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Pricing Challenge and Valuing Yourself

now when I talk about alec art this is folio package this is something that we need to clarify its like this oh my goodness I can't believe I have to say this a b flat is foam core it's that thick like seven mills has foam in the corps that's why it's called phone core it's white on one side if you buy the at supply shop but if you buy it at your local camera stores it is wide on one side and black on the other it is the single source of absent most questions we get asked is where I get the farm core the polystyrene boards that I use it being used in movie industry for a hundred years they are made of polly styrene they are not the flesh there polly boards the poly boards you buy a harm depose insulation yes that might take a little bit of you know looking for but here's the cool thing this this really cool thing called google it really works okay now a b flat is something very different to a poly board of the flattest thin in bomb corn you can't paint it a poly borders thick forty mil...

ls palestine you can paint and wallpaper it so don't get the two confused now same thing with alec are pricing this is folio packaging now sometimes we don't want to ask a stupid question and that's fine it's not a stupid question but you just need to understand what the difference is I like art is when you go into a restaurant a french restaurant usually because it's the cart and they bring out the cart and you can buy whatever you want on the cart okay individually like most menus and then you've gotta look at the folio packages being a tasting menu it's predetermined right from the start that you're going to get an eight course meal for ninety five dollars that is the package now this is where we need to make it abundantly clear which one we're goingto own and how we're going to sell it now every one of these photographers sitting in front of me just told you they do both so they're probably confused the hell out of you and let me break it down this is really really simple it comes down to this this is my original priceless this has been my original prices since I was eighteen years old working in a portrait studio in new zealand a six by eight was one hundred ninety dollars an eight by twelve with two hundred ninety five and eleven sixteen was full fifty a sixteen twenty four was six forty five twenty four by thirty six was eight hundred seventy five thirty by forty five was twelve hundred dollars now ala carte says I either get a free shirt or I pay for the shoot and then I come into the viewing and I by images based on how many I want so let's say I buy a six by eight made by twelve and eleven sixteen do the myth six hundred ninety five seven forty five eight forty five nine thirty five it's nine hundred and thirty five dollars for three photographs thank you very much mrs adams now that is called ala carte selling and what happened wass your range could go anywhere from I'm buying one six by eight teo I'm buying steven thirty forty five I did sell seven forty thirty forty five to a client okay and I'm talking in nineteen ninety five stephen fifty forty five twelve hundred h now the average you're going to get is based on how many clients you shot this is your total income divided by the amount of clients that you photographed most people cannot comprehend that two things happen the first question of photographer last me is what if they don't buy anything what if the sun doesn't come up tomorrow you're in business that is the odds and the numbers game of being in business some people will not buy anything but you don't cry about it you work out what you did wrong you pick yourself up you get better service bit of product next time then the next person comes and spends four thousand five hundred dollars and you related you crying ching yu know yu bring yur husband yu rang you be his friend you ring your wife whatever in your eye whoa for thousand five hundred dollars and then you go and do the one stupidest thing you could do you go and spend it because now I can buy this and then you go out you spent the four thousand five hundred dollars in the next client comes in buys a six by eight for a dollar nine hundred ninety dollars you've only paid you'll make about us with that and you've got nothing in the iv and flow of your income is very consistently low so the smartest people in money the smartest people in business sorry no have a save their money they know that the average income is based on river knew not on money in your hot little hand secondly if you are indeed and you get that big sale what's gonna happen to that money it's going to go to your dit and instantly it's going to be consumed by your did then you've got to struggles you've got no money to market yourself and you've got no money in your savings account for tax ninety percent of people get to their first year in business and haven't saved the attacks and it's frightening all right that is a lie kat that is the ellicott dread let's talk about the ala carte gift you can buy anything on there so you are average sale is based on your total sales divided by the amount of people that you photograph so your whole job is to save that money and up that average now if you're selling packages this guy's gonna make more money than you but it's not safe there's no safety here but there is no safety in any business there is no safety in your job you go along to your job you get your eight hundred dollars a week and you think it's going to be the next week and you live week by week and then you wake up one day you go to work and you get fired with the security there is no security there okay so the biggest thing you need to rep your head around your hit space around us there is no security there but there is no security anything it's so such a superficial fake thing that that corporate income is gonna be