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Studio Shoot: Two Dogs with Chair

Lesson 14 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

Studio Shoot: Two Dogs with Chair

Lesson 14 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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14. Studio Shoot: Two Dogs with Chair


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Lesson Info

Studio Shoot: Two Dogs with Chair

Process what I'm working through right now um the lights are a little different than what you the soft boxes are different than were used and that the lighting diagram I was going through how this is how I would shoot with this bank of of window light or soft boxes would give me a really nice even wash of light with very little fall off so I'm just playing with these lights cause that's not really the case with these light I'm running into a little bit um well they're not the same so they're so I'm so sorry so um so yeah we're just playing with them to try to achieve that similar look and so that's why we're doing some different test typically my background if remember the diagram I had um it's about three quarters of a stop darker than my subject and maybe with this okay, that let's try that and yeah, just the promise having it maybe we adjusted this it was really like nothing like black um maybe I need to knock down yeah, because it may be is not sinking. Okay? Yeah, the other option...

they do have the other reflector in the studio I would well, I would just say that I would it's not going teo necessary do a ton I potentially would leave it let's use that actually with the dogs that might be a good option because of the dark for we're gonna just start with the dogs um let's try that let me change my shutter speed hey there so one twenty fifth of what six point nine much better much better vicky when you're in a studio you talk out loud to the clients that aaron and let them know what you're do you gotta go through this out loud usually when you're setting up a no not I mean not any of the technical stop I mean usually the setting in the studio is pretty look, we've got music plan and we're just kind of yet we're talking kind of on the side, you know? It's definitely pretty casual um yes, yes oh, yes, yeah, this would yet no, I would have a lot of this prep work either done I would either no, I was going to start with the window or the studio light and commit to that and have it set up if I knew I was going to do that I had a time um or, you know, just win if I'm always using the same equipment same place I can set that up actually very quickly and get a very consistent result too so but actually what we're getting now looks this is a lot better with I think that reflector and that might have been a shutter speed issue so let's try yeah I'd say let's try one of the one of the pumps and then ordered both of them I don't know first one or both that looks nice. Okay this time this is roxie this isn't roxy is this roxy yes that's what I thought ok that's e treat we're gonna just let you hop right up here oh oh okay you want that one okay oh maybe I have to turn the chair around and shoot it that way well, we have careful I think that contempt yeah that that just yeah no, I got you yeah it's kind of a hand made sure I got you here let's turn it a little bit I don't know what he does he ever put his paws up that would be a really cute shot up we could get him to do that I guess yeah let's try for my mother. You don't need to bring that reflector in so like said I was like shooting like a tunnel kind of angle it yep I think we're gonna have to bring that front light forward a little more way go that's fine. We'll just go like that that's great where's booth good for right up to a treat or trick that lost among them that's way let's flip flop that's flip flop and try get what where was you know he just found it as a where did that even come from? E e and we could yeah well say we could try one do you think it's even that's kind of big enough for both of them good shop good baby good girl we're full those were nice we actually a couple really good ones let's go back teo I said we have some good ones here let's go back to either of you three. Okay, so if you're up to it, I want to make sure you get her. Okay. Okay. Okay. Um, so probably I'm just wondering how we're going to come, so I'm envisioning one of aa kind of sitting on your lap and then I don't know this could be a challenge, but um or we could try getting both of them in the chair and say either we could try again both of them in the chair first and if that doesn't work, um then have you sitting in the chair with one of them on your lap time, I mean, what I would love to get maybe I don't have one would lay like under the chair or set up next to the chair, but okay, that is much better. Yeah, we've got a great shot, good shot of you but treats you know you guys are more about the balls, but let's get treats, so yeah, maybe bring her up set oh hi uh okay okay yeah no that's actually really sweet that's well that's what I'm kind of hope was hoping for or what I'm envisioning my goal would be to get teo get lane down so his head so the goal is that like we're trying to get your heads all in this somewhat general area so weather you want yeah I mean his body he wondered the chair can go behind the chair like or he could just say he doesn't have to lay down he could just sit right here by you but maybe you could do a train to sit and have him sit way but we need to know what we're going to bring him forward a little bit okay say that's right you know what actually it works that's fine still asleep yeah that's actually you know what let me let me just get one may be there too you see I would say I could just get you and roxie um two that's really sweet that's what let me just get you to really quick so bringing that's roxie right yeah yeah that's what okay roxie and jamie just blew it there we go there we go and then I want you to just slightly like you player chin some got there ooh I love it bring your arms together just a little bit more thank you. Okay rexy and wrap your arms around each other just a little bit more hey, I don't know what I'm said that what we had it out but it's really getting blown out is gonna bump it up yeah that's okay there we go prexy perfect jamie look right here now started till that leave it I'll just adjust it you I want my butt taxi what about their we got gorgeous and let me know what I love just you're quiet smile where you're just kind of laying right on roxy just lay your head right on rocks a little more um kind of come around the side just a little bit there we go there we go with a big smile I love it you know what let's try let's try getting is it going? Yeah let's try getting, um all of them and they're just end well and like that it'll be great so we might have to bring that light around a little bit because of just lighting you know e and morgan you can sit up a little taller unless you feel like you're having a kind of hold like a city that's actually better anyway perfect. Okay, let's just let's roll it this let's try wanna treat up training oh set set said said said said said said uh shoot that we got it okay, well, that reflector back just a shade it's a little here we go okay go jamie isn't here right now it's like you're trying to hold everything together they're perfect you got rocks he let your hand wraparound roxy a little bit more that's okay that's okay and then I think you will try but I think we're this will be the last one so just we'll try to get the tongues in them out okay okay beautiful beautiful beautiful I love it okay for you to just work on trying to uh that's okay you know I actually got one where he's lying down it was really nice thank you so much for being patient with me they did great thank you models thank you. We have just a couple of questions we'd love to ask you before ending the day today but there is a question that quite a few people want to know out there and I'm just gonna throw it out so future frames s do you ever move male dogs to not show privates do you ever photoshopped that out on you know it's funny it's like once while we actually been yes yeah I have adjusted in turner moved or posed or lay down there's other times that it's actually you'll just hear one of my girls editing and she'll laugh and it's because like we missed it and then she's like oh my goodness you know um but you know a lot of those things could also be um if and when the clients would order that specific image it could be taken care of at that point that missed interesting question no you know why because yes it does happen that's a legit question all right, we'll just ask one more that sound good. Okay? Jen rice had asked uh when you're focusing on a person and a pet at the same time what do you focusing on if they aren't in the same plane? Are you always focusing on the animal? Um well it's just a vent it on purpose we shooting it to throw somebody out of focus then obviously I would focus on animal if I want the owner out of focus but that's gonna be a scenario where you know, it depends how the animal is I mean, if they're laying there pretty relaxed and I can get him on the same plane typically actually I would just focus uh I'm probably actually focus on the owner or the dog depending on how still they were sitting or e I would control the situation and have a bigger step the field so that I don't have to worry about it as much so there would be more about that for me like if they're doing well and I can get him in the same plane I'm fine with focusing on either as long as you know, I just know what my depth of field is um so, yeah, I mean, that definitely, though. That was for some of the choices I was making, like once I had a boner, makes it way more complicated, or both. Dogs makes it way more complicated because you're trying to get him, you know, both in focus. So that's, where the studio lights were better for that option's, who could control and pump up the power. And we were limited over here, so

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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