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Creating Unforgettable Experiences

How can you do your business differently? We covered everybody here live I'd love to hear from the online er's and this was as I said, the aircraft that they did for thirty million instead of one hundred ninety million and it applied to every branch so their sales exploded with a lower cost aircraft still made a pile of money they didn't sacrifice on the profits died and they were able to garner a much bigger piece of the pie because they were able to get every branch going which is really good and it was one hundred ninety million to thirty million unbelievable I love that how can you make your clients experience with you truly unforgettable? And this is about building a semi automatic follow up system that delivers fun personal stretch stones, keeping you top of mind all right, more goodies I'm a big I'm a big goody person I love getting ok, so in this goody bag, what we have is and the way I did with this was I literally thought, what do I have already that I give away and what supe...

r relevant to what we've been talking about? So one of the super relevant things is that package of thank you notes okay, nicole now at risk of being tacky and I'm about to be tacky with you here live with me not with you on liners you need to understand it you want to know how I did this I went to michael's I walked up and down the aisles ok this isn't rocket science folks walked down the us they had all these cool bins and they had a two for three dollars sale so dane ding ding that's what I did all right but I thought these were attractive and nice and everybody could use them they had three or four different styles so I did that then you got these at michael's too to be original doodles and sketches dream big inspire others happens to be in my branded color that was so helpful thank you michaels and something you can easily open up pop in your purse and take with you now if I had any pricing I don't think there's any press in your on your note thank goodness if you had price tags on it that would be truly tacky this is my idea of a pen okay dear friend fund out of the ordinary it's not one of those skinny big pens that's see I want to squeal when I give a pen away all right? They're just it's just plain fun you're also looking at somebody who actually somewhere in storage has a box with her pen and pencil collection in it really really yeah yeah along with the chairs ok then I pulled these from the same resource michael's okay because I want you to take these and stick them on your monitor okay it's a sticky and have your immediate to conquers on it all right you got a monday through sunday oh, love isn't that fun? Yeah, I also gave you a book this was the first co authored but compilation book that I was a part of so yeah, I look a little different to free haircut and all that good stuff but it's live everyday motivated, successful and happy and it's what I want everybody here to do so you can include more personal elements as well that you contributed to as well as goodies but the goodies if you notice everything's relevant relevancy is so important to just give stuff away to give stuff away, make it relevant meaningful valuable ok, I did not sign any of these you have the option of tapping me when we wrap up and I'm more than happy to sign them for you because now I know something about each of you and I can say something meaningful so I'm also a big believer in packaging and the thiel is my leg when I love peacock feathers so that's kind of a fun way to go so this is about being remembered and I know that first of all none of these lovely a live audience members would ever forget me it would never dream of doing that I don't want you to forget me either, so um I want to invite you to the facebook group let's get to know each other a little better let me get to know your business and you never know where I'm traveling too that I might be able to connect with you and your city I live in atlanta if you're coming through atlanta please let me know I'd love to connect with you live there and I'll have a bag of goodies for you how about that you have to remind me though have tell me tell me that we met through creative life and I'll have the creative live goody bag so this really is about being remembered and being incredibly client centric create a calendar of thank you a calendar of gifts and goodies of benefits and reminders not just an editor oil calendar you need that for your business but why wouldn't you create a follow up calendar from your first touch to your twenty first touched your hundred fifth touch ok so I want you to write one through ten okay on your piece of paper ok ok and then I want to start with what what's going to happen on the first touch first what can you what can you share with them? What can you give with them and let's say you have their email address or another email just let you have that obviously we know but let's say you have this now mail address you're not going to always send him something you'll send, you know, the course of time, you might send him three or four little goodies, but you can also give them things from if you've got archives of content kind of honest, you can give them goodies and you can put a cool cover on it that looks like a gift, can't you? Yeah, I was thinking I had a brainstorm last night that thinking about what you said about taking the level from a tech down too much more approachable and changing the whole look and feel of the website so it's more like you're walking into a house and you walk into the kitchen and we've got different recipes, and so my recipes will be the different tips on how to do military research or how