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Developer Overview

Lesson 6 from: Make Your Own App: No Coding Required

Carter Thomas

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Lesson Info

6. Developer Overview

Lesson Info

Developer Overview

We are talking about hiring developers and potentially building on that but mostly about how you're gonna hire developer didn't have a great relationship with the developer and it's kind of everything in between I would love for this to be really interactive as much as possible because I know a lot of people both here and at home or your computers have questions about this I know this was the number one thing I struggled with when I first started my business so I really want to make sure we cover all the bases and we make sure everyone's got the information that they need so you can walk out of here and get going and hire someone just totally killer call so still about hiring great developer there's three parts to the hiring process there's pre hiring which is I think something that a lot of people just don't think about there's the actual hiring process and then there's post hiring and we're going to go through all different all these three pieces and the most important parts of each ...

one and how you can exact scripts and action items you can take to make these all really really knocked it out of park what you're gonna learn in this module is one should he build it or should you hire someone to do it for you that's a question I get a lot some people email blue cloud all the time they say hey you know, young college kid and I'm thinking about getting a naps do you know how I could learn how to code? I got a lot of other people who say if you show me any code I'm going to freak out and run away so we're going to figure out whether you should be building yourself or hiring someone second should you go on iowa sir android and this is going to be a recurring theme through all the topics we cover but we'll talk about that specifically we're going to talk about howto find a developer for your app we're going to go through the entire process we're going to walk through this be step by step on won't miss a beat you'll be able to you'll know exactly what to write to find the top developers you can trust this is one of the things that you know talking looking back on the last couple of years of the at business this is one of the most critical skills to finding really good developers and so we're going to spend a lot of time on it we're also going to go into a live example where we actually write a script that you guys, anyone home you can actually you can follow along you could write it yourself you can use it to have fine developers out there and then also create long and fruitful relationship with your developers. This is something that a lot of people don't talk about especially in the outsourcing world, it's more of us and them type of relationship and thought process, and I want to get away from that, and I want to relay the relationships I've had with developers because when you treat it like a really good long relationship, it's just such a better addition to your business to your life, to your energy, everything it it's a much more exciting way to do business. In my opinion that goes into this quote, steve, kobe, he wrote, outsourcing is inevitable, and I don't think it's necessarily treating people like things right at any point in digital marketing business is you're gonna have to outsource or hire someone or partner with somebody or anything and it's really, really important when you do this to not not say you're my your designer number sixteen or your developer numbers for or whatever it's really important member, we're hiring people in these relationships and that's going to make a huge difference when you go through this process. That's been one of the biggest difference is from when I meet people who have had successful hiring relationships and people that have had struggled with their hiring relationships is this exact principle?

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This was a great class!! If you're thinking about launching your own app, this is the best first step you can take! It is a comprehensive lesson that takes you from the moment you get an idea all the way up to monetizing your app. Highly recommended!


Lots and lots of information, I can't wait to listen to it again, so it can really sink in. Wow what a great course.

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