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Dog Days Shoot: Boxer-American Pit Bull Mix, "Muko"

Lesson 37 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

Dog Days Shoot: Boxer-American Pit Bull Mix, "Muko"

Lesson 37 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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37. Dog Days Shoot: Boxer-American Pit Bull Mix, "Muko"


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Dog Days Shoot: Boxer-American Pit Bull Mix, "Muko"

Do we have anyone? Oh, great. So we're on schedule one just walked in so this is really how goes like it's like ok done like you just don't over work it um and if I found out there was a backlog like on a lot of these sessions I could have stopped earlier I just kind of kept shooting for sake of showing you guys in there and there didn't seem to be back long so uh what a beautiful dog. So do you guys have to see what I'm talking about though? Why this background setup is so great uh for all these dogs so far it's been wonderful and we just khun try variety things hi what's your name okay, you mocha cocoa beautiful name. Yeah, and do you want to be oh, thank you. Yeah, wonderful. Thank you. These air the trigger words so wonderful and are you and I'm sorry. What was your first name? Sorry. No it's okay, I just wanna make sure I get it right. He spell it. Anna anna yeah, so sorry, so I so I make sure I had it right all local cuckoo and and is it okay? I was planning on putting you in a c...

ouple of shots, okay, wonderful. That was hopefully the plan, so let's, um okay, I'm thinking size what? You know what I'll tell you? This would actually be a great shot to try that brown couch because with mochas coloring he's not teo too dark that he's going to disappear on the couch, so I don't know we have a couple of muscles. Tio, help! Help on dh while we're doing that outgoing price, start photographing moku. Um oh, you know what? We're just going to try to get the, um yeah, let's, take this out. Um, I don't want to keep using the same thing, so, um, in fact, let's try could even be kind of fun. What else do you know what I see? What? This one is high. Thanks for the couch. Let's keep this background and then we'll try something else for something. We're close so and it doesn't need to go straight, so you keep it trying to keep it turned and it doesn't need to be pushed against the background. We're going angle it more this way a little more more so it's like more sideways. There we go. Let's try that. Um, lose these. Okay. Anna san around, right? They're wonderful. Thank you. Um okay, so we're gonna let mo is moko aloud on furniture, and I'm allowed to give him treats and girl I'm sorry give her treats and everything else let's go ahead and I'm going to some shots just of boca so for those shots so I'm still going to have you nearby in so I explained what I'm trying to do first and we're going to see if we get moku to just sit up on the couch or lay down on the couch and it would you like some treats without help? Thank you hear I'm still if I could keep it up, you know, because we had the lab I was over exposing it. I was going on trying to go for a four year by matt up for still who? No weight to some, just like a re cycles that just said five six okay for six and a half. Well, average it. Okay, let's, try that. Okay? That's fine. We'll go with it. So let's, try that beautiful. Okay, so what I would have you do, anna, the perfect spot for you is going to be actually don't even have to back up this much. You get where I'm going to hide you. Oh, my gosh, this is wonderful. Uh, I mean, have you almost hidden right behind this light so you can yep, squeak used truth, stay, stay okay, my bad, I know you are smart okay, go back to mama mama go back to mama we're gonna try that one more time we actually got a great one on the first shot but let's try one more there I wonder are cute okay, so I'm gonna I've got a squeaker so you stay right there and then my treat perfect okay, I've got what I need just for that one let's add ana you guys look great together so enough I'm going to actually have you um you know what I'm envisioning for you what do you think it down for a second? What if I don't know if you become from, like, kind of just laying down hanging out a mocha chameleon against your legs or kind of resting on you? I don't know if you lay on the couch like howard moku kind of lay with you you know what I mean? Like something like I don't know if he'd lay up against you and I could do like a cute face shot or if you're looking at each other if that feels okay the other shot that might be kind of fun to try would be but this isn't gonna go anywhere, right? Yeah. Okay um actually if you want to try this, this would look really cute to yeah, okay, that feels better so I'm sitting here and then moku could be sitting or laying down and actually, the next what we're gonna do after this I can tell you right now, let's just do it right now. Is moku with, um, she's comfortable the floor right now, so laying on the floor with the floor is the background this lighter wood floor so we're gonna actually just rotate the light, steve moku will just still stay there and I'm just gonna get her face so we'll see how it goes. Let me get a and if she gets up she's being great, so we'll just have to readjust it and I'm gonna stand on this beautiful ladder that just appeared out of nowhere. This is awesome. So yeah, I know well, that's okay? And what if even she doesn't even have to lay down? What looks gorgeous is if she just sits and looks up so I actually will have you put the treat right above my head. Um, to get that shot so that you can lay down either way, you still have treats or do you need another one? Oh, wait. So you think I'm right behind me? Okay, okay, okay. You don't like that reflector like she's scared of that reflector it's okay, she can even be right there yep, set and put it right over my head right over my head no she's got turned away from the light let's see there we go kind of bring it I don't know if she's gonna look at it try to bring oh what's that see if we can I need some kind of turnaround in my lights here okay okay yeah you know what let's do this because it lighting obviously I wanna make sure you're the right light let's go back to our initial thought thing we were shooting here and then we can actually just move the floor pieces and keep the lights where they're at and make sure we've got good lighting so and