Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps


Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps


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Using Mind Mapping & Automation

Okay, let's, talk about mind mapping here and let's take a look at this slide and look at the different softwares that are available for my mapping there's mind note which is what I use in which you see in a minute and there's mind jed ex mind I don't even know how to say this chicago it sounds like cuddling to may calling and free mind and the's types of mind maps work as follows. All right, ready. So here's a point of entry on my website he has my often form let's pig kalina, they're coming to your page. What are they going to do in the opt? Inform yes. Ah, they're gonna leave the mail address and they will get a free pdf and what happens next? Well, I collect the email address and I put them in the database that can be targeted later for new, like blawg updates or new products that are coming up sales sequence blawg so they come in they often for the pdf they get the pdf they get attack their added to the blogged they added to the sale sequence. What happens next? What happens if wh...

at happens if they buy? They get a thank you no and product and after a certain amount of time they will get a repeat email saying you bought this ah here I have something new on dh would you be if you are interested you can buy it here what happens if they say yes it goes in a loop you're going to send him saying to the same product already bought no they're going to buy a new thing but it's gonna just look where it's the next new product will be delivered to their inbox what happens when they say no they do nothing they're still going to get the blogger updates and it will be like on the regular basis till there will be a product that they're interested in okay until they say yes e going to repeat what happens when they say no get this well they go and er if they say no this is the note so they come in they probably should get a thank you fulfilling this out they get the delivery of the pdf they get attack they go in the block sequence you add them to the sales sequence if they say no they're taken out of this sale sequence and they're going over to the next sequence and they wait then the people that have said yes they get a thank you and then get a delivery off whatever the product iss we went an appropriate amount of time they go back in the next sequence and these people are back in the sequence I think that there should be a down cell if they say no to this there should be a down sale yes but there is also uh some people who will say low first time but comes three months later and they will say yes to the same pride but they're here right now and they're just lingering so you have to figure out ahead of time what happens to those because I was going to forget about them so they have to be so either you're gonna have to tag them as you know having said not yet and that's why you know when they get the tag you're either going to do a down sale or you're going to say on the down cell I'm going to send you over waiting for the next sequence in the meantime is they got in the meantime they're going to get the block updates and this is sort of a scenario that you can repeat endlessly so let's take a look at this this is my secret sauce nice huh you're like oh my gosh she's insane this is the mind mapping traffic generation this is my secret to how I do things you set a google alert and for everybody who has the workbook andi I hope you all do it is on page fifty six in it's right down here so it's very easy to to just use this and uh take this and copy that so you start with setting a google alert for your name because you always want to know what's going on in the internet that happens with your name for your specialty nutritional consultation, inspirational calendars, whatever it is and you can set us many google alerts as you possibly want, and it all gets managed in your google account. You also said, um, google alerts for key words that are relevant to your customers, which could be keywords that relating to pain points. Or it could be key words that air relating to competitors, because if you know what your competitors are, you always want to know when the issuing a press release you always want to know what they're doing out there in the market. So it's important for you to, you know, to kind of get a feeling off what's being talked about, and we just had this example that we talk about the work life balance. So I have a google alert on work life balance that's how I know that the conversation all of a sudden shifted, which worries me because I have your product that's developed on work life balance. So if that continues to shift, I may have to think about changing the product that's why we want those google alerts so that comes at the very top we said the google alerts for these different things now we are going to promote through its many channels as possible and we're scheduling tweets and updates using automation software throughout the day and I'll tell you what those are in a minute so basically I'm going to show you this on the screen right here when we take a photo on our camera we use our phone sharing on the smartphones if you have flicker facebook, foursquare, tumblr, twitter, google plus and I should have probably put instagram on that which I forgot so uh uh yeah pinterest instagram that I have yeah, I forgot to do that I don't know why that slipped my mind. Good catch so yes. So all of the accounts that you have on social networks oh, it's down there. Okay. All right, good that's all and instagrams on on there as well. Thank you so much. Yes, so you use you have your phone sharing for for on as many as you, possibly as you possibly can linked in. You are using the alerts right? Because when something comes in that's relevant. So if I talk about work life balance and I find an interesting work life balance article that's maybe not a competitive off mine, but talks about the subject. I can spend that and amplify that incented out to my network because I know they have this interest of this problem or that pain point and say, hey, guess what the half incan post just wrote this really interesting important article about work life balance by my association with this now have content that I can can't blast out I'm contributing to a solution to other people's problems this is make sense okay, good and you take these so you you have photos, cube