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Meet the Mentors: Joanna Ziemlewski

joanna I first met at a workshop three years ago uh joanna did one of my very first workshops before I don't care if live so I got to connect with her way back when um she spaced in new york city in long island in whose superpower and it's very easy I wrote down the girl superpowers based on meeting them and finding out what they love to do and where their superpowers in the business is personal developments in personal relationships so joanne has done a lot of training with tiny robbins I'm one of the most kindred things here and I have is we the first people that are gonna look at you as mentors and go it's you doing this this is coming from you you know your core beliefs around money your core beliefs around healing your core beliefs around your relationship coming from you they're not happening to you and so her and I connect on that level because that's the first place I'm going to go as a mentor now each mentors and incredibly different in each mental will suit somebody different...

ly um if you want to get your butt kicked with sales you can definitely go to te me but if you need to heal a life path or if you need to heal something like I had to actually heal the idea that I could not make money and I wasn't worth making money and I wasn't worth owning my own home and I didn't value myself that is a very deeply personal issue that is an issue that has nothing to do with photography and everything to do with business uh so that's why I connect with joyner in this way right now joanna is traveling mentoring and shooting so she is not shooting on a location and she does not have a sit location joanna is going to challenge you obviously that you can do this without a studio so this is probably one of the most asked questions and bid was so it's how do I get that how do I make that happen why is that so hard and it's quite funny because when I asked a ll the mean tours how hard was it for you to get into a studio the mentors what actually telling me that it was quite easy however you said it was hot uh I think nicking you struggled a little bit and you finally found a space but you were playing with it with your weddings and you know you found a space shorter and then went that time again you know because we've gotta work out what works for us and we gotta work out if we can pay for it so I find that what two unique about joanna and um tell me about not working with the studio do you want to have a studio space or would you rather travel on work I'd actually like to have a balance of both um there's definitely times when not knowing the space that I'm gonna have could be a challenge because I don't know what I'm going to be shooting and until I'm actually there and I see it and then I have about maybe an hour or two of setup time where I can figure out okay right now I shoot me in the hotel room so I always look at the space that I have um around me and I look ok there's a mirror here there's a bed here there's a flat wall here that I can use there's the window there is there any floor space that I can use this's winning photography one I want yeah because the first thing you learn is a winning photographers I do not know what the venue looks like on this you scouted I do not know what the family looks like because you're never gonna find that antique it there I do not know how much sunshine I'm gonna have I do not know what the way there is gonna be I don't know whether it's gonna be one hundred twelve degrees with zero humidity or it's going to be thirty six degrees and pouring with rain so that to me is winning photography one I won the first thing you need is a winning photographers how to shoot in any situation any moment if anything that plan that you've got working right now is gonna make you a really bit of photographer because you're gonna be faced with just about every situation you could be faced with with in terms of light in terms of weather and terms of bringing lights and hiring hotels yeah have iss especially in new york city everything is public transportation I don't drive my car so that means I'm also limited on the gear and everything else that I can take so I only have my ice light I have a reflector and I have my camera and my computer that's that's all I bring with me so everything else I have to use what's around me and figure out a way to use it so I can't go in there be like oh my god what am I gonna do because I have to figure it out I saw the good thing is motels always have white shapes and white towns and you can pretty much clip them up anywhere said you'd be bit of putting a hole out of here clips you know alligator clips in your bag over anything and using them okay so uh one thing I want to ask you is due south allah cattle package kind of a mix of both but everyone always buys a package anyway um and I started out a thousand seven hundred and twenty four hundred and I honestly I had no idea like I wasn't even expecting to sell I was I was thinking maybe also the thousand and I was consistently sawing the seventeen in the twenty four hundred yeah and I couldn't believe it and then I started thinking about I'm like well why am I doing this and other people aren't and I figured out it was all the training that I had over the years of doing the work on myself and with with tony and figuring out like I knew the value that I brought to the table I knew how to establish that connection in the report with my client I knew that my sale was made from the very first touch point that I had with them through social media or email or anything and then every step along the way so I was always just along the way just say this really it just comes down to service and keeping them happy were offering that service what do you struggle most with and now and what did you start eating mice with it was the same thing then and now which is basically getting people don't know who I am they don't know what I do and so it's bringing in more leads and just really just putting myself out there more on what I do more and having a clear explanation of what it is because I know once I get them in the door then it's it's kind of like a breeze for me it's just a matter of bringing in more in the beginning okay lori marketing yourself selling yourself nikki marketing and design selling yourself heika selling yourself selling your product when you're overseas and location joanna selling yourself selling your service selling you we're selling your experience everybody to mei can tell me the same thing but these girls are already up the averages to actual buying clients and is still struggling with selling themselves that's why the next two segments pricing and selling yourself tomorrow I feel like will be the biggest eye openers for you because there is I whole lot hand thank you that's awesome and I'm gonna show you some of her staff because joana also I'll go back sorry didn't say join the shoes boudoir dilemma and business head shots as well

Class Description

When Sue Bryce taught her first CreativeLive class in 2012, she reinvented the category of glamour photography. That workshop inspired thousands of photographers to create a new kind of portrait photography business.

During this special event, you’ll hear from Sue again and meet nine photographers who changed the trajectory of their business and their lives thanks to inspiration they found in Sue’s CreativeLive classes.

In Portrait Startup, you’ll find out exactly what these photographers did to transform their fledgling photography operations into sophisticated, profitable businesses. You’ll learn about what it takes to build a profitable photography business and Sue will detail the Areas of Mastery required to run and sustain it. 

You’ll learn about:  

  • Cameras & Lighting
  • Studio or Location
  • Website & Portfolio
  • Marketing & Design
  • Social Media & Connection
  • Price & Product
  • Sales & Selling
  • Money Management
Sue will discuss the essential elements for building a successful glamour photography studio and you’ll get specific, tactical insights for doing it yourself.

Each of the guest photographers will share their own unique story of following Sue's business model and they’ll provide intimate details on what they've discovered and what worked (or didn't) for them. Sue will share the secrets behind her wildly effective Reveal Wall and share strategies that guarantee sales while keeping clients happy and eager to refer you to their friends.

If you want to build a photography business that celebrates the beauty inherent in all women, while running a business that provides for you and your family, join Sue Bryce and guests for Portrait Startup and learn how to build a business and life that you love.

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