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What to Do With Your Idea

Now what were you going to talk about is how are we going to clearly define our service and our product and how do we create the customer profile and how do we determine our usp a unique selling proposition and how do we design this business that works for us that works for you and that works for everybody out there so we have a lot of this outlined in inthe e you know again in the workbook so you see that on page seven eight and uh nine we talk about you know the passion the ideas and so on page nine we have this is my big ideas so I want you just think about this for a moment like what is this big idea you know is it is it what is that clearly defined product or the service are you are you offering something that's an ala carte service are you offering a whole consultation is it a coaching service so you know going back to the example we had early about the fine art business how do you how do you change the way people look at fine art or how do you change the fine art business to do ...

that by education do you do that by training do you do that by one on one do you facilitate you know things like what we're doing right now so again all of this goes in the planning in the case of victoria she just had this idea she knew that they have to be something between this and they had to be something between that and she knew she needed to do that. So what? We ended up mapping out for her and I'm just going to share this with you is we we created a stock photography business for her because we needed the window dressing we needed this to be visible to the outside world, but we knew that some of the stuff would never make it on the website because we wanted to keep the best stuff hidden for those high powered high dollar worth cos that wanted to go in and buy the best of the best and just snatch it up for a lot of money and keep it away from anybody else because that's, you know when you launch multi million dollar product right, the last thing you worry about is your on whether you're going to spend five thousand more or less for that photo because you don't want anybody else to have it because you just put so much in it so that's what she sort of packages together so so the front looks good she does is represented all over the world and sells the pictures over the world she does do her hi hi transactional uh, portions of the business and now you see, you know we already have different revenue streams in here that's how we want to build a business and it's called venus stock that's not called victorious business called venus stock so that she can put a lot of entities underneath that doesn't make sense give any questions for me on this all right, good. So let's have you describe your business let's have you describe what services your offer and let's go? Have you describe what products you're selling and what kind of business is it it is so I'm going to give you like, a minute while I talk to the host and then I'm gonna keep asking you questions all right? But we got out there because some great commerce is really good feedback for victoria I really appreciate that she joined us today, lindsay was saying this has been so informative I love that bee after him victoria are so personal that the other members of chatting and have great ideas accessory she's really loving the course in the material is really, really awesome really, really getting into the conversation. Victoria was amazing they're actually great great backstory as well. Yes, now you've had to balance this because obviously you have a daughter she's had to bounce and I think a lot of our audience particularly the ladies who are joining us who are trying to balance families and parents children's well that's a very difficult thing that sometimes they hold him back it's in their business endeavors but clearly you you managed to balance everything very very well is that something that you think is that what we're going to talk about during the course? You know what I think is actually a good time to talk about this maybe right now so I've developed this concept called eka rhythm and it's something that I've outline in the book happy woman happy world and it's also we also talked about in the freak avoid the fix your life in twenty one days and eager them really is that I wanted everybody to have whatever it is that they want it but I recognize that having ah wanting everything and maybe it's because I'm unruly or the black sheep of the family and some of you can relate to that I can't follow rules I've never had a manual in my life but I want it whatever it is that I wanted and it is so difficult to have you know, to find the support in wanting to have a family wanting to have children wanting to be a good in your career wanting to have a fulfilling career wanting to feel good about yourself working out, eating well having time for a social life I mean it is insanity so the balance is where it's at so eager rhythm just talks about and I will explain it in detail in a later segment but basically think about it as you know, slices off your life like a bread and so each one of those slices is yours to have and if you were to be able to figure out which slice you're consuming which rhythm face wave you're in right this very moment wouldn't it be so much easier to focus just on that because you're not gonna worry about all the others less of the bread you're just doing this one right now and you can actually pick and choose the way you want it to be you know consumed to put together a jam peanut butter jelly dipped in olive oil garlic bread in the oven I mean, who cares but you get to have it any way you want and this is why I think this is why victoria is so emotional for me and for you because I can tell by the