Make Your Own App: No Coding Required

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Make Your Own App: No Coding Required


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Write Your App Description

Now we went through and saw where all this information is now I need to say well how exactly do we what do we do how do we fill in good information? What what kind of stuff she put in and I want to talk about at descriptions first and what's interesting about at descriptions is that it's often kind of I'll do that the end it doesn't get picked up by the algorithm as much at least on apple side and who reads the descriptions anyone everyone just looks the screen shots you know all about well the reason I like theat description is less about the app in the dallas it's going to get you and what I really like is that it forces you to really focus what it is you're packaging up it focuses your marketing message better than any other part because the screenshot you only get so much space the icon is it is what it is a title with the description it forces you to go through the whole marketing process and really nail it as best you can so you got your headline which is the first line here got ...

your introduction your accolades about hey this is what it's all about and here's why we're good your feature listing what what can you expect in the app then support and social how can you get in touch with us? How can you share with us? How can you connect with us now with with a headline in the description call out your unique selling proposition. Clearly this is really important for later on, especially when we talk about marketing your app. But this is where you say all right, grail is delivering the the most share articles and videos from across the internet find out what's trending before your friends do that's something that very few new zaps will dio and that's where you want to call it out also the psychology from a marketing standpoint, if I have to go through and think about this, I now know that's what I'm marketing that's what I want people to know about my app and it's going to cascade through all of the marketing assets second is you want to make a promise? I don't I don't mean a literal prominence like if you download this app, you're going to get twelve bucks, the positive bank 00:01:59.374 --> 00:02:02. account and it's going to be more about what can I 00:02:02.42 --> 00:02:04. expect? What benefit I'm not going to get in my life? 00:02:04.89 --> 00:02:08. If I use this act and in this case might be finding 00:02:08.45 --> 00:02:09. out before your friends do 00:02:10.62 --> 00:02:13. and ask a question and then answer it good example, 00:02:14.22 --> 00:02:14. me 00:02:16.9 --> 00:02:20. feeling unfit? In seven minutes, you could have the 00:02:20.13 --> 00:02:24. workout of your life, right? Feeling stressed. Use 00:02:24.14 --> 00:02:26. the seven minute meditation happen. You'll, you know, 00:02:26.77 --> 00:02:28. your life will change, you know, asking question and 00:02:28.73 --> 00:02:30. solved the problem. That's. A great way to have a 00:02:30.41 --> 00:02:32. headline that covers all these bases. 00:02:35.02 --> 00:02:37. And then you get the introduction, right, so you've 00:02:37.35 --> 00:02:40. you've said what this app is all about, you said, 00:02:40.63 --> 00:02:42. why it's unique, what's great about it. Now you're 00:02:42.84 --> 00:02:44. going to talk to the user, right? You're going to 00:02:44.6 --> 00:02:47. say, all right, let's, start a relationship with each 00:02:47.13 --> 00:02:47. other. 00:02:48.77 --> 00:02:50. This the only acted as a realtor time engine, right, 00:02:50.96 --> 00:02:53. there's, no more searching for the best stuff in the 00:02:53.15 --> 00:02:56. clutter. Let us do that for you. Using that word, 00:02:56.65 --> 00:02:59. you is powerful in the second, second part of the 00:02:59.48 --> 00:03:01. introduction, because you're talking to the person 00:03:01.78 --> 00:03:04. downloading your app right, and you also want to back 00:03:04.83 --> 00:03:08. up why the introduction is powerful. This is all pretty 00:03:08.65 --> 00:03:12. standard copyrighting best practices, and if you ever 00:03:12.54 --> 00:03:14. look up any sort of copyrighting course your book, 00:03:15.42 --> 00:03:17. they'll tell you the same stuff, and it really, really 00:03:17.74 --> 00:03:19. works in the app store that's, something that a lot 00:03:19.65 --> 00:03:20. he'll just don't d'oh. 00:03:22.72 --> 00:03:25. The third piece is the features, right. So now you're 00:03:25.28 --> 00:03:28. getting to the part where, okay, well, what exactly 00:03:28.19 --> 00:03:31. is this app going to do it? How is it gonna work what's 00:03:31.04 --> 00:03:35. special about it? I tend to use list formats. I think 00:03:35.0 --> 00:03:37. that list lists work great. I think people naturally 00:03:37.53 --> 00:03:39. gravitate towards them in this situation, 00:03:41.34 --> 00:03:43. and you want to talk about results, not necessary 00:03:43.83 --> 00:03:48. functions. So a good a good example. This so filter 00:03:48.17 --> 00:03:51. by category to get only the content you want on ly 00:03:51.6 --> 00:03:54. the content you want that's a lot better than saying 00:03:54.52 --> 00:03:58. ability to filter by category or nine categories to 00:03:58.73 --> 00:04:01. filter by. You want to say you can all you're going 00:04:01.87 --> 00:04:03. to get the content that you want, because you can 00:04:03.58 --> 00:04:06. filter the category. So that's, those subtle differences 00:04:06.09 --> 00:04:09. of listing off the benefits by showing that the features 00:04:09.57 --> 00:04:10. will give you those benefits. 