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Sales and Selling Yourself

let's just go for it because I've got so much now I've got lots to say but I've got I want to take out two questions too so keep them rolling and kim is going to fire them out I've got good brakes says you know so I can stop and talk any time those are the nine areas of mastery that we were talking about on day one we're breaking them all down one by one we're going to work through them today I'm really going to focus on these two here which was pricing product and sales and selling so I've done a lot of teaching in the last three years I've seen a lot of feedback from photographers and business signers I've seen a lot of feedback from other people who are building businesses and it occurred to me that the number one thing people keep asking for over no beginners I need more marketing I need more marketing I need more marketing and I actually don't agree anymore this is where I'm at I put marketing and design in the same category and the reason I did did that is because once you design...

ed your brand and what you look like once you've established you know how much you cost in the product really what you need is selling you need to sell yourself sell your product sell your service sell your business sell your everything it is nothing but sales it's hassle hassle hassle hassle and that's when I threw this selling idea out to everybody and I got meat with this tidal wave that we pretty much from whatwe say how do I say it write me a script tell me what to do with alright stand what away dressed to fear and the fear really comes down to it I'm not good enough I can put myself out there I can't say this I can't tell myself and this tidal wave came back at me but the beauty wass I lost my voice on day two so for four days I have bean in my group and on facebook reading the feedback from the first two days of this workshop and hindsight is an incredible thing but the most amazing thing is to be able to get that feedback while our workshops and progress so I'm sorry you had to wait four days but the beauty is as I got to speak to probably about two hundred people in the last four days and the feedback I got around what you want saying was extraordinary so I've put all of that and the keynote which is why I asked for another segment as you can see I'm already talking past I'm so excited all right now the funny thing is is for all of my all of my struggle to become a professional photographer and all of my climbing the mountain and drama and for all of my desperation to be seen and heard and paid selling was never my problem yes I had a problem was selling myself because I had no value around what I was selling but as soon as I did that I got paid instantly and then the second biggest hood or for me was valuing myself enough to get paid and so that was something I'm going to tow it really had today is you know it's a big one for may and it's something that I really truly believe in so the number one question now that I got over no begin in the groups in the last four days was when do I start doing the reveal war now if you go back to day one and they will replay it the reveal is how we're now doing out sales in person I do not believe in online sales somebody wrote to me last night and said you said in your workshop that if you're doing online sales and it's working for you to stay with it but you bit fifty dollars that your sales are under a thousand and she seated my sales are consistently just under a thousand dollars so I challenged her to do in person sales to double her sales and she said that she couldn't because a lot of her clients were out of town and she lives ah far away out of town and she didn't want to make people drive all the way back for the sales ishan so I suggested to do the end piece and sales live on skype where you share the same green so you're still talking and in directing with your clients you can see them and of course she doubled her sails now the reveal wall is about printing your work and we're going to discuss that today the mentors are already in and bid was so they're they're helping out with as much as they can with the logistics because there's so many little questions around it but the upshot is this we print out work and people come in and do the viewing with the reveal now one thing I didn't get to mention when the mentors were talking and I had lost my voice was toddy anna and temi both doing enomoto video off the sales ishan so basically what they're doing is a digital presentation and then they walk the client into the corner or to the war with reveal wall is you don't have to have a wall okay don't take that so literally it's called the reveal wall simply because it was like a reveal our they walked in and where that huh my wall of images however you need to stay focused on the would reveal or even the word sale session because it just means they pre printed now for the last ten years all I've heard is people only one digital files people only one digital files people only want that is not true that is not true okay we are in now generation not a digital generation that means people I want their images now so if they get them digitally they get them now and then they can put them on facebook when they get home on their leg trouble wherever that is a now generation two years ago I was working with nicky I woke up and I thought I've got an idea and then nikki's fabulous husband came to my studio built a shelf where do you buy the shelf what do you make the shelf out of anything piece of wood paint it white I don't care if you laid them on the floor I don't care if you laid them on the couch and kidney lay them on the table don't care buchanan easel or like hiker if you look at hi care one of the mentors she hang hers from a temporary wire frame it's really awesome be creative that is new not your problem your problem is getting them printed so that your clients can walk in and see them so they can pay for them now so they can take them now this should revolutionize portrait sales the big questions coming up is what