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Make Your Own App: No Coding Required


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Internal App Marketing

Internal at marketing. Now that you've got your unique selling proposition, now you're gonna start getting downloads and there's a few different parts of this theirs. The overview, which we'll talk about. Theres eso this cross promotion, there's localization, there's reviews and there's updates. There is a there's, a list that could probably go this far internal at marketing, which, if we had nine more hours and it's, more of a voice, would probably tackle it. But for now, these are. These are some of the most powerful, and we're going to touch on a lot of these. The overview of this so the idea of internal at marketing is optimizing yourself for the app store algorithm and discovery right? Similarly, people are already searching for something in the app store when you think about the world think think anything about the world as when you when you create an app and you're saying all right I got to get downloads from my app it's easy to go all man there's there six or seven billion peop...

le in the world six seven billion somewhere I could just get one percent of one percent if I do that a millionaire like awesome right? What you don't remember is that you gotta bring it all down and remember all the back to the idea of you gotta know your sandbox well actually I'm just in the app store and it's all these people that are circling in the app store and they're all searching for something they're all trying to find something they're all looking for what the new solution is for the problem and that is what the internal at marketing population looks like it's not as big as something like the internet or something like television or whatever else I may be it is the app store search phone now there's a lot of people searching in the aft sir and there are a lot more people that are going to be searching in the app store as we move forward 00:01:57.824 --> 00:02:01. but the reason I want to point that out is because 00:02:02.32 --> 00:02:04. people already have a device they're already qualified 00:02:04.93 --> 00:02:06. that they know what they're looking for they already 00:02:06.85 --> 00:02:10. know that the app is a solution to their problem people 00:02:10.4 --> 00:02:13. on the web often don't even know that an app could 00:02:13.04 --> 00:02:14. solve their problem they think that they're going 00:02:14.9 --> 00:02:17. to go get a website or maybe join a subscription membership 00:02:18.05 --> 00:02:20. we're going to buy some information or whatever maybe 00:02:21.42 --> 00:02:23. instead of saying I wonder for a nap could do this 00:02:23.41 --> 00:02:27. for me versus ap searching people already know that 00:02:27.01 --> 00:02:29. their aps out there so it's kind of a nuanced difference 00:02:29.93 --> 00:02:32. but I just want to be clear about that because the 00:02:32.11 --> 00:02:36. winning formula for any internal at marketing caters 00:02:36.25 --> 00:02:38. to those people they're looking for something very 00:02:38.63 --> 00:02:40. specific they know it's an app that they want to find 00:02:41.72 --> 00:02:43. it's a perfect solution to the problem that they have 00:02:44.52 --> 00:02:49. it provides ongoing usefulness and it exceeds expectations 00:02:49.62 --> 00:02:52. so as we talk about internal marketing as we talk 00:02:52.26 --> 00:02:54. about s o as we talked about all these things 00:02:55.95 --> 00:02:59. this is the four part system that will get like this 00:02:59.23 --> 00:03:02. will win for you on every part of it and if you are 00:03:02.78 --> 00:03:05. not think about all four parts of these you're going 00:03:05.29 --> 00:03:07. to miss out on a huge amount of volume and that's 00:03:07.27 --> 00:03:10. often why things don't work out for certain gaps in 00:03:10.0 --> 00:03:12. the app store I'll show you an exact example of how 00:03:12.53 --> 00:03:15. this didn't how really the case say that prove this 00:03:15.47 --> 00:03:16. specifically 00:03:17.32 --> 00:03:20. now a good example that I was thinking off that actually 00:03:20.92 --> 00:03:23. used like last week is 00:03:25.62 --> 00:03:28. grab him now if anyone out there has ever ordered 00:03:28.65 --> 00:03:32. food if you live in this city grubhub is a food delivery 00:03:32.71 --> 00:03:35. service where it aggregate all the different restaurants 00:03:35.71 --> 00:03:39. within your area and you can order food right if I'm 00:03:39.06 --> 00:03:41. looking for a nap let's say I've never heard of grubhub 00:03:41.52 --> 00:03:43. and I want food delivery and I'm like, oh there's 00:03:43.47 --> 00:03:46. definitely an app for that I'm gonna search half delivery 00:03:46.27 --> 00:03:49. in the app store this is what comes up all right that's 00:03:49.16 --> 00:03:52. a very specific solution to my problem perfect I know 00:03:52.95 --> 00:03:54. it's an app I'm not looking for a website looking 00:03:54.78 --> 00:03:58. for a nap I download the app it does exactly what 00:03:58.32 --> 00:04:01. I want to dio and then it exceeds my expectations 