there week in and week out because it's not and you know the market can crash overnight a medial could fall down and hit your office building there's a million things that can go wrong and you think you're safe and then you swimming naked and the tide's gone out and it's suddenly like oh okay so I didn't know how to save money so now we're in the night the area of mastery which is money management and I got a business partner that taught me how to save money she was so tight it was watertight and she wouldn't even let me buy a coffee on my business card shows that you want coffee you buy the coffee I was like really that's harsh I work so hard for this money and she's that yet and it's staying in there and that's why when we had two thousand night we had a lot of money in the bank it is one of the hardest things you will experience I've just recorded twenty five money talks I'm gonna blow the water off for the way people deal with money and a lot of the money books and the money talks either talk about manifestation or investing not many of them talk about the gut the gutter level of coming from a victim around money to surviving week by week two not even managing that to becoming a manager ofthe money to an accumulator tow an investor I want to go through all of that and I'm really enjoying opening a new part of myself that I never thought I would go down do you think I ever thought I would be teaching a workshop about money when I teach workshops about photography but I learned one of the biggest fundamental lessons the second I I opened my eyes to the business in pricing I started to allow money to come at me and then I had to learn how to receive it accept it and keep it and those four things are the hardest things you will ever learn if money is your problem now we're at ala cop here this guy has a high average this no security but he's at a high average now that the bonus is when I'm selling myself to you and tomorrow we're going to do selling yourself when I'm selling myself to you my first print is one hundred and ninety dollars that sounds like a safe number doesn't it my images start at one hundred and ninety dollars on the wall and you can buy as many as you like so it's entirely up to you some people spend three hundred dollars some people spend three thousand there is no hard sell my job is to take images of you that you love so you want them all that was my sales pitch I wass I know it so well because I did it for like the first fifteen years of my life you want me to repeat it let me show you my images started one hundred and ninety dollars on the wall I said so you can buy as many as you want you know there's no hard sell some people spend three hundred dollars some people spend three thousand it was like the cool thing is is my job is to take his many beautiful photographs of you as I can see you want them all and people would just look at me and go wow she's selling that she's into it I don't have to buy anything right yet and then I left that studio and I went out on my own and this was what my pitch changed her um so I know what I can do um sitting is the easiest way for me I can just do a cd for four hundred dollars and get everything and people would say no I went from selling seven thousand dollars where the portrait's through somebody else to making nothing I had not confronted my selling locked my money block and my ability to put myself out there and that I learned and I learned that on my own here these cool things that that still turning out those things that hurt me then it was the greatest gift I've ever even even ever had to work through greatest so here's the safe part it sounds good and you're gonna up cell based on the work is so good and they're gonna have it here's the had pat some people won't buy it's a law of averages nor of averages is called revenue revenue means business income then we look at our revenue based on how much it costs us to be in business and that's how we work out what our prophet is and unfortunately for a lot of people there's a misalignment toe what you're selling because there's no profit lived and the prophet is what you yes the profit is what you pay tax on but it also means it's the profit is what you take home so if there's nothing there for tags uh then sadly there's also nothing there for you and I love it how some people are like I ran into last this year which means the text bombing didn't get anything I was like mavis todo buddy huh yeah you sure then you sure that tax department you can go into a job where you don't pay your tax and it goes straight to the text department and wind about pain tex and you haven't experienced what it's like to be self employed please as a footnote understand this if the scares the hell out of you you've got two choices confront it or go and get a job you can do both and if you say there is no job in the market that I want to do yes there is there is a job out there a dream job waiting for you where you can go home at five o'clock work your butt off all day got home at five o'clock and get paid I promise you but know this if you're in this department with these photographers are your sky is the limit and the only thing you're going to come up against is glass ceilings off your ideas of limits now you know if you want to buy a new home you need to work out what your profit is last year and how long it's gonna take you to get it and then work through the value ofthe I want a new home instead ofthe I can't have this decide that you want something more than you want to be in pain indeed now a package is when you pre sell a number I sell a folio box beautiful folio box off six of these image for twelve hundred dollars I came there negative your introduction point is twelve hundred dollars so you're going to get less bookings but you're also going to get less no sales so what would you rather have less bookings and lists no sales so a more consistent