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Getting Started With Your Developer Account

We're going to talk about packaging and distributed we're talking, prepping and optimizing these air the main parts off the publishing process right not going how you how do you create the software and package it up into the app store correctly right? How do you distribute it? How do you get it out to the masses correctly? How do you prep everything that you need? How do you get ready for that pre launch movement that moment and optimizing how do you assess what you've been doing? How do you make sure that you are working on the right parts of your app business and in the meta data to make it better and better get more and more downloads from those keywords? So first and foremost we're going to talk about developer accounts now developer accounts is a tricky word because it's not just for developers okay, you just have to become a quote unquote developer so that you get in access to the app store right it's kind of your gateway and up here is the apple iowa's developer center and then ...

if you also never go in the mac app store or you develop a safari extension that's what those are but you're gonna be spending most your time here on itunes connect specifically is where you spend a lot of time that's kind of your mission control for the app store. Similarly in google play was your developer console. This is where you are going to have a lot of different all you're absolutely pricing and we'll do a walk through of this first and foremost you have to register to be developer now anyone who's never built an app doesn't know anything about that this is helpful if you've already done this bear with us basically you just need to tell apple I want to upload that I want I want you to give me a permission slip so that I can do this I want to become register and pay you a fee and you're going to allow me to have my own at page in the app store so that's what the registration and developer centers are all about second is it gives you permission to do it right there's a lot of different technical stuff that we're not going to get into about permission 00:01:59.243 --> 00:02:03. slips and provisioning profiles and certificates and 00:02:03.22 --> 00:02:05. all these things you've got to get your code signed 00:02:05.01 --> 00:02:06. with that's what the developers were going to worry 00:02:06.54 --> 00:02:09. about all you need to know is that by having this 00:02:09.42 --> 00:02:11. registration by having this developer account you 00:02:11.85 --> 00:02:14. now have permission toe upload a nap and be in the 00:02:14.66 --> 00:02:18. app store these have to be ableto say alright, these 00:02:18.02 --> 00:02:20. this app goes to this person here is their banking 00:02:20.54 --> 00:02:22. and their legal on the tax information all that sort 00:02:22.34 --> 00:02:22. of stuff 00:02:24.62 --> 00:02:27. costs this comes up a lot how much does it cost? All 00:02:27.1 --> 00:02:29. right, I want to build nap what other one of the fees 00:02:29.68 --> 00:02:31. are there were other costs are there out there well 00:02:31.83 --> 00:02:34. with apple, it cost one hundred dollars a year to 00:02:34.84 --> 00:02:38. be in iowa's developer whatever mac developer, whatever, 00:02:38.72 --> 00:02:42. maybe it's been that price for as long as he's been 00:02:42.33 --> 00:02:44. around, I assume it's going to stay that price, but 00:02:44.68 --> 00:02:47. that's what it is google play, same thing, twenty 00:02:47.0 --> 00:02:47. five dollars 00:02:49.42 --> 00:02:53. and others are variable, right? Google was twenty 00:02:53.55 --> 00:02:57. five dollars one time like one time fee. They've done 00:02:57.41 --> 00:02:59. twenty five dollars, a year and they kind of go back 00:02:59.23 --> 00:03:03. and forth so they're not quite as good at taking your 00:03:03.87 --> 00:03:06. money is apple is, which is, you know, I guess it 00:03:06.07 --> 00:03:08. makes sense. This is a variable. So for example, amazon 00:03:08.5 --> 00:03:11. did for it was your free developer for a long time. 00:03:11.15 --> 00:03:13. Now they might start charging windows is the same 00:03:13.45 --> 00:03:14. thing because they're trying to get more and more 00:03:14.82 --> 00:03:17. developers in there. It will not change much more 00:03:17.64 --> 00:03:19. than this. This is essentially what you can expect. 