00:04:01.2 --> 00:04:03. because it's really easy to use that's going to stay 00:04:03.91 --> 00:04:06. on my phone for a really long time and the apple algorithm 00:04:06.79 --> 00:04:09. is going to know that it just did those four things 00:04:09.59 --> 00:04:12. based on the behavior and the analytics and everything 00:04:12.23 --> 00:04:15. that they have on that map so this is this is a really 00:04:15.21 --> 00:04:18. good example of following that system so that people 00:04:18.58 --> 00:04:20. dalat it, they love it and they keep it on the phone 00:04:20.96 --> 00:04:24. or device or tablet and that's what internal at marketing 00:04:24.77 --> 00:04:28. is really all about from from a top level standpoint 00:04:30.94 --> 00:04:33. on and that's when you get in that app store optimization 00:04:33.72 --> 00:04:38. we've talked about this a lot s o is a very popular 00:04:38.83 --> 00:04:42. topic as it should be right seo it's one of the biggest 00:04:42.71 --> 00:04:45. disciplines in the web marketing world eso is one 00:04:45.31 --> 00:04:46. of the biggest disciplines or is becoming one of the 00:04:46.91 --> 00:04:49. biggest disciplines in the at marketing world and 00:04:49.33 --> 00:04:52. it will continue to get bigger as more data gets mind 00:04:52.12 --> 00:04:53. from these app stores 00:04:54.14 --> 00:04:56. this is just an example infinity blade is one of the 00:04:56.34 --> 00:05:00. most popular games on the app store where you know 00:05:00.22 --> 00:05:02. that's not silly eso but that's what you know you 00:05:02.93 --> 00:05:05. can start to see big growth when you get ah lot of 00:05:05.72 --> 00:05:06. the authorization correct 00:05:08.74 --> 00:05:12. this is the equivalent of ceo for the app store you're 00:05:12.65 --> 00:05:14. optimizing for apples algorithm 00:05:16.09 --> 00:05:19. your app listing for the algorithm on for the users 00:05:19.82 --> 00:05:25. for increased downloads algorithm and users 00:05:26.24 --> 00:05:30. algorithm andrews was that's big because everyone 00:05:30.16 --> 00:05:34. focuses on this and nobody focuses on this for some 00:05:34.06 --> 00:05:38. reason I don't know what until they started releasing 00:05:38.11 --> 00:05:42. mohr data that's why search eso is increasing ranking 00:05:42.71 --> 00:05:45. for search terms and lots of different pieces of that 00:05:45.75 --> 00:05:47. that's focused on the apple algorithm that's focused 00:05:47.89 --> 00:05:51. on apple saying or a google saying hey when you type 00:05:51.1 --> 00:05:54. in these particular key words you match our criteria 00:05:55.67 --> 00:05:58. now user is so it's all about the conversion rate 00:05:58.13 --> 00:06:00. it's all about focusing on the users it's all about 00:06:00.24 --> 00:06:02. that formula we just talked about where are people getting what they're searching for? Are they keeping it? Are they happy with their product? Are they telling their friends about it? These two pieces together create absolute optimization. It used to just be searched. Now, its user answers together. Conversion is so as I like to call. And so becomes has become really popular it since since it came out you know since you since the keyword idea launched in the algorithm in two thousand seven or eight whatever wass it's relatively inexpensive you might have to pay for some memberships to some of these services if you want to get really good data but compared to a lot of other marketing channels it's it's just a lot of you know it's time you got to go and you had the research and check things out there's lots of research tools you can use which we'll talk about there's ah it could be a longer term impact than one time marketing event right? So let's say you get featured on the app store and it gets you uh handful let's take it to twenty five thousand talents and you're wow amazing great like this is awesome and then the next week you're not feature anymore and you go back to getting two hundred dollars a day and you say all right, well now what do I do now? That's not actually a bad thing or twenty five thousand dollars is I'll take the end of the week but why eso is popular is it has the idea of you know consistently moving up it has more of a long term download impact on your marketing it's also something you could do yourself we've spent so much time and in the app business you spend so many hours trusting other people toe build your business to build your products to design things for you too do all like all these different pieces finally you have something that you can actually do yourself you don't need technical experience to go pick keywords for the app store and I think that's one reason why it is really popular anybody can go out and learn this same where anyone could go out and learn how to do it with seo as well now search eso like I mentioned is when a user goes to the app store and they go up into that search box in the upper right and if it's on the phone same deal you know you can search and they type in calculator well here's what calculate comes up and if you click see all it's going to give you a full list of all the calculators how these calculator aps are ranked is