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-Stop Selling, Start Educating

If you hate to sell and networking isn't your thing, what can you do? You've got to learn to educate, never sell I this is my hot button. I will hammered home until the cows show up. I think house come home eventually. Sure, yeah, you want to educate your client into the best decision for them, no matter where you meet and do not be attached to the outcome, let go of the outcome because when you come from a place of they help their business with me, they held their business, but they can feel the desperation waving off. Phew it's, not too pretty. We've all been in those personal situations where you had somebody desperate in front of you and they wanted something from you, whether it was a family member of friend or maybe it was a love partner and you just feel it feels icky, you just kind of want to shut off. We don't want to have that happen here, okay? So you want to educate them into that place where they're making a really confident, comfortable? Wow, I feel great about this decis...

ion kind of thing, and you get to skip past the whole buyer's remorse because we all know that place of buyer's remorse, where we've just invested in something we're like, oh, what have I done? And we kind of want to back up and get a refund, so we don't want to have that happen, so you want to put him in a place of absolute comfort with the education you're going to do? This is about the mental game it's about tapping into their mind and the different pieces of their mind that will enable them to make the best decision for them and not feel pushed or rushed or any of those unpleasantries. So there are seven savvy ways to educate. We're going to go more into these in an upcoming segment called proving your brilliance number one is a blond post if you are not currently blogging, you're not a writer, don't panic. You can also do other formats that I'm sharing here like an easing requires a little bit of writing. I've done video blogged post to now I usually have a lot of writing on my video block pose, but there are others whose do straight video block post with very little text. You could do a video block post, have it transcribed and include that text, and you don't have to write a word of it so super simple structures today you can use five or for a lot of these opportunities, yeah, fibers and awesome resource, it truly is easing podcast. Becoming extremely popular uh radio show block talk radio believe it or not they're actually people making quite a lot of money off block talk radio shows not everybody plenty of shows not make any money at all they're just there but I've got colleagues who have a couple of very successful shows they have sponsors they're paid for in full every month and then some youtube videos great way to educate, educate, not sell educate connect with them relate to them educate them interact touch engage yields closed sales status updates every status update you make whether you're on twitter or facebook or instagram or pinterest and those air status updates to even though their their image updates is an opportunity to educate could be you're sharing photographs of your process you could be sharing photos of happy clients you could be sharing testimonials you could be sharing your latest product launch you could be sharing bits of your branding everything that you share becomes an education tool media are going to talk about integrating personal life was business oh yeah how to keep the intimate details out of it and your signature file now this is incredibly important I cannot believe leave how few business owners do this the other bugaboo I noticed a lot that is one of my mother's expressions I am becoming her oh my goodness I should be so fortunate is your signature file in your e mails and the other thing about e mails is if you are using a gmail a hotmail oh please tell me no, you're not an a o l really still address okay, I really want you to use your name at your website. Dot com you're a business owner, every email should must police please be branded okay so, so important to do this because the advantage doing this is the first place I checked in the first place. I'm betting you check when you open your email is who the sender is decide whether you want to open it and you don't recognize that center name. It has some gobbledy goo is it as a headline you're thinking, oh spam, you know my favorite ones are now just doing hey, it was frank kearns originally, and then it spread to other people, including spammers now, or collect this payment when you click here and I'm like, I'm smarter than that, ok, please put your first name at your web address dot com that needs to be your email if you wantto have it redirect back to your gmail that's fine, you don't have to check more than one account totally fine with that, but to just coast with a gmail when you have a business not cool um really not cool on the hotmail or the a well, it just shows you're not really? A pro. And I would encourage you to read stephen press fields book turning pro it's about an hour long read another one a super short reads love this book's paul, ardent and stephen press field both he did the war of art. Um, which I actually think I have to have a copy of it there. Yes, I do. Right here. Okay. The war of art. Fabulous book. Ok, this might be a two hour read, but it's worth all one hundred twenty minutes and it replaces a movie and you'll learn a whole lot more and you get a ton out of it. Stephen press field. And who would? Ok. Yeah. It's actually, in the resource is in the back of the workbook. Okay, I got some resource is back there for you. Break through the blocks. And when you're in a creative battles, I had to read that just because it's such a great book and I, you know, I don't remember what it was from before here. Shoot that around. Okay? Um, yes, the next image. And I'm going to finish on signature file in a moment. But it's about jumping in action, that is, may, by the way, that is the greatest ninety second facelift. You'll ever have it all a gravity thing. Ok, I did not know him. I ever. I did know that he had just been given his own jump site and his girlfriend pact is shooting. They were on good terms, aaron born to consider on your signature file in every email you send, you should have a basic, if not amore glorified signature file your name. Oh, my goodness. What an idea. Okay, your company name or tagline and a link to your web site. A live link to your web site and you may want to have social media lakes now. The fast and dirty way of doing those social media links instead of having a whole list of them is something like ze me or there's. Another one about about me is another one there's several of them that you can use that will allow you a bio on a photo and your social media links use that. But more importantly, if you have a book, put a link to where they can pick up your top selling, by the way, is another alternative. If