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Finding Your Developer

Finding your developer, right? So it may seem like this is what your developer looks like in the ocean of talent out there, but we're gonna we're gonna find that person and it's actually not nearly as hard as you think it is. What you're gonna learn in this segment is how hire someone who's going to deliver you the app that you want it's important to say that because I've been delivered many apse as didn't want, right? They give me half this full bugs or it doesn't even load the right way or it's on androids falsely on iowa's like yeah, I know a page for something, but why didn't I get what I wanted so it's really important to get the app you want, right? Get the have created on time and on budget. Any project manager out there who's ever done anything with scope creep is they call it in the project. Magic world. This is really important and it's not easy to do, but we'll talk about how how we can really mitigate that and make sure that you get it done on time and for the budget we hav...

e set out. You wanted to feel like they're making the process easier and not stressing you out I don't know how many people out there have been people have built a nap or people out there who have built a nap who have hired someone and you hire them and you wake up every morning and you're just like, oh my god, this is stressing me out like I just this person is just this is not adding to my life similarly, you can imagine what it feels like if you wake up and your inbox you have someone who said just says, hey, this is what I did look how good it is and you're just like like what? This is mine you know what and that's how you want to feel and that's how we're going to talk about how you can fire people that way that lends itself having a great time doing it having great partners is the best thing in the world it is it makes your business that makes doing business infinitely more fun I would highly recommend it's we're going talk about all these different things this is my really sophisticated imagery about how you hire developers, right? This is you big red dot and here all the developers out in the world the big blue dots and then this is the marketplace that will connect the two of you. The goal is for that to happen for you to meet the right developer who fits all your needs, and you have a great relationship with them. The place this happens, the purple hexagon, hexagon, five thanks, is up work, right, used to be lance and owed asked what they merged. And now it's up work, which is you still use a less a lance and a desk. But, um, up work is where it's all going. So that's, what we're going to use, and we are going to do just a quick walk through because some people look at these outsourcing websites and they say, oh, man, what do I do? Like, how? Don't even start? All right, so we're going to a very, very quick walkthrough about ofwork, that's going to help you. Fine the developer you're excited about anybody here used up work before yes all right it's going to give you a couple of people have right on good okay so you could see that up work dot com and one action item we'll talk about is that everyone out there should go and just sign up for a free account because it doesn't cost anything that's just good experience you're gonna log in and if you if you have some jobs going you might have you can go on the job and we'll have like some your current jobs they're going on whatever else but what I want to do first I want to show you for anyone out there who says all right well how do I even start what do I how do I find a freelancer what do I know it's out there what's what does this all mean? Well you click on freelancers and then you click on find freelancers and then you get to this area called brows freelancers right and you can look at all the different people out there like think about all the cool stuff we could build if you just had the right people that's why I always look at these unlike oh man, if I had the data visualization for all men in the things I would do but that's a different topic we're not gonna stay focused here that's what I do and so you come over here. Web mobile software development, right, so you could see game and mobile have been split apart because games are huge on mobile is more of just a general. I'm gonna build you an app. Let's. Click on mobile, right on what this is going to do. If this is going to show us just some basic, like you know samples off of what you'd expect to see in people, we won't go through, go through too much. But as you scroll down, you could start to see, got dusko he's got an am got orlando. No violeta and you could see okay so they have their title would just android a web developer expert web these air just coating languages baba baba shows their location shows when they were last active shows how many tests they've done which would test projects which we'll talk about and shows what how many things haven't portfolio then they write eh a description these air tags that vacant right specifically about what they're skills or what language or developing skills I have so mango database open sores document you know that might look like french to a lot of people which is totally fine and then over here it also shows you what the hours so when you click on it shows you what they're hourly rate is what their work history is you can save it you could do a lot of stuff contact if you contact that person it will point the direction of your job listing the point of all this to show you thes is to allow you to realize that there are a huge amount of people and this can be overwhelming toe to a lot of newbies you look at this and you say well how in the heck do I have any idea you know what I want and that's totally fine, huh? One one thing people do is they look through and they try to find the perfect person they look through and they say oh man this guy