you amplify them, you have articles and you amplify them unlinked in in the groups where your clients are you make comments in the groups you post articles or you create your own group on uh on youtube you also can record a quick youtube video of emiel video it's like hey guys, I just read this incredible article on having postings about work life balance you will never believe what just happened the conversation is not so much about work life balance anymore but the conversation is shifting to harmony I don't know how I should feel about this what do you think is harmony better than work life balance? Do you think that discussion is is over and outdated? You know let me know it's always good to hear from you keep up the good work and here's toe get my book if you want to get from overwhelmed toe awesome and I'll talk to you soon again video done out amplified una novia staying in touch and it's okay to ask lots of questions because people like to give you answers and help you out so you can do it over your video I have a video channel and I have to you youtube chance I know I'm insane don't even ask how I'm doing all of this then on the facebook you have your personal page and you have your business community page so I'm going to ask a question it's another one of my tricks why do you think my lincoln group is called photography business? Because that's that's what? Primarily, um the demographic that's unlinked it is sort of the intended for business purposes it's professionals it's that that might say well, that's your target audience right buy why did a college photography business why didn't I call it be at this? Uh uh lincoln group well, photographer where he researched it for you first need to know I want to know how to do business I think I mean they they want business tips I mean that's that's why I joined the navy talk business groups do you think existed when I started mine? Really? You got there? I got that first. How many do you think exist now? I know who you are. Some of them actually call it photography, business and marketing so you know that just comes you know, when you what do you say being copied is the best flattery there is right so I actually recommend when you build a facebook page or uh if you even consider building a community anywhere make the community name about the topic that you are dress so if it's about nutrition if it's not about you know c p nutrition but it's about nutrition in general or women and women over fifty and nutrition do you think that would get more likes on facebook than if it was connie patrollers nutritional services farmers simple so go for the community why not on the community if you own the community that's where the money is that's what people are looking for that's the platform another thing if you go general right isn't being photography business than other people actually feel is if they can contribute so you would actually have other people in that space who have something that they feel that they can offer and then it's not all of you doing all of the conversation but it is you that is the owner and holds holds the accreditation for its existence exactly and that's exactly the credibility that comes with it and the best part is if somebody says something you don't like they get thrown up um actually colin jeez wants you to know that he's mind mapping the course as we speak using free mind I'm not sure yes that's the same thing um and then also there's another question coming in about how you balance content versus promotion and tangent that scooby doo I would just want to know how do you prioritize all of this social media with limited time? What do you recommend focusing on right? You find out you let me now well, you have to have a system and I'll tell you how you know as we go a little bit further toaster of what the system is for me because a lot of this can actually be automated. If I were to manually do any one of these, I shoot myself, right? So I don't, and sometimes that put an emphasis on one brand over another brand, depending on where I you know what I'm doing or what my objective so that's, why it's important for you to know what you objected objectives are, you know your objectives, it's much easier to go after that, so ah, then the block post prod the block posts linked in and blogging is probably been probably my most successful aspect. Facebook not so I mean, yes and no twitter, yes and no, I am definitely a lot more twitter right now than I did before instagram it's pretty clear that I am not cool enough for instagram proferred it's not really so um pinterest I really liked pinterest at first, but it's become such an advertising and recipe kind of driven thing, which might be really good for some, right? So that could be a great, great thing, you know, posting it on the boards and saying, hey, I found this pal eo recipe that is, you know, sort of taken the threat out of no carbs and making it fun by, you know, these great type of things that whatever it is that you're talking about. So this is really, really important for you to map out on what it is that you are going to be doing on your social media. Good to know what your customer profiles assist you with that, right? Like, depending upon where your customers would be the most active, that would be where you would concentrate your efforts. You winning the grand price for the day? Yes, okay, that's how it all works together because that's, exactly how you learn how to prioritize if my customers are not on instagram, how much time should I be spending on instagram if my customers on instagram, how much time should I be spending on there? Ah lot! If my customers aren't instagram, how much time should be spending on there? Ah lot if they're not, I won't so it's all about, you know, picking and choosing out of these some of the things that you like I do not use flicker I don't like flicker I don't use tumbler I don't like tumbler I'm starting to use school good, plus god, if those geeks could just make it a little bit more intuitive so you know, but I know that you have to party with google because google is word on the internet and googled hansa on owns youtube so you know, my youtube channel is, you know, we had one video gold viral that got over one hundred fifty thousand hits next thing I know, we have fifteen hundred subscribers, you know, so I couldn't even stop the growth if I wanted to so at once, you know, it's getting from zero to one hundred it's hard getting from a hundred to five hundred is hard getting