comments and by having watched the audience here the connection with victoria because she really speaks for so many off us off the difficulty to put through what it is that's in our head and our hearts that we feel there's something else out there but we constantly have to fight for what is ours and so that's why I love victoria and we really have become very very good friends and um I mean, how can you like not love her? I mean she's a spectacular a person always willing to help, so wait wei have a line of dialogue. Both clemency a and e g. They seem like they're very multitalented. So clementina says okay, here's what's confusing for me. I know I have some talents. I'm notched. Which sure, which one is my passion? I know I loved doing them, but how do I choose? And then dj says hi, bianca. I imagine there are a lot of people out there like me with great business ideas. How do you sort through your all the talents? You have all the business ideas? Is there a way teo to hone in on that our community, uh, to help you figure it out? Yes. So well, thank you. First of all, for for participating in the chat rooms and being so active, I love that. So here's the thing. Well, first of all, you're gonna have to stick with the course because we will answer a lot of us in fine tune this but in your ideal world and especially, you know, when you have it got the workbook, you can create one of these for each of your business idea. Because we will talk about this, not just from the perspective off the talent we also will talk about. Is he going to make money because the success in business comes from the shortest distance between the idea and the cash and the bank? Because without the cash in the bank, you got no business. So we want to figure out where we're going to start and how quickly we can get to that first point off making money. And when we make that, you know, money you can create and, uh, you know, and diversify your business in the future endlessly, if you want. So I started is thie. When after sold my company with the photography business in the consulting, and then, you know, this platform just took off, and then I realized that women needed additional help. Then I started building up the women's code, and and, you know, in all these, these elements of it. So I want you to recognize that most of the time, when your passion about something in these different ideas somehow come together, eventually I would have never thought that you know, the women's business and the photography business, all of a sudden mission. But I look at the audience, look, it look at the many comments that were getting in, who are we getting so many comments from? I mean for the guys you got to step up now but for the for the women that is those is not exciting because it seamlessly now merges together there's no more conflict so don't be afraid of saying I have ideas, different ideas but I'm going to start with this idea because this is the most feasible, most lucrative idea and we will learn that so stay with the course get the workbook if you haven't done already and we will really home that down to two figuring out which is the one you need to start with the other ones will just it will just let's sit there when the time is right because when the first business of the first idea takes off we can at the second one it's another revenue stream we talk about this in the revenue streams and then we'll add the other one is a revenue stream so these no conflict whatsoever it is good I want you to be an idea guys er and and you know and put it out there and we'll sort it not to worry it's all gonna come together that's that's great, we'll look forward to that. Do you have any comments from all students at this point? What's your feedback now, janice, please I I have several ideas and one one of them I think will really do well I don't want him mention what it is but the scythe to borrow my idea. But, um, the concept that I had of that that I told you about, I would like to take that also, this is just another aspect, but two event photography, you know, taking the aspect of having something beautiful backdrops and and fantasy kind of thing, um, beautiful clothes on it on on invent and just having the I guess it's basically the lighting, instead of just having people just stand there and you snap a picture instead of having that you'd have beautiful backdrops, you know, beautiful props and things like that. That's, just one of what I'm hearing from you is you all about the experience. So you know, the more we talk about your business and your ideas, I think the less for you it's really about the actual photography, I think it's about you, it's about the pampering and it's about an experience, the creation of an experience so let's explore mohr along those lines as we as we as we go further good. Um, I'm sort of feeling the opposite boat where it's all about the photography, and I struggle with the products, you know, and we're moving into such a digital world. And the people that reach out to me and are interested in my business because they liked my photos because they like who I am then all they want is the digital so that's what you end up trying to charge for but I have a I have no struggle trying and wondering whether I even care to sell the prince you know, make that push because I can get that session but do I really want to be like oh, but you need this canvas and you need x y and z does that make sense? Do you think they should need it or do you think they should want it? Well, it depends cause if I have repeat clients that want to come see me every single year because they're really interested in capturing that stuff, they only have so much wall space that's not what I found in my grandmother's house it's amazing on how grandmas and grandpas seemed to find just another