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00:00:02.03 --> 00:00:04. Now is the time for one of our students to come on 00:00:04.46 --> 00:00:07. up and actually give this a try. So what we're gonna 00:00:07.99 --> 00:00:09. do is we're gonna go through this. We're not gonna 00:00:09.87 --> 00:00:11. write the whole thing out because I have really bad 00:00:11.55 --> 00:00:13. handwriting, but we're just going to go through this, 00:00:13.85 --> 00:00:17. and we're going imagine, all right, what after we 00:00:17.18 --> 00:00:18. want to build, how do we fill this out? And we're 00:00:18.91 --> 00:00:21. going to go through, and we're actually gonna think 00:00:21.25 --> 00:00:25. about what words, what we used to fill in this exact 00:00:25.47 --> 00:00:27. script, so title. 00:00:28.64 --> 00:00:31. Well, let's, start with this. What kind of what happened? 00:00:31.11 --> 00:00:31. We're building here, 00:00:32.97 --> 00:00:36. keep saying disaster relief, but it's, um 00:00:40.97 --> 00:00:44. it's when there's an evacuation...

how many it's not 00:00:44.14 --> 00:00:47. so much where is the near shelter it's how you're 00:00:47.0 --> 00:00:50. communicating out to your family you may only have 00:00:50.59 --> 00:00:53. a little bit of time reminds not thinking right there's 00:00:53.85 --> 00:00:58. something that is already actively uh set up before 00:00:58.45 --> 00:01:00. this type of thing happens kind of like having your 00:01:00.84 --> 00:01:04. your go bag totally it's just your go bag is now digital 00:01:04.51 --> 00:01:08. so what involves the digital go bag so you press a 00:01:08.24 --> 00:01:11. button a bunch of messages go out to the people that 00:01:11.41 --> 00:01:14. have the app you wantto communicate with they get 00:01:14.71 --> 00:01:16. it through the app they know what's happening like 00:01:16.93 --> 00:01:19. that okay so it sounds like there's maybe some messaging 00:01:19.84 --> 00:01:21. communication involved 00:01:22.27 --> 00:01:25. so from a category standpoint right we're looking 00:01:25.13 --> 00:01:27. at this what category would you want to upload that 00:01:28.27 --> 00:01:31. ap too two questions one category uploaded to what 00:01:31.7 --> 00:01:34. would you say the core functionality of that isthe 00:01:35.47 --> 00:01:39. I think the disaster our emergency preparedness ok 00:01:39.9 --> 00:01:43. yeah so in the app store that might be you know this 00:01:43.13 --> 00:01:45. better than idea yeah it might be 00:01:46.47 --> 00:01:48. there's health there's health and fitness there's 00:01:48.57 --> 00:01:50. lifestyle or maybe there's social networking might 00:01:50.93 --> 00:01:53. be a good one because it's it's connecting of evil 00:01:53.52 --> 00:01:55. to so why don't we go with that because that might 00:01:55.78 --> 00:01:58. be similar functionality to that so for the title 00:01:59.53 --> 00:02:00. what you put in there is social networking and this can always you know you could always change but that's going to help. Because it's going. Someone who creates a social networking app is going to know a lot of same functions that you've you're thinking about thinking about for this app. They're going todo, for, they've already done before. All right, so I'm looking to build a blank sized social networking app for the platform. Okay, so the iowa's. We've already got the category. And how conflicts do you want this? Have today? How much you know how much functionality will go into the initial build of this act? What would help me answer that question, like, would be the amount of screens would it be so if the court, the idea being all right, there's a disaster, I press this button, it shoots off the messages to everyone else. It is that there's, that part of it, but then there's some other pre parts. You know, it's, just like anything you is your insurance updated. You get the app there's, a lot of things that could help remind you to d'oh. Okay, it's, kind of like linked in your you're your put your pages, not fully. What do you call that, what it's called, like