from a thousand two thousand much easier getting from ten thousand twenty thousand is nothing and getting from twenty thousand going by thousand every three weeks on the facebook group now so I mean it's just taken off like crazy all right does this make it's much sense that it can and at this point I know this looks a little bit overwhelming but again you know refer to this this is really about amplifying is when I have a block post it goes and it gets posted on facebook it gets post on the facebook pages could post in the facebook group gets posted and linked in group get posted on all my twitter accounts it get gets posted on google plus and then I'm going to do guest blocks and high traffic blocks I'm going to talk about that as well this is another thing that gives credibility ups search engine optimization and search ranking um as well go ahead could you explain the difference between the mind mapping programs and social media automation? Yes, mind mapping is for you to think about what do you want to do and where you want to show up? So if I have to opt in, I'm gonna have my blawg that I'm going to be posting on twitter, facebook, google, plus, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. All of these have one and one reason only is to drive traffic to my side to that up in form so I can capture so that all of this gets into my funnel. This is called the funnel, right? So you you know, you put all the stuff in the funnel, this is the funnel I'm really sorry that I'm making this so mrs this is the funnel second upside down funnel can you see that? So it goes in the final and then it gets triggered down in the funnel and then they're in your phone that's what called marketing funnel. All right holes are flickering and shining bally's uni says uh, lightbulb may be creating a linked in group could be a good way to test my target market. Yes, it's a good one. That's a next land want that's a great idea and start uh, start setting up that group and join other lincoln groups where your target audience hangs out inject yourself in the conversation and start having this discussion and ask questions. Yes, that's exactly how you start testing what else we got? We have one question actually few thanks trauma's asking, how do you find out where your customers are short of plastering every social media website with content and just seeing who responds she's asking because right now she doesn't have any customers yet and that question came up earlier. If you're going in a market that you are absolutely clueless about, the on ly way to find out is really doing it this way because you can guess and you can think about well, all we know is that they're out there, but if the world is buying from you, the only way the world spying from you on the internet is by using the system that's what that's the only way it works if you put up a website and you wait nothing's going to happen so you can you can also use paid advertising you can use uh paper click you can use add words you can use all kinds of things but the only way to find out way they really are is to provide content content so they find you and they going your funnel and then they're yours to have the only way the only way unless you do localized advertising if you are you know what I was thinking about my guard fifty plus woman is she on all these things? Does she have time to be on all these thing especially if she's a mother running with kids um yeah facebook you control the kids fallon is going on facebook called graph search and you're actually able t to search for people on facebook down to some really fine demographic and he will be able to find out whether or not they're friends of friends and you can you can actually find a pretty solid target audience through through that, sir okay, okay, thank you sounds good. So I'm gonna let that sit for now because we're going to go back back to this in a minute, so automation for social media is who'd suite tweetdeck I used deliver it to actually have my block posts when I do a block posted automatically is delivered to some of my social media through deliver it and then of course is in ours s feed which all of your web sites should have which people can subscribe to there's a few tools out there that are automation self where for social networks so I would definitely use those and posted automatically just be careful because some of them do the same thing dublin triple the next thing you know you have the same thing you know in a short period of time, you know, show up four five times it takes a little bit of tweaking you want to know how social networking really works like this? First you follow everybody and then everybody follows you teo eyes is always a good visual, right? I saw this and I'm like I have to have this I have to have to create the slight all right, so this is my secret sauce for am flik amplification I am writing a block post how many? How many licks does a block post half what are the links? Incredible upset on your website very nice so it gets posted on your own site. Then we just talked about the tools the social networking delivery tools to get blasted three r's as feed three of facebook page business community page twitter and google plus now you do a guest block on a high traffic website which is you know and weed I do I block on the glass hammer which is a corporate blogged blogger on american express I blogged on yahoo shine I block on identity magazine I blogged on the women's women's comfort the woman network I blogging about ten really really high profile blog's and so we deliver them the block and now they do the same thing with your blawg and when this posts on their block you do this one more time and when this block shows up another side to side they do this and then you didn't do this one more time and you can automate all of that so when when the link comes in from american express I say hey check it out my latest article just showed up on the amex block and now it gets amplified through the same channels it's the same thing but the chances of people I redid on our higher like guess what the block just went went live on so and so and so and so and people go like oh wow now she can't believe it she's on on yahoo changes on the glass hammer she's on these high profile things so every every time something happens to me I talk about it I send it to other people I let them talk about it and then I talk about them talking about it narcissistic I know all that's perfect how do you get on the blog's like how