size do I do what product I said how much do I charge what if they don't buy anything what do you do with them if they don't buy anything okay I get it and there's so many questions to work through and we're going to do it together but the idea is I want to walk you through digital sales too because I I feel like when the newbies is starting out too many people are going like I can't do the reveal wall I don't have the money to even print them yes okay but I'm talking to every level of photographer right up to people litter and studios if you were a pro right now working in a studio that tuning over consistent work this will significantly increase your sales if you're somewhere in between you being pro and you're just starting out at home where you're just starting out at a small studio or a garret studio this will significantly increase your sales every single person that I have spoken to right now that is doing the reveal wall sessions is currently doubling the sales I'm not kidding it is absolutely crazy this is truly working and I'm going to show you how now I am a firm believer when I teach photographers had a cell they worked the first thing I am going tio hammer home to you is before you photograph someone you do a consultation ah consultation is a pre sale to them buying images you are selling your experience you are selling your service if you do not do this consultation you're running the risk of having and no sale or a low sale do not do this consultation on email I'm telling you right now you need to speak to these people what if they don't want to speak to me you can send them pages and pages and pages of information and they will not read it now you can get creative with anybody can get creative with video you can do a video tour of your studio and your product in the experience and break it all down because people are eighty three position chance more likely of watching a video but I'm telling you right now so I've been in the industry for twenty six years in august I've known photographer I know photographers who have been working in this industry for years and years as long as may if not longer and some shorter the other day I was talking to a good friend of mine she has dropped to portrait sales down to about eighteen hundred dollars I said from what she said six thousand I was consistently averaging six thousand your portrait cells have gone from six thousand dollars to eighteen hundred dollars what were you doing back then that you're not doing now now she's not a newbie she's trained and tried true so she'd been doing it for years and years I said come on something shifted what is it I think you're doing something different and it's not the economy so tell me what it is and she looked out the florence just like I just can't work it out I said think about it teen minutes later she's like oh my goodness I used to do consultations and now I'm not and I say when did you stop doing consultations okay here's the thing most everybody you know on your facebook page that follows along and grooves that follows its own photographer knows what an eight by tina's no it's wondering living fourteen is knows what a raw filers but do you think the public knows what that is do you think the public knows what a reveal waller's do you think the public knows what a folio boxes do you think the public knows the difference between logically or a incheon print or a print from a lab or a cd or a thumb drive I mean we speak a different language and we forget that because this language is very commonplace for us and we talking photographer speak a ll the time but the people buying your product they don't get it then you seemed out a pdf and it's beautifully designed because I hammered that home to a million times didn't I you send it out and you get nothing back and then you're sitting on facebook saying it's not working it's not working it's not working you nazi baking to anybody and not selling teo anybody you're not putting it out there this is one of the most important things you could do is have a conversation it is not a sales conversation all though is it it is a service conversation how do you want to be photographed it's the first question you're going to be the first question you can ask what products to you like did you like my war portrait so are you more interested in a private folio bugs the beauty of the folio box issue khun slide it under the bed and keep it private or keep it as a keepsake or you can live the images out display them on an easel and frame them with the latest age these air selling education points I cannot stand infront of you enough right now and tell you this was sick significantly change the process off your work now we're going to talk about having the confidence to have that conversation but right now consultation is the first note that you're going to write down today it is the most vital thing first of all a couple of things people love you and green so happy that you have your voice back but there are a lot of questions coming in around two things this one is the if you don't have a studio was a lot of people where you're doing these pre consultations how are you doing them and then to is you just talked a little bit about what to say but can you go further in the like what exactly am I saying in this pre consultation okay so one of the most important things is connection so if you can't meet somebody if you're shooting on location if you don't have a space to meet them you have to talk to them on the phone I've got a lot of information to give you nicky I it's no point me e mailing it to you won't read it let me call you when are you available to chat I've got so many things to tell you let's talk about how you want to be photographed what you gonna we're we're gonna photograph you what time what to bring and get to all prepared for your photo shoot let me call you what is a good time to call you ok every single time I've been in the consultation with photographer and they've dropped the ball on a sale I always say to them what did you do wrong you either didn't connect to the client you didn't