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Multi Camera Editing: Working with 4K Footage

Lesson 35 from: Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp

Abba Shapiro

Multi Camera Editing: Working with 4K Footage

Lesson 35 from: Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp

Abba Shapiro

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35. Multi Camera Editing: Working with 4K Footage


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Multi Camera Editing: Working with 4K Footage

Let's finally go with the, uh, what I would do with the four K and that we should be good. Teoh rock n roll. So I have some images that are big, and I believe this is one of them. I haven't labeled four K. Let me take a quick peek at it. We were situated on top of this. Okay, so I'm gonna work with this clip. I'm going to go ahead, and I'm gonna make a duplicate of this. That's if I can do this. I probably It's a little more complex, but I'll do it. I'm gonna go ahead. I have the original clip. Gonna delete everything from my timeline. Select all delete. I'm gonna take this clip and just throw the clip by itself into the sequence. Okay? I want to make a new clip out of this. I want to have a different instance of this clip, so I'm gonna make it into a compound clip. We saw compound clips really briefly when we did filters. Remember? I wanted everything to work as a group, so I made it into a compact compound clips so I could drop a filter on it. What? I can do now is I'm gonna take a c...

lip by itself and turned it into a compound clip. We're going to call this camera three Italy close up, and we're gonna put that into interview. So now I have a compound clip. Separate clip. It's right there. My compound clip interview. You do a quick search for it. Three Italy, close up. That's my new compound clip. Option X gonna go ahead, Bring it into idea it with the Italy stuff. Go there, Italy, and check that. So that's that. And then this is the other same version of it that went out of the same one. So I have two versions of this clip. I can multi cam them together. Right click New multi cam clip. Make it 10. 80 p. Cool trick will call it hit. Okay, so now I have this new multi cam. If I double click to step into it. Look at that. It's basically the same thing on both angles. But this is where I get to have some fun. I can pick one of the angles. Okay. I'm gonna pick the close up angle. I'm gonna go ahead and go into the inspector and we learned in the photo part when we were working with still images about how you can have it interpret the spatial conform. It automatically tries to squeeze things that it makes them fits or took the four K and put it in and made it into a 10. 80 p. I'm gonna have it to none. Look at that. So now this is gonna be a close up. I can simply go in. I do want to reposition it. I want to do transform shift. T is the keyboard shortcut, and I'm gonna just reposition this to a close up. So now this cameras air close up, That's the wide shot. I'm ready to start editing and close this window here and close this window here, ready to throw it into new sequence. Member off stepped into my multi cam clip. So I'm gonna throw it into this timeline because we have been using this and now I throw the clip in Cool trick multi cam. He throws it in and now I'm gonna play you single study music starting from years old and my own And I would meet my professor from Zulia right there, and she would invite some of her best, probably wouldn't cut back and forth that quickly. But you noticed. I just had a single shot. I didn't lose any resolution, and it gives me variety that I can cut pretty quickly. It's a great little trick. And if I had 1/3 camera two cut, you would be. So the idea here is to think outside the box multi cameras that easy. Once you know a few tricks now, you'll probably go out and throw open extra camera while you're shooting. Worst case scenario, you don't use it. Get good audio. It sinks it up. Try to get audio in all your cameras with that. Does anybody have any questions about multi? Came there any considerations? With two cameras using different Codex is the question was, Is there any consideration with two cameras using different colors? As a matter of fact, no. Uh, these cameras all have different artists. Has been about one was ABC HD one was pro rest for 22 and I think the 3rd 1 was an MPEG four. So it wasn't a problem with the Codex, and as a matter of fact, you could, though you probably should not have different frame rates. So if one can was 24 the other was 30 just like a regular editing final cut, it will conform to the timeline. So that's the beautiful thing is your phone doesn't record perfectly 30 frames per second. OK, uh, you might have somebody giving you footage of 24. It will work. Okay, if for some reason, your cameras really wacky or if the camera was out of sync in the camera. When you go into a multi cam clip, it's usually already in sync. But if it's not in sync, you could tweak it. I selected a clip. I would probably use the nudge command period comma, and I could move it left and right a frame at a time until it and sink. And if the cameras drifting, which usually shouldn't dio I could blade sections and just bring those sections into sync as the drift happens. And that is pretty cool when you're trying to share multiple cameras. Great question. Okay, you know how to do multi cam got Let's do it

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a Creativelive Student

Wonderful. This is the first time I've seen any of Abba's classes, and he's a great teacher. I've been watching the live sessions for the past few days and have picked up a ton of great tips that will indeed speed up my workflow in FCPX. He's a great teacher, and does a wonderful job of setting people at ease, ie. where he says things like, 'there's no trick questions', and times where he will click on something wrong, then he'll go back and show his mistake (pointing out his minor mistakes are actually a beneficial lesson). In all, wonderful wonderful wonderful. Thank you!


Fantastic teacher. I enjoyed every video, super worth it. I've been reluctant to jump into FCP X since it got upgraded from FCP. Now I feel confident to work with it again. Seems pretty self explanatory, but I am glad I watched the course. Abba covers pretty much everything you need to know. I also loved his personality, made me want to learn more each day.

Alan Pole

Absolutely brilliant. Abba gets to the point, is clear, organized and articulate, and lays it all out in a manner that quickly brings your confidence level from zero to hero. Highly recommend this to any photographer who wants to blog, build ads, or include video in their offering. I feel like an amazing new world has been provided to me. Thank you!

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