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Segment 6 - The Brain on Exercise

Lesson 6 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

Segment 6 - The Brain on Exercise

Lesson 6 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

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6. Segment 6 - The Brain on Exercise


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Segment 6 - The Brain on Exercise


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Lesson Info

Segment 6 - The Brain on Exercise

So in this segment, we're going to talk about goal setting super important, whether it's for your own personal fitness goals, your life goals, your work goals, your family golf and also raising beliefs, how to raise our own internal belief system that allows us to believe there were even worthy off achieving and going for these magnificent, life affirming goals where they going toe also look at the metrics that we can use to not just measure how many steps we've taken and trust me, I need those these days I'm sitting way too much, but also measure our levels of wellbeing, including happiness who's that kitty patootie it's, how did she get up there? So we hear a lot you're only one work out away from a good mood, but we don't hear that enough. You are not your numbers, so I wanted to look a little bit of this portion aboutthe y again behind the workout and some science and research that hopefully if you're not moving already with him power you two get up even a vicious from sitting to s...

tanding from standing toe walking and move into your very best life. We cannot be it almost liver our potential if we're at a sedentary sitting position, so we're going to look at ways that we can add more movement into our life and again reframe why are actually moving it's impossible to reach our goals? If our brain, our body and breath don't all connect and move into a life of our dreams? So again we also want to say we are what we think as buddhist says, and all that we are arises with our thoughts and again for those whose go ah that's that we over their stuff no it's, not thoughts create reality words create worlds. The world that goes on in here affects the way we view the world out here. So this world can be a heaven or a hell. And this is the one that we don't have a choice to be with, but we do have a choice on how we listen to it, so I would love to hear from you at home, the creatives out there, you in the audience and don't second guess yourself on this. Why do you work out? What is the reason? Why is your motivation when you get up and go to the gym and there's? Not a not a wrong answer here for me? For many, many years it was to try and look what I thought the perfect role model should be. And guess what the day it all changed for me is when someone I knew very well with therapists told me no one can relate to perfect so what I thought was trying I was trying to connect with people through being perfected the bicep in the six pack and I had all of those and you know what? Even when I had those, I didn't realize the great the grace in that I was constant striving for the next for the eight pack I look back now that good old days but these other good old days so when we can shift our wife from feelings versus numbers are whole world changes on the whole world in our thoughts change your brain gets happy when it moves this is your brain on drugs and the drug is exercise or movement exercise is a feel good drug release of for the brain one the most powerful things you could do for your mood whether you're anxious whether you're depressed, whether you're stressed whether you're in fear is to move the body and the brain loves movement, the brain does all sorts of things we start to move, it releases endorphins, those feel good hormones and the minister said that that runner's high and then people go I don't love to run I don't run that long and hard to get the runner's high that's actually not the same thing these the's mood busters boosters actually chemical five minutes just standing up and taking a walk being outside serotonin is released, which is also released when you hug we should have hugged longer good hugs so if you don't even want to work out at least hug someone today get up and hug on that's a mood enhancer to it also dopamine is released improving motivation for all your creative motivation focus on learning if you want to get motivated in your work in your career if you want to get focused, get up and move and moving doesn't mean you have to go to the gym and then we also have drugs that released in our brain that help improve attention perception perception of ourselves in the world and our motivation and also remove our body our brain almost repairs itself to it repairs itself from the damage from aging process and it combines homo is combined with a protein is almost like a miracle gro for the brain and it helps build the brain back up exercise is strength training for your brain and I've always said what's the point in being fabulous and fit and tight at seventy if our brain isn't fit and there to even acknowledge the good old days of our future ah brain drives everything we do so if no other reason to get up and move it is to put your brain on its fast forward track for being able to be creative, deal with stress anxiety and be more resilient also the part of brain that's associated with memory and learning and it is very susceptible to disease of the brain the hippocampus that also gets strengthened and it's shown to grow the brain is plastic it moves just like play doh it grows but again also if you don't use it you lose it your brain gets happy when it moves but why I mean why are we not sharing this with you why are we saying get a tighter butt get a tighter abs get a tight of this be a