00:03:22.02 --> 00:03:24. Now you're getting started so you're saying okay I 00:03:24.31 --> 00:03:26. got it let's do this let's get started what do we 00:03:26.6 --> 00:03:28. do first? Now the first thing I have to do is you 00:03:28.12 --> 00:03:31. can register the business or is an individual what 00:03:31.48 --> 00:03:35. that means is that carter thomas can go get app developer 00:03:35.95 --> 00:03:38. account lets an apple and I would go and put my shield 00:03:38.61 --> 00:03:41. security number in in my billing information credit 00:03:41.81 --> 00:03:45. card and then carter thomas as the publisher in the 00:03:45.62 --> 00:03:47. app store right there like underneath my icon who 00:03:47.62 --> 00:03:50. say carter thomas and that'll be it I would be up 00:03:50.94 --> 00:03:53. and running in a matter of days if not hours it's 00:03:53.2 --> 00:03:57. very easy tio here if I had a business called power 00:03:57.92 --> 00:04:00. app six thousand which was going to make the coolest 00:04:00.63 --> 00:04:05. games ever I'll go and get llc or I nc or an s corp 00:04:05.67 --> 00:04:08. or whatever and I would get all the paperwork and 00:04:08.14 --> 00:04:13. then I would register as that company okay now the 00:04:13.01 --> 00:04:17. one there's no benefit four against other than just 00:04:17.13 --> 00:04:20. you know whatever advice your lawyer accountant gives 00:04:20.24 --> 00:04:23. you about what you should be doing corporate strategy 00:04:23.0 --> 00:04:25. wise but remember that individuals can always upgrade 00:04:26.02 --> 00:04:28. for example, if I register tomorrow as carter thomas 00:04:28.91 --> 00:04:32. in the app store in a month let's say I get a bunch 00:04:32.75 --> 00:04:35. of aps that I want to create a holding company for 00:04:35.07 --> 00:04:37. my abs or whatever maybe and I don't want it full 00:04:37.79 --> 00:04:39. ahead. Carter thomas owning all these aps I could 00:04:39.97 --> 00:04:43. say all right power at six thousand llc is going to 00:04:43.95 --> 00:04:46. create an entity and carter thomas's app store is 00:04:46.88 --> 00:04:49. just going to get rolled right up into it easy to 00:04:49.16 --> 00:04:52. do it's very seamless things like that you cannot 00:04:52.18 --> 00:04:57. go from having the llc becoming an individual so if 00:04:57.22 --> 00:04:59. you want to just get started it's a lot easier just 00:04:59.24 --> 00:05:02. to stars individual knowing you khun become a company 00:05:02.54 --> 00:05:05. one of the reasons for that is if he registers a business 00:05:05.1 --> 00:05:06. it could take a little while you have to go through 00:05:06.89 --> 00:05:09. a few from process which with something called the 00:05:09.38 --> 00:05:11. dunns do and s which is 00:05:12.54 --> 00:05:15. bradstreet and all that sort of thing so it's really 00:05:15.76 --> 00:05:17. good if you're starting out the best strategy is just 00:05:17.91 --> 00:05:19. stars an individual it's really easy to get set up 00:05:19.97 --> 00:05:21. really quickly you can always upgrade later 00:05:22.84 --> 00:05:25. you pay your fees you just you know use a credit card 00:05:25.05 --> 00:05:28. or whatever maybe and you get approved usually takes 00:05:28.26 --> 00:05:31. anywhere from a day to two weeks depending on what 00:05:32.34 --> 00:05:34. what you're trying to do like if you have a company 00:05:34.05 --> 00:05:37. or how complicated you get things like that and lastly 00:05:37.5 --> 00:05:40. do this before you hire a developer okay if you hire 00:05:40.97 --> 00:05:43. developer and you say hey let's start building my 00:05:43.45 --> 00:05:46. app and let's start doing this your developer may 00:05:46.07 --> 00:05:48. say alright cool I need your log in information so 00:05:48.63 --> 00:05:50. I could get a what's called the provisioning profile 00:05:51.17 --> 00:05:54. so that he can where she can build the app and put 00:05:54.32 --> 00:05:56. it on a device and let it run on an actual device. 00:05:57.24 --> 00:05:59. If you don't have this set up, they can't get that 00:05:59.26 --> 00:06:01. provisioning profile. So it's, really good to have 00:06:01.87 --> 00:06:04. this set up and be able to have all your legal information, 00:06:04.27 --> 00:06:07. tax information, banking information. And then you 00:06:07.16 --> 00:06:10. hire the developers. So they have full access to the 00:06:10.04 --> 00:06:12. parts that they need. Now, you can modify the permissions, 00:06:12.13 --> 00:06:13. which we'll talk about it a little bit.

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You don’t need technical experience to start making apps! Learn about app making, app marketing, the app business, and everything in between in Make Your Own App: No Coding Required with Carter Thomas. 

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  • Internal and external marketing 
  • Monetizing your apps 
Carter will explain every step in the app-making process and detail an achievable path to app success.You’ll learn about the complete range of options for getting app ideas off the ground and what to do once your app is ready. Carter will also offer tips for getting downloads, making money, and growing an app business. 

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