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App Analytics

Lesson 30 from: Make Your Own App: No Coding Required

Carter Thomas

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30. App Analytics

Lesson Info

App Analytics

And finally we're going to wrap up with quick analytics tutorial because while we talk about the measuring, I just want to make sure that we are measuring the proper analytics we're going to end with this how to sell your business and a quick wrap up and then we'll be good to go so we're going to talk about using data retention and measuring improvements with analytics you're talking about playing the long game you're talking about measuring all that data and if it wasn't for analects I never would have been able to go to bacardi and say hey, look look how good this data is look how good these users are they would have dismissed me in two minutes so it's really good to be able to answer questions like who are my best customers who buys these in our purchases? What countries should I be focusing on? The analytics will answer all these questions and that's the that's the big piece of it it's all about identifying the ideal customer, right? So people who buy my four, ninety nine and I pur...

chase all seemed to share on twitter before they did that and people who never purchased never share on twitter maybe I should try to get people to share on twitter a lot more because I wanna make a lot more money. I would never know that if I just didn't set up my google analytics to measure that one little thing and that's gonna make fifty thousand dollars in next year just that little that little insight right? One action you can take in terms of analytics that's a little not data intensive just think ofthree behaviors that you could track open nap look att any app and half your building or nap you use and say what our three behaviors cousin and I purchase is a clicking on the menu is it clicking on an ad think of three things and get in the habit of thinking about that data I want to show this example real quick because I thought it was great these guys have recently become one of the top grossing top free aps and they have clearly used data to say look if you match you'll probably be a better user for us so they're trying to get you to match up really quickly you know they want to show you that you should be playing in the tournament and 00:01:58.006 --> 00:02:02. gameplay side of the of their entire app everything 00:02:02.3 --> 00:02:04. that they have done here and when you read through 00:02:04.01 --> 00:02:08. their whole, uh description they focus exclusively 00:02:08.08 --> 00:02:09. on multi player they tell you that you've got to go 00:02:09.93 --> 00:02:11. play with somebody else because they've realized when 00:02:11.67 --> 00:02:15. you do that your retention in your ltv your lifetime 00:02:15.21 --> 00:02:16. value goes up massively 00:02:18.07 --> 00:02:20. similarly with retention this is how long people stick 00:02:20.48 --> 00:02:23. around for example, people who enabled push notifications 00:02:23.73 --> 00:02:26. had fifty percent higher attention. How do I get more 00:02:26.57 --> 00:02:28. people to enable push notifications maybe I should 00:02:28.95 --> 00:02:31. make an onboard in experience get that up to seventy 00:02:31.46 --> 00:02:33. five percent wow now I make twenty five percent more 00:02:33.92 --> 00:02:35. money over there it's here that works 00:02:36.77 --> 00:02:39. one action item is what our three reasons you uninstall 00:02:39.58 --> 00:02:42. inapt think of the last after you deleted why did 00:02:42.25 --> 00:02:44. you delete it what was it about it I don't want to 00:02:44.78 --> 00:02:47. use it or you don't like it think about that 00:02:48.37 --> 00:02:51. this is a good example for attention why do you think 00:02:51.05 --> 00:02:54. they have a retention problem because they open the 00:02:54.01 --> 00:02:57. app they log in they can't find anybody who matches 00:02:57.54 --> 00:03:00. with them or maybe they do match with somebody it's 00:03:00.14 --> 00:03:03. not a good experience so these guys are just crushing 00:03:03.39 --> 00:03:06. data all day to figure out how do you have the best 00:03:06.24 --> 00:03:09. possible experience so if you open it up maybe there's 00:03:09.23 --> 00:03:12. an onboard an experience where it's a mock trial off 00:03:12.4 --> 00:03:14. oh you're going through and you get paired with someone 00:03:14.34 --> 00:03:17. as if it was a real person but it feels like it was 00:03:17.41 --> 00:03:20. a real relationship oh now I know what it feels like 00:03:20.65 --> 00:03:23. when I do match with that right person maybe this 00:03:23.3 --> 00:03:25. will work that's the type of thing that data could 00:03:25.24 --> 00:03:26. totally change 00:03:27.7 --> 00:03:30. like we talked about you consort of google analytics 00:03:30.57 --> 00:03:33. um I'm not a data person I always focus on the questions 00:03:33.63 --> 00:03:36. you want to answer first don't get crazy on and just 00:03:36.05 --> 00:03:36. start pretty basic 00:03:38.14 --> 00:03:41. with east update add one more piece to measure I think 00:03:41.91 --> 00:03:43. that's a good rule of thumb where you always want 00:03:43.4 --> 00:03:45. to just say all right here's one more event we can 00:03:45.51 --> 00:03:46. put in the mix 00:03:47.34 --> 00:03:49. communicate with the developer about howto how to 00:03:49.62 --> 00:03:51. install the analytics I've been thinking about the 00:03:51.92 --> 00:03:55. events you want to measure last finale is packaging 00:03:55.14 --> 00:03:55. this all up 00:03:57.22 --> 00:03:59. one the kind of byproducts of having analytics is 00:03:59.47 --> 00:04:03. a force is organization and when you sell aps our portfolios organization is the name of the game no if you can go and you can answer kp which is a key key performance indicator about your happy your wraps were worth a lot more money toe businesses to sellers to buyers anyone and it's easy tio impress potential buyers easily when you know your stuff when you know your data if you are going to sell your app ever so your aps or you're at business they're valued mostly on performance potential organization is tragedy the organization is something you can control right no matter how well your app does you can control the organization think about what crash questions would mitigate risk so if I say mike average customer is worth this here's how I control it here's how I get more those questions that someone could say well I could easily take that over a swell one action and um if you're ever interested in buying and selling aps round portfolios go to flip topia it's, it's kind of a marketplace of buying and selling acts. And just just check out the listings people are selling all perhaps one of three questions. You would ask a seller and ask yourself, why am I not asking myself those questions every day as well? Um, so that was a lot. It was an enormous amount of information. What we talked about. Now, you know how to make unique selling proposition. How'd it get aps inside the app store? How do you use pr to get big? Dallas howto measure results? Howto make money on your app? If you're interested, if you ever want to contact myself or blue cloud, the best thing to do is go to our website, got tons of free info or you should join our community. We have a lot of templates. We have an amazing community of people that share information, help each other out. I do monthly q and a where you can write in and call in or whatever, and I will just crowd source all the answers for everybody. There's also, hundreds of questions were answered from months pass or the very least it's going sign up for email and then you could just hit reply and that's my email address and I will get back to you so feel free to do that and thank you so much for having me. Well, this has been great, alright has been fantastic. Carter, thank you so much for all this fantastic information. Thanks, everybody out there who've been watching in our great studio audience to let's. Give carter one last huge round of applause for being here.

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