Make Your Own App: No Coding Required

Lesson 7/30 - Hiring vs. Developing Yourself


Make Your Own App: No Coding Required


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Hiring vs. Developing Yourself

Building yourself versus hiring. And this is my wonderful illustration of what this is like. If hopefully, if you do it the right way, rule. We always talk about rules, stick to your strengths, and we'll talk a little bit about what those strengths might be. But this is really important, because some people automatically default. Tio oh, I'm definitely gonna build this myself, like I know how to code this or this, or I'm a problem solver, whatever, and some people will say, I'm definitely hiring somebody else but it's, not always that clear, so you just want to make sure that you stick to your strengths. We'll talk about that means. All right so let's say you wanted this yourself right what does that mean? Well you're gonna learn how to code you're going to go to whether it be apple or google or one of these online if you free tutorial sites or maybe you go onto youtube or whatever and you're going to learn how to code and it's going to be you in the software writing the actual code an...

d putting in the source code if you get a template for example or building it from scratch or whatever it may be this is going to be one of the lowest costs you know you could easily learn how to code for free if you get some free tutorials online you might maybe spend five dollars on course here in there but it could be very very low cost and it could be a long term you know r a y in that sense it's also extremely time consuming this is an entire language it's like teaching yourself how to speak chinese if you don't know how to speak chinese I'm going to take a little while no matter what hacks you think you have it's going to take a little while to you're fluent in it to write the app you want and for a lot of people can also be fun I put a question mark there because I think it's not fun for certain people myself included but it can be I know plenty of developers out there I've got some friends were coders we're watching this right now and they love coding and they would it's part of the experience of building an app so if it does appeal to you there's nothing wrong it could be a great solution 00:02:00.82 --> 00:02:03. now similarly if you want to go hire someone to build 00:02:03.64 --> 00:02:06. your ass you you're hiring an expert right? You're 00:02:06.55 --> 00:02:08. going out and you're finding someone who's been doing 00:02:08.09 --> 00:02:10. this for years and they're they know what they're 00:02:10.39 --> 00:02:12. doing they built absolute for they know how to code 00:02:13.25 --> 00:02:15. they know how to deliver projects things like that 00:02:15.32 --> 00:02:18. that's a big piece because as everyone knows the more 00:02:18.87 --> 00:02:20. you can surround herself with high talent people in 00:02:20.82 --> 00:02:24. business the more you're going to excel so often if 00:02:24.28 --> 00:02:26. you can find someone who's had a really high level 00:02:26.87 --> 00:02:29. they're going to push you is well you say wow this 00:02:29.06 --> 00:02:31. person's really good I got to be really good at picking 00:02:31.96 --> 00:02:34. keywords are marketing my app for monetizing or whatever 00:02:34.86 --> 00:02:35. it may be 00:02:36.72 --> 00:02:39. it does cost money to hire someone there's a few different 00:02:39.38 --> 00:02:42. ways you can do a deal like hey you developed and 00:02:42.53 --> 00:02:44. I market it whatever we're not going to talk about 00:02:44.84 --> 00:02:47. that today that's that's a different course but typically 00:02:48.0 --> 00:02:50. you just say this is what I want here's how much would 00:02:50.6 --> 00:02:53. I pay you here's what I want it done by it does cost 00:02:53.18 --> 00:02:54. money finally, chief you're going to get what you 00:02:54.62 --> 00:02:55. pay for 00:02:56.32 --> 00:03:00. it requires diligence, diligence and trust this is 00:03:00.51 --> 00:03:03. the hardest part ok anyone who's ever hired anyone 00:03:03.83 --> 00:03:07. really but especially hiring and developers or contractors 00:03:07.23 --> 00:03:09. who maybe ten thousand miles away 00:03:11.12 --> 00:03:14. they really skimp on the diligence and going back 00:03:14.26 --> 00:03:17. to we talked about having that plan really setting 00:03:17.47 --> 00:03:21. for setting your goals up front and really following 00:03:21.46 --> 00:03:23. through and spending the time up front so that you 00:03:23.28 --> 00:03:25. make a really good relationship so that you can gain 00:03:25.6 --> 00:03:27. that trust on both sides that's going make a huge 00:03:27.95 --> 00:03:31. difference it also could save you a lot of time right 00:03:31.45 --> 00:03:34. if you know what you're doing if you if you go through 00:03:34.05 --> 00:03:36. the process if you use the scripts if you go through 00:03:36.6 --> 00:03:39. going the outsourcing websites I mean imagine trying 00:03:39.56 --> 00:03:43. to code entire ap yourself versace having an expert 00:03:43.66 --> 00:03:45. walking me like what are you doing this is gonna take 00:03:45.86 --> 00:03:49. me three days to dio versus you know the summer you 00:03:49.08 --> 00:03:52. just block off tow code your new flashlights 00:03:53.22 --> 00:03:56. so that there's air all factors that go into making 00:03:56.72 --> 00:04:00. these decisions and most importantly your goals always 00:04:00.18 --> 00:04:02. dictate your decision that's right what do I want what I'm not gonna what decisions I'm going to make today they're going to get me where I'm going that's really important how you make this decision if you're going to code yourself what are your goals? Are you looking for a hobby? That's great r do you have lots of time to you know, some free time to kill awesome are you proficient in something else do you have some other projects that lend themselves to both coding and just the mentality of of coding and is your goal not a silly business and this I say this because when I went to the apple developer conference I want two years ago he's called the wwdc in san francisco and I sat down at lunch with a guy who had built one of the top stargazing app so you know when you hold the thing up and like you know you see that is awesome if you don't download it's awesome and I talked to him and he felt you fell into this right he's a regular guy he was a dad suburban dad and he just he said you know, I just really liked I really liked the idea of having an app that I could use for my kids I like this idea of having a hobby and I never thought about business model side of it I never thought about it making money until I launched it and people just started asking for it I made it pay and I started making money he wasn't focused on the business he was focused on the product and building a great cool hobby that he could do on the weekends and