the determination of where they rank for apples algorithm on the search eso you know in that ecosystem what are the factors that determine that and the title doesn't title makes sense and doesn't have keywords that makes sense relative to the search terms keywords to this key words match relative too the q receive our typing in and do they match the app that people are using the impact of all this perfectly? It changes monthly and what I would really recommend is joining a couple of these services staying very current on any of the bloggers are out there because apple is going to change this google's going to change these and I could tell you one thing today it'll just change I can tell you that these will have impact forever but you know there's no you've got to do this with this there's no formula that apple or google telling about reviews make an impact all right a lot of people by reason why people buy reviews is because they think it's going to increase their eso ranking now there's a shred of truth to that to a certain extent if you want to go down that road but what's much more important is that reviews come in consistently it's called review velocity so if you have a nap that's been out for six months and you got to have one hundred reviews that came in the first two weeks and you have no reviews that came in the next five and a half months it's probably not going to give you a whole lot of eso boost but if you get ten reviews per week over that six months that's probably going to make a pretty big hands in the air so ranking because you're gonna get five sorry he's coming in consistently that's a good indicator for apple engagement when people install the app how much should they use it and do they uninstall it right google play was early on this and they would give you the actual number and say here's how many you have installed you're so many and they're uninstalled and apple followed suit recently we're the same same metrics that is becoming a much bigger part of how well you rank do people like your app do they keep it doesn't exceed their expectations and solve a problem fifth is the app store special factors this is you know this is the guy behind the guy the wizard of oz who is sitting there and making the rules and we have no idea we just honestly don't know what what ratio this all happens in so there's always an x factor that you have to keep in mind when you're doing eso specifically around search and then conversion eso is starting to become a piece of that we'll talk about what that means in a second but essentially this means how many people who see you're at page go go on to install it which when you think about that it means that the people who are seeing you're at page from search are finding what they're looking for and they're stalling around that's a good indicator to apple saying this app should probably arise for those key words that were just typed in so these six things are all you know very can a different different levels of impact no one really knows exactly what's what but it's always evolving but this is the bulk of it all right? So centre tower. This is ah great tool you can use. You can get a free account of pretrial account there, and when you just type in something like type in instagram, it'll give you an idea of what keywords instagram is using. It will give you an idea of you know where, how they're getting. We're going reviews. What country's air getting. If you get a paid subscription, you could get tons of insights about competitive research if you're really interested, esso. And if you're really interested in figuring out keywords in the titles and like nailing this sort of thing, center towers a great resource, they've done a really good job with their tools, so that could be a great tool to do that type of competitive research for search and for finding any sort of ongoing keyword, whatever you wanna call it. Volume. Strategy's so now we know what the factors are we know what tools we can use what do we do about it how do we use it on what strategy we have first thing I think about think about the user and not the keywords that's a shift from a couple of years ago for a while we're thinking about the keywords alright what keywords doesn't have a lot of competition that has a lot of volume that's going to match my advertisers really well so that I make a lot of money on my ads that's that's what everyone thought about now what you should be thinking about is who's duality who's the person what's the experience that they're gonna have are they getting it are they getting a proper on boarding when they type in a search term is this solving their problem so think about the user when you think about s o it was a little bit of ah shift and thinking focus on your unique selling proposition for your key words when you think about the unique selling proposition as it pertains to marketing if you foot if if that's really crafted well that should be your similar keywords right like you can't make up unique selling proposition sze that don't have keywords in them if unique son proposition is done well it's going to be what people are going to search for anyway so those