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Measure Results

Lesson 26 from: Make Your Own App: No Coding Required

Carter Thomas

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26. Measure Results

Lesson Info

Measure Results

And now we've got to make sure we know what we're doing going to make sure we're measuring this okay and so when you measure results a lot of people don't like to do this and that's okay, but we're going to make it really easy for you to dio we're gonna provide you with some great tools the reason you want to do this r o I is really important especially we start spending money and spending time on your marketing effort if you are spending a lot of money on social media campaigns are paid traffic or hiring someone to your s o key words if you don't know how much money that's making you you're going to go out of business pretty quickly and trust me I have to say you know I was just spending all its money and I wasn't measuring anything and only hold didn't really work out that works out much better when you measure things from the start which is why I'm gonna talk about this there's apstar metrics there's app metrics themselves there's keyword movement ad networks and revenue we're not g...

oing to go through all of these but I do want to do a couple walk throughs like I said the number one mistake people make is not measuring data because nobody likes data nobody comes like I got the best idea ever and is also like did you see that graph? That chart is of cool like love data right, so that's. The problem is that often people are just siloed, and the people who measured the data aren't thinking about the big picture and people who think about the big picture don't see the data. Anyone watching out there make sure you get in that. Ask yourself, am I measuring this data and my measuring what's going on? The first one we're going to measure is thie ab storm metrics right? And this where you going? Get download's sales country stores and some tools if you want, we caught solutions forward slash marketing. We're going teo quick walkthrough of ap anne so when the action items you khun dio right now or later on is a sign of for ap annie dot com into free count, you know, and you could just follow 00:02:00.657 --> 00:02:03. along or you can ah, you could start do some intelligence, 00:02:03.85 --> 00:02:06. but I want to I want to do an actual walkthrough. 00:02:07.77 --> 00:02:10. And so what this does just so that everybody knows 00:02:11.67 --> 00:02:12. we use this earlier. 00:02:15.47 --> 00:02:15. Does 00:02:17.37 --> 00:02:18. market data 00:02:19.67 --> 00:02:21. let's see what the store stats look like? 00:02:23.22 --> 00:02:24. All right, so. 00:02:26.97 --> 00:02:32. All the chart and download or the chart data all the 00:02:32.45 --> 00:02:37. stored data everything that's outside of the ah world 00:02:37.26 --> 00:02:39. of apple they make available through it's called a 00:02:39.15 --> 00:02:42. p I right and a pea eye's essentially communication 00:02:42.07 --> 00:02:45. mechanism halfpenny and other similar tools out there 00:02:45.71 --> 00:02:47. that do this but we're going to focus on this they 00:02:47.48 --> 00:02:50. take all that data and they organize it in a much 00:02:50.78 --> 00:02:54. easier to digest format if you go into the itunes 00:02:54.13 --> 00:02:57. connect page and try to do this analysis and measure 00:02:57.72 --> 00:03:00. everything in all your absent once and move around 00:03:01.47 --> 00:03:03. they don't do a very good job and that's why you use 00:03:03.62 --> 00:03:04. this it's kind of like 00:03:05.89 --> 00:03:10. taking you know it's like getting a report at the 00:03:10.24 --> 00:03:12. end of the week of everything that happened you just 00:03:12.09 --> 00:03:14. need to read one report instead of having thirty five 00:03:14.44 --> 00:03:16. reports laid out in front of you this makes a lot 00:03:16.5 --> 00:03:19. easier which is why you signed up for this what you 00:03:19.0 --> 00:03:22. do is you create a free account and then you link 00:03:22.21 --> 00:03:26. your app account too apple annie what it does is will 00:03:26.16 --> 00:03:29. go in to apple with your permissions or google play 00:03:29.8 --> 00:03:33. or you know any of these app stores and it will daily 00:03:33.71 --> 00:03:36. it will pull out all the data that you have you can 00:03:36.61 --> 00:03:38. also sink up ad networks if you want to go that far 00:03:39.58 --> 00:03:41. it's totally up to you in terms of how you want to 00:03:41.29 --> 00:03:41. do it 00:03:43.24 --> 00:03:46. what this will give you for as just top level. Anyone 00:03:46.93 --> 00:03:49. can see this. If you don't have a nap at all is you 00:03:49.55 --> 00:03:51. can just start to look a tw things like all right, 00:03:51.57 --> 00:03:54. well, what's, the top downloaded app in the abstract. 00:03:54.64 --> 00:03:58. Now it's free. And if I go over google play what's 00:03:58.72 --> 00:04:00. what's, one of the top, perhaps over there, 00:04:01.37 --> 00:04:03. and this is all pretty pretty straightforward. This 00:04:03.08 --> 00:04:05. is really helping with measuring. But when you go in and you look at ap analytics. You can look at think up one app you'll be able to see your app coming in through here right so we put in the grail app just just to get an example in the app store and you'll start to see all your aps listed down here and then you can start to say well how much do I have for you all combined how much do I have for just my iowa store how much do I have for my google place or how much do I have for my amazon store whatever maybe and you can really start to see some trends right and you could start to slice and you can look att all time you can look at last ninety days you can look at last seventies you khun look you know what's happening right now you'll also be able to look at what countries are coming in right so this is when you throw thing about localization hey what country what what store is driving the most traffic for us maybe you start to see that you're getting a ton of traffic from japan all right we should totally create a japanese version of this app that's a really good thing to measure and these are the kind of questions that you want to start asking you want to spend at least fifteen minutes a day when you're starting off just going through this and really understanding how much information is available to you right when you start to buy traffic you could track it by source so that'll say alright facebook drove this many