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New Mindset & Value Transformation

It is about creating a new mindset and getting new results. There was a colleague of mine morgana rait known as the charmed life coach and morgana was struggling with making the next leap in her pricing structure and we had a very short twenty minute conversation and I explained to her that it wasn't about her. It was about the value of the transformation. About six months later I get an email for morgana that said you were responsible for a six figure leap in my income and I said what she got the message from our conversation she immediately implemented and within ninety days she experienced an increase of one hundred thousand dollars in her practice because of it. So there are breakthroughs available to you in any given moment she got hers in that twenty minutes that she and I spoke you may get one here you may get one later on today you may get one next month, be open to it and realize that as soon as you can separate yourself from the transformative value that you deliver, that is ...

the greatest breakthrough you can have because you will no longer be hung up on your mood or your talent or your education or lack thereof or your experience or any of those external factors that really are infinitely less important than the transformative value so blasting through limiting beliefs there are some simple ways to do this one is to name the belief right down with the belief you have is and it could be a belief you picked up from childhood could be a belief you picked up since then um beliefs would be money doesn't grow on trees we don't live like the rockefellers you don't deserve that is a biggie you haven't earned it is another one um you have to work for it it you have to work hard for it the idea that everything supposed to be hard is a really big misnomer work does not have to be hard when you are in your zone of genius it feels like it's a piece of cake and as I said in a previous segment you lose track of time completely just just nothing there um it's also about naming it and stating the source of the belief you've got to know where that belief came from you want to think back now my memory's a little sketchy these days I've kind of got a full chip up there and I'm looking for a lobotomy to replace it but nobody's offered that yet so stating the source could be tricky but um if you can state the source it's more empowering and writing the belief down and this is a lot of what I shared with lisa it's very powerful to do it I would encourage you to do this right now while you're in class and burn it or shred it police don't hang on to it and please don't keeping keep it running around in that beautiful head of yours because it gets very crowded up there and new thoughts and new ideas and new creative processes don't stand a chance if you hanging on to all those old beliefs and hauling them with you, the idea is that you move forward lighter and brighter and not hauling the old stuff and we all have old stuff that we're hanging on to and then it's about replacing it with a new belief so it's easy to banish the old beliefs relatively speaking, but the surest way to ensure that they don't return is to create new beliefs, so if you're struggling with the I don't deserve it, I want you to write on an index card I do deserve it, I deserve it because I am a talented artist because I am a gifted creative because I am who I am you don't even have to justify that one um, I've earned it because I don't care if money doesn't grow on trees actually it kind of does because money is made of paper, which is made of wood pulp, which is from trees, so they're on a cz faras the rockefellers go, you don't have to be the rockefellers, you can be anyone you want and earn whatever kind of money one earn just by being yourself so it isn't about comparing yourself to somebody else? Yes, ma'am, what if you're okay? I'm I'm just going to personalize this I'm in a relationship with someone who I feel like he makes negative statements about money all the time he says that he's making realistic statements about money all the time we have a great disparity I'm always optimistic about money and the way he approaches it I feel is negative, but he says it's realistic and you know, the best thing to do with that is I would just honor what he says and say, you know what? I get that you think it's realistic to me it sounds negative would you mind just not sharing those when we're together? I've tried that for we're celebrating two years this month that working and he still feels the need to constantly verbalize it and that is his stuff and it really, really impacts me hugely if if I if this were a client of mine, I would have input one of those cause bands on his wrist and I would ask him every time he makes a statement like that to snap it against the inside of his wrist is a reminder that he needs to correct his word choices or stop saying those phrases in front of you just as a courtesy to you if he doesn't want to change his mind set that's his choice and you can't do anything about that, but it is his stuff and you gotta let him claim it and try to let it just start to sail over your head you have a choice you know this and how you received or not and just yeah, you don't have to receive it you really don't have to receive it and you wanted a firm allowed daily for ten to ninety days the new belief affirm allowed daily out loud you know this in the bathroom if you get other people at home and you're embarrassed doing the car that's a really good place to do this stuff the car is an awesome place we dance in the car let's face facts here we all dance in the car we say things to ourselves in the car that nobody else hears and I don't know about other people but if you start looking in other windows of garza's you're driving around people doing some pretty strange things in the cars so have some fun with that but really try to replace those beliefs you deserve to make his much as you want you get a name it and claim it clearly state your face standing your value and claiming or transformative worth mirror exercise really cool exercise on this stand in front of the mirror state allowed I am a talented gifted professional and my services are worth x or I charge x amount and zip it you've got to be able to say this looking yourself in the eye no giggling no grinning no blushing no looking away until you conduce that you haven't named it and claimed it and this is incredibly important because if you're going through a rate change particularly you need to try out the rate change in the mirror because there's nothing sadder than when you get in front of a client and they say ok so what's your fi we're hopefully they say what's the investment and you say two hundred you may get a question you don't ever want to make your rate or your fee or the investment a question okay you want to stand firm in that space and smile as you say it um to them you can have a smile but doesn't know giggling no smirking is the key and you know that place and you go do you know that doesn't work twenty four fifty it's not coming from a place of power you got to be powerful when you asked for it so this is about stepping into your awesomeness it's above excellent it's that genius zone and when you prove it you will profit from it testimonials, case studies, rave reviews and social proof all pieces were going into in future segments so we'll be diving into that because that will be how you can prove the value that you have if you are new in business beta test to get some testimonials, get him from family get him from friends if you've given away your services, please get testimonials and I've got a formula coming up for you that'll be super helpful in a segment coming up soon. One last tweet where are your testimonials reviews in case studies are you hiding him? I get that response a lot I really do I find it kind of shocking I don't know why you'd hide them but I don't want you hiding them bring them out into the light let's see him and please highlight the parts you really want people to read, especially when you get really long ones nobody reads anymore where skimmers and we really want to know exactly which pieces you want us to glom onto and it is about the like it's about the like and not competing on price we've established you do not want to compete on price because you're never going to be able to go low enough for anybody, so don't even attempt it avoid price comparisons. If you are a bargain, you are going to have people who will always go lower than you do it's a very uncomfortable place to be bottom fishers, they'll go low at the beginning and they won't stay low but they will a bun low enough to rob you of your clients so I encourage you to work at the higher end it could be a luxury and or just the higher end, right? Sell very few to very few clients for a lot more money. Way more lucrative. Now, the exception of that is licensing. You want to get a licensing, can rock and roll that out of the ballpark? Totally. Um but unless you're licensing and doing quantity and that magnitude it's not working so well and you're really having to sell for a lot less to a lot more people in a lot more work. Here was the budget word. Remember, you're not using it anymore. You gonna change that one word completely, and you're gonna go to investment instead, and it will grow your income. I love a big piggy bank. I think that makes a big difference. Having a physical piggy bank, I think it's incredibly valuable. I would definitely encourage you to get a pity piggy bank of any sort and put it on your desk or in your office. I like the little ones I have. Ah, blue. Kind of your distant, shiny one in my office, on my desk. If it makes a big difference. What? Any time, anywhere, I see pennies, dimes. What? I picked them up, and I think the universe for the symbol of unlimited abundance. That continues to flow into my life again and I put it in my piggy bank and that's money I never spend and it just amazes me how much the piggy bank has grown but I'm still waiting on my checking account to catch up but still you know it's a it's a process you have any comments coming in from the chat room yeah, we have lots of comments coming in now I know a lot of people were agreeing with that on the piggy bank I think that resonated with people they love to have that physical representational reminder definitely that you can you can put goodies into so what word choices air keeping keeping people stuck if you let me now I'll find ways to blast through for you I'm really good at reframing on words and I'm happy to help anybody in the chat room with them with the one broke well it does suggest that your broken and in pieces without resource is it's not a happy word no and I don't know what to replace it with I'll work on that one for you thank you okay here's the gap which is easier yeah yeah lot easier a lot easier ok and how many can you juggle? How many can you realistically juggle? Um can you control it all when I was juggling forty was insane when I dropped it to ten I got my sanity back so if you want to juggle forty, please hire help and you'll make a lot less money, but I want to hang on to my money. So, um, I really, really recommend that you up level up level everything I'm teaching here is designed up level where you are take you where you want to go and put those new valuations, those new prices in place and put you in place. We're gonna do this mirror exercises do those tonight do those today and start that process, do it in the car. If you khun really genuinely figure out where your eyes are other than right in front of you on the road, I hope and you're not blushing or giggling or doing any of those things that really discount your power in that moment. So it is about controlling it all and you only want to grow as fast as you can control it. If you get too fast, you can implode, it can happen and it's not pretty when it does and you can't ever go low enough. Look at this. I mean vying for attention that scary you ever want to go that low?