phil, phil down, you've got twenty five point four percent to go, ok, cool. So there is some complex that he, you know, it's just there's some elements of it, that god, you're so, yeah, I would say, complex, alright, let's, say let's, say medium. Medium to large hook's. Medium toe. Large. Okay. Okay. This apple very similar to is there any aps you've seen in the app store that have a similar function I where you press a button and it shoots messages out I have not done the research that you've trained us to do yet no way did it was only fifteen minutes exactly it's okay so you're getting a fresh we'll have um link to whatever that hap is and that's what you play in there I'd imagine there's something if there isn't I might take a different yeah exactly um the biggest improvements would be so they will be branded for it will be used in emergency situations so we put emergency situations and then what's a function that you would want this toe have that huh a lincoln wouldn't have for example that it definitely access is sort of the text function of your phone access is text function excesses texts function it also could access making a call not everyone's on text text call awesome okay what I'm looking for is so do you wanna work with an individual or a team so the pros of argument individual is that austin it's very lean right it didn't work with one person that can get things done you have one communication they do it all the downside of that is it's one person and I don't feel like it today or whatever maybe working with a team hey, you know, we felt that people were bug testing it but you're also a teen. Okay for this. Yeah, I think team makes a lot of sense. Perfect english. But it comes off amazing coding skills for iowa. And this may also based on when once you map it out, you may also want someone who's dealt with, like a database, right? Because if, if it's, you're communicating, if you love loggins, and I wanna have a database on that as well, ok, and you might that that's not necessary until you kind of find ah, 00:06:03.12 --> 00:06:04. a different half like that, because they might come 00:06:04.64 --> 00:06:07. back to you and say, hey, this is definitely use database. 00:06:07.98 --> 00:06:09. So here's something else you need to think about. 00:06:09.77 --> 00:06:11. And you, khun, learn that when you communicate with 00:06:11.69 --> 00:06:16. them at this point, what I say eventually will go 00:06:16.21 --> 00:06:17. towards android. 00:06:18.55 --> 00:06:21. No, no, you would talk once. Once you start, once 00:06:21.6 --> 00:06:23. you start talking, you can talk about that. But for 00:06:23.58 --> 00:06:26. now, because if you say that now, the price is going 00:06:26.4 --> 00:06:28. to go fifty percent, yeah, thinkin like there's no, 00:06:28.81 --> 00:06:32. you know, okay, no benefit for you right now. Each 00:06:32.13 --> 00:06:35. morning in film time zone go the pacific. 00:06:38.92 --> 00:06:42. That is important what time is it in the time change 00:06:42.33 --> 00:06:45. and if they could wake up at three am great yeah and 00:06:45.14 --> 00:06:46. that's and that's what I want that's an important 00:06:46.62 --> 00:06:47. point is that 00:06:48.62 --> 00:06:50. you know and not to be harsh but they should like 00:06:50.95 --> 00:06:52. this is your project you're paying them money and 00:06:52.85 --> 00:06:55. if they don't want teo you were very clear about it 00:06:55.19 --> 00:06:57. up front and this is this is what you're offering 00:06:57.49 --> 00:06:57. so 00:06:59.22 --> 00:07:03. that's good available to work blank hours week for 00:07:03.4 --> 00:07:07. the next months so I think when you're hiring a team 00:07:08.32 --> 00:07:10. I mean let's let's put this how fast you want this 00:07:10.5 --> 00:07:15. done I am liking the two weeks to bug testing and 00:07:15.42 --> 00:07:16. you know to a month 00:07:17.82 --> 00:07:20. you know I don't want this to be the six month this 00:07:20.21 --> 00:07:23. thing's never going to get launched yet so I would 00:07:23.56 --> 00:07:27. love filled with