to do canadian research or whatever and come up with this recipe book and bind it so that this is the god wait, wait let's, go one better, okay, let's, create a recipe box, get a box for the cards he doing this on index cards and you're sent in the mail periodically and he said the bodies first film so it will sell in the box no, no, you want to sell him a box, yeah, wass I'll start sending them the cards. And then said of the cards and then selling the box after that yeah, yeah, you could do that you can totally do that and the box will have to come with some other benefits to it but you know I'm cool with that but yes started by sinning yes, I don't mean oversized index cards and then you'll have the next dividers in there that's so much more often then d a three by then a binder this big oh, I'm loving it because it doesn't look like genealogy exactly exactly eleven the price of admission this is more excited hell about this calendar excellent, excellent yeah, it doesn't have to be hard don't make this hard have fun with it I mean, it took us less than three minutes to have police in just about jumping out of our seats excitement so that's what we want to see happening there any vetting he's got questions and you think I could do the same thing I just did for elisa asking may I'm pretty good at this stuff. So speaking of which do we have any comments or questions? I mean the chat room they always that they were here in person to get all of these goody bags but a lot of excitement people are enjoying and they love to see those ah ha moments from our stands here yeah, very where were you five, six years ago. I mean, this justice. I was in atlanta. Wait for you to show up. Where have you been? You know, the first two years I was in business, I took great pains to hide my identity. I didn't want anybody to know I was black, because the minute they do, then they put me in a bosco your black jeans, geologists you could only do go out, you know, know it happens. There's a lot of racism in genealogy, so they figure if you're black, you can't speak about iris research or you can't speak about whatever, whatever, wherever so I took great pants and no one to my name. No one knew and had never saw face. I did all these how to videos, and you'd hear me talk, but you'd never see my face. And finally, I made a donation to this one event, and I sent it in the chick got genealogy, and they said, we're not going accept this check until she tell us who you are. Wow! So I talked to one per she says, you know, that was your own stuff. I said, itwas to a certain extent I said, but I've been in the environment, and I know how people can can pigeonhole you. But the end of being time over those two years I set up my lovely news been the letter had all these subscribers paying me ah feed to inform us so by the time I finally let the cat out the bag go then I had the credibility and it was no big deal but I think in the beginning and I started off I think it would have been a detriment now who didn't see that never occurred to me never occurred well, people always tell me that, but as I said, I've seen it happen I don't know I understand it's just we come from different backgrounds and because of those different backgrounds some people have the prejudice some people don't I mean I don't have it so it wouldn't occur to me it because well, you see like this shows like who do you think you are and all these other so's most of the researchers even if this even if the host is black most of the researchers are white they rarely his blackberry start you never looked at those and so it's it's in a in a black genealogical munich in you know we're always how we break through this the ceiling so I was very careful to do that so now is a and it's funny because I get invited to speak this place to speak that place and no one cares but I took the time to build it up to build the kltv factor and I think that we're in and I just wouldn't stop I got divorced and you know that that was my excuse anyway for not doing more with the business because of my depression all that stuff but he's gone now thank the lord a so you said something really interesting a minute ago you said that you had subscribers paying you what were they paying you for, um for my monthly newsletter that that genealogy cause that they were paying you for your newsletter oh that's rare how much were they paying you? Thirty five dollars a year? Because I didn't value might myself you know what that's okay is you're you're doing way better than everybody else he's given it away for free it has been forever. Well well for a for a couple of years I did that and then when the divorce hit I was depressed. I couldn't monthly trying to come up with the news I said, you know, I'm just opened up his free for everybody and that's what's been ever since and I keep promising to redo and probably, you know and life happened I want to see if you can revisit that fee based model because that's really phenomenal because if you had a thousand subscribers which is fast is your is your right subscriber base is growing is not a stretch at all if you eat that right that's that's easy to do you know and and they're and they're subscribing based on this stuff that I created years ago I'm like that was nothing you just see what the stuff and come up with now and I get so many requests or people that want to came where we print that in our new sort of sure just give me credit a swell it's just ok wait wait just give me credit or you providing that box that bio box which doesn't exist okay okay yeah we touched on this earlier right? You've got to be in charge that bio box and that bio box has got to be driving them to your opt in it has got to say something