average in shoot lis or would you rather bay the person who's shooting and shooting shooting shooting for free but hitting and missing on the money both of them work and both of them fail so you have to decide this is what we're getting into greys are now is fifty shades of grey all right and so basically now you're coming in a package where your you have to sell a package straight off the bat and that's what I watch nicky dear now I came from ala carte give it away free work it work it hustle hustle hustle sal sal average give it away for free work it work it hustle hustle no sale dammit pull my average down and it killed me every time somebody didn't buy something I cried every time somebody did buy something I cried every time somebody didn't buy something I cried and wanted to give up and then every time somebody did buy something I was like I am good enough they paid me seven thousand dollars I am good enough oh my goodness it's not about you it is not about you not about you stop it listen to what you're saying me me me me me me me me me me where is business and there were service in there where is what what are you offering you I can't believe how many years I wasted doing this poor me poor me poor me I'm not good enough I am good enough I'm not good enough I am good enough so that I would go in inter awards and then I would win awards and I look at me I'm brilliant and then I'd go home and nobody would buy anything there were gonna be like how could I be so brilliant so he would hear myself saying things like I'm so talented and nobody discovers me oh my goodness I'm so talented and nobody is discovering may I actually said that out loud I'm not ashamed I said that out loud many years ago if I had thirty thousand dollars I could start my own studio yeah if you'd given me thirty thousand dollars you know fifteen years ago I would have lost it because that's how it traded money so no lancet to your question is no it's not about you it's not about fifty thousand dollars and if only I could cut a break in a phony somebody else would see my brilliance and wise hey successful and I'm not because I'm better than him no it's not about you it's about creating a product that has a price on it that you then go and sell to people and they want to buy it because they really wanted for them and then all of your marketing becomes about what you giving instead of what you've made and yet as creative obvious what is wrong with us we're just end there away and it's always us us us ego centric you know to be seen good enough validation permission validation permission fear and it just is endless the good part is I am guaranteed to make a minimum sale of twelve hundred dollars if they say yes both of them have scary scary parts and both of them have incredible parts this is resonating like they were getting us interrupt me if you need to because I'm gonna just keep going here because I feel very I feel quite strongly about this uh right beautiful jim nelson I decided back then that if I had beautiful design which is not design it just a photo I didn't have to have beautiful design uh and if I had words that were simple to understand that a beautiful makeover and photo shoot beautiful she's beautiful she's also relatable makeover and photo shoot uh she's doing opposed by the way which I hammer when I um critic people's work on my website I call that talking on the phone okay so don't do that but I also say and my new hands video that one of the cool things is expression trumps bad hands you could do that okay I just want to throw that in there just for the people that are like that's beautiful she talking on the phone bryce because that's what you told me and then I went yes but I also told you expression trumps hands so you can be all like yeah but still be that yeah okay commission starts at twelve hundred dollars oh change what you're saying commission static twelve hundred dollars I like that I'm a portrait photographer how much do you charge commissions started twelve hundred dollars when you were a painter you say your painter yet do you said the wig I do commissions started twelve hundred dollars commissions you khun commission me is an artist my starting point is twelve hundred dollars I like they're not portrait stat at but commission started and I realized in that moment you're selling weddings in portrait portrait started twelve hundred dollars winning start at four thousand six hundred dollars commission's status eighteen hundred dollars and then the knicks christian somebody is going to ask is what do you get for that twelve hundred dollars but all I had to do was speak with the words speak with my imagery make sure I'm communicating the value of my service over what the product is instead of folly I package twelve hundred dollars eight by ten nine hundred dollars it did it did it a whole lot of things that people don't understand how many layman that are not photographers know the history of where we've got ate by teen eleven fourteen sixteen twenty twenty twenty four we we got the size of our portrait's from most people don't and they sure a frame most people have never heard it before so when you put a night by ten is two hundred and seventy five dollars what does an eight by teen you know because you're a photographer wait cap you're selling something nobody knows what you're talking about but if I say a photo shoot and all the photos and commissions started twelve hundred and you get you hear makeup done that changes things now if you're going to go alec kat then your commissions or your portrait sitting or your photoshoot sitting price is six hundred seventy five or your portrait sitting is ninety dollars when people say ninety dollars that cheap say yes that's for your shoot that pays for your here and make up and all of your photographs to be taken then you come back have a look att everything I took of you and what you like you buy