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Review of Yesterday's Images

Lesson 15 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

Review of Yesterday's Images

Lesson 15 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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15. Review of Yesterday's Images


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Review of Yesterday's Images

We're gonna start, I added, in a segment this morning, just a little bit ago. Um, I wanted to take maybe just ten minutes and show you a few of the images from yesterday and talk a little bit about yesterday and how it when things that maybe I would that worked and didn't work or what I would have done differently in the studio. And although I say that was rough, that was really like, absolutely I have sessions that, you know, go great in the studio kids or pets and sessions that sometimes or a little more of a challenge, so we'll talk about some of that stuff I just grabbed, I won't explain to you what you're going to see here, like, literally I just did this, like on my way to create a live this morning that these images are just proved out, but what I think is good, what you're going to see, like these air, not retouched images, they literally just have, like our proofing action on them or an action run on them so the colors might be popped a little bit or the edges, then yet it but...

if a client would order these, we would do more work to them, and the cool thing is tomorrow morning when jet's on he's doing workflow and post production. So I'll actually give him some of these images and we'll see, you know, what kind of things we would actually due to the images to make them even better. So your kind of scene a little bit more of the process rather than just here's what I took on dh then here it is beautiful you're actually, you know, seen the inbetween so I went ahead and put together just a really short I mean, it's like less than a minute. An emoto slideshow to show you the images so let's see, um life is a long, long dream. Dreams are a short, short life that linger but end with the sun life is a long, long dream. Birds in a tall, tall tree, trees on a big big hill that shading my spin in a deep, deep hole. So just a quick, quick overview, but we'll have more of the images that will work on tomorrow, because actually, they were very specific images that oh, this would be good and this would be good. We need to combine them into a head spot. You know, just how we would do those sorts of things or people ask the question yesterday, would you photoshopped out the tongue and I was like, oh, I get shots where you know there's not the tongue and the image we only got a few where those tongues were actually inside the dog's mouth so there's a couple where we would just see just a little bit and we'll photoshopped that out and tweak the images and and that will be tomorrow morning so um a couple other things I want to talk about the real briefly I kind of realized this morning as I was putting those images together I know we talked yesterday about prepping for the shoot and I've been trying to make everything so pet driven but really like I had left out a segment of I mean if we're time up pets and people the people are in the images and so it's really important that they look good I mean in some aspects they're obviously the ones paying the money not the pets that they really need to look good and so there's certain things I do in the camera room with people that really I that's the way I'm thinking when I'm shooting with pets it's just that the pets are added in there so a couple things I come out takes I got lots of outtakes yesterday probably more outtakes than I normally would get but the reality being like I am shooting when some of those crazy things are happening because you never know what you're going to get and so sometimes though like for some of these families like that's reality like really? Sure, my goal is to get that beautiful image where the dog the kids are all sitting on the couch looking at the camera, but is that really the reality for that family? Like really? Like every day it's the kids were running around and it's crazy and it's fun it's not uncommon that he's actually would be the type of images that people are buying their wall portrait's and I'm selling from like the out takes because it has a little more of free flowing freedom like it captures the family how they are so that relates to pets like some of those images where, you know the dog is running at the camera or it's a little more, um crazy, those might be some of the images that I would still sell and show, and there are a couple other things I just wanted show because they're really key and how I shoot with people the image on the left here that's like a number one selling pose when you have a child that won't sit still so that agent like my daughter's age that that wouldn't be good like that one and a half to three, three and a half now again, you could add a puppy in there mom could be holding a puppy it would still be an up close image but on the shoulders we've contained the rowdy child and and that's important because you guys saw yesterday when you had a pet to the dynamics of a shoot like you're adding one other element to like, wow, not only do I need to get three people including this kid looking forward but there's a dog I'm trying to control too and it gets crazy and you'll see that today because we thought man yesterday was like kind of hard, so let's do something really easy like today this afternoon like photo of eight puppies and two kids and two adults and two adult dogs, so we decided to go kind of easy right this afternoon, so so what I'll do though I wanted to show some slides is because what's gonna happen this afternoon when we're shooting is you're gonna see me working in some of these waves with the people and I'll take some shots without the pets even like all kind of be prepping like, okay, let's get a cool shot, no pets and I would do that in a pet shoe like even if they came just for a family with the pets still get a shot without the pets because that may still work into a book a different product and they may decide that something they want as well but it's also not that I wanted rely on this but that's not necessarily a bad thing to have if you might have to use photo shop to do some head swap things down the road once you start adding the pets and those other elements so just kind of some fun, fun ways that we pose this I keep talking about couches this is our number one couch post I wasn't able to actually show you very well because the coach was a little short yesterday, but this sort of oppose whether it's high school senior I'll show you I have actually that same shot with the family this is where I talk about my image is definitely are not photo journalistic, but this isn't like your typical standard up closed formal shot like I wasn't up there touching, posing, moving I let them just kind of relax and volunteer to each other I maybe hopped on the couch and showed them how I wanted, you know mom depose and they all kind of lean in that's about the max like you could do with this shot I photograph like engagement couples a lot and again you could just see you could pop a dog in there easy. You could pop a pet in there easy on one of the kids laps, maybe even up on the couch next to mom, so again I would actually shoot that first without the dog and then add the dog in just the mother, but this is this totally relates to pet I don't know if we're gonna have a couch today or not with the puppies, but I will tell you if like a client called me and said I have eight puppies, we're gonna shoot on location. My first question is like, can we get some sort of a couch or something that we can actually like set them up on and the reason being like that kind of contains them? I know I mentioned that yesterday, but that's, even the idea with this shot like what? The ages of some of these kids you have the age where you know pride to whose you're one and a half maybe running around all over the place you with a baby who needs kind of help sitting up that by having a couch, you actually khun get that shot and what I love to sense I've gone digital over the last however many you know, seven, eight years, but all all the products that lab's offer now, and we'll get into this with pricing like we don't sell standard sizes like the way we charge for a pricing I sell justus many panoramic or odd sized prints as a standard traditional size so that's important when I'm shooting things like this, like I know this client actually has a panoramic image of of this shot and I just had to show this because you've seen the shot a million times. Uncreative, live, that's, the cover shot with a dog in the feet. But I do that every day with kids, and you know, again, I'm not exactly sure of the ages of the kids today and what we're going to be able to do. You know, even that with a pet added in.

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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