two should start to marry themselves you want to monitor your progress through tools that could be through sense of tower you can you can measure your rankings that khun b through ap any or through google and alex in a lot of ways or even through the app store analytics which we talked about in itunes connect no strategy it's much better to be number one on a small volume keyword the number townley on high volume keywords and this is hard to swallow sometimes because you know like well who is possibly going to be searching for you know three legged dog meditation app I don't know probably not that many people but if you're number one for it with an ever expanding at market that's a pretty good place to be my block blue cloud solutions you get tons of traffic we get tons of traffic from google because we rank really high for all these really random keywords now there's only a couple high volume cures that we do well on it's really good to be number one on the small key words if you have any other if you want some or tools or marketing our stuff that we use for it so we create a list we're going to keep adding to these ah lots of free tools that you can check out blue cross solutions for slash marketing so that's what search is all about search and so like I said it's splitting into two parts there's the search part which is what people are searching for how do you come up in those results and then there's the second part which is the conversion aso and this is part of the search to a certain extent maybe as a ranking factor but it's also something you should be thinking about what this means is let's say you have five hundred people who see your app store page in itunes or in google play or whatever it may be what percentage of them go on to install, right? What is that funnel look like? What is that number is at five percent isn't ninety five percent because that's gonna make a huge difference on how many download you're getting. One thing that I think a lot of people forget in blue cloud and in general in the general population is that it's not necessarily that you need to get more volume is this that you're not converting any the volume you're getting right? You might be getting thousands and thousands of thousands of people looking at your itunes paige but if you're only getting ten percent of all europe, you don't need new key words you just you need a better conversion funnel and so that's how this is all all bill the conversion factors in this s o it's the same nuts and bolts of search right it's the title, the keywords it's the screens it's how well the algorithm picks it up, but it also comes down to relevance, which is where the icon with the screenshots, how well does that title make sense for those screen shots and for the icon that you see are the reviews, doesn't make it look credible. All the things that you would think, yeah, ok, I trust this. I like what this has to say. Click installed, right? How closely does this match intent? Is this a stretch like, well, I search for for this type of act, but I'm kind of getting this one like I search for, ah, snapchat, upload, er, but I got something for instagram. Maybe I'll use that because it's got snapchat built into the side. Is that really what I want? You know how well it matches intent is going to make a difference on how well you convert people and finally, your uninstall factors how many people who, after the download it immediately uninstall it so you might kill it on the conversion rate. But if everyone on installs that you need to keep that in mind, because the algorithm was going to pay attention to it, so I'll show you an example that, well, hopefully illustrate this really well, the's, air tuapse that that we have a blue cloud, okay insta music, free merge songs for vine and instagram. Take a guess at what that does. If you're going to emerge a song for instagram, what do you think? That that would do? What? Why would someone want that app? Play us something while you're watching your photo. That's it, that's it. You have a video or a photo, and you want a layers on. Makes sense, right? Like kind of. Tap the shoot. Do you think that does? I know it I even I don't know I don't know what that does 00:18:03.583 --> 00:18:06. we have three thousand seven hundred forty five sort 00:18:06.21 --> 00:18:07. of use in thirty days 00:18:09.14 --> 00:18:11. we have thirty one three thousand one hundred forty 00:18:11.6 --> 00:18:14. nine people actually install it eighty four percent 00:18:14.99 --> 00:18:18. conversion rate why? Because that makes sense because 00:18:18.65 --> 00:18:23. people were typing in combined videos with music for 00:18:23.72 --> 00:18:27. instagram oh duh screenshot shows me exactly what 00:18:28.64 --> 00:18:32. click that's a conversion rate tap the shoot was coming 00:18:32.45 --> 00:18:34. up for who knows what keywords people looked at and 00:18:34.71 --> 00:18:35. they're like 00:18:36.14 --> 00:18:39. what is this game d'oh and that's not really bad because 00:18:39.19 --> 00:18:41. in certain categories you can get a lot of volume 00:18:41.8 --> 00:18:44. but twenty eight percent conversion rate and this 00:18:44.75 --> 00:18:47. is just showing us the title in the icon because this 00:18:47.5 --> 00:18:50. is how the app store analytics is displayed but remember 00:18:50.31 --> 00:18:52. they're seeing the screen shots they're seeing the 00:18:52.77 --> 00:18:54. reviews they're seeing the icon there seeing the title 00:18:54.8 --> 00:18:56. there seeing the description if they get that far 00:18:56.41 --> 00:18:58. down they might see a video preview if you want to 00:18:58.66 --> 00:19:02. do that my point is that this can make an enormous 00:19:02.92 --> 00:19:05. difference in the amount of downloads you're getting 00:19:05.04 --> 00:19:07. so don't just think I got to get new keywords I got 00:19:07.59 --> 00:19:10. to go find this new niche out there is something else 00:19:10.64 --> 00:19:13. I realized that if you are dialed in on walking are 00:19:13.72 --> 00:19:17. searching for already you can you can find some really 00:19:17.34 --> 00:19:19. you know hidden gold that's already there. Very low 00:19:19.13 --> 00:19:19. hanging fruit. 00:19:21.94 --> 00:19:26. So to a quick eso overview which talked about a lot 00:19:26.07 --> 00:19:28. of stuff that's due the sl and 00:19:29.57 --> 00:19:33. this one wrap it up real quick first user first 00:19:34.34 --> 00:19:38. I can't stress this more I think one piece of advice 00:19:38.43 --> 00:19:41. that I tend to give people especially coming from 00:19:41.56 --> 00:19:42. the web world 00:19:43.64 --> 00:19:44. is that 00:19:46.04 --> 00:19:49. google and apple and amazon when you when you talk 00:19:49.18 --> 00:19:53. to the urban you hear from the ceo and you hear from 00:19:53.05 --> 00:19:57. the executives there they always talk about putting 00:19:57.93 --> 00:20:00. the user first they always talk about what's the best 00:20:00.22 --> 00:20:02. user experience how is how is amazon get the user 00:20:02.73 --> 00:20:05. of the best prices house google getting the best search 00:20:05.17 --> 00:20:08. results how does apple get the user the best possible product experience they're going to do the same thing for the algorithm there's no way they're not going to try to find a way to get the best aps to the users so the more you think about that now the more it's gonna pay off in the long term because that's how the algorithm is going to evolve I can guarantee it long tail winds number one on smaller terms is the way to do it I'm not saying you shouldn't go after bigger terms but the more you khun get really really specific so if you're gonna build a dog app go after a specific breed off the dog app and then make a specific function off that dog breed dog app and just keep going down until you find something that really wins on those smaller search terms and conversion is just as important as search there are those two sides that s o and if you ever want to get into the mechanics of how you pick ewers and everything you want to do what we have a lot of information about esso and training and the tools you can use a lot of it's free that you can go check out the cloud solutions dot com forward slash marketing eso isn't evolving and exciting part of the part of industry and one that you know can potentially get to a lot of a lot of he's a talent so that's s o that's just the beginning of the marketing stuff they were talking about today it's a great strategy tohave it's also one that you could easily train someone help you out with so not only are you hiring developers or designers you could easily hire virtual assistant or executive assistant say hey help me pick these key words and that that could be part of the strategy all right so the second part of internal apb marketing is cross promotion right and this is what happens when you have one app and you promote another app that is similar brand similar design makes a lot of sense for the users in here right? So so might say hey from the makers of this app check out this app or whatever it may be and so you can't you create this circular marketing machine right that that unique selling proposition at the purple game design catch up there one of the masters of this every time they launched a new app they have this huge portfolio and they just cross promote their new app in there and drive us to the top of the app store and you get thousands and thousands of talents obvious question is what if I don't have any aps what does how does this matter to me two ways one it's good to think about now so that when you do if you do build a second a third app you have this in place because it's really hard to implement this after the fact it's better to think about this now so you can say all right here's what I'm going to show this advertisement or whatever it may be the second is there's no reason for you not to partner with the people that are just like you often it happens in an advertising situation but if you have a nap and you find someone else and on the web or at a conference or meet up or something and you say hey look why don't we cross promote each other why don't why doesn't arrive in thai lift both boats here and you could start to bring more people into it right? Many of the most successful app entrepreneurs I