nook and cranny to put yet another picture up. So sure so it's it's that's an objection so we will go and we'll talk about objections ahs well, eh? So don't worry about having not the answer's quite yet, so don't worry about not having all the answers that we will get you answer is all of this okay, so, um any other feedback, good and really so I I am the I've got four helicopters in the air, right? And and it's just awesome to have this opportunity, and I'm taking it make embracing it fully committed to just focus, right? My my business, I'm currently creating revenue strewn, doing mentoring, and I'm entering social media strategy and authentic expression, and I am also developing a network of online mentors in a website, etcetera, etcetera. And I just really got your communication that it's important to focus right now through one thing, and then go back later and have the tools and reuse them over and over and over again. And this isn't just a one walk experience. This is this is a resource and that's primarily why the creative live is awesome and having it online and available for you to go back to over and over and over again. And I just I just have to say thank you for bringing that focused all of us, and I'm I will do thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you and, you know, and that that to me is on, and I hope that everybody out there, you know, gets to see the same thing that I see when when the camera goes on the faces of the audience, you will continue to follow the transformation and you know I already see the sparkle in the eyes and you know and the attention is really there in that to me is, you know, to me that's the best part about being, you know, being here to share some of my message so, you know again let's sort of start wrapping this segment up a little bit, so we talked about how ideas kind of go together so my brands are the women's coat, which is, you know, the women centric business where it's about helping women to find that work life balance I call it fix your life savior sanity how to get from overwhelmed toe awesome because a lot of you you know, it's the same it's the same story everybody has a story is like, how do I do it then? There's my corporate brand? So I take actually this message off, you know, how can we support women in leadership positions and help them to rise to use ship positions in corporations where we're not just following sort of the way guys have always done it, but we following a new way we make in a new path because women and I think you've heard it, you've seen it, we need different support systems than men because we do get half the children, and when you have the children, you need a different support system. It you know, mom is a momma's, a momma's a month there's, no way around it. So this is part of my mission here to help women to really embrace success however they wanted without going crazy. And then there's, of course, the photo biz coach brand, which is, you know, uh, with a huge, huge platform, we reach about forty thousand people a month, just threw that platform alone. And then I'm part off a book publishing company called visual ist because, you know, and again, you know it all goes together is because of how do we get these messages out in front of people? And I'm like, well, everything is going digital, so why not have another business? Whatever I was thinking. So, uh, let's talk about also, you know, because this is so good that you just made this comment is remove yourself from the thought that this is brand new. This is another step in the evolution off you. So back when I was I have a photography degree. That's it, you know, it's. Nothing fancy to it. I went to photography school in munich, germany, and I know and then from there on I was like I was just interested in the business because it wasn't as good as an artist at least I thought it was very young I was only seventeen years old when I uh when I no seventeen sixteen yeah, it was it was no it was nineteen when I graduated from photography schools I was super young it's not enough to have a style yet right? So you still have to develop the star but I was good at the business. Next thing you know, I'm a magazine editor to elle magazine at twenty three I'm running you know elle magazine photo department in germany and and how do you you know and again you know it's the businesses, the production it's the behind the scenes stuff it's how do you put it together? And from there on I became a producer and I produced photo shoots for levi strangler from macy dispense for bmw for macy's for frederick's of hollywood like huge huge production jobs and they came all to me because it was at the times of the young cool hip gal in l a and you know, I knew all the cool locations and I did things a little bit differently and from then I went into being a photographer representative, you know, I have represented photographers and again, you know, we shot cameron diaz back then, when she was a swimsuit model for ocean pacific, and I remember vividly coming to my office or, you know, some of the people there on tv now ho came through my office, you know, hundreds and hundreds of castings. And then eventually I did. The stock photography is indication and became the world's leader in celebrity at home stories as a side product off my my business. And that led me to eventually, you know, do what I do today, which is to help others build businesses, because clearly, I can't stop building businesses. So this wraps up my part off the second segment, and I'm going to, you know, finish my portion with the quote from warren buffett. It says it takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

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Chad Robertson

As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.