you're not a best seller, you can say top seller I know it's a little marketing speak but it but it works okay? So top seller instead of a best seller if you're not technically a bestseller pick up your book they could pick up your opt in you know get your free video siri's here get your checklist here put that in your signature line in in your signature file in your email I count on signature files having phone contact in them is well I will often not have somebody's information captured in my phone and I will go back to their email and I can't find it in your email I gotta start digging online for it that does not make me happy so you don't have to put your email address in your email signature because it came with email okay, but you do need your phone number you do need potentially some social media if you use that if you have it direct made us something great that you've done it could be a book it could be a special report it could be a checklist it could be a video siri's and opt in something that's going to generate leads don't be afraid to put that in your signature file most email services I know I use outlook still, um gmail allows you have multiple signature files, I have multiple signature files depending on which business I'm replying for and I just make a single click and the right thing pops up it's super easy, super simple and makes a wonderful difference in my branding it's every opportunity to brand yourself as the pro that you are in this specialty, you're in really, really makes a big difference, so you definitely want to take advantage of that to many people. Forget that piece also a balance between how much you wanna have at the bottom of their signature so it doesn't become over lead already that's, that's and that's. Why I say on the social media links, you really want to strip those out? Just do a z me or about me? Um, but a tasting the interesting I've often thought that way too, but if you break it up the right way, mohr can be incredibly effective. I have a mentor of mine who does an amazing job, and his is fairly in your face that's his personality he's this fairly in your face and you know that best seller of this many books and go grab this here and it's all very bold and very red, but it works irks he's buried in business and that's one of the reasons because he's like that through his entire presence, he's, extremely consistent and persistent, and he has won the longest signature files I've seen really effective now he doesn't put a social media in there because it's not where he wants people to go where do you want people to go and if you send them to your social media profile what are they going to do when they get there with the call to action you have a call to action in your social media profile probably not so you may not want to send it to your social media profiles just beating your chest and saying oh look where I am look where I am is really not doing you a lot of good instead if you have a taste that they can try send him to that taste cinema linked to that taste that can make a big big difference okay um but just sending him out to your social media profiles it's like I for a long time because I was doing a lot of trainings and social media I put my social media icons in my head or on my website I have since changed that and pull them down because that's not a priority for me at this stage I don't want people going to those social media properties I want the stain on my website and I want them taking action on the website okay so be very careful social media can be a massive distraction you want to take social media followers and drive them to your site not the other way around not take them off your site and drive them to your social media ok makes sense I have a question that bill you but if you had good content on your site, you'd want people tio you want to share it absolutely sure buns or something totally different times business understands a totally different thing if you have a blogger, you definitely need to have share buttons in multiple places in my experience and in my opinion I had I think we have been to places now, but we used to have been three we said at the top down the side that would follow you down and then at the bottom and the reason I put them at the top is because I knew that there were a lot of people that would come to my blawg and they wouldn't necessarily read the whole piece but they liked me so much they want to share it and I gave in that permission I said yahoo you go on here is the share buttons right here you don't have to scroll to the bottom or anything make it easy easy, easy, easy understand what you were saying? No worries thank you for asking that I don't want to leave any confusion so what can you do that is more powerful and effective than selling to grow your business? Hey educate fill in the blank who? Okay, now here are some business card, eh? Tickets do not does anybody have a bit? We're gonna pretend this is a business card ok? Do you yeah, I had one right here. Okay, can you can you pull it out? Let me I want to use it for a second. Thank you. Thank you so much now I don't know if you've experienced a thruster I find it very disconcerting when somebody walks up to me because wow, I just got to go you know please don't be a thruster it's rude it's very, very rude. Ah ho order order is the one who is running around the event hoarding cards. They're just collecting every card imaginable have a huge stash that you absolutely nothing with them except for putting you on their mailing list. Okay, please w order don't be a solicitor. A solicitor is heidi web design high minister designer you need me please don't do that. It's rude it's very, very rude. Okay, this is not about soliciting business don't be a spammer. We've already discussed that. Yes, I have a video blogger burst on that that actually got a pilot comments because I literally ranted in the video it's just my biggest pet peeve when my name is put on a list without my permission that is not okay with may and don't be a cheapskate now that's an important one everybody here knows about this to print okay love is to print nothing against vista print. However, if you are going to buy vista print cards, please pay for them it's a small charge if you do not it says I'm too cheap to pay for my busy his hard so I got them free at this to print essentially on the back of your card you do not want to do that my preferred source of cards and I am not shy about letting everybody in the world no move that's what I thought yes what the rounded corners oh move oh rockso moon rocks move is amazing the customer service is incredible their quality is amazing I use their looks version and that's so funny because I know I've been I've been handing out my looks hard and people keep trying to peel them apart thinking there's two or three cards attached there and there's not so that's kind of a cool thing but thank you for letting me borrow this newsletter it's not monthlies periodically