artie, um is the man this is this? Is it like he's got six years he's a water russian guy he does test is on that's it like I got it this is this is this is it and they hire him and they say, all right, here's my project now, like everything you said was great and they start with the freelancer first and they bring him into their project. I used to do that, I do that all time, and that is not the way you want to do this the way you want to this is you want to be in the driver's seat and what that means is you're going to write post first and then you're gonna have all these freedom that just come to you and you're going to be the one saying, like, well, why don't you prove it to me? You deserve to be in my team like I'm not sitting here as the beginner anymore, you're like, oh, my gosh, look at this awesome freelancer I hope he comes and helps me out. You're now saying, I'm the business owner, you're going to come work in my office and you're gonna give me what I want, and that is a much better position to be in when you're hiring freelancers, so how does that happen? Well, europe, the jobs loads and nick. Over here you go. Post job. And then this is the exciting part so what we're gonna do is we're going to run through this not relatively quickly and then we'll talk about the most important part which is the title in the description everything else is you know you'll figure it out you can reuse the previous job so if you've done the job before that you just want to hire someone else for the exact same thing you could just drop down and you know click on it for example like you could see I do a lot of pretty similar job titles back in the day a lot of that was for the same developer we just needa new jobs at all you pick your category so where is it mobile web and he picked a subcategory well I think a game designer pick your job name this is we're gonna write your title which we'll talk about the second you described the work that's going to be done this is what people contractors are going to read what skills are needed okay well what I need I need an ios developer right so it start typing in iowa which is the apple and then type in dash and you get all right well I was thrilled endemic sense and it is go down the list they give you ah lot of frequently use skills and you can just decide so when you decided apple or android this is this is why this helps you a lot because instead of saying I want a mobile developer I wanted ios developer and that's going to help you really focus your search how would you like to pay always do fixed price do not do hourly you will lose a lot of money if you do our I have just two fixed every time and and they're going to some people might push back on you just you fixed price now this is more of a personal call I am depending on your budget of course I'm always sense of that um this is good if you want to learn about the process but you're not expecting a great product this is good if you're saying I don't have very complicated things and maybe I'll get a really good deal and this is if you're saying I'm willing to pay more money and I'm gonna get a really really great products I don't know where each person is that's the rule fun you're not going to get a home run app if you hire an entry level programmer it's just not gonna happen there's a needle in a haystack somewhere out there have heard of success stories where people hire five dollars an hour contractors and they go to top the app store that is not a strategy that is luck and I would not recommend it so you can you can pick this one thing that's also helpful is eva really simple project is hiring an expert who might say I'm one hundred dollars an hour, but I'm gonna take them two hours to do it. And these guys are twenty dollars an hour. It's going take on ten hours, and you know this. Look, it done right. So think about that as well. Because it's, the quality has a much smaller timeframe. You can put in your budget. Estimated end date. You can you know optional. Putting whatever you want. Marketplace. Visit visibility. This is if you want to keep it private, or if you want to show up in search results. It's up to you. I want to hire one freelancer. I need to hire more than one freelancer. So this goes into a little bit while we talked about moving forward and in that twenty one steffy book we talk a lot about this specifically there's a lot of walk throughs on this um if you want to hire one freelancer even if you only want one person eventually sometimes it's good to hire more than one freelancers so that you can give them all thirty dollar projects right? You wantto instead of saying okay, I'm gonna put all my eggs in one basket I'm gonna hire three different people and each person is going to get this test project right? I'm gonna ask from toe add and add network into my app thiss app template I just bought and I don't want it to just go on one I'm gonna hire all three and I will test their communication I'm going to test their skills to test how well they follow directions well test their price what do I get so often if you are still in that phase where you have not found someone that you really like it could be good to say all right, I'm gonna hire how many different developers so you could keep your job open and you can you can pull in multiple attaching a document it's up to you off some people put wire frames and okay here's some here's, some ideas here's some designs I have and then you can really get customization on this in terms of of how you do it but once you do that you post they'll ask if you wantto you know, pay some money to get it featured don't worry about that and then you can people will both apply on it and then you can go back to that browsing section go back to the russian guy that you have a crush on and say I'm gonna invite you to bid on my job like I think we're really gonna hit it off but you'll also be open to all these other people and more importantly