deliver the product to promise you're going to deliver we didn't follow through and they always look at the floor and say I didn't connect I didn't connect I didn't follow through you only need to talk to them on the phone people only need to hear my voice and hear the passion and enthusiasm and my voice to get excited about being photographed by me up until the moment they walk into the studio I don't know what they look like and they don't know what I looked like a list they've seen me on my website which of course they have because I'm on my website so ultimately you've got to connect with them on the phone connect with them and person meet them at a coffee shop if you have to but right now this is one of the the most important parts of what you have to do the second question wass what do I say okay let me go through it I've said this a million times it's so many of my workshops and I know that language is really important but you need to find your own language around what you're saying but you need to one enticed them to educate them three doing enthusiastically for you need to tell them your prices in a way that is non threatening and open in five you need toe offer the one thing most photographers are doing and that a service you were there to offer a service you were not there for them toe like you or for them to like your work offer them to choose you or for them to say anything like job logs down the road charge is a lot less than you why is that so expensive your veer to get excited remember the marketing golden rule the marketing should be about the service okay it should be about the service not what you're selling about the service now this is how I do it instantly with him on the phone or not the first thing I'm gonna do is how do you want to be photographed I listen and if they say I don't know I say before they speak I don't know is not an answer jump on my website and I want you to screenshot images that you love now I've told people in the past to make a pen transportable the images they love and they'll go on get angelina jolie and and jennifer aniston picks and you know come on realistically you get these fashion the images come out we love this we love this and I think uh it's going to be a little bit of ah bridge to get there between the real client and angelina jolie being photographed by you know any lip fits so let's come back to have a look from a website and I want you to choose images that you love from my gallery then what they do is twos teen or twelve images from a gallery that they absolutely love and it gives me instant idea on how they want to be photographed often a lot of people go in and choose or backlight and I'm like oh I know how I'm gonna photograph you and then other people come in with the you know the dark black on black and then they bring in electricity so it educates them and excites them that's the first question I'm gonna ask how do you want me to service you okay the second thing I'm going to ask is what are we doing this logistics with you part let's meet this day you're here and make up we're gonna go through all of that and I do that and excited away and I always remember the first thing I've got to do is say my prices so I'm going to start with what even my prices are now if I'm selling ala carte so if I'm selling per print I'll say okay nicky when you come back after your shoot I'm going to book a sale session for you and you can come in and have a look at everything I took of you and my images start at one hundred and ninety dollars or whatever your images are and they go up from there now it's entirely up to you what you purchase and there's no hard sell my job is to take beautiful photographs of you that you loves who you want them all now I'll be quite honest some people spend three hundred dollars in some people spend three thousand that was myself pitch for the first fifteen years that I worked on student worked on everybody I'm saying three hundred I'm saying three thousand I'm making it on straightening now if you're selling pu package at this stage off them actually having a booking they're probably who'd your packages if they haven't if you're doing this now you're selling your first contact of prize right now on this consultation so you need to show them what beginning how much the getting and make them feel really safe with it but don't hide it now when I faced out of my business two thousand three two thousand four I was too scared to say my prices out loud and remember I pointed to the floor because all my images from the floor and I think s o that's for twenty and it's steven ninety and that meaning seven hundred ninety and this guy was like wow seven dollars ninety for a big shot like that that's cheap and my heart broke inside and I realized it's because I was not looking him in the eye I was not telling him how much I charged I was hiding it by just flicking my finger like this for twenty and seven nineteen and that's not good business that I walked myself into you know pretty much no cell after no sail until I learned to say my prices confidently and we're gonna talk about that okay last night tony asked on beaver so on facebook I'm doing free shoots with a free print and nobody's buying anything okay let's have a look you used the word free twice and you gave away a print so why would you buy anything it's free you said free shirt free print and then you get a free print uh one o one nobody's going to buy anything for you because you're giving it away tony it's really simple you just giving it away I never say that would free I never give away a print if I give a fish in a way I do it is a gift voucher with a monetary value to it so I'll say you're going to get a two hundred dollar photo shoot with this voucher so I'm planting that it costs something it's with something in its complementary never the word free and then I will give money towards photograph so I can say plus one hundred dollars towards photographs and this is how I sell letting the consultation nikki you've got a complimentary shoot and that voucher pays for all of your photo show plus it gives