with new uses for cards and it did moves that move move move rising director completely for branding there's no place better unless you want to go the top and custom customer now the cool thing about movies that most people don't know and I've asked about this I love the designs of their cards but I want my own quotes on the back because I used the einstein cards they said that I have permission to take their design have my graphic designer customize it, send it back over to him and they'll put it up for me I love that idea so I can actually take the design that's their take the template and customize it to what I want and I think that really meant anything they're amazing and if you have a small business with up to ten employees you could have totally customized cards for each of your ten employees awesome they're phenomenal movies mu is really the premier resource you want to go to for business cards and for other pieces of collateral most fun stickers ever yeah and you could just short right they do like if I refer you to move and you order from them than I I tweeted it out recently and I and I got a referral fee out for that which I thought was really cool so the fortune really is in your follow us a third part I love I love this fortune cookie I think it's very fun and there are some fast follow it formats email okay it's no brainer it's fast here's the problem it is so fast that you do it without thinking about it and it becomes really not even noticed that the other end linked in invitation really good waited by what make the invite personal please don't use the default on linked in please make a personal say hey, we met at such a such an event would like to connect I always say to people um I love to serve and support those in my network please let me know of any network introductions I could make on your behalf not one person in the last five years has ever asked me for an introduction that shocks may I don't quite understand it but that's ok not taking it personally friend them on facebook now this only works if you're comfortable doing that and you want to open yourself up to it ok, I have business pages on facebook I have a personal I have not added a friend of my personal account other than the people who keep wanting to friend me in forever I just don't feel the need to do that okay. However, I will tell you this very important that you check somebody out on lincoln and on facebook because remember in the very beginning of this yesterday I said lleyton is the buttoned up professional side facebook is the hanging at your at the barbecue you're talking about your vacation plans and it's about knowing the rest of their stories. If you don't check him out on facebook, you don't get to know the rest of their story you need to have a whole complete three hundred sixty degree view of who you're doing business with you know your ideal client that well, you know their lifestyle and their business style so you want to use both those networks use them interchangeably don't just go straight linked in go look him up on facebook also you don't have to friend and but look about if they don't have a public profile you're stuck but at least you'll see a photo of you might get to see if they're married with kids you might see if they wanted a recent vacation what I've been astounded when I can't find people on either one okay, that could be either an odd spelling of their name or sometimes people will put a middle initial and that will mess you up even if I put the location because I usually know that I'll usually know where they're if they're not on either one they might not be the best that client for you know that they wouldn't be for me but I'm always really surprised that there's like no information that you know where that's I could be amazed the same way I'm often amazed when I meet professionals who I know are solid in business and they have no presence but again they can do just fine without it so it just it just feels odd it feels odd text or call them to schedule if you're uncomfortable calling text text is ok better than a meal actually because e mails get filtered out text does not email in my experience is singularly the least reliable method of communication on the planet bar none I don't know what I have on the last one to send a hand written note five fifty nine thousand four hundred and seventy eight unready emails big o I had about thirty but I also now have a spam filter program and so if it's the first time someone's emailing me they wanted the mayor in there so I tell everybody that I am incredibly responsive if you haven't heard from me within twenty four hours and usually two to six hours technology ate it find another way to reach out now you can reach me on linked in but the problem is there are times I'm not on lincoln for a week a stretch not the smartest my phone number is on my web site for goodness sakes you can reach me via that now there is an office number and there is also a cell if you call the office number you cannot text my office number but if you text me personally you'll get a response if you don't get a response assume there's a black hole in there somewhere I'm not ignoring you I don't ignore people okay? So super super important which follow up format will you commit to I personally am a huge fan of the hand written notes and you can layer those responses you truly can on, and then we've got a bonus for those that step into this, which is my book seven surefire steps to marketing that makes you money. Marketing is not supposed to be just idle activity. It's supposed to make you money, it's not just sales that makes you money. It's marketing that makes you money when it's done well and right, because it magnetize is you to your ideal client, that's the most important pace and we're looking for any pack your bag moments. This reminds me of my last trip. No, no, actually not. I had the bag with the extra zipper, so I unzip the extra expanded quite nicely. If you got a pack your bag moments I want to hear online gallery got any comments? We're good right now. Lots of people were timing in about move. Lots of fans of moving the chat room as well. So glad we got that out there. Yeah, yeah, movement rocks it move rocks it one that I have. I use a sick file, but it's not nearly as robust as it needs to be. And I've been there already in the process of rethinking you re doing the whole look and feel of things so far is where I want to send people there's something I really got it I think really, what they thought about that because you want them to take action, right, a single action. Don't give them six actions. A single action. So with your signature file, a single action in each one. If you want to have multiple signature files, see mixed it up when you send notes to the same people all the time. That's totally fine, but please don't ask them to take more than one action per signature file. Okay, a confused mind says, no, he was in too many options. They'll shut down and no.

