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Posing and Action Shots with Female Model

Lesson 53 from: Photography 101

SLR Lounge, Pye Jirsa

Posing and Action Shots with Female Model

Lesson 53 from: Photography 101

SLR Lounge, Pye Jirsa

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53. Posing and Action Shots with Female Model


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Posing and Action Shots with Female Model


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Lesson Info

Posing and Action Shots with Female Model

Love shooting with props, guys, props, you know, when you're just taking portrait's props can add so much to a scene and you can get props practically anywhere were my favorite places to get props is just, well, any type of what they call him second hand stores. I don't know what they technically are called second stores just got a second store. Could be the d I could be a salvation army could be wherever you want, but secondhand stores make for the best, especially vintage props and so forth. They add a lot to the scene. So we're gonna do is ah, what now you're not a photographer, right? We're gonna pretend like you are okay. You try to be I try to be too. So step over this way a little bit. I'm going to move her around us a little bit and I want to get a tiny kiss of light just on her hair. So what we have to do is on actually move you back. So step back into the grass a little bit. Uh, yeah, let's go back onto the hill. Just a tiny, tiny bit, huh? That's? Perfect. Actually go back a...

little bit more, just so we get you off the hill and onto the grass part. There you go perfect okay now you can see is that you see this beautiful hair light honor which is absolutely amazing and it works really nicely and making her pop off the background okay so now bringing this fill light right next to her and whitney were just going to kind of have like a little photographer dual okay so you're going to be shooting me I'm gonna be shooting you I want you to kind of joke around play a little bit with the camera you know how to use that guy's just a classical polaroid vintage rules right all right perfect bring the camera inside give me a smile hold right there and then moving a tiny but there's a little reflection it there you go perfect beautiful that's so cute okay bring off the side and smile like right to the side of your kind of off to the holder with two hands and kind of bring it off the side just give me like a smile this goof around a little bit give me a little play what? Yeah think of hannah white not like you're presenting it like a nice gift that I can win but all right bring it back at me lower I feel like a little bit there you go beautiful got this gorgeous little wind coming through I love that the windblown hair look looks amazing further supercute had to be really careful with anything that's reflective like the silver on this will cast little pieces of light everywhere which is kind of what we're seeing in someone shot they're easy to clone out but again, if we can avoid it in you know, in the shot itself then obviously it saves us a little bit of photoshopping later on okay, so let's go with the camera I'm gonna go we'll set on the camera fast and let's go have a couple of quick portrait so you gonna set it down right next to you don't worry actually doesn't even work it's just for show all right, so we got this perfect light on your hair let's brush the hair back down a little bit on the backside living maybe can help with that real quick perfect I'm gonna see if I like this better okay, I don't have you turned towards me a little bit they're going to have you stand a little bit over this way. Okay? Perfect just like that. Check it out. Eleven. Okay, so what I'm doing now is I'm turning just a little bit. I'm gonna shoot her against this kind of like darker backdrop so against the grass is great that's one look but one thing that we can do also is when we have this hair light we can place her against a darker background we get this beautiful. Kind of pop off the background look. Okay, so let's do this. I'm gonna have you bring the model out she's actually done some modeling before so I could say that and she would actually just randomly do things. I'm just kidding. Let me give you some better direction then just bring out the model. Okay? So let's go like this let's go let's kind of do a little necklace play. Okay, so bring the hands up to the necklace new one handle necklace one hand on like the hair it's getting a little bit of yahoo. I love that it's kind of like pulling on it a little bit let's make that kind of a feature of the shot. Okay, perfect. And I'm gonna move a little bit just to get a little bit darker. Background that's gorgeous way perfect right there. Hold that. Hold that right there. I love that windblown hair. Okay, and hold it down for once I bring that hands up to the hair and kind of give me that same let's go one hand up to the hair one hand kind of relax more there you go right there. Hold that perfect eyes at me beautiful we have this beautiful light coming through these trees I'm going to try and use it for a little flair now this adds a lot to a scene when you can use flare will kind of add to the artistry ok intentionally use flare can create a beautiful look it's the unintentional player that we do want to avoid with that flare coming is going to create a nice soft look we're gonna get a little bit that light streak coming through it's going to be a really nice brighton area type look for the shot I'm gonna thirty five millimeter and we're going to get winning kind of walking through this is the instructions with you so I want you to go like this I want youto walked overto just like this and then I'm gonna have you bring the hand up play with hair little bit this kind of stuff ok so like really girly things don't do that because that was terrible but she's laughing so if I had someone actually taking a picture that that'd be nice what I'm gonna do is get down low so that we can kind of shoot bottom up we get some of the trees we get this beautiful look we've already dialed in our setting so we're at one five hundred a second and f two for this shot I have olivia right here she might add a little bit of light when she gets closer but for right now we're going to totally fine because we have a lot of that feel like coming in directly from the sun so we should be good, especially since we're shooting a little further back these kind of shots I've loved because there's really only a small window I mean, we have basically about an hour where the sun is right in this position where we can shoot this kind of a shot through these trees want to take advantage of it so stop talking let's go and get the shooting remember with that spot meeting we basically dialed in a setting of one, five hundred percent can't have too, and I saw one hundred which was correct for her skin and that's what I want to meet her for in the shot all right, so let's, go ahead and get started to get into my position, okay, so you can see that the sun is coming directly through and hitting me that's perfect that's where I want it because it's gonna come right through the lens of that point, okay? I want to make sure it's not too much so remember that the sunlight when it flares it is going to brighten the seen quite a bit and it does do it here, so we're going to shoot a few with it we're going to shoot a few without it and we're going to do it kind of just a nice little mixture, so when you kind of walk over to this side just kind of slowly op tio this little path right here okay and go ahead, my dear one to start when you're ready perfect with flares it's kind of like life is like a box of chocolates you never really know what you're going to get, so shoot a bunch of shots we know that we're gonna get beautiful looking I love some of these these are amazing um we got these bright, beautiful looks in the shot has a very these are the exact kind of images that I would apply filmic type presets and effects to in post production because it has this beautiful filmic look to it let's run it by one more time give me more hands and more play andme or more this saying people think I'm an idiot all right, well, they might be right on that. Okay let's, run it back again one thing teo sorry one sec rember a flair does a couple different things not only doesn't watch out contrast and washes out some of the color, which is great that's the effect that we're going for here. It also makes it more difficult for the camera to focus why? Because well, the camorra relies on certain things like contrast and relies on basically the overall well color in the scene at least that's one of the ways that it detects a f when that's being washed out with the flare you're on ly essentially well, you're telling the camera I'm only going to use part of your auto focus system to focus, and that makes it more difficult for the camera to do his job. So shoot extra shots. That's what I'm saying? All right, go ahead. And let's. Uh, okay, now go ahead. When she does something I love, I tell her. Freeze! Go back one more time. I'm gonna have you step through that light. That light right there in the middle is so beautiful because it really makes you pop. So step back a little more and then time it more sorry, he's. Like where you want me to go back? We're going to get your hair right. There we go. Perfect. See that hair light up like that came now what I want to do right there is we're going to go, so take one step and go. Let's, go! You're left over your right. So go left over the right and then drop that left foot back there. Ugo and I want you kind of give me a little band to the side so kind of bent to the side. There you go, little bit mohr, bring one of the hands up, so bring a hand up right side. There you go and then I want you to look down into your left side okay down more turn the head don't turn the chin into that there you go. Perfect with my focus. Okay, now start coming at me, okay? Yeah cross one foot and as you take a step cross a foot and then pause and then play around a little bit kind of move, play the different facial expressions then take another step in pas okay, go for it, georges. Go hands behind the back. Look down one thing when you're shooting for flares rember that your best friend is that center a half point? Cause your center point is always gonna be the strongest. So if you're having trouble with flares that strong, you can switch back to the center a half point it'll do a much better job beautiful bring the hands up to the hair a little play a little bit of whimsical kind of looking there you go. Perfect. Look off to the left side. Your left side beautiful that's. Perfect. Then come a little closer actually know what we'll do is we'll go, uh I'm gonna go with her into the light so basically what I want to do is I'm going to step back with her a little bit, get a couple of close up shots while we're in that little patch of sunlight that's coming through before we lose it we're gonna lose it in just a couple minutes it's going to go and I'm gonna keep my camera in the exact same settings ok right there that's beautiful so right there I want you to go do that thing with the hands kind of behind the back a little bit take a step in front of the other good hands behind the back yeah give me a quick look lean down and from the hit more there you go right there okay, now what we're going to just add a little bit of silver so let me bring the silver and now with the silver what we're gonna do is let's do it from wayne got might be a little bit too right okay so let's go from here I'm gonna have you go direct light and because we're shooting because I'm having you lean into me it's not gonna be bottom up lighting essentially because you're leaning down so you're going to go right about here you know what I'm doing here is I'm adding in this silver now the silver general we always say don't light bottom up but the thing is that I'm shooting from low it down here and she's also leaning into me from the hip so it's not gonna look like it's bottom of the lighting is just gonna come in and fill the face with a nice very warm, kind of harder light, so I do need to meet her off of her skin tones again. So let me just go ahead and dial that, and I'm gonna go back to one one thousandth of a second, which should be about right. We're still in, too, and get a little more light on earth. There you go. Check that out, that's. Great. Okay, perfect, right there. There he goes, give me a little bit of lean and then kind of give me a little play, okay, so bring the hands up you go.

