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Adobe® Premiere®

Larry Jordan

Adobe® Premiere®

Larry Jordan

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Class Description

Learn how to bring stories to life using Adobe® Premiere® Pro Creative Cloud®.

In this class Larry Jordan shows you how to make the video editing suite your own with tips on how to configure and optimize your system. You’ll also learn the professional way to structure workflow and how to get the most out of the software’s key features. Larry will share best practice approaches to ingesting footage, editing, and adding effects before you export.

Don’t let post-production stall any more creative projects – learn a professional approach to video-editing that will help you tackle your projects from start to completion.

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Ratings and Reviews


I love this class. It is highly technically, but there is an awesome wealth of information to be had, even if you are a beginner. I've been struggling for a while, trying to look at YouTube videos and whatnot, but this class helped me make better sense of what I needed to do in all of my video editing. You get such a great foundation that's going to help you go further.


I recommend Larry Jordan's course there is a lot of in-depth information that will help the beginner as well as the advance premiere editor. The only thing is that his humor is a big corky for my taste but if you look beyond that you get a lot from his teachings. He genuinely wants his students to succeed and get paid well in this field which its nice.

a Creativelive Student

This is one of my favorite courses on Creative Live. Larry Jordan teaches in a way that I can follow and is easy to stay focused on. He has a crazy amount of knowledge about this topic as do all the Creative Live teachers. I love this site so much, has done more for my business than all the other sites I have used combined. Keep it up CL!!

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