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The Outdoor Enthusiast's Guide to Photography & Motion

Lesson 14 of 67

Health and Fitness

Ian Shive

The Outdoor Enthusiast's Guide to Photography & Motion

Ian Shive

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14. Health and Fitness


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Health and Fitness

health and fitness is something I say. The older I get, the more important it becomes, too. May, um, I'd say there's nothing worse than feeling winded at the top of a long trail. You don't want to get to where you're going or your destination and not feel good. Um, so I tried to take care of myself. You know, I tried Teoh. Also, make sure you spend all this money on camera equipment. I want to make sure I can use it. The longer I can go, the better I feel. The better the work is, I can tell you. I know people who have gotten out there, you know, they get injured, you know, the ankle goes or whatever. You know, sometimes we get so hooked on the destination that we don't think about how we're gonna get there or how we're gonna get back. And you have to make sure that you're safe. It's also part of telling people where you're gonna go. I almost put this under safety more than anything else, But the better you are, the stronger you are, the more you can do and the further you can go. Um, s...

o health is also more about just your body. It's making sure you want to be out there for five days alone. Um, you know, things like that. It's all about mind, mental fitness as well and knowing your limits. So I really recommend Excuse me. I really recommend this is part of your process. This is a great example of a couple different trips where that came into play. I mean, moving around out here for 12 to 14 hours exposed, carrying around, you know, Ah, 35 can pound camera package. I couldn't set that camera down at any point. This is, Ah, crystalline coral algae or something long that forget risk is called the C C. It's basically algae that's turned into rock. You can walk around on its erupted up out of this island, says the Rosa Toll National Wildlife Refuge is part of the same name monument, and you know these great pools of water. I mean to get out there from the beach with all your equipment, not slip, not fall, not breaking ankle. There's no hospital. This is 1285 miles from American Samoa, 1200 miles from Honolulu to their, um, you know You want to make sure you take care of yourself. I moved so slowly through these waters. I mean, just ridiculous. I mean, it's actually like the joke because I just move slow. Make sure every foot I'm in no rush. I can't tell you. My early days I get to the sunset, you know, trip, fall, break, lens go. Whatever ankle, back, neck mess now slow, methodical, take care of myself. Plus, I've got a very expensive camera. I do not want to drop in the bottom of that thing. So especially on these trips per week, is really restricted. So I wanna make sure good shape. Great stories come out of being, you know, in better shape to climb Mount McKinley. Uh, number of years ago. Already nine years ago. Something like that. You know, being in base camp, being at high elevation. You don't want to get out to altitude Sickness is physiological happened? Anybody no matter what shape you're in, but ended the day. You know you still wanna go hiking, tell us where you don't worried about everybody moving past you. You know, you want to be ableto keep up and keep things moving along

Class Description

Great outdoor photography starts with a love of adventure and exploration. Learn to maximize your skills and optimize your potential with this complete guide to capturing photos and video in the great outdoors. Award-winning photographer and filmmaker Ian Shive will go in-depth on how to create a story through stills and motion in any environment.

Throughout these lessons, Ian will cover scouting and planning, capturing photo and video, and understanding how to get an audience for your final project
Ian will cover:

  • Permit needs and location scouting essentials
  • Gear basics & prep
  • Introduction to using drones
  • Fundamentals of moving from still photography to capturing video
  • How to capture landscapes 
  • Composition and lighting techniques
  • How to handle low-light situations
  • How to capture for stock photography and video
  • Getting your work seen in print and publications
  • And more!

For four weeks, Ian will be your outdoor guide to capturing the beauty and greatness in nature. If you have a love for nature or adventure, join this class to learn how to turn your passion and social media posts into profit or exposure. 



Ian was an amazing instructor.; very fun, enthusiastic, encouraging, and comprehensive. I hope to be able to return as an audience member for another of his classes. It is a privilege and a gift to have access via Creative Live to such a wealth of expertise. Thank you!

Cindee Still

Ian Shive is a dynamic speaker with a wealth of knowledge he is willing to share. He has had a magical path that led to his success. He touches on so many aspects of making, selling and creating images as well as how to market them and make an income from your work. It is so much fun to be part of the studio audience. The Creative Live staff are always so warm and friendly and they feed you like your on a cruise ship! Wonderful experience.


What a great class this has been. Thank you Ian Shive and Creative Live! Recently retired, I have set out to learn everything I can about photography and pursue this passion to capture the beauty in the outdoors. Creative Live has served as an amazing educational platform to help me learn everything from how to use my camera, the fundamental technicals, and learn about software and tools. This class brought it all together. At the end of this class my approach to photography and my images are different. Ian shares so much valuable knowledge that will change the way you go about taking a picture; from scouting a location, to thinking through the story and adding elements to an image to evoke an emotional response. My personal growth has been significant and I have changed to the way I approach creating an image from an Outdoor Landscape to an Outdoor Experience. Loved every minute of it, sad the class is over.