I'm not afraid to try to think so the way that I was like well, you know what? Dogs laying there let's try it and we might have gotten a shot or the lighting may have been well bit off because mocha cup looking away from the light so when we're ready yet but that's ok thing but yet that's okay, here they have a few more if you want I want and so okay, I'm gonna let you sit right up here so I actually need to change john we're going to raise those up because it's the two of them so we're gonna have a depth of field thing going on here so right now the background is that four so maybe up that needs go okay yeah actually it must have recycled yeah now it's a five a little over five six so that's fine and then if the couch is that um yeah okay I think we're at a fate again so let's go ahead anna we're gonna when you're ready or not you sit and then I met you have the crazy chicken okay so there we go awesome yeah oh I like that and I look right here you go beautiful yep yeah I love that gorgeous yeah I love that actually serious that score just look down at moko that was beautiful love that oh john you know what victor hay and that's okay it got moved when we were um those were great but the reflector is gonna make it that much about her so way we're getting a little bit of the heart the shadows were a little harsh so right there okay beautiful what a good dog good treat treat there we go that was just that enough to get those ears up beautiful and anna why don't you come down for one right next to moku just never yet just right next to me and then all we're going to do I think at that point is let try to get the shot with moku on the light for the mood was good so so even I don't know who would lay her head on your leg john wick that if we'll see I'm gonna sit and anna right now you're sitting towards me were actually you know what wait keep it like that I love it give give mom a kiss is hey give mom a kiss is okay let's try one can you like bring your faces close together that's all I'm really trying for so I'm yet moku up on the couch save you can lean your face kind of down on moku or side to side your ears kind of together so she doesn't have to lay down actually it's okay to her is she standing up yet who is that what you wanted you know when they actually get the treat when we get the treat it's getting hot in here isn't it I won't treat treat oh one tree up well I got to train you want it I'll give it to you ok ok I will give it to you and we'll do one more and then I have another one you keep watching you know that's okay that's okay I think actually you know what? We've got a great one there that will work let's just try the one shot on the floor and we're good we'll move onto the next one gorgeous thank you just you're great no um so let's just slide this well that's a heavy couch for the size can we just put it um can we just said it like right here does that bother? Anybody here is all I was going to do is just quick um yeah, because actually I could shoot some of these on the light for too yep just that's rolling just throwing right underneath here so great about these yep, right there. So, um now we're going to dio my stepladder we'll d'oh we're gonna move it right there my ladder you got it and then and it may not even need I may just stand on the couch so so I'm envisioning let's let moku be ride about their, um and we'll just we know we're going to just leave the lights on so this may be full length this maybe hi, I'm just going up. Um here we go. That's this is going too far and then anna, you could have come right by me and actually get it's ok? And she doesn't have to lay down actually really like it when she just sit, then looks up where's mama was mama what she got what? She what is it? What is it? What? You're gonna walk up in there, dog? What? No it's like maybe come up one last time, okay. Oh, there we go, okay, put something right on my head, see e t just hat beautiful though okay well uh yeah you know what we actually got a beautiful shot we got a great one in there so wonderful thank you. Anna milka did gray it was nice to meet you oh yes thank you, my baby. Thank you so much. Um okay wait do we have another animal to be now it's okay actually if I could just slide a little bit it's kind of working great stand on almost more than the latter. Okay that's great. Um do we have any other animals or should we not do a couple q and a till the next one gets here and then if that's the case we can yes, that may be something else up so great I have a question from future framed when shooting a pet owner do you focus on a person's eyes or the pets eyes the person's eyes but I was that's why we kept having to change the lights because we had to change our depth of field so when it was just the pets because the power the lights I think we were probably f or I don't think anything was a wider aperture than that and then the owners as primitive f ate with most of those deb see it asked do you ever just stop the shoot even if you don't have a good shot when the pettus frightened especially on dog days would you if you had a pet that was really frightened would you make them wait? Not that be the owner's call okay? I mean really yeah, I mean, if I was uncomfortable for some reason I would say something I guess I'm just saying that's never happened so um way have to also realize the difference I mean, obviously we're doing this for education the difference in the studio it's literally the owner and me the petting with one other person. So all of this other stuff happening right now there's a lot more going on in here that would be scary for a dog and I'm not saying dogs wouldn't there be scared but there's even with kids normal portrait there's that many more barriers and kind of walls you have to break through to get to that comfort level um that I guess I feel like you know, we've at least for dog days like I'm shooting even if it's not like, wow that's an award winning shot like I guess I'm pretty confident I got something that'll work really nice in its prime nicer than anything they got you know I mean a ce faras people just have seem to be very generous and like, excited they know it's going to charity like it's just kind of been a non issue it's not like oh it's not working out can I come another day like that's just not how it goes

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This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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