00:04:13.39 --> 00:04:16. And it finally the support and the social this is 00:04:16.67 --> 00:04:19. a this is a big one because people will reach out 00:04:19.82 --> 00:04:23. to you people will message on facebook send you emails 00:04:23.59 --> 00:04:26. to your support they'll say hey you know I tried to 00:04:26.0 --> 00:04:28. buy something and I couldn't get couldn't get these 00:04:28.32 --> 00:04:31. coins or I couldn't figure out how to add my email 00:04:31.45 --> 00:04:34. address can help me out or whatever it may be and 00:04:34.42 --> 00:04:36. you really want to ask people to reach out to you 00:04:36.32 --> 00:04:39. hey dio feedback what do you think this app do you 00:04:39.22 --> 00:04:41. have any feedback for us how can we make this better 00:04:41.3 --> 00:04:44. be a part of us building this app for you like us 00:04:44.73 --> 00:04:46. on facebook and let us know what your favorite articles 00:04:46.82 --> 00:04:49. are right go to our facebook page and tell us hey 00:04:49.78 --> 00:04:51. what really struck you what would you like to see 00:04:51.68 --> 00:04:55. in our app that's a huge way to help bring your audience 00:04:55.3 --> 00:04:58. as part of your no evangelist community to really 00:04:58.55 --> 00:05:00. grow and spread your app 00:05:01.89 --> 00:05:03. with that the description 00:05:04.49 --> 00:05:07. it's pretty it's pretty dialed in but you also now 00:05:07.17 --> 00:05:10. have a clear unique selling proposition I never promised 00:05:10.21 --> 00:05:11. to the user you know what you're going how you going 00:05:11.9 --> 00:05:14. to try to help a user? You are a list of benefits 00:05:14.44 --> 00:05:16. and a list of functions they're going to use any great 00:05:16.61 --> 00:05:19. wait for people to connect with you if you didn't 00:05:19.12 --> 00:05:20. go through if you want if you go through description. 00:05:20.95 --> 00:05:25. Last, you might have a title, screen shots. All this 00:05:25.59 --> 00:05:28. without ever thinking about all four of those pieces, 00:05:28.17 --> 00:05:32. and then your whole at page khun b very unfocused. 00:05:32.33 --> 00:05:33. And this could make a big difference in that. 00:05:35.99 --> 00:05:37. So that makes sense everybody do you have any questions 00:05:37.94 --> 00:05:41. on that anything good this is that you can edit this 00:05:41.19 --> 00:05:44. any time this is one of the few things that you can 00:05:44.28 --> 00:05:47. you do not need to upload a new version toe at this 00:05:47.11 --> 00:05:49. so if you don't like a certain paragraph you can always 00:05:49.53 --> 00:05:51. go in and edit it which is great 00:05:52.42 --> 00:05:54. now we have a question that came in here from a guy 00:05:54.96 --> 00:05:59. named jay and hey says this kind of just relates to 00:05:59.22 --> 00:06:01. in general with the itunes sor but I could see it 00:06:01.35 --> 00:06:03. coming up is your writing your description but he 00:06:03.58 --> 00:06:05. wants to know what happens if your app it's banned 00:06:05.98 --> 00:06:08. or an account gets suspended with itunes is there 00:06:08.24 --> 00:06:10. anything as you're building out your description anything 00:06:10.37 --> 00:06:12. that you want to make sure not to include that may 00:06:12.73 --> 00:06:15. end up getting you band or something that will notify 00:06:15.92 --> 00:06:18. apple that there's something wrong with your particular 00:06:18.02 --> 00:06:19. have anything you should be weary of as you were kind 00:06:19.8 --> 00:06:22. of writing out your description that's a good question 00:06:23.76 --> 00:06:27. I think the biggest thing is making false claims that's 00:06:27.48 --> 00:06:29. number one thing you don't want to dio 00:06:30.5 --> 00:06:31. and you don't want to make up 00:06:32.96 --> 00:06:36. things that didn't happen what I mean by that example 00:06:36.63 --> 00:06:39. is featured on forbes magazine 00:06:40.9 --> 00:06:42. you weren't featured on forms like like what you doing 00:06:43.09 --> 00:06:48. you know trying teo basically a manufacturer celebrity 00:06:48.26 --> 00:06:50. status or make it look bigger than it is we'll get 00:06:50.45 --> 00:06:53. you nailed on the description side. As long as you 00:06:53.14 --> 00:06:54. tell the truth and just do a really good job and put 00:06:54.85 --> 00:06:57. some thought into it. You should be fine, and we'll 00:06:57.09 --> 00:06:59. talk a bit more about rejections and anything like 00:06:59.16 --> 00:07:01. that later on. But that's, the those the biggest ones 00:07:02.14 --> 00:07:04. on then, obviously, no swear words and things like 00:07:04.08 --> 00:07:05. that that could get you in trouble.

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