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Earn money by expressing your unique creative vision. Melissa Galt will help you zero in on the talents you already have to successfully build a thriving base of enthusiastic customers for your work.

Building a business around your strongest creative talents brings ease and abundance to your life as you spend more and more of your time on your work instead of on a day job. In Design Your Business Blueprint, you'll identify your strongest and most monetizable creative skills and develop a plan for turning those skills into a profitable business. Melissa will help you identify potential clients and coach you through the the process of packaging and presenting your products and services to them. You’ll learn tips for communicating the value of your work and pricing strategies that will help you escape the grind of an hourly rate. Melissa will also help you develop a consistent system for generating essential referrals so your business continues to grow and thrive for the rest of your life.

Take Aways You’ll Get:

  • Clarity on your creative business purpose and life passion.
  • How to make more money with better clients.
  • Know exactly where to find your ideal client online and offline.
  • Establish your unique value and overcome price objections with confidence.
  • You never have to sell, learn to educate your client into doing business with you.
  • Learn the nuances of each social network quickly, make the right one work for you
  • Create a client questionnaire that allows you to get the inside scoop on your clients.
  • The right tasks to delegate so you don’t risk burn out by doing it all yourself.
  • Never forget to ask for a referral again, it’s part of your foolproof follow up system.

If you want to take your creative career to the next level and earn more money doing what you love, join Melissa and learn how to Design Your Business Blueprint.