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Earn money by expressing your unique creative vision. Melissa Galt will help you zero in on the talents you already have to successfully build a thriving base of enthusiastic customers for your work.

Building a business around your strongest creative talents brings ease and abundance to your life as you spend more and more of your time on your work instead of on a day job. In Design Your Business Blueprint, you'll identify your strongest and most monetizable creative skills and develop a plan for turning those skills into a profitable business. Melissa will help you identify potential clients and coach you through the the process of packaging and presenting your products and services to them. You’ll learn tips for communicating the value of your work and pricing strategies that will help you escape the grind of an hourly rate. Melissa will also help you develop a consistent system for generating essential referrals so your business continues to grow and thrive for the rest of your life.

Take Aways You’ll Get:

  • Clarity on your creative business purpose and life passion.
  • How to make more money with better clients.
  • Know exactly where to find your ideal client online and offline.
  • Establish your unique value and overcome price objections with confidence.
  • You never have to sell, learn to educate your client into doing business with you.
  • Learn the nuances of each social network quickly, make the right one work for you
  • Create a client questionnaire that allows you to get the inside scoop on your clients.
  • The right tasks to delegate so you don’t risk burn out by doing it all yourself.
  • Never forget to ask for a referral again, it’s part of your foolproof follow up system.

If you want to take your creative career to the next level and earn more money doing what you love, join Melissa and learn how to Design Your Business Blueprint.