work forty two sixty hours a week 00:07:29.92 --> 00:07:31. for the next 00:07:32.42 --> 00:07:37. one month to get a and maybe right to get a working 00:07:37.07 --> 00:07:39. built instead of complete this job which it might 00:07:39.3 --> 00:07:42. be you know first version or whatever probably turning 00:07:42.53 --> 00:07:44. too much longer ladyship once this job is complete 00:07:45.02 --> 00:07:46. that makes a lot of sense because you may have some 00:07:46.94 --> 00:07:47. ongoing updates 00:07:48.92 --> 00:07:52. then down here can you guys all see the the screen 00:07:52.34 --> 00:07:55. and I'll stand over here present please send a portfolio 00:07:55.6 --> 00:07:59. of aps that if you worked on in the social networking 00:07:59.81 --> 00:08:02. category, do that one more time. 00:08:03.74 --> 00:08:06. A beautiful handwriting so that I can prove your skills 00:08:07.37 --> 00:08:09. and what's a word that we should have them put in 00:08:09.57 --> 00:08:12. the my favorite is what they're grateful for in their 00:08:12.98 --> 00:08:15. life. What do you grateful, it's? A good one. Yeah, 00:08:15.17 --> 00:08:17. what are you grateful for? Disaster tends to bring 00:08:17.78 --> 00:08:20. up those things really quickly. It's a perfect fit. 00:08:22.54 --> 00:08:24. So now that you have all this 00:08:26.74 --> 00:08:29. you could just pop all this information right into 00:08:29.03 --> 00:08:32. the template you can you khun copy and paste this 00:08:33.39 --> 00:08:36. into upward and you're gonna go on what's gonna happen. 00:08:36.17 --> 00:08:38. If people start bidding on this, you're going to ask 00:08:38.5 --> 00:08:40. them to communicate with you and please asking more 00:08:40.55 --> 00:08:43. questions and you start talking them and you're going 00:08:43.24 --> 00:08:45. to get a bunch of different responses from people 00:08:45.02 --> 00:08:46. who say, all right, yeah, I'm willing to work on this 00:08:46.9 --> 00:08:49. and hey, here's, some ideas that I have this might 00:08:49.36 --> 00:08:51. be a good one or some examples that I know that might 00:08:51.77 --> 00:08:52. sparks might is 00:08:53.75 --> 00:08:56. what's. That research will help get me exactly. Yeah, 00:08:56.87 --> 00:08:59. and you'll be. You'll be on your way. It really is 00:08:59.83 --> 00:09:02. that that's, simple and just you paste it in and fill 00:09:02.17 --> 00:09:02. in all forms, and 00:09:04.15 --> 00:09:07. there is nothing like five years into a hassle. It 00:09:07.66 --> 00:09:09. only took me three and a half years to figure this 00:09:09.52 --> 00:09:13. out, so great, cool, cool. Thank you, thank you, thank 00:09:13.29 --> 00:09:13. you. 00:09:15.84 --> 00:09:18. Question about tonight. I mean, if they're in a different 00:09:18.96 --> 00:09:22. country ten, ninety nine, how do you for your tax 00:09:22.69 --> 00:09:25. tax purposes? So up work will do all that for you. 00:09:25.71 --> 00:09:28. So you pay up work directly and yeah, that's a good 00:09:28.37 --> 00:09:31. point. When it comes the payment processing, they 00:09:31.55 --> 00:09:34. take a fee, which the freelancer takes that I think 00:09:34.86 --> 00:09:38. it's seven to ten percent. Something they eat that 00:09:38.49 --> 00:09:42. cost that fee goes into all the paperwork, all the 00:09:42.66 --> 00:09:45. escrow, all of things like that so that the money 00:09:45.43 --> 00:09:48. gets goes through that system. And then at the end 00:09:48.6 --> 00:09:50. of year, you get a ten, ninety nine from them or whatever 00:09:50.91 --> 00:09:54. it is for different freelancers. But they'll take 00:09:54.34 --> 00:09:57. care of everything. If you end up getting a private 00:09:57.4 --> 00:10:00. really ship with them, you will. You know, you got 00:10:00.74 --> 00:10:04. to do that yourself. But if you do it all through up worker lance, they'll take care of it. Which is why the fee is there and it's safe because I get the escrow right, and you could just upload it release when they deliver the work.

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