you one hundred dollars print credit towards anything you purchase now listen to my words nikki you've got a complimentary voucher and that pays for your photo shoot and gives you a one hundred dollar print credit to anything you purchase think about what I'm saying teo I'm telling you it's covering the cost of your chute and it's giving you one hundred dollars to spend on photographs this covers the cost of your chute plus gives you one hundred dollars to spend on photographs already and people go wow kate no free no takeaway no free the next question wass obviously have to price your print credit lower than your cheapest print yes okay we're goingto I'm trying not to be condescending because I find that really difficult teo get around that people don't understand this yes your minimum size print or package needs to be less than the bao chou you're giving away otherwise it does not work secondly if you do not want to do gift vouchers because the argument is so compelling it's not just do what feels good to you then charge for you shoot it's okay you can do either it's whatever you feel comfortable doing it a business model no different than alec our juices package selling all right now I just had a thought but when when I was early on in my business um I remember thinking I feel bad about doing something like offering a voucher that's doesn't get them something that that means that they have to pay more yes they could they didn't pay for the voucher so how could they be paying more they know but I don't know if anybody else out there feels that way but it was like some you know obviously that's my own money issues because I nailed around like it's trickery yeah I felt like I was yeah you're tricking people that's what I felt about you are a filthy thieving stealing trickster which is the energy people need to understand you're giving away a gift voucher for them to come into your studio so ultimately you're giving them a big discount because if they were paying for that station it would be two hundred dollars and you're giving them one hundred dollars print credit so these three hundred dollars you're not getting so if you're looking at marketing per lead that too pretty expensive macklin lead but getyou bums on seats and then you're up selling pretty much from there but europe selling and anything you do so you either choose to sell then will you choose to sell afterwards we're doing both both require a great amount of education but if you don't understand that energy exchange like for you kenna would never have worked because you feel so guilty around receiving money you were never going to do that anyway that was never gonna work for you thinking I wonder is this any different than if you hear a window companies saying you get a complimentary window and then you know with your purchase of ten windows or any sort of company that offers a special are a discount I mean it happens every company does it everywhere is for the price of one it's everywhere it's everywhere there's no trickery here I don't get the trickery I'm very honest about what my image is cast at the point of them getting a free voucher or a compliment to voucher and a print creator they started have to buy anything so we use the trickery I feel like the only people I have to shift of the people who is selling it and again if you can't accept it go to a my images start at my packages start at my sitting face started it and go for it that's selling too it's all selling it's just how you do it and we feel comfortable just because I did it for years and years of my studio means that I'm more comfortable saying it doesn't mean I was comfortable when I first started doing it not by any stretch of the imagination this one cracked me up too after tony's comment a couple of people wrote some interesting things he would go so I offer it here and make up and disposition in a many in a pity and I'm not getting any sales and I'm like you're selling a spar day you're not selling portrait it's you know but people are like well a three standard on in bbc two or three months ago and this woman said what do you all offer is a gift to your clients I want to gift bag I'm going to give vouchers and close vouchers and spout about because I'm going to go to all the local businesses and I wrote on that thread stop it stop giving away staff and sell portrait that they did do it photoshoot they're not there for a spire day and they were like I am a gift giver it is my love language that's what I just like to do I can't even argued with me and push back but I just want to push back on one thing if you believe in your core that you need to edl those products into that gift bag to sweeten the deal you don't value your photography if you don't value your photography everybody in that gift bag is going to get paid but you if you are trying to sell a spare day to make your product look better you do not believe in the value of your product he won't sell it ben right there this cold hard truth I used to try to give away things when I was selling portrait all the time I tried gift bags I tried gift with purchase I tried perfume I tried makeup eggs people with fear to buy my photography I'm in business is a portrait photographer if you were coloring that and I get it you can stand in front of me and tell me all you want that your gift given by nature and that you just thatyou love language co but I'm telling you if your sales are low and you're trying to self spar days you're selling spare days a woman wrote into twenty eight days and she said at the end of twenty eight days two years ago I'm having trouble selling my shoots I'm having trouble selling my shoots because I'm selling the experience and the makeup in the spa day and blah blah blah and they're all coming in for the experience and they're not buying the photographs and I was like you're promoting somebody else standing in your in your studio you're promoting somebody else danny there you're not promoting yourself you're finding it easier to sell them than sell you and that's where you're selling really well somebody else is everyone