share and he built it himself he went from not knowing anything to teaching himself how to code and you know he did really well with himself but that's that's a great example of someone that should learn to code you know he enhanced his life it made his life and his business better on the flip side a lot of us aren't like that a lot of us don't have the time right and we don't have the interest in doing that as a hobby we want to make money with our aps that's totally not that great right are you is are you treating this like a venture right is this something where you say ok I am going into this and I'm going to build a nap because I'm gonna grow something and this is going to be an exciting project and it's not really about me it's more about the business of it all it's going to make something happen this is a new chapter in my life I'm gonna I want to make it happen and you really don't have any tech experience but your you have the vision right you have the excitement of the energy and you say I want to make this happen is really this is really gonna make me feel even better and I don't have the time to do this I don't want to focus on that sort of thing you don't have a lot of time ah lot of people in the ad business in the marketing business in blue cloud in our community have full time jobs and they want aps tto help supplement or shift them away from the full time jobs from the income standpoint from you know mindset standpoint whatever it may be and there's a lot of the time they can't teach himself so the code and they really want to build a business I think a lot of people who get in aps want to build a business they want something that's going to monetize that's going to grow that they can go and you can mark it that gives them something back whether pee from popularity or money or pride or whatever it may be so when you think about should you learn how to code or should he hire someone else to do it think about which camp you fall into and be really honest with yourself because it's going to make it not only you're going to get better products you you're gonna be a lot happier then if if you don't yeah all right well what happens in the situation where I do know how to code and that's really what I do but I'm better at the business side and I'm finding my own other consultants coding and stuff is taking more of my time I want to get my ass out there but I have half right now developers hiring a developer and having them try and finish it or do they typically want to start from scratch bossom crushing and you're in? A really unique position because you can do what I like to call no developer translation right kind of like what a project manager does when the sales guys over here talking about how much money you're gonna make and the product dies over here saying you're you're killing the integrity of this and they're just you know, complete this and someone like you who can code could talk to developer but you also know the business you see where the business can go in the vision of the business and people in your situation you want to stick more on this side you want to make war on hiring because it's going to be harder for you to get really good at coding than it is for you to get really good at the business you know there's and that's the difference if you were said I'm really excited about coding I think this is what I want this's my passion that might be one thing but someone in your position who can see all the pieces typically can build a business really well and you should just surround yourself with high level coders and you can talk to them about hey I know you're you're not telling me the truth here I know I'm calling you out this isn't good code because I know what you're doing here and you can just you can surround yourself with higher level quality than a lot of people can just because you can speak their language so that's often how that works school. Any other questions about this? I know you said you didn't want to get into how much things cost, and it could be a huge variation in how much, but we have. A lot of people are asking a lot of people who are voting on it. So I want to see if we can give some sort of an answer here. And the original question is, is there an average cost toe hiring a developer to develop your app? I mean, what is the ballpark that people are even thinking about? If you're looking to save up money to create an app, is there a good goal? How much money you should have on hand? Sure. Two million dollars yeah I think that's what you wanna hear a million that's about it you know it won't depend yeah s o if you have a simple app right and going back thinking about building from scratch emulating source code this also goes in the cost if you wanted to go really an expense you can get a template for free if you want to open source for a dollar five dollars twenty dollars two hundred dollars thousand dollars let's say you you buy something for one hundred dollars for the actual source code itself you could go out and you could hire a developer for anywhere from two hundred to five hundred dollars developer is going to take that source code redesign it update it maybe add a few functions and then publish it into the app store for you all in you're looking at seven hundred eight hundred dollars maybe and you get a full app for that that's that's really good you know it's very legit similarly if you want to build something from scratch I think you're looking at typically two to five thousand dollars you'll get a great app typically but that also goes into how much work are you willing to put in up front to do the wire frames into the do the planning process and things like that clear when you mentioned getting the temple it could you just remind people like where they can get templates like if they're looking to purchase a temple or to get one for free? Where can people do that? So there's a few different places there's one marketplace called choupo mobile ch u p a mobile. And on our website we'll have we'll have a list of all these if you want a reference him later. Code canyon offers a bunch of different source codes a blue cloud. We offer a few source codes if you join our community, which called blue cloud select was actually where you get that tap, the shoot that's, only a dollar just to a trial. And then if you type in, you know, ap source codes into google game gorillas with a z they do a lot of unity codes which talk about that later. But yeah, there's there's a lot of it from market places out there that you khun you could potentially find those simply from very cool. So if you get in the building herself, higher it. We're going to focus on this one because I think a majority of people out there are not really interested in building their own app as of men, if they are there's a lot of awesome coding programs out there, maybe someone creative life, which would be great.

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