Make Your Own App: No Coding Required

Lesson 28/30 - App Advertising Strategies


Make Your Own App: No Coding Required


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App Advertising Strategies

Then we've got advertising right so assuming you have a free app it was a lot different ways to use advertising and it's not all bad everyone always says oh advertising it's not that bad everyone who uses advertising it's a good thing what you're really doing is you're promoting other perhaps you were showing other aps in your own you're releasing your real estate to somebody else you're paid on how many impressions and clicks you khun send so if I can if I have million people in my ap and I show in advertising I get paid based on how much traffic I can move over to that new app and how many people install it is typically really good for high volume maps so if your app is getting a lot of downloads or has a lot of people using it advertising is typically really good it's same with websites and exercise to do this is really helpful if you're thinking about should I use advertisements is look at the top grossing list for advertisements in the app store same on google play these are this ...

is the top grossing apse these are the people that are buying all the real estate think about will my photography app convert to marvel contest probably not if I can't find an app that photography is really going to convert welland maybe I shouldn't think about advertising maybe I should think about just doing your purchases this is just a really helpful exercise because that people will often ask me well I'm doing the ads and I've got the volume but I'm not making any money and I say because you're has nothing to do with the people who are buying your advertisements you might be able to go do your own deal with them eventually but that's just an important poor component of the whole whole thing to think about advertising types we got banners full screens, videos and cross promotion banners of one scene banners it's low impact but you also make low money full screen is high impact higher money when I mean higher impact it means that people see it people also get annoyed by it people can also honest larry up because of it depending on where you put it in video ads are kind of up and coming there higher impact there also I mean you could make a lot of money because it forces you to engage with the video and then cross promotion is the lower impact but you can make some revenue specifically if you are giving rewards for people who cross promote your different ads and you do the own deals yourself if anyone's interesting in networks here's some that worked google add mob sharpe use for games apple evans for games specifically casino they do really well bungles good for video and these will all beyond on the website and explode is good for cross promotion and finally, the key takeaway of advertising if you want to monetize with advertising you want to have a higher volume at okay if you know if you're only getting fifty download today I don't want to think about trying to either get more downloads first focus on monetizing those fifty before you start pummeling him with ads right cause you're not gonna make that much money to begin with and cannibalize your users have relevant advertisers in mind look at the list and say who who could I potentially advertises for or could I make my own deal happen the more aggressive the less retention in purchase activity if you just keep hitting people with ads over and over the lifetime of your app is going to be shorter and shorter and shorter and you can even keep keep marketing it and stay aggressive or you khun he's up on the ads and extend the lifetime blue clouds solutions dot com for slash monetize that khun we'll give all your links or give you all the links of these ad networks everything else um one thing I will leave you with top aps like from these big gaps there on leah's ads to monetize users who will not purchase otherwise I think it's a really important point because for the guys who were the people who are really just doing really well they don't think about ads is their primary driver they say well, this person didn't monetize after using the ap forty five times now. Let's. Showing some ads. And I think that's a really important point, because that psychology is good for for a lifetime success with your abs.

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You don’t need technical experience to start making apps! Learn about app making, app marketing, the app business, and everything in between in Make Your Own App: No Coding Required with Carter Thomas. 

Carter Thomas has helped thousands get their start in app development and in this beginner-friendly class he’ll demystify the entire process and show you the ropes for starting an app business – no coding experience required! 

 You’ll learn about:
  • Getting started in the app biz 
  • Hiring a developer 
  • Getting an app into the app store (iOS and Android) 
  • Internal and external marketing 
  • Monetizing your apps 
Carter will explain every step in the app-making process and detail an achievable path to app success.You’ll learn about the complete range of options for getting app ideas off the ground and what to do once your app is ready. Carter will also offer tips for getting downloads, making money, and growing an app business. 

Apps are a great way to generate passive income, replace a full-time salary, or indulge a hobbyist-level interest. Get your start in Make Your Own App: No Coding Required with Carter Thomas.