getting their like they're agreeing with mayor pushing back no they are and people are having a lightbulb moments and people there are people who felt the same way that I did so thank you for that you know um if I could say something to that guilt I'm gonna hit that I don't know whether it's coming up at the end of the speech sigmund or knicks but I put it in here I'm going to tell you right now I'm going to strip that back because in the last four days I've heard guilt I've heard um I don't want to baia faith this is being a business I don't want to be a snob and I don't want to be hoity toity and I don't want people to think I think too much of myself getting paid okay so two words wake up you're in business it's time you woke up and if we can confront those their energy that blocked that guilt that pain you need to wake up do you feel guilty about getting a wage kenna no I know I feel like I come in and I do my work and I get paid the value that I do and uh it it's that same separation of being able I was able to market other people's things something else outside of marketing myself or selling myself so you don't see the money if it just goes from your employer to your bank account and then you go and get it up if you don't see it it's like a secret how it gets there you're okay with that but if you have to walk into your employees ofthis every wednesday and say this week I need you need to give me eight hundred fifty six dollars all this what you need to give me twelve hundred and forty six that's suddenly a problem but when you're making something creating something in out selling it you feel guilty about that you feel guilty about making something for somebody said no successful person ever all right listen to what you're saying this is a universal block and it's blowing me away sorry I have I have a question that just came in and I want to push on a little bit so christine logan says I honestly honestly believe that people have who have problems selling their work is because they aren't ready it their work isn't top notch and they know it it comes down to working hard on the craft before attempting to be a professional but that's just my two cents would you agree so I do not agree at all do you know why this crippled me for years I was a bit of photographer than my and I couldn't sell my own work but for me christine I couldn't receive money so too may I have a severe guilt around receiving money which is why I created money talks because I needed to learn how to receive money now remember lift him for leaving right for receiving it's a perfect balance of giving energy and getting paid I had a big outflow of over giving in a big block on receiving so basically I felt so much guilt around money not around my work but around money also I hadn't connected the value to what the value of my wig wass and if anybody out they're who was paying me told me my work wasn't good enough that would be me crying for three days I'm going to give up I'm no good I'm crap I can't do this so I had created beautiful folio before I even got paid I was unemployed photographer so I'd already had twelve years working on my folio before I open my own business and I was far more advanced than most people I was watching photographers with a third of the folio of may pulling twenty forty thousand dollars a week and low socioeconomic areas because they could business practice and I didn't and I was shocked by that I also judge them harshly and said I don't know how they sleep at night which is ironic because I started making money in my business in the first thing somebody said to me was I don't know how you sleep at night and it challenged the very cool belief on what you value in terms of how you receive money and how that affects you because that is significant yes there are a lot of people out there they're struggling to get paid because they're not good enough yet but the evolution for pricing is generally moving at the same evolution off their packages and I find that that adjusts accordingly but the irony is there's a lot of people out there with massive egos that think we workers really brand and they're getting paid really well because they're servicing the client the clients happy and that's all that matters it's not the photographic industry judging the quality of the work it is the world of clients judging the quality of the work and I think that's really significant

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When Sue Bryce taught her first CreativeLive class in 2012, she reinvented the category of glamour photography. That workshop inspired thousands of photographers to create a new kind of portrait photography business.

During this special event, you’ll hear from Sue again and meet nine photographers who changed the trajectory of their business and their lives thanks to inspiration they found in Sue’s CreativeLive classes.

In Portrait Startup, you’ll find out exactly what these photographers did to transform their fledgling photography operations into sophisticated, profitable businesses. You’ll learn about what it takes to build a profitable photography business and Sue will detail the Areas of Mastery required to run and sustain it. 

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Sue will discuss the essential elements for building a successful glamour photography studio and you’ll get specific, tactical insights for doing it yourself.

Each of the guest photographers will share their own unique story of following Sue's business model and they’ll provide intimate details on what they've discovered and what worked (or didn't) for them. Sue will share the secrets behind her wildly effective Reveal Wall and share strategies that guarantee sales while keeping clients happy and eager to refer you to their friends.

If you want to build a photography business that celebrates the beauty inherent in all women, while running a business that provides for you and your family, join Sue Bryce and guests for Portrait Startup and learn how to build a business and life that you love.

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