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Writing Your Job Description

Which brings us to the fun world of writing your job description now this I want to do a piece on this because this is the kind of the fulcrum of hiring a developer you do all the research you can you know what you want you've got to plan everything and then over here you've got the and project gonna publish it marketed make a million dollars and you know take us all to dinner sunday but in the middle you have to go from I have an idea to have a nap and that all starts with hiring developer and I'll start I gotta write a description to get that developer to come and do this work for me so like we saw here in up work this is the format and right here is the title all right here is the description you get five thousand characters for description now he may be a lot ifyou're a five thousand words for the efficient and here's the general format of this page which we talked about the title description the skills required hourly versus fixed which we talked about fixed and then other stuff i...

t comes in but we're going to focus specifically on these two title and description this is going to come in a little bit into it the key points be specific this is so important people I mean if you can go on up work aurel answer oh, desk and look att job descriptions that are open right now that are posting for people. People say I bought this at template. And I really wanted to be like escape board. I don't have much money it can like I just really wanted awesome to oliver slick you have been checking me really get real all the way to being hyper specific which you know mohr is often better but just be very specific about what you want what do you want delivered who were you trying to find what do you want to do for you how do you want to do it for how much no your budget and stick to it this is a big one know how much money you can afford right many times I've gone into he'll answer oh desk or whatever and said okay I got this new project and yeah I'll put like six hundred dollars in there yeah that let's see what happens when I put sixty dollars in there I have no idea if I could afford it I'd figured out how much money do we need to make back where the cost so I have involved I have not thought about that I'm not saying that that number won't change what I am saying is that you wanna have a number so that you stick to it because if you don't have a number going in someone's going to come back with a thousand dollar bid and be the candidate you've always dreamed of tobacco no reason not to like you know this looks great so just know your number and stick to it as best you can the more you put into this process the better your hiring experience is going to be this goes into the hole making a planet but it's better than spending six hours start sharpening our chopping down the tree the more you spend time writing a great description the more you spend time researching great developers the more you spend time curating good people that come and build your out for you the better the chance that you're going to have a great relationship with your with your developer or designer whoever you're hiring now the good stuff the title and so for everyone this is a template feel free to copy this word for word I've used this exact word for word template many times it works we're going to fill in the blanks this is mad libs for hiring developers which is great the title looking for a rock star developer to create blank which is a category okay we'll get to the developed description the second first thing you do indicate high quality rock star developer I'm not looking for any developer I'm looking for a rock star I'm looking for a high end I'm looking for a top developer I am looking for someone who's gonna blow my mind is really important to say that up front because certain people are going to be attracted to that when you look at these job descriptions in up work orry lands you will see people that say like number one rated mobile developer are on the best of the best and they are they have awesome credentials that's who you're looking for you're looking for great people who want to work with great people because they will be attracted to this type of thing of post you want to see the category type of that so looking for a rock star developer to create a fitness app meditation have a game app, eh? You know photo out whatever it may be but you want to qualify what the category is because that could make a big difference on the type of people who are coming in ios, android unity or others you could put that in right so looking for rocks started to create a fitness app for iowa's looking for a rock star iowa's developer looking for rock star andrew developer to create finish that whatever you want to be and the reason I wrote rockstar developer is because it's native language this is something that someone in america would probably understand you know what I mean for the most part they would say rock star I know that that means that someone's really good but someone who doesn't really speak english that well might have why're they call me a rockstar like I don't play music I know what you were doing so rock stars one word you can your abuse but if you use native language and this is true and description which we'll talk about, it helps find people that get jokes I think about how hard it is to do a joke with someone who's not fluent in english think about how hard it is to have a nuance or be sarcastic with someone who's not really able to communicate with you and if they can't they can't understand a joke it's not bad but how are you ever gonna have an amazing relationship with this person and so that's why I put in rock start of albert and I got back people that understood ok I'm a rock star you know this is awesome things like that so little tricks like that can make a huge difference on on the quality with that you go in the description and we won't go too crazy but essentially I'm looking for a film the size which small medium large huge database I don't know in the film category apt for the blank platform ios android this app will be very similar to this app and then maybe put in a link for an app that is similar to something you're doing an emulator or maybe you're you've got a template and the so this is