kind of how you going to know

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When Sue Bryce taught her first CreativeLive class in 2012, she reinvented the category of glamour photography. That workshop inspired thousands of photographers to create a new kind of portrait photography business.

During this special event, you’ll hear from Sue again and meet nine photographers who changed the trajectory of their business and their lives thanks to inspiration they found in Sue’s CreativeLive classes.

In Portrait Startup, you’ll find out exactly what these photographers did to transform their fledgling photography operations into sophisticated, profitable businesses. You’ll learn about what it takes to build a profitable photography business and Sue will detail the Areas of Mastery required to run and sustain it. 

You’ll learn about:  

  • Cameras & Lighting
  • Studio or Location
  • Website & Portfolio
  • Marketing & Design
  • Social Media & Connection
  • Price & Product
  • Sales & Selling
  • Money Management
Sue will discuss the essential elements for building a successful glamour photography studio and you’ll get specific, tactical insights for doing it yourself.

Each of the guest photographers will share their own unique story of following Sue's business model and they’ll provide intimate details on what they've discovered and what worked (or didn't) for them. Sue will share the secrets behind her wildly effective Reveal Wall and share strategies that guarantee sales while keeping clients happy and eager to refer you to their friends.

If you want to build a photography business that celebrates the beauty inherent in all women, while running a business that provides for you and your family, join Sue Bryce and guests for Portrait Startup and learn how to build a business and life that you love.

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