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The Adventure Workshop

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Alex Strohl

The Adventure Workshop

Alex Strohl

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17. Masking

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(light music) Now we're in Photoshop, and I wanna show you a feature that I use a lot, so let's say shot this wide. I have this image that I like and for social, I wanna make it a portrait. Alright, so go into my crop tool, select my portrait. Alright, and I'm like, mm, and I feel like my kayak here is too distant from the peak in distance. So, what can we do about it? Well, let me show you what I can do about it. I wanna duplicate this layer, now go into Canvas Size, and I'm gonna stretch the image. I usually add a thousand pixels each way so, 4352 and 5191, boom. So this just gave me more room to play with. I just made my canvas bigger, so now, I can grab this tool here and select most of this side of the image, and Content Aware Scale. And just, oh, getting a whole lot more image out of it. Same with this lower part here, doesn't matter if you select this part, it should be pretty smart to not break it. Mm, it's made, no it's good, it's clean, I thought it had twisted the kayak bu...

t it hasn't. So just like that, we've gotten way more image out of it in a few seconds, just thanks to the Content Aware tool. Now, we can go further and duplicate this again, and we can be like hm, I'd like to bring my kayak a little higher here. We can do that, so, there's many ways you can do this, but I usually start with this lasso here. Lasso tool with a feather of 200, depending on the res of my image. I'll just grab the whole thing with the ripples, like this, real generous. And I just hit Command J to duplicate this, and make it into a layer. Now, I can move it kinda higher up, so that's fine, it's messing up everything but that's okay. Kinda like where I want it to be, here. Then I go to my maskings, make a mask, hit my brush here, X to change my colors. So I wanna go black, and I'll paint on it, D if you have different colors in it, just back D to default, let's say you go red. Hit D, it resets it. Alright, so now, very generous size, and just cleaning up here. Alright, this looks pretty good. Pretty soft, alright, so perspective wise it looks good, maybe a little too high, I'm gonna go a little lower. I hit Shift Left Right to have bigger movements, 'cause if I don't hit Shift it's pretty slow, so I hit Shift and Left or Right tab, 10 pixel movement instead of one pixel movement. Both useful, but when I'm going fast I want big. 'Kay we're good here, now we have this kayak to get rid of, trusty Stamp tool comes in. And real quick, that's it, we got way more image. So that was Content Aware Scale, coupled with the Lasso tool, and masking.

Class Description

Alex Strohl brings his Adventure Photography Workshop to CreativeLive to explain his approach to photography, editing and the sometimes overwhelming but super important business side of things. In this workshop- Alex takes you on a journey through his shooting process, developing your own style, editing your images and then strategies to get yourself noticed and grow your career.

You’ll learn:

  • Basics of camera techniques and making memorable images
  • Developing your own workflow and style
  • Getting noticed and working with brands
  • Taking action to accelerate your career

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David Corrochano

There's a lot of useful information on how to start up your bussiness or your carreer as a photographer. Great advices, he shows his personal workflow, from the beggining of a shooting till the end. That was what I was looking for. The editing process maybe could be reduced in only one chapter. Worth it.