my images start on the wall at one hundred ninety dollars and go up from there there's no hard sell it comes down to this it's my job to take beautiful photographs of you and you want to like all of them now my commission started twelve hundred dollars that includes a shoot a makeover in six photographs if you want to purchase more you will decide that at the viewing I have packages available at the viewing at your reveal for you to choose a cz many as you like these are the beautiful products I sell let me show them to you now can you hear how comfortably that comes out of my mouth now that comes out of my mouth because I have said it for twenty years over and over and over again and there was a time where I said it and it didn't work so I want you to repeat that because that is where you stand firmly with two feet in the ground in same my name is surprise I am a portrait photographer my commission starts at three thousand three hundred dollars what is included in that package you come to my home and I will design a photo shoot for you that includes your here and make up and all of your photographs taken it is a twenty five page folio with a free image on the wall and you get to choose which one uh I haven't looked at my work here it is this is my beautiful product but it is rooted in one truth I know what it's with and I know how much it is and I say it with full confidence in the ease with which I can say it is what's getting me bookings now already you're decided I'm more differently more oven ala carte person and you're definitely more of a package person let's say you're quite divided and you feel very comfortable I'm gonna tell people my face packages two grand that's what I'm worth that's what I'm good at you know said that's what exactly what I'm going to sell um I decided that there was a million ways to sell the idea off a package and I even thought photo shoot was good because it was very modern language portrait sitting is no longer modern language we call it portrait sitting we were not allowed to call it a photo shoot in two thousand nineteen ninety because my boss said it sounds cheap and nasty and you know it is a cheap and nasty it is a portrait sitting with these days people don't say portrait sitting they understand photo shoot they also know what photo shop is so a photoshoot sounds magazine and very contemporary I thought to myself what if I called it folio everybody knows what a foley folio is these words resonate and yet you're going to spend three weeks hung up on the idea of using the word glamour yeah I don't know whether I should use grandma or beauty because come on beauty I mean they do two different things right because most people think of lemur is like eighties member and then in the uk glamour has a really bad connotation cause it's like a page three girl and I just stopped and I stopped and I go and I walk and I breathe and I say god help me get through this day because I'm like right now that is not your problem you know what you're calling it is not your problem again because this is something else to hide behind that language to hide behind any languages mind when I own it does the word grammar relate to me physically when you make me you know I may you say how address was the wig lemma reason ate with me as a woman does it say sensuality does it say femininity doesn't say you know glamour is power it's ostentatious it's bold it's everything I am that would resonates with me because I own it so when I say I'm a glamour photographer I had to earn that so I own all of it I own all of this I had to learn howto I net so if you wanna here's something here's something I want you to really consider right now if you're really struggling with the word glamour let's just call it portrait no it doesn't even have to be contemporary portrait it's clearly contemporary it doesn't have to be beauty portrait it's clearly a portrait what is the one word everybody knows portrait now I cannot tell you how easy that iss I'm a portrait photographer how much do you cost those two things what do you do how much yeah that's service product cost all right let's go with portrait let's be comfortable here the evolution your evolutionary scale is going to be based right here to be a portrait and awaiting photographer maybe do a little bit of a joke about the winning photographer I've seen a lot of evolution I did one hundred one winnings in my early career I would rather stick pins in my eyes and like a power socket er simultaneously so um right now if somebody offered me fifty k to shoot the wedding I'd be like guards that I really would have to stick pins in my eyes and look no not sorry I won't shoot your wedding I hate weddings that much okay I don't want to do them I don't care for them I don't want to stand in front of three hundred people and hustle and yell and be seen I can't think of anything with so I'm just like take me home to my studio where I'm alone alone in my studio with just the quietness of my beautiful studio in one woman whose life I can transform with conversation and photography my calling was very clear now I watched the wedding photographers they do a free winning that your cousin's wedding hey I could charge for this listen I'll give you four hundred dollars four hundred dollars is a lot of money four hundred dollars is going to get you a design again it's most people's weekly wage it's four hundred bucks one hundred bucks is gonna get in your car put food on your table and keeping out of trouble largely for the weekend alright four hundred dollars seems like a lot of money then you think to yourself if I did this every week I get four hundred dollars on top of you soon realise it's not even profitable so I rounded it up to eight hundred I think mickey went five hundred six hundred you really dragged yourself up to the thousands in fact nikki's evolution to twelve hundred took a lot longer than mine however