you are in the position now you're in the position of offense and position of all right this is my business this is my project is my money like let's make this work and that's how you want this debate you do not want them to walk if you like here's what you need you don't know what you're doing type of thing if you have your project details all kind of scoped out would you attach that in this like for the attached documents attach out the scope saying this is exactly what I want here here doctor no that's a really good question what I would do because I would take that document and make a no uh outline or like a bullet version of it and I would either upload that here or I would put in the job description then when they bid on it, you start messaging with them and that's when you say okay now I'll show you the full spec because otherwise you're showing it to the whole public and that's a lot of really valuable work you want to wait until they're showing all right I mean this I like you this is working well here's what I'm thinking and then they could give you a final price as opposed to just publishing it out into the whole public to see isn't that were a good time for india yeah so right in there yeah phew er often you wait until your messaging with them and say hey here's the outline of a potential project here's the hours involved in the budget and all that sort of thing and they message you and it's a good fit you have them sign an n d a and then you can you can send in the scope or whatever it may be but exactly like you always want to get that communication going before you get too all right here's what I'm really doing here is my big vision or here's what the project plan is or whatever otherwise there is going it's it's just hard to attract the right people and you end up doing a lot more work than you need teo so that is up work and everything on top of up work is, you know, just getting use the platform and then doing right the the fun stuff which is actually writing the descriptions couple of questions I just wanted to touch on while you're on this screen. Totally men from online, so on that spot that says preferred qualifications, we had a question here. If there was any type of, like, qualifications or certifications or anything that you want to see in your developer, do they need to be, like, certified in any type of language or anything like that? That shows that they're about no valid candidate? Um well, so there's a few different qualification, so I think what they're talking about it, you know, in the in the web marketing world adwords, certified specialist by google, right, what up work does is they certify people based on feedback and score. So you khun putting criteria of what you want. Now, in your description, you could totally say, I want someone who is certified in I don't like, has their own iowa's developer account and has uploaded twenty five acts before or worked in this in game salad or or whatever that some c sharp program, but for this qualification program it's more about, they have to have hit certain milestones within the up work platform. So what point would you consider? This is maybe more of a business question, you know, sole proprietor llc, that kind of thing. That is when you set up your developer account which is we will talk about shortly and the short answer is it doesn't matter initially no and what we will talk about that so no it's about how you separate your itunes your apple developer but for this you can hire you know all the islands are done through whatever you want to be and you can add your tax information later on or whatever actually I want to read one more comment that came in from the chat room I know that you had mentioned about people following directions and actually like reading through it and hurt me in the chat room says that a friend of theirs one time posted an assignment like this and they hit a question in the actual description just saying please tell me your favorite color and they got many responses but only one person actually put in in the mention their favorite color so that was the person that hired the person who paid the closest attention to the description so sometimes you get clever like that to really make sure that people are reading it all that's I mean that's ah it's an awesome move on that will do some descriptions and there's a few things like that that can be really helpful because I mean you have people bidding from a world and remember they're they're looking at thirty or forty job postings today sometimes and it's one of the most important thing is this making sure they actually read it and they care about because that's that's the relationship you will have with them last piece of this want to touch on before we get into the actual mechanics of writing your description is the question of do you hire in the u s or abroad these air just generalized based on what most people talk about a blue cloud I have hired some of the best developers ever overseas in india and pakistan and bangladesh or argentina or you know chile or anything like that I've also hired some of the worst golfers I've ever had in the united states um it is infinitely more important to find somebody who you work well with who was great communication who follows directions who is on task who delivers what you want then to focus on where are they located and how much do they cost and all that sort of thing it's more about do I work with this person are they in my budget are they staying on task so if you're asking yourself joy so I go overseas toe stay local tow wanna hire someone here there are plenty of people all over the world who could speak very fluent english and who are more than willing to communicate some might be in your backyard here so I might be somewhere all over the globe so that's a question always comes up and I just wanted to clarify that.

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