size six have the perfect body that's what we're selling you I love my industry I don't our industry is doing so much good we're also selling a wow and there is no well you are the wow you are the while the wow is inside of you and exercise and movement is a way to tap into your own internal wow not the world of what you think the media should be selling you you are wow things are really cool acronym for why right now it's just not coming to me that I'd be really good so exercise allows us to move and elevate our happiness scale when we move we feel good when we feel good we want to move more it goes hand in hand but we need to get you excited about the reasons behind moving yeah denise I was just reflecting on amusing mood enhancement and I reflecting on when my boys were very, very young and I would be yelling about cleaning up the house and putting the toys away and take a bath and all and they'd say mom, you need to go exercise on as children they understood that exercise made me happy, but they didn't, you know, they didn't know this is just inherently they knew that so it's people see the benefit in me exercising, I say, you know they learned by watching you your actions speak louder than words on what a great message you're teaching for your kids. I think for many of us sometimes when it gets hard to do it for ourselves, if we could do it for our children, all those around us sometimes it's easy to be accountable to someone else than to ourselves. So that's, why community can work when you want to move to grab a friend, grab a work partner, go out for a walk at lunch this's fascinating. This is called a smile study that was done in nineteen ninety nine that really proved for the first time the powerful effect off movement on the brain. It was a study done with volunteers who were, you know, chronic free, pretty depressed and they were self. They volunteered themselves one hundred fifty six patients and they were put into a sixteen week trial. There's three groups exercise only medication antidepressant only and then a combination of both and the exercise was moderate intensity. It was walking or jogging for thirty minutes plus a five minute cool down in a ten minute warm up. And then for sixteen weeks they were tracked and followed. The results were remarkable. All three groups showed a remarkable drop in depression on about half of each group went out into remission completely. They no longer had depression, which is wonderful. Another thirteen percent did experience symptoms within quite fully recover. And what they saw after this study was that sixteen weeks later they could declare and state in research based evidence that exercise is as effective as medication for depression. That's why, I said before it's, not when you don't move is like taking a depressant. This is not either. Although for some people, medication on dh exercise works best. Sometimes we need the medication to help. We need to know that the next five minutes is going to be okay in the next five minutes is going to be okay. That can sent type of security helps us move into that next state of being. But what was even more interesting is that they showed that six months later, the people who exercised on lee actually had higher maintenance off. Less depression, they still not quite sure why the thought is that maybe some of the people who were in the group that took both the medication and the exercise might have had a slight resistance so that they were kind of not anti medication without even realizing it, but to know that why did I not know this twenty years ago when I was taking my or ten years ago when this first came out, when this study came out, it was buried on page sixteen in the new york times in the health of fitness section, this is powerful stuff, and again, I want to reiterate that I am not here to say no medication, just exercise that would be absolutely irresponsible of me, but I do want us to know the power of movement on our mood. I think oftentimes we're not spending that much time approaching and focusing on the feelings versus the numbers and later on we're going to look at which workout is good for you. Maybe if you're anxious or slightly depressed or could just can't get up and get going that the bottom line is just move a little more. Move for your mood, move for your creativity, move for your outlook on life you know what you think and feel about yourself has more of an impact on your long term health and your well being than anything else and I often say, you know, if you have a rock hard body. But you're looking at yourself in the mirror every day and tearing yourself apart. Is that a strong foundation that you want to work from?

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a Creativelive Student

I decided to do something just for me and I am so glad I did. I am completely enjoying Moving to Happiness. You said what made you happy in the past and I thought of my horse. What makes you happy now but I couldn't think of anything associated with that. Than the woman said "Just breath" and I immediately thought of nature. Walks in the park and the quietness. So you could hear the birds are see the deer. The leaves crunching underfoot in the Fall. Not far along in the course and don't have the book but oh am I enjoying it. Thank you so much Petra.

Michal Levi

Overall, this was an awesome class. So much good content, so well taught, nice contributions from the live audience (which does not always happen). If I was assigning a grade, I would give Petra an A+ for a truly well put together class. She also did a good job of summarising the research in this area. : )


Life changing course. The best 11 hours you can gift yourself or others. Thank you Petra and CreativeLive.

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