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I watched this class "live" and was simply amazed at the amount of information Pye covered. Yes, he talks a little fast, and since I was streaming the class I couldn't stop it to review anything, but this guy really knows his stuff and explains it very well so I absorbed quite a bit. Bye is enthusiastic, clearly enjoys his craft, and delivers excellent information to students in a light heartedI and fun way. I think some reviewers are a bit harsh about his humor. Lighten up, people! His examples and the additional information his co-host provides are very worthwhile and you can tell the course was well thought out. I plan to buy the class to help me get back into DSLR photography.


I really enjoyed this class. I am not a beginner, but there were still things I learned here that I found helpful. I really enjoy learning from Pye. He is quick, gets to the point and doesn't spend a lot of time going over and over the same point. There is a wide variety of things that he covers, so really something for everyone. I would recommend purchasing this class if you want to understand your camera better, improve your technique and start taking better photos.

Joy Bobrink

I have tried to learn photography myself via the internet / YouTube but always felt like I was missing something in my foundation. Sure I can zero out my meter...but why? How do I know the settings I've selected are the correct ones? I've been circling this drain for a year until this course. WOW! Pye has SO MUCH information in every video. He doesn't just stand in a classroom and talk, he's out in the field actually putting his settings into his camera, talking about why and why not and then shooting. He's hands on the entire course. You don't just hear him, you see exactly what he's doing! I'm a visual / listening learner and this is my eureka moment! Thank you Pye! Watching the Exposure video and how you changed the settings yet maintained the exact same exposure was mind blowing. Awesome course! I would recommend this to anyone new to photography or anyone that feels like they don't have all the info.

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