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App Store Overview

Lesson 2 from: Make Your Own App: No Coding Required

Carter Thomas

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Lesson Info

2. App Store Overview

Lesson Info

App Store Overview

We're gonna start with phase one and I organize this in a way because I think it's really important to understand how the absolute works I also think it's really important to understand the business models that you khun take you know the path you could take within the absolute like people don't know about those and third is some case studies to show you what happens when you put all three together so first we're going to talk about the mighty absolute we've all seen itunes or google play or amazon whichever app store use and what you're gonna learn today is how the abstract works and how to get started and I'll talk a lot about why we're while we're doing that why it's important to know this which app business you should start you know what people just don't know that there's multiple businesses you can start in the ap world three is what others have done to be successful I think it's really powerful especially isn't educating tool to see what a lot of people have done and to learn fro...

m them and four we're going to go through a couple examples where you can actually find great ideas and more importantly find great opportunities that we all have great ideas but we all might not have great business opportunities we're going talk exactly how you can find those really easily actually so first the introduction to the app store now we're talking about how you're going to take this crazy confusing world and to crystallize it one of the rules I always live by if you want to remove a gray area in your life or in business you want to find the sandbox you're working and that's really important and so that's why we're going to talk about the app stores first now the two big ones which will spend most of our time talking about our iowa's which is apple and then google play which is android now there's a few more but we'll talk mostly about thes the way to think about the app store is the world wide web for ass that's where everyone goes to download your abs oh it's where people discover new apse right if you want to find a new app typically you don't go to google yet you go to the app store and you search in the app store that's where people find new ass 00:02:00.29 --> 00:02:03. it's also hosting solution from a technical standpoint 00:02:03.43 --> 00:02:05. what this means is the app stores where like your 00:02:05.96 --> 00:02:08. files are goingto live you know they're gonna kind 00:02:08.32 --> 00:02:10. of like drop box for your files it's it's like that 00:02:10.64 --> 00:02:11. for apse it's the same idea 00:02:13.92 --> 00:02:17. this is essentially where your apple it's so as the 00:02:17.46 --> 00:02:19. thing about okay, I'm gonna build a nap remember that 00:02:19.53 --> 00:02:21. this is going to go into the app store my entire business 00:02:21.96 --> 00:02:23. is going to be in this app store 00:02:25.25 --> 00:02:29. now the two big ones are apple and google play and 00:02:29.02 --> 00:02:32. the three smaller ones for now our amazon windows 00:02:32.63 --> 00:02:35. blackberry and there's a lot mohr emerging and over 00:02:35.7 --> 00:02:38. the next years and decades there's gonna be a lot 00:02:38.68 --> 00:02:40. more to come but for now if you're thinking about 00:02:40.9 --> 00:02:44. building and I realize that this is essentially the 00:02:44.64 --> 00:02:47. ninety percent of what people are working with the 00:02:47.48 --> 00:02:51. absolute now how big are these going knows that there's 00:02:51.41 --> 00:02:53. a lot of maps out there but you know how big of a 00:02:53.82 --> 00:02:58. business is this really well as of you know, a couple 00:02:58.59 --> 00:03:01. of months ago one point six million aps in the google 00:03:01.7 --> 00:03:04. play store one point five million app in the apple 00:03:04.67 --> 00:03:07. store now that is a lot of aps especially the fact 00:03:07.18 --> 00:03:10. how young the app store is its only five or six years 00:03:10.37 --> 00:03:10. old 00:03:12.22 --> 00:03:15. since they launched which is incredible growth more 00:03:15.03 --> 00:03:18. importantly it's growing twenty five percent year 00:03:18.1 --> 00:03:20. over year the amount of money that is going to use 00:03:20.28 --> 00:03:23. absolutes and that is an exponential curve so when 00:03:23.27 --> 00:03:25. you think about hey if I could get in the app store 00:03:26.32 --> 00:03:28. it's it's just this crazy growing market 00:03:30.35 --> 00:03:34. weii set up is that tier one which is the u s australia 00:03:34.36 --> 00:03:38. united kingdom canada is where a lot of the money 00:03:38.03 --> 00:03:40. comes from as you can imagine right it's where a lot 00:03:40.72 --> 00:03:44. of you know disposable income in is a lot of people 00:03:44.31 --> 00:03:47. have money in these countries and then you get into 00:03:47.19 --> 00:03:51. the emerging markets and india and china really dr 00:03:51.22 --> 00:03:54. these secondary emerging markets and there's other 00:03:54.31 --> 00:03:56. countries out there but for the most part these are 00:03:56.71 --> 00:03:59. the big up incoming ones tear one is where a lot of 00:03:59.91 --> 00:04:03. focus happens for monetization for marketing and things like that so how does it work? Well when you launch a nap you know when we'll talk all about this we'll talk how you publish your app it goes into this app ecosystem right it gets assigned the icon gets a title because you're price everything else and then it goes into the whole world and you're ready to go then he gets right doing your marketing thing your app is then discovered right it is found by people by searching in the in the actual search box in itunes or in the google play store ah that word of mouth you know how many friends ever said hey you got a down the sap it's amazing you're not gonna believe it or external sources maybe there's a blogger that talks about this great new photo happened later on we're going to have a great presentation about how to get those external sources uh and more importantly there's an algorithm behind all of these app stores the apple and google play being the biggest ones is just like how do you how do your search results come up where they do for specific terms and we'll talk a lot about that and about abstract optimization, which some people in the audience here very, very well of hearst. That which is great. They also have charts and rankings this is what's really unique about the app store and this is good for a lot of reasons when your app goes live it gets ranked within the category it's in so for example this is the top paid iphone naps in the health and fitness category so it gets ranked based on how many downloads they're making you can see the free categories you see top grossing top grossing means who's making the most money so with the absolute worst the overall summary the alps or afghan google app stores are where your app is goingto live for all intensive purposes that's where you're going to be doing it the absolute they're growing like crazy this market continues to grow and grow and grow and to get in on the ground floor is an enormous opportunity each country has its own app store so even if it's doing really well in the u s realised that you could also do really well in the italian app store or in the german app store or in the chinese app store there's a lot of different app stores even within the apple silo and there are rankings top charts an algorithm to organize your aps one of the cool things about that business at least my experience and with blue cloud and when my portfolio's is that you meet people all over the world I mean anyone out there right now, especially anyone from blue cloud it's all different time zones. It's. All different countries is all different languages. And we're all connected by this act store by the same goal by the same, you know, frameworks and that's really, really fun. It's. Really exciting.

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