they county become a guest blogger okay, if you were to put up a blogger right now what would be your biggest problem if I were to post a block on my own? Yeah like you have a block you want to start a block what's all I have and I post it's it's acquiring an audience like actually having people what would help you to acquire an audience is consistent content correct so if somebody would come to you and would say hey, listen listen jen um I'm I'm you know, in your field but I'm not a competitors uh I have this idea about teaching people you know, meditation uh could I post on your blogged once a month an article about meditation and all I'm asking is that there's two wings that there's one back linked to my block in there? What would you say that's where it dawns on me that the business shouldn't have your name in it because if it's an actual general subject than you could in fact have a guest bloggers speaking on the subject? But if it's something that specific to you as your as your business personally it wouldn't be quite the same it's not impossible, it just wouldn't be the same oh, I love it when you answer your own questions no, I'm just curious why not? If you are brand yourself you can always mark it as uh okay I'm a brand but I also know so many other cool people there kind of connected in the industry so why not to promote somebody to that way? It depends on what your business what's your business model is and what you want that to be I called it the women's code because I wanted it to be a community for women and I wanted it to go up on other blog's for the whole purpose that the topics I have about women are establishing mia's thie authority but having something that almost appears as it's outside of me which is the code and it isyou know it's its energy by itself. And even if you look at it, if you look at the book it says, you know, the womens code presents and my name is only down here and my picture is not on the front it's you know, it's this woman searching for balance and my pictures only on the back like a regular author sort of would be doing and I did this on purpose because that was my vision whatever your vision iss is to establish myself as thie authority or to establish a company that is the authority that the fine differentiation factor that you know his division or the mission or whatever that might be for you so you are in charge of that right but does this make sense is our life audience saying anything about this is that I know this part can probably appear a little overwhelming somebody did our scooby doo r is asking can you explain the blogger amplification graph one more time that kind of stuck on that okay of course all right I ride one block how to be happy this block how to be happy goes on my own block my website the women's coats it is sent to the people that have subscribed to my website through the orissa's feet it's automatically delivered to my facebook page my facebook business or community page my twitter accounts and it ends up on google plus I take the same article how to be happy and I send it over to the high traffic blocks I have agreements with that I'm a guest blogger on and there's about ten this very same block it's just tweaked according your some need an introduction some you know need the author blur but the bottom so I have my team my team goes to this and prepares thes blog's and then shoots them out to these ten each one of these ten puts it on their own blawg and because they're following the same social media or social networking system their own system put it out to all of their social networks so imagine this one two three four five six seven eight nine ten when I find out that theirs is post it I take their link and I push it through my channels and now I'm blasting through all of these their link with my article times ten that's how you built the platforms I hope that explains it a little bit ten meaning the different outlets that you have like one would be american express one would be this network one would okay, yes, exactly speechless the speech is in san francisco I can't be all sitting there going like it was good until no one question that lola has when your blood post is syndicated do you make any money from them or established media sources using your material? I'm really proud to report that just made one doll in twenty five cent from yahoo no, I really don't know if they come down your funnel they do yes, exactly when they come down my final because each article has my link, so eventually you know they come to me and because we run the numbers, we know where they're coming from, so we know I know that linked it is a huge traffic provided for me because I know where they're coming from, okay? So I'm gonna cover this next slide really quickly and then we are talking about above and we still don't know how to pronounce his name because I'm not telling you jake waiting to hear this is also something that is in in the in the in the workbook and basically this is my cheat cheat build your website this is gold for you so I'm this is a mind map on on what a sample website what all the different tabs are that it could have so if you see at the top you see the name off your website then we going down we see the home page we looking at what is on the home page there's a tag line on the home page and interesting blurb wow visuals a general capture form and unethical bribe and then a track record declined list a testimonial that's on the homepage then you have a specialty which in this case is like film in motion where you would maybe talk about the team the work you do there's a capture form for this particular business a business line is an interesting blurb in this testimonial then let's say you have a second business line or a second product it's an example here the photography of stills again same thing it's an interesting blurb it's the work it's testimonials a capture form and a new note that's very nice and then we have the block and the block just has a capture form then there's about you which is about you there's a contact form and there's a bio then there is another business line let's say it's stock film and photo so it would be a link to a representative or another company, and another link to a reb or another company. And then this there's a tab for something else, which is consulting capture form workshops, seminars learned for me, community. So you can actually take this and build your websites based on this.

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