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iOS vs. Android

Lesson 8 from: Make Your Own App: No Coding Required

Carter Thomas

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8. iOS vs. Android

Lesson Info

iOS vs. Android

Next question we want to talk about our decision we want to make is choosing your platform okay obviously of apple we have and enjoy and the interesting thing about apple is that there's one store its itunes android is google play it's amazon it's get shar it's all the chinese androids sort there's thousands of android app source when I say android I am mean google play for the most part so those air synonymous when we're talking to android apple itunes or synonymous so whenever you hear that or see that that's why we're talking now why ask this now why are we talking about well platform issues when we're talking about developers well there's a few different things there's a lot of different developers and skills out there two years ago you can either build a nap are you cutting now it's oh yeah well I do swift iowa's development or I do apple watch s decayed ailment or I do you know spit this unity three d whatever it may be you know there's a million different ways so when you can de...

cide what platform you want to build on first you're gonna be able to find a much more specific developer which helps you find a better expert that's really important it's also going to save you a lot of time later on here's what happens to a lot of people they build their apple they build their app on apple on iowa's they go this is awesome. Hey, can you, uh, can you convert this overto android for me? You know, just like and the developers like, what are you talking about? You know, they know a way, and I'm not saying that you necessarily need to make that decision now you can totally do it later on, but realize that you have to pick a path to start with. This is this is for most people out there who are saying, I just want to get in the app store, don't go, I want to be on both it's better to just pick one to start, and we're typically going to focus on iowa's, but we'll also talk a lot about google play as well. What? Maria, what are your thoughts on eggs area mohr phone gap like having a developer build in c sharp and then use one of those? Yeah, so for anyone who doesn't know, these are platform's different languages that can be ported over to multiple both. So you basically build a nap, and then you either export the iowa's or you export it to android, kind of the same time, write the code parses correctly. That could be really helpful, I think, the reason that I don't always recommend people. Starting with that is because if you build it on phone gap or unity, for example, and then you need to switch your developer, it could be a lot harder to find someone who understands how they wrote that code, because it's, just not as big of a pool. I think later on, when you say, alright, hey, I really like unity have got awesome unity three d team, but I knows me around for a while. Let's, start building that way. But if you're just getting started, I think it's. Better to say this is a native iowa's, or this is native android, because if I need to move this over to a new developer, it's going to be this is going to be easier process. And then you can evolve your business from there. The other thing you need to think about his device and software requirements to build apple, aps or android app from google play requires a different different software requires different you need an iphone, or do you need in excess or deny pad or a tablet? Er, whatever it may be and that's, just something to think about. As you're saying. All right, well, I need you test this device. You know, I need teo. What do I need to buy what I want. But what screen sizes don't need to worry about things like that. And more importantly, like this just helps you get in the habit of making a plan, right? One thing that people do is they spend money, and then they make the decision later. They say, I gotta hire someone. Oh, yeah, now I'm gonna map out now. I got my developer now, it's serious. Now wanna math out? It'll happen instead of saying, well, maybe I should nap this all out and then start spending some money. So this is just help get in the process of making a plan. Now, with apple, users typically have higher disposable income. Makes sense, right? The devices are more expensive. People are used to spending money on itunes. It's, just like the brand itself, is higher. I mean, cos the most valuable company in the world, there's. A reason for that. People spend more money with apple products, it's, really popular and tear one countries that may change the next five, ten years as they make a less expensive iphone. But right now, it's one to kind of go hand in hand, it's, a more common first platform among many of our blue cloud students. I'm not saying it's the best, for better or worse than android, by any means, they're saying that it tends to be more popular. There's, a lot more information, written about it, about keywords and things like that for apple. But that's changing right, google play is becoming a very popular platform. Now the android it's a faster growing market it's the curve on android is eclipsing apple at a much beer rate so that could be a reason to start on android there's a lot more devices and sizes so there's no just hey this is thie android phone it's there's an h t c or nexus for assam song in which one and so you've got to think about that specifically for graphics right because you want the graphics toe look correct and going to be stretched and how many different graphic so you have to make for the devices there's lots of different app stores which khun b hey this worked on google play maybe we should upload this in this country or this app store this app store vs it's just in itunes these users also have a much lower disposable income it's really popular in worldwide markets and even in the united states will see a much lower revenue per user on android you know thirty to forty percent lower off in most cases but you can make up for it in volume so you just make that decision and you start to think about which is going to be most important bottom line is either platform works right there's pros and cons and just stick to one of your starting out don't try to kill two persons on stone just stick to one I think iowa's is a great place to start um but it could really go either way.

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