my evolution stalled here between thousand two thousand eighteen hundred dollars was a very safe place for me to stay it and I stayed there for years years now then you realized that when you're around the sixteen hundred to two thousand dollar mark in your first year proper season of being a wedding photographer you generally book you see about twenty winnings and you are you're on you up in business you hustling that winning season and you're managing albums and people and delivery and you probably still holding your old part time job right nicky nu a hassle house oh ha so and then you go into a food year and you very uncomfortably bounced your prices through around two thousand five hundred dollars or somewhere in between and right about now you book forty three winnings you get an assistant you get a retard to you outsource and all of a sudden you don't have a life your husband walks out on you you know your dog leaves one day and never comes back your children having temper temper tantrums and and you like working your guts out and theoretically getting five times more money than when you started and you're not making ends meet so then you do what a lot of people don't you either quit or you then charge five thousand dollars and get seven bookings next year and city eight bookings at that amount and you know stephen bookings that then amount is actually and then all of a sudden you realize that your gravy train is coming to an end because your back is not going to get you through another season and so you do what most people do in their fifth year winning photographers you become a portrait photographer and nobody calls so not only does nobody call you can't even pride you're back here it has I just think I started again and this is extraordinary to may because you've already run a business that is service related to money related to producing product to selling it moving it to keeping making people happy in tuning out when you're supposed to turn up and then you want to go back to hear and you don't get it and the truth is this in my next um sly and think I'm gonna keep that I'm gonna keep it for the next one because it sits in a very powerful position but here's the truth of it I have bean in a portrait studio for twenty six years when I was selling weddings for my boss the phone rang every day we were in bridal magazines what does a bride do she gets a magazine she does suit changing optimization I'm getting married winning photographers in area pop up she looked at your website she chooses five some people choose thirty five she calls all of them and she asked two questions when are you available and how much I mean she bases the next appointment on if you fall on one of those brackets use your available in usual within my price range and they will come and meet you and that's the moment where you're selling yourself as a wedding photographer okay because there's also the winning photographer that whose work they love but you're way out of my price range then she'll go back to her partner juggle the finances and come back with that I want you and I'm prepared to pay a thousand dollars to get you your work is incredible you've sold hero meeting now a portrait photographer exists entirely differently I get asked all the time why I don't do search engine optimization on my site people aren't searching for may for being a glamour photographer but heaven for twenty six years and I'll tell you why most people don't know they need a portrait taken until you tell them the biggest time and elsie tree of taking portrait was before world war one and two we seen all of our sons to the local photographer to get the portrait taken in case they did not come home from war then we had a sweet sixteen photographer and then an engagement photography and then a winning photographer he was the family local photographer in mid century everybody has an official portrait right from back at that time and something has evolved during that time cameras people getting video cameras in their home started with eight millimeter now some people are probably buying scholars to photograph the kid's fifth birthday you know let's face it I've been to a wedding where one of the guests had a phase one and I was shooting it on a five day mei kwan a phase one like excuse me while I bumped into your fifty thousand dollar camera can you get out of my way I'm a professional I've charged nearly nine hundred dollars to bay here if you don't mind get out of my way and the truth is is the evolution off this is based on what you think it's worth in the service you provide in the product to sell okay my first fifteen years it was a charge to sitting feet and then I did elect pricing my average sale was eighteen hundred dollars I did lots of free sessions with one hundred dollars credit so that included the eighteen hundred dollars average so if you minus the free sitting in the hundred dollars I have to take that off what I end so my average was two thousand or nineteen hundred and basically after they got their discount and I paid for my makeup of us my every cell was eighteen hundred dollars okay and that worked for me for many many years but then I decided that my package should go up and I also decided I no longer wanted to do a small medium or large I was well enough and no one that I could actually tell people that the entry point to being photographed by may was three thousand three hundred now you're not at that level yet and you will be a soon hiko will be when she starts during the european portrait it's she's gonna be an entry point at five thousand dollars you know plus you pay for your own flights and accommodation right because you're not covering that s o basically that is the slow evolution now let's have a look he is a couple of areas you need to consider that one of the hardest things to do in start up how do I pay for my studio cost my hair and makeup my product