the effective not your name first because the minute they see your name they don't read the box before but if you say are you excited about learning about your ancestry or your heritage or your family history go here and get lisa's ten whatever tips um going rules genius yeah and then you'll also be subscribed. Teo you know where you could don't even have to mention the subscription because when they go to the often enough say you know you'll be subscribed and you'll collect their name and their email and right then and there if you want to collect their full mailing address and offer to mail him something out do it absolutely I mean, I've been feeling guilty that all these people are signing up for me every single day and I don't and I met you she's not doing anything I serve it lisa yes, you do that's the universe's message to you that you're on path on track with passion, purpose and you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing, what you're supposed to be taking that you're going yes, this is exciting, I am worth it. I do deserve this. Please take that in police take that in. Stop saying no to the universe it's beating on your door constantly locks on the loose it's already here somebody here I got a big circle they want to see the picture of the file box and the cards when you decide to do that and I want you sharing that in the facebook group because I think that's just I did my head shots, but I had when I had hair, but a couple months ago I had one hot flash too many and the hair had to go and so I've been doing selfies every day I changed myself, so I'm when you're saying I need to get some professional head shots done and and everyday people like, oh my god, I love his headshot whatever some I'm just I looked at my linked in last night to stew got I got those hair I go like, you look great thing, ok? Loving it. Oh, because I wasn't sure what I was going to be yet, so I'm almost ready to get mine redone too much, too damn work. Oh, my god, it's! Just an ornament on the top. It's just hand now I have a lot of ornamentation but it's, easy stuff. This is a three minute. I don't do much to this really three hours easily. So that are in a condition. And now and then you sweat and stand for all that's, not your brand. Your brand is you your essence and that's. What? I didn't realize what I wasn't putting my face on my videos. This is lisa there the connection the relationship is with you. Not with a video. So I guess I went through most of my videos and I added a front to it. Good, this is lisa from got genealogy that kind of we're going talk about, but but but but I'm going and then we go into the video. Do you close with your face also? Um no, I just I have some dead. Roll music going out and then I have some girling music and think that's possibly closing with your faces well, an invitation to the next step for the next video okay, yeah yeah that didn't leverage leverage the power calendar ok, you want to make it easy? Convenient, friendly and responsive you always want to immediately jump in and say I'll take care of it let me look into that the key to this is not to give away everything that you've earned okay, the key is to find out what do they want you to do to fix a situation, be responsive but find out what they want you to do before you start guessing aa lot of times it's way less than you were willing to do and you don't want to give away the show okay? This is a chance to be a superhero every time you got somebody who's not happy it's a chance to fix it and to be their superhero creating a solution unique and creative but always ask first what they want very rarely is it nearly as big and bad as you think it's going to be? I've done this time and time again and I have to take a deep breath and go ok don't offer to do this this and this just ask them what they want sometimes they don't want anything other than just event at you and be acknowledged allow them to happen this semi automatic followup system I know there's software out there that will help us do that are we auto responder auto responder is going to be your email software and software it's called all respond there's auto responders the name of the type of soft right there several companies like a weber dot com of course yeah ok weber male chimp constant contact vertical response uh I don't know champ do and both of those and the other piece to that is you can use a service I'm not a huge fan of this because I prefer the personal touch I'd rather you had a va handle your mail out pieces so this really is about making people happy that's the whole point and thinking out of the box to get there with blue ocean strategy that's the whole idea you've got to think out of the box my bet is there are things in your business that you spent time and effort on that you forgot you even had that would make great goodies whether their digital downloads or whether they're male outs if you've ever participated in a trade show in an expo you should have some form of memorable give away now you might be having a bowl of hershey kisses that's nice everybody will flock around your booth periodically but the challenge with that is it's not meaningful irrelevant it gets eaten and it's gone notice the things that I gifted don't get gone so you want to be careful about gifting food because the challenge with that is it gets consumed and then there's nothing left to remind you it's sweet to do it literally often but you want to be careful because it's not as memorable so you can't eat that please don't try need that this is the best thing I don't want you I'm loved and so we had any questions comments coming in well you know right now the chat room everybody is talking about different ways to be