Your Creative Business Plan


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Your Creative Business Plan

What you really did and you didn't even know you already did a business plan. So this is my business plan that I wrote that god funding from the small business administration and you just wrote your own business plan. So out of the twelve steps in this business, flynn you already done ten. And by the end of today, you will have two more. So you will have with a little bit of copy and paste or transferring the information from over there, you will have your very own business plan. How'd you feel about that? Because you thought I'm going to send you home and then I'm going to make you write your business went no, no, no, no, no, no, no. So let's, take a moment and just take a look at this so it opens with, um, with your information just like any good business plan, right? It has it right up here, the information and then, uh, I snuck this up on you for one reason and one reason only because they would have said, this is a business plan class you you all would have rolled your eyes and yo...

u said that sounds like a daunting think but let's take a look at this together, all right, so right here on the opening page, it's is my creative business plan we have the vision statement that goes in the first and you see how there's item one and when you look at your workbooks I we have marked I don't know if you've noticed this but they're green stars the green stars of the items that go on the business plan so that's how we german engineering I was not kidding about this so we have the vision statement we have the mission statement we have you business description we have your business entity we're going to the next pitch we have the customer profiles we have why this business is needed we have competitive analysis how the business will make money pretty cool huh? Way have uh we have your team team and personnel he is about the owner hears about our team members that we will be needing and we will be hiring here's our marketing plan which we will be doing today this is how the business will be funded and this is how the business will grow and then you add european al and your start up expenses and you put it in one document and you are ready to party feels good. Yes you didn't even know. Okay, good. So let's um dive in so here it is it's called my creative business plans again I really encourage you to go ahead and pull it out and start really using these tools and I made them I think very non threatening so I wanted to be a simple process so that you can start and you have a tangible item a tangible takeaway this is one of my favorite quotes that I heard maria shriver uh talk about in the women's conference a couple years back she says you don't need courage if you don't feel fear and what I like about what I like about this a lot is that and we'll talk about this in a lot today how do you how do you muster up the courage how do you go past the din a stairs in your life that say yeah it's expensive it's hard it's it's difficult I mean my mother said to me just the other day when she says how is it going with the book and I said well you know the books like a new product so you have to put it out there and you have to get people to believe in the idea and sell the book and the mama my mother says to me while the market's just saturated I'm like what market what saturated what do you mean talking about and she's like well I said so are you saying there's enough books out there of course is it folks out there there's enough of anything out there but that's not the point is people go out of business new ideas are born new demands are being made and people have different needs so you can't do this if if a girl from the obs who went to america made a couple of really bad decisions ended up being a multimillionaire by figuring something out, I mean, how hard can it really be its work though? I mean there's no question, jake. Yeah, you said that earlier. It really is a lot of work and you have to be willing to put the work in. So this is, you know, it doesn't come overnight and was going to be moments where you will be very discouraged. So a quick shout out to our audience is I want to know I want you to know that all the items which has talked about we'll have a lot of questions and answer today. There's a lot of work shopping today, it's all about, you know, tell me you know, what's the elevator pitch tell me you know, what would you put in the section about you what's your vision statement, your mission statement. I mean, please really participate today this is your opportunity to interact and the great thing about this life interaction is you stand for hundreds and thousands of others just like you who need to hear this information from you because when we work on yours and when we work on yours and you saw this, I mean, you have fans now that are, you know, they're going like, oh, wow, you know, marry that was really hot, hot, hot, hot, hot seat. But, you know, by your example, they learned something and, you know, I mean, you got so much and janice, you've got lots of encouragement, people saying we really relate with her, I mean, that's, some really tough stuff to go through. So you stand as as a representative for everybody out there and for everybody who participates. You also stand in place for these others that are going to come after, and they are going toe by the course when it's only available online, so take that seriously. You know, I take it very seriously. This information needs to be shared, your challenges and the obstacles and your successes need to be shared because we give other people hope and we give other people purpose, and we give other people permission to dare to dream and not just to dream, but to then actually take that dream and make it a reality.

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It is easy to get lost in the sea of resources available to fledgling entrepreneurs, but it is harder to connect with the concrete tools that will help your business be the best it can be. Join Beate Chelette for an introduction to the step-by-step process of building a thriving business.

This course isn’t just general advice or inspiration — it’s an intensive immersion into the essentials for your small business. You’ll learn about laying the groundwork that gets your business through the difficult first year and beyond. You’ll explore the legal and financial aspects of funding your business and keeping it afloat. From business licensing to pricing to marketing strategies to techniques that boost your bottom line, you’ll gain confidence in handling the day-to-day challenges that come with small business ownership.

Stop waiting to start the business you’ve always dreamed of running! This course will give your the foundation you need to make it a reality.


Chad Robertson

As an analytical person with creative spirit this was the perfect class for me. Beate has the passion of an artist coupled with a sharp, almost engineering intellect. I sometimes find with courses, online or not, that topics discussed do not apply to my journey. Not the case here. Everything was useful and the course materials provided invaluable. Highly recommended.