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Introduction to Workshop

Hello and welcome to creative live. This is make your own app. No coding required with carter thomas. My name is chris jennings, and I'm going to be your host, and we are thrilled to have carter here. If you have a great app idea out there, and you haven't done anything with it yet, you are in the right place. Carter is going to help you out now. If you're not familiar with carter thomas, let me tell you a little bit about him. He has created over fifteen hundred aps, and those abs have generated over eighteen million downloads. It is incredible, and he's also sold five separate app cos this guy really knows his stuff. You can learn more about him and all the work that he does at blue cloud solutions dot com. But ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the creative life stage. Carter thomas. Scarlett, welcome, sir. Thanks for having me, it's. Great to have you here. Now I know you've got tons to cover. We're gonna learn so much from you today before we get into it. I just gotta ask you...

, sort of a general question. You know, as I just mentioned, I know a lot of people out there they are. They have an idea, there's, something holding them back. What do you hear as the biggest sort of roadblock for people who just can't seem to make there? That's a really good question, I would say the biggest roadblock is typically people think that the business is really complicated and they have an idea and they say to themselves, there's, no way as a non techie person, I could ever do that, and they kind of lose all their steam, which is kind of ridiculous because the craziest app I think I've ever seen was one of the simplest, which was yeah, I remember you guys from rio are basically just push a button and it sends a message to your friend says, yeah, and so that first it could raise millions of dollars, you know, it's not as complicated as you think exactly. There's hope for everybody. Exactly. And that's what? We're going to today's kind of de cloud that whole gray area of the world and make it all happens. Yeah. Ok. Well, for all of you people out there who are watching that's, we're gonna learn today. Get your app ideas ready. Card is gonna help you out. I know you got a lot to teach, so I'm gonna let you take it away. Many thanks. 00:02:01.38 --> 00:02:04. Guys thank you so much for coming studio audience 00:02:04.38 --> 00:02:06. and from your face is here this is really exciting 00:02:06.72 --> 00:02:09. and everyone out there supposing the blue cloud community 00:02:09.66 --> 00:02:11. thank you very much for coming this is really exciting 00:02:12.95 --> 00:02:16. today we're going to talk a lot about aps and how 00:02:16.26 --> 00:02:20. to make the whole thing happened ah specifically if 00:02:20.59 --> 00:02:22. you have no idea what you're doing with that which 00:02:22.26 --> 00:02:25. is what I was like back in the day which hopefully 00:02:25.17 --> 00:02:28. will help out a lot of people so as you know make 00:02:28.07 --> 00:02:31. your own app no coding required and we're going to 00:02:31.04 --> 00:02:34. start hey from the beginning right so I live in san 00:02:34.68 --> 00:02:38. francisco great town like chris said I've been very 00:02:38.78 --> 00:02:42. fortunate with aps and you know making lattes couple 00:02:42.41 --> 00:02:46. thousand abs having the dallas but uh it didn't all 00:02:46.36 --> 00:02:49. start like that because just like a lot of you I had 00:02:49.52 --> 00:02:51. an idea for an app but I just didn't know where to 00:02:51.7 --> 00:02:52. start 00:02:53.52 --> 00:02:56. and the thing is most people to stop here right they 00:02:56.73 --> 00:02:59. haven't idea for an app and they say well all right 00:02:59.73 --> 00:03:01. well that's the scene of that let's go get lunch 00:03:03.52 --> 00:03:07. because it's complicated you know it's technical they 00:03:07.08 --> 00:03:09. think it's really expensive people always type in 00:03:09.71 --> 00:03:11. how much does it cost to make it happen what do I 00:03:11.28 --> 00:03:13. do how do I even start how could I possibly afford 00:03:13.69 --> 00:03:16. this because when they think about the ad business 00:03:16.78 --> 00:03:19. this is what they think of they think of x code and 00:03:19.9 --> 00:03:24. software and coding in this crazy world when in reality 00:03:25.02 --> 00:03:27. this is what my life looks like this is what a lot 00:03:27.25 --> 00:03:30. of after entrepreneur's life looks like you wake up 00:03:30.42 --> 00:03:33. with a very simple daily operations you have your 00:03:33.72 --> 00:03:35. apple you don't go to the doctor it's great 00:03:37.02 --> 00:03:39. and the world of abs air so many moving parts and 00:03:39.54 --> 00:03:42. it can feel really complicated and this huge barrier 00:03:42.81 --> 00:03:46. to overcome and the goal today it's to make it feel 00:03:46.15 --> 00:03:49. like this right today we're going to take like the 00:03:49.83 --> 00:03:53. confusing gray world of aps we're going to make it 00:03:53.65 --> 00:03:55. black and white we're gonna make it crystal clear 00:03:55.38 --> 00:03:58. so there's a clear path for you and so that by the 00:03:58.53 --> 00:04:00. end of this you know exactly what you need to dio to make us have happened so that's what that's what I'm really excited about and this quote I thought was was great um the larger the island of knowledge the longer the shoreline of wonder and the reason I like that is because when you feel that barrier against you of this is really complicated I could never do this it shuts down that creative side of you and that's how great idea has happened and so if we can empower everyone with this knowledge you know howto build nap we're gonna have some great apse you created at the podium this glass or next couple years or however maybe so like I said start off in san francisco that's where I live now I'm having a great time this is what my life used to look like I lived a name for a few years and I started my business this way and just like you I had an idea and I want to get started and I had no idea what I was doing what? The reason I'm here now and the reason I'm teaching you guys is because I spent three years figuring all this crazy stuff out going through every possible example so that you don't have to and we have a very clear crystallized plan now so what do you know? Learn today? Well, at the end of this class what you're gonna be able to dio the feet everything's one level higher developer who's gonna build your app that's a big one we're going to talk a lot about that two days you'll be able to get that up in the app store three you able to drive downloads to your app because so you want people to see it for you want to make money from your app right it's kind of fun part of this whole business and five you want to grow your app is this you want this to become a really great part of your life whether it be from a business standpoint from a hobby standpoint, whatever it may be

Class Description

You don’t need technical experience to start making apps! Learn about app making, app marketing, the app business, and everything in between in Make Your Own App: No Coding Required with Carter Thomas. 

Carter Thomas has helped thousands get their start in app development and in this beginner-friendly class he’ll demystify the entire process and show you the ropes for starting an app business – no coding experience required! 

 You’ll learn about:
  • Getting started in the app biz 
  • Hiring a developer 
  • Getting an app into the app store (iOS and Android) 
  • Internal and external marketing 
  • Monetizing your apps 
Carter will explain every step in the app-making process and detail an achievable path to app success.You’ll learn about the complete range of options for getting app ideas off the ground and what to do once your app is ready. Carter will also offer tips for getting downloads, making money, and growing an app business. 

Apps are a great way to generate passive income, replace a full-time salary, or indulge a hobbyist-level interest. Get your start in Make Your Own App: No Coding Required with Carter Thomas.