costs and then look at my profit in tax because the cost of doing business is very important and this is where I feel like you need a mentor toe lock down the systems that you've got coming around money around income what you doing with it and how you managing it now that there is logistically one of the most basic things you won't even do in your studio and it will be one of the biggest things you avoid as a creative because I again would rather shoot a witting then do my texas it's it's text mark at the end of the month I code my bank statements because I want to know where my money is I want to know where it's going I don't want a bookkeeper I want to do it my bookkeeper is only gonna ask me anyway find paying somebody to sit next to me and ask questions I'm as well do it I want to know where my money's going on I want control of it I also dragged myself kicking and screaming into the office I avoid it for eight days and then I avoid it for the next month and then use e on a six month cycle okay let's not lie because we're friends here usually the month before text time I duel twelve months and it takes me seven days and I like next year I will do it every month e r because you're a photographer and not an accountant and accountants are boring people I know I have a life and I'm way too colorful to be doing this and then I feel sorry for my accountant friends but they have a gift like that is a gift there's something I don't have what your option outsource it we'll get a partner that's really good at it he is a foot night I went to a business very talented photographers she can't make money how do we make money yes ellis you're really good at it you should sell it we're uh anyway this women but we're you know you just got to get out of the house we just gotta get you out of the house and talking and saying well you know that's not my thing okay we're gonna have a problem here there's a bottleneck so I then said to her get a business partner not a photographer someone who's really into making money and someone who's really into selling it's just like I'm not giving away fifty percent of my business and I said sorry you know giving away fifty busan your deed you don't have a business you don't make any money fifty percent of a successful business is better than one hundred percent off nothing so everyone's gonna go and find a business partner in the next month and let me tell you a few good and bad things about that like anything it's a marriage a marriage is hard work people fight about two things six and money its effect marriages so when you take sex out of the equation uh and you're working with a business partner you need to have the same value system around money were you going to find yourself in deep deep trouble and when that parts ways you need to have an exit plan sit up in place to go in a different direction one of you if not both will be harboring a awesome amount of resentment somebody will get a bit of deal than the other person especially if it was a ll your creative idea in the first place it is the curse off the creative to get stolen from now let's wake up creative it is your curse to be stolen from because you don't care about money so if you go on find somebody that cares a lot about money they're going to take it from you it's that simple it doesn't matter how clever you are it doesn't matter how smart you think you are they are in business and you are just being creative and there's a payoff there it takes open communication like a marriage and there has to be an exit plan so the exit plan is if it all turns to dust tomorrow who gets what who keeps what because I've seen business partnerships fail and then that person sues the original adis for half their income for the next five years because they are saying I made you and if they have invested money in you they do on you they are in a part of your so I single handedly empowered you and then frightened the hell out of you in five minutes didn't I because I have experienced both every single time I feel that massive amount of resentment come up around my old business pana I remember what she gave me I could not make money until I started working for her she taught me how to receive it she taught me how to save it she taught me how to value it head I not learned that I would not be where I am now so I flip it to gratitude and I get on with my day but in hindsight being twenty twenty would I have confronted stephen night nine in the areas of mastery or would I have not been her business partner and just gone out on my own and tried to do that well would I be her business partner again to learn what I learned in the answer is I would do it again she empowered may and you have to stay grateful not resentful

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When Sue Bryce taught her first CreativeLive class in 2012, she reinvented the category of glamour photography. That workshop inspired thousands of photographers to create a new kind of portrait photography business.

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Sue will discuss the essential elements for building a successful glamour photography studio and you’ll get specific, tactical insights for doing it yourself.

Each of the guest photographers will share their own unique story of following Sue's business model and they’ll provide intimate details on what they've discovered and what worked (or didn't) for them. Sue will share the secrets behind her wildly effective Reveal Wall and share strategies that guarantee sales while keeping clients happy and eager to refer you to their friends.

If you want to build a photography business that celebrates the beauty inherent in all women, while running a business that provides for you and your family, join Sue Bryce and guests for Portrait Startup and learn how to build a business and life that you love.

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