memorable different things here some of these well people are talking about creative uses of business cards having q r codes on their business cards to leave behind for people to scan to remember them after they leave events so everybody has their own take on networking and how to be memorable after the fact ok get me a mineral during the fact too and there is a challenge with here are codes q r codes are a gimmick they were not originally intended to be stuck on a business card so you could scan it why wouldn't you just type in the url okay it's not that hard to d'oh I know that techies in creatives tend to gravitate towards those but they're not all that pretty to look at so unless you've really got a super compelling reason to use one think twice before you do that having your you are all printed on the card is quite effective and usually a lot pretty real look at especially since we no longer have to put triple w in front we can just put u r l and whether it's a dot com or dot us or dot me or but over the dot iss you can actually create to our codes that are pictures now though let's do I have to know where my phone to read it and I'm not going to go through all the trouble I'm really not yeah I see those cure crows eleven forget it see here's the thing about here are codes if you're now if your audience if your market if your target market is tak and it has all the gizmos, gadgets and aps go for it by all means but your target market isn't I don't have a q r reader on my phone I tried one once and it was too hard and I was like I'm not going to do this I'll just check tomorrow okay? So it depends on your audience your audience millennials cure codes of probably fantastic okay your audiences tech cure codes are probably a good fit but there's a lot of other audiences around that and I have a sneaking suspicion a lot of you have other audiences that don't fit those two descriptions and if they don't cure coz you're probably going to the way to go the challenge becomes we tend tio designed for ourselves instead of for our market kind of like every time I look at a business card, I asked what the point size is because depending on the age of your clientele, if you're using anything well under nine or ten and sometimes under twelve if you make me pull out my glasses to read it, you've lost points ok? Isn't there a time that when it's appropriate to have more than one business card because you you oh yeah more than one audience yeah, you can do that I actually do it for multiple businesses, less so than multiple audiences my clients are often in my wisdom range it's how we call it there in my wisdom range, so because of that I make sure if I can read the card, I know they can read the card because I only and still fortunate to pull out my glasses for menus and things like that, but I've noticed a lot of business cars have teeny tiny print and sometimes they have a lot of information on him that you don't really need and they don't have information that you absolutely do need and in networking scenarios and we discussed this thea other day at a break, so I'm sorry you weren't there with us, but you're going to be now because I'm bringing you into that conversation we discussed the really poor american habit particularly of just taking somebody's business card and shoving it in your wallet, shoving it in your purse and not actually taking it and reading it and acknowledging it saying thank you and using it as a memory tool because of you probably already forgotten their names so for goodness sakes this gives you a chance to say oh mary thank you so much has been a pleasure talking with you and looking or straight in the face and calling her by name instead of saying oh it's been a pleasure you because you didn't pay attention to work hard the first time all right? So softer more gently with more ease and more grace and providing extreme care is the way you want to do this and I know we've had some great stories about extreme care do we have any stories we want to share that we want to put in for the lightbulb moments but what we can do well, we have people who are just charming in with their favorite follow up products and things that they leave behind and love for use on this for instance this person uses stickers with your business cards at trade shows or conventions now for instance, for this one they say you would say put a sticker on them that says I met you at the creative live show put them on your business cards and then those people going to remember that love that car love that great idea? Thank you so much. I will definitely be using that going forward, I think that's a very clever idea like that a lot. Any other ones? Let's? See, um now we have people just jamming and more about the q r codes, people using them for different things for the younger audience thiss person jade use them for an art assignment? Because it is a little bit more abstract art looking when you have the q r code on there, so it depends on what you're using, but, well, it depends on the usage. You just want to be careful that you are designing all of your materials and your website for your audience, not for you and it's hard to do, especially if your audience isn't like you and they may be behind you several years or something of that nature, and you wanted to bring them up, or maybe you're dealing with a really specific type of audience that you're there to serve and support, and if it was your own, you would make it grander or bigger somehow or more complex, and you have to simplify it for them. Make sure that you do that, because if you don't, you're going to wind up losing them in the process and that's always unfortunate.

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