the app you want to be similar to a few improvements which I'll explain via private message so like we were talking about earlier once they message you that's when you get to the details for your proposal biggest improvements will be fillon improvement number one and filling improvement number two for your proposal biggest improvements will be have a better on boarding experience and you are going to add twenty five new levels to this game this job will be paid in uh as a completed job I probably probably across the hourly position because we're not doing our list too many bad experiences what I'm looking for is an individual or team do you want one person do you want a development team I've had great really ships with both there's pros and cons to both perfect english not speaks english perfect english ability to problem solve you want people that don't come to you with every single decision and say what should I do here what do you want this you want to just deliver me what like you know make a decision I don't know amazing coding skills for ad programming language iowa's development swift watch android unity whatever games alex detail oriented provide daily reports can were quickly available toe work blank hours a week for the next blank months okay even if it's a one time project just get a scent off what you would want that relationship to look like imagine if you were gonna hire this person full time because it could be turned into a much long relationship once this is complete that's a very important point to include because a lot of people out there especially overseas you will you will realize that the golden ticket for a lot of developers overseas is toe have long term contracts it's very difficult for them to get a good partner, get a good relationship with somebody one time? Ok, that's done. Now. Now I need to go and find another good relation. Now I need to find a good, really ship when there's a million developers out there trying to compete for this. So when you say I'm I'm like you, I want a long term relationship, you will get such a better, they'll give you deals, they'll work harder, they'll want to prove to you that, yes, I am here for the long haul as well and that's, just a terrific way toe to start things off on the right foot. So like we just talked about it all you know you specifics pride the examples and briefly explain the features that you want this is a big one spend most of time describing the person you want not the project you want because often you will get if you can find someone who's awesome like this is true in any business right I mean how many people have ever said I wantto wanna hire someone who's super smart who could just get it done like they might end up doing this part of the job or this part of the job on this project but just having those all star employees is what it's all about finding the right people so in these jobs yeah you're going to talk a little bit about him this is the category and we'll send you some features but most of this stuff is who are you what kind of a person are you what kind of a worker are you what kind of partner are you and that's something that's really important when you go on up work and you look at all these job postings they're out there you're going to see people that are say oh man like here's the new character of juan and here's the development and here's what I want the after due and baba baba and they never ask about who are you? What do you do like what kind of kind of a worker valium. So that's super important on the second part which goes kind of below after you say fill in the number and everything we talked about the person is what they're going to dio right so first thing you do is you ask her previous work 00:10:03.868 --> 00:10:05. that's a big one the only previous work 00:10:06.96 --> 00:10:10. you know it's a little bit of red flag but it kind 00:10:10.57 --> 00:10:12. of you know asking to show you something 00:10:13.51 --> 00:10:16. no ask for references I never end of actually calling 00:10:16.54 --> 00:10:19. references I always just say center to me because 00:10:19.3 --> 00:10:20. if they're really nervous about senator references 00:10:20.99 --> 00:10:23. that's what I like to hear that you're done you know 00:10:23.1 --> 00:10:26. I'm not I'm not hiring you but ask for them say who 00:10:26.46 --> 00:10:28. can I contact that would be really important 00:10:29.3 --> 00:10:31. ask ask for an additional question right so 00:10:33.16 --> 00:10:35. please save me portfolio s I can preview your skills 00:10:35.79 --> 00:10:39. also repairs with reference while you respond when 00:10:39.76 --> 00:10:44. you respond phil and right I use like you know christmas 00:10:44.29 --> 00:10:47. or something right right christmas at the top of your 00:10:47.01 --> 00:10:49. response that you read this also feel free to add 00:10:49.19 --> 00:10:52. a joke and that's similar to what krista said you 00:10:52.53 --> 00:10:55. want to put something in there so that you know that 00:10:56.36 --> 00:10:58. they should do something at the end of it on then 00:10:58.59 --> 00:11:00. also have say hey I want to hear from you as well 00:11:00.87 --> 00:11:02. what questions do you have for me 00:11:03.26 --> 00:11:05. so like we said put a word so they know they're the 00:11:05.23 --> 00:11:08. post but this is also kind of, ah, you know, it seems 00:11:08.67 --> 00:11:12. like a formality, but the best, the best hiring experiences 00:11:13.34 --> 00:11:20. I've ever had. Where when I put up a job and the budget 00:11:20.21 --> 00:11:23. was whatever, what it wass and the people responded, 00:11:24.26 --> 00:11:26. they didn't put a price on it. They said. I really 00:11:26.57 --> 00:11:28. want to talk to you first, because I have five questions 00:11:28.3 --> 00:11:31. before we hire you, are we? We worked together, and 00:11:31.09 --> 00:11:34. I said, okay, this guy or this woman works. This is 00:11:34.22 --> 00:11:37. this is exactly what I'm what I want, and we go back 00:11:37.7 --> 00:11:40. forth on this. Now, I understand the project here's, 00:11:40.2 --> 00:11:42. how much it's going to cost and that's really important. 00:11:42.65 --> 00:11:45. So you start to get that dialogue and things like 00:11:45.1 --> 00:11:45. that.

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