downloads instagram drove this money downloads anything else platform khun b was iowa's was it was a google anything else and then you could start to slice and dice it right so all right so maybe one day we got a few from us we've got one in canada we got one from china yeah three you know you can kind of see how this goes and as you get more and more more downloads this stack becomes thicker and thicker and thicker and you start to you know to really slice it by the different countries that you want so this is really really important and really helpful you can also see if you didn t promotions how many refunds people requested you know our people trying to get you know asking for their money back for an app purchases and what happens on the updates you can really you can go through and check out all those then you can go over the revenue we don't have any in our purchases in this app so there's not gonna be any revenue but it will be the same thing right you can see how much revenue you made each day you could see sales revenue which means did you have a paid actor? How much? How much money did you make off that? How money in purchases did you make if you sink your at accounts how much ad revenue did you make and this becomes really easy to quickly see how effective your aps are doing and you could start to see a lot of different parts of your app and you start to measure a lot of really important metrics so that's just a quick and dirty overview of this I would definitely recommend getting a free account on ap any and just sinking your accounts if you have some maps if you don't have some maps have it ready so that when you do and you could do some research on this as well but this platform is really, really helpful it's a lot better than going into the actual itunes google play and tryingto manually do it yourself this is going to make your life a lot lot better. I just had a general question sure, how much time do you spend typically on a on a nap not a whole lot unless I'm trying to figure something out so I'll like I'll let day to come in and then I'll I'll spend a lot of time trying to think of what I want to figure out, so I'll say so grail for example let's say we're going to go spend maybe three hundred thousand dollars on traffic and next two months and halfway through that I want to want to go in there and be like what countries should be focusing on right I don't necessarily need to go in there right now to figure that out because that's not the variable I'm tryingto, you know, isolate. But if you have let's say you have one hundred aps and they're coming in, you're after coming in every day and you're not really sure what to do for your marketing. I would play, spend twenty minutes every day and then focus more important. What's, what am I getting out of this twenty minutes is it don't want to find a country I can localize for is that I want to find out what my best and that purchases that people are buying, like where's my money coming from is it joe? I want to figure out my revenue per user for specific country. So when you, when I when I say how much time I'm spending it's more about how much time does it take to use the data to figure out the answer to the question that I want, and I spend a lot more time thinking about what questions that I want to answer, does that make sense? Yeah, cool. Okay cool ap store metrics walk throughs did that okay, so the next one is at metrics so like we talked earlier about the app store I've got the actual app now this is what happens inside your app so google analytics our fleury are the two big ones in the mobile app world and what this does is it answers the question how do people use your app right accident and for this set up a free google analytics account free is it d'oh it's definitely one of the best tools out there a lot of customization what I really like about it just gets better and better and better it's an awesome awesome product floor is the other one purchased by yahoo it's a little harder to slice that data especially if you're used to grew analytics valises pop open about the web real quick and all just give you a quick idea of the kind of information you can get here so let's say you let's say you've installed the app are you installed the geek and you're going through the app analytics what this is going to show you is all right one how many dallas I've got how many people are active each day so that's an interesting idea right there's so many new people we got on this so many are active right? It shows your country breakdown this shows you what devices with top devices are you know what screens within the app are most use so if you have a keyboard app for example you could potentially type in you could find what colors are most use what what different types of keyboards are the most often used keyboards things like that and any good in the user engagement things like that uh down on the side here this is when you get into really good user data that you could you just can't get from the app store sixty seven users this is how long they say nap this how many people are new versus returning? How many screens procession so yeah these numbers khun very hugely based on country based on type of traffic you're sending all that the point being that these this information is really important to figure out what's wrong with your app what's good with your app and how to make it even better and who your users are you gettin acquisition you could get into behavior which shows you what parts of the app what crashes we're not going to go in all the detail because you can go through and figure out see all the conversions google some great tutorials my point of all this is that you want to get used to looking at this nobody likes agree everyone is just like god analects data I totally hear you but this is what separates people who don't make money in the app store and people who do and if you if you just at least accept that this is going to show you your path. It will help you out. You are miles ahead of most other people. So that's, what I wanted to really, really stress let's, pop over back to the keynote here. And then, finally, if you wanted the tracks amore, you contract keywords with something like center tower tracker competitors. Was something like ap topia, these air, all available here. Lots different ad networks were to talk about. And then, if you want to track your revenue, you create a spreadsheet. Were all your different revenue sources and aggregate them all?

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