no do this and have done this since the beginning yeah promote is that something that like I've got this app is that going to come to me through my app or through text or e mail or one of the ways you're going to get and it's gonna look like an advertisement we're going to click on it and there's either going to be a thing that slides up we've click install or I'll take you to the app store out and install the reason why that's different from advertising is one you're not selling your traffic for two somebody don't know and secondly you typically see two to three times higher metrics on cross promotions because they trust the brand they know it's a very targeted at that they say oh same users I love this up already I mean across from out that's why you see that a lot with big gaming studios or anyone who has a big launch coming out they're going to cross promote their own stuff because it's such cheap traffic for them when the red cross if they were like yeah great we're not doing it exactly ok yeah exactly perfect so a cross promotion you can use your own network once you build one it's a great a great tool to do and it can help keep your whole ecosystem moving and helping it helping itself out partner with similar aps into a traffic exchange what that means is essentially saying hey look I'll give you a thousand clicks if you get me a thousand clicks we could measure it using these analytics tools tap stream dot com that's a great one that could help you measure that. Oh, these this many clicks for both of us. This is a long term strategy to move your users between aps you own realize that there is an opportunity cost, right? Like you could be selling out traffic to somebody who will pay you money or you can send it to your own haps. That's. Why it's a long term strategy, it's not a I'm going to make money right now on the haps and then key marketing it. This is more about I wanna gonna move all these aps around and it increases the lifetime value and retention. What that means is that if you get one user, if you buy a user for two dollars or get easier for two dollars and you put him in your lap and the lifetime value is two dollars and fifty cents if you extend that lifetime by having them installed four more aps and they don't underst all those that one user is now divided by five acts that is really, really good for lifetime value and retention. That's I mean that's all like the holy grail of marketing tool to do that so that's what cross promotion could do all right, cool localisation. This is. You can replace the word localization with translation. We saw this earlier in the itunes connect this exact same interfaced on the google play store what this does is you go to the app and you can say all right, I want to localize for what specific language and what specific app store what country do I want localized for this is really helpful when your app is doing really well in a specific category, right? One of off what do you think back to the emulating or the app? When we talked about with the emulator the coin pushchair dozer app that did really well in china based on the kind of hello kitty style design that we had as soon as we translated in the chinese it went up five x and dallas because I could finally read the descriptions and they could see what these bonus things we're doing that's something to think about could be very powerful and it's a really good internal strategy right? Because remember, everyone in the world is seeing your english translation of your absolute page right now so as you get used to it as you start thinking about updates you can say all right where my downloads coming from, who is delegate, what countries are working really well and say all right, maybe I should get someone to write this in german so that people in germany khun read what's in my description they understand what this app is reviews this is one of the other big parts of the internal marketing world ask people for reviews okay the more views the more consistent reviews that you get the better your algorithm you're your conversion rate and your search algorithm is going to do so many people never ask their users teo review the app right they just they assumed that if you like it you're going to review but it's so much so important to go say hey do you like this make sure you go review it use prompts inside the act up task typically you want to wait until they've used the app for either a couple days or for whatever metrics you find viable but it's usually like three or four usage uses so that it's not just people who use that once we're just gonna install it so once you do the best strategy is to say okay do you wantto radar act yes or no yeah I would love to and then you give them the option to rate one two three four five stars if they say one two or three stars you get in a form that says ah hey won't you let us know from support like why is this only to three stars they don't leave a two or three star of you if it's for five stars he sent to the app store and they leave a four a five star view which is great this tool is a free tool called s a r s o s a rape. Don't get hobbits a free s t k you can't go download