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Pets and People Photography


Pets and People Photography


Class Description

Discover a whole new market for your photography business: Pets! Vicki Taufer will teach you how to bring in new work by including pets into your child, family, and portrait work. This course will show you how to work with your clients and their furry (or feathery or scaly) friends to make fabulous pictures. Vicki will demonstrate how to bring in new clients with her Dog Days of Summer program, a charity event she runs to help local animal shelters. You'll learn how she created a new market for pet photography in her town, and how YOU can do the same in yours.


1The V Gallery Evolution
29:15 am - Selling the Experience
39:30 am - Why Pets?
49:45 am - You and Your Clients
510:15 am - Pet Photography Intro Q&A
610:45 am - Creating a Market: Dog Days of Summer
711:15 am - Educating Clients about Dog Days
811:45 am - Dog Days Q&A
91:00 pm - Props and Backgrounds for Pet Photography
101:30 pm - Prepping Q&A
112:30 pm - Studio Shoot: Two Dogs with Studio Lights
123:00 pm - Studio Shoot: One Dog with Studio Lights
133:15 pm - Studio Shoot: One Dog with Natural Light
143:45 pm - Studio Shoot: Two Dogs with Chair
19:00 am - Review of Yesterday's Images
29:15 am - Relationship Marketing
39:30 am - Events & Limited Editions
411:00 am - Sales Session with ProSelect
511:30 am - Pricing Structure
61:30 pm - On-Location Shoot: Puppies on a Chair
71:45 pm - On-Location Shoot: Mother and Children
82:00 pm - On-Location Shoot: Children with Puppies
92:45 pm - On-Location Shoot: Owner with Puppies
103:00 pm - On-Location Shoot: Adult Dogs
113:30 pm - On-Location Shoot: Family Portrait
19:00 am - Introduction to V Gallery Postproduction
29:15 am - Creating and Using Actions
39:30 am - Basic Retouching
49:45 am - Making and Using Templates
510:00 am - Making and Using Overlays
610:15 am - V Gallery Workflow
711:00 am - General and Postprocessing Q&A
811:30 am - In the Doghouse: Work, Life, and Marriage
912:45 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Bichon-Poodle Mix, "Zeus"
101:00 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Cat, "Terry"
111:15 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Lab-Great Pyrenees Mix, "Jackson"
121:30 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Boxer-American Pit Bull Mix, "Muko"
131:45 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Part-Maltese Mix, "Teddy"
142:00 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Blue and Gold Macaw, "Tiko"
152:15 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Gila Monster, "Clive"
163:00 pm - Dog Days Shoot Q&A
173:15 pm - Giving Your Passion a Purpose