and what it does is this what it looks like? So I really block post about this. This developer is a great guy. This this app is called windy, which is you can listen to a three d sound of wind blowing and raindrops and all that's great. And what happens is when you go to the settings form of this app. Hey, do you want to raid our app? And if you click three this contact button shows up and you could contact and sends the developer and email. If you click for five, it goes, raid it and you feel great it. And it goes right to the rating part of the app store it's. A terrific way to get really good ratings and you could be more aggressive about prompting people to go get ratings. That's a that's, a terrific tool and it can really, really help your aps it's free it's easy, tio. Updates really questions on reviews that pretty straightforward and those those stu case are easy to integrate your developer can easily pop those in so we talked about updates post long strategy you start thinking about your updates a lot of it comes back to feedback and function but from a marketing standpoint updates cammie justis important as new acts I've seen so many acts that have version two point oh and that is what really lifts the the download numbers on those abs when you really kill it on an update you could have massive impact you could do function updates you canoe meta data up it's going to bug updates what I mean by that is if you dallas if you go on your phone and you go on the app store app and you look at any act that was just updated sometimes we'll just say bug fixes one point you know version number two point six four nine seven right sometimes you can get meditate up there's this is good for anyone interested eso you can update your app and all you do is change the keywords they'd be changed a screenshot something like that and then there's the function updates which is a really legit update where you're going and saying all right, this is gonna be a new app but those were different kinds updates you khun d'oh like we talked about always listen to feedback from review support channels and analytics if you're not getting a lot of support like if people aren't emailing you if you're not getting reviews if you're not getting feedback to your facebook page just go out to people go online go to your friends go find people there are plenty of people out there where you can say would you mind trying out this app and letting me know what you think just get feedback from people it's ah that's how you can make the biggest impact and you could see big increases in dallas of long term with good updates for a lot of developers for a lot of product focus people updates are their marketing and they treat it like that they think about that they they say I don't necessarily need enough this tragedy I'm just going to create something that's so good the follows the data so well it's going to continue to get better and better and better and often times that that can work really well I mean I think you should always have some marketing but big awesome updates over the lifetime you're at can be just as powerful as having a killer facebook campaign it could be just a cz powerful and often a lot cheaper and just for anyone if you are going to update your app you want to follow a hierarchy this's how most developers are going to think about it whenever you see your updates this is how you want to think about it, okay so let's say you've already had version one point one out and you saying alright version one point to just went out because it was it was a medium size update now I just want to update my keywords in my s e r I s o nothing's going to change about the app the first number is the big update right? That's the hok wow, we're a whole redesign you know everything is changing 00:32:17.0 --> 00:32:20. second number is a medium update is when you are we 00:32:20.42 --> 00:32:23. have this but we changed of this functionality and 00:32:23.81 --> 00:32:27. we removed this menu button her we added a few new 00:32:27.5 --> 00:32:30. levels or whatever it may be it's a small but ah you 00:32:30.52 --> 00:32:35. know a good size but not life changing update small 00:32:35.39 --> 00:32:40. updates are bug fixes meta data updates hey, we just 00:32:40.09 --> 00:32:42. need to clean up a few things we saw some data coming 00:32:42.36 --> 00:32:45. and whatever else that may be but that's how you should 00:32:45.14 --> 00:32:47. think about updates it doesn't always have to be these 00:32:47.24 --> 00:32:50. colossal updates. It can always be small updates medium 00:32:50.72 --> 00:32:52. updates and when you talk to developers are always 00:32:52.51 --> 00:32:54. going to say you know always be shipping, which means 00:32:54.94 --> 00:32:56. always be trying to think about updates always be 00:32:56.95 --> 00:32:59. pushing up out the door and don't get hung up on these 00:32:59.86 --> 00:33:03. big updates realizes sometimes better to do small 00:33:03.85 --> 00:33:06. medium updates but consistently getting habit of updating 00:33:06.52 --> 00:33:08. your app that could be really powerful

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