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B's to a Successful First Phone Call

What are your what? Your biggest hurdle this sales don't want to do it, you don't want to do it? How come it's hard to sell your own stuff and you do a lot of special needs kids and charitable stuff and I can totally you are they the type of photographer that represents so many out there who you're so passionate and we talked a little bit of lunch about they're the struggle between getting the clients who pay a lot and being able to also serve the clients that you really want to serve in that you're really passionate about? So it is, it can be scary for sure for sure anybody else had fears are or sell daniel stuff them is for daniel to sell his stuff do you sell daniel? I sell daniels work, okay it's significantly more probable that way yeah, because it's easier to be selective and objective and and be compassionate but would not give away the farm and daniel loves people and he loves photography and he just given them everything. Yes, former, miss lower got way, heart centered way do ...

it because we love people can you were saying, and you do that too, right? When you have your business, you want to give everything and and we do, and it is great that we are able to do that, but most of us left a job that had benefits and money steady paycheck I mean, there is none of that for us if we're doing this full time, you know, there's, no vacation there's no benefits unless we go out there and people pay us for what we d'oh and it's funny that you say you can sell better than he can sell because I feel like in my business my staff will sometimes sell for me or whatever I feel like I can always sell much better and I don't like to have a pushy experience or feel sales even as teaching it workshop several years ago actually is erin's first week with me, I had a broken hand in a cast, so my hand is the robbing and I'm talking and it was after lunch I said, ok, it's time to talk about sales in the gulf the ruler head down on the table she said, no, no and I said, what? Why? Why do you want to watch sales? And she said, I hate making people dio something that they don't want to d'oh and I was like, oh that's, not sales, you know, go back to aaron and I running in the store saying we need we have about an hour and a half, two hours we need a bunch of outfits, help us did she make us do anything we didn't want to do? No, she helped us solve a need. We need clothes, and when our clients come to us, they come to us because they want something. And I know we have that struggle in our head between beautiful images that don't really cost us a lot, but our time and what it costs us to print the paper and then what we need to charge to make our business go, and we see that this in this don't cost a lot, but this we need to charge a lot to pay for everything else that we're doing. And I think that's where it's hard, but the good news is we don't have to be sales e or pushy or or anything dui. And michael rosenberg and jen have both been in our joint marketing community for years and michael's going to come up and talk here in a little bit, and what people find is that the better you are selling, the happier your clients are. We've all probably had a situation where we felt pushy or sales e or people can call back and cancel that they're like, just let me say I'll buy it so we'll get out and then they called back in canceling you're like, ok, I didn't feel good about that, you know? We're all kind of finding our way I know when I was a little kid I competitive both erin and I were division one athletes and we love sports we love competition and I was doing one of those jump rope for heart things where people spots or how much you jump and I was at a convention with my dad, my family, my best friend and my friend and I were going to strangers asking them to sponsor us because there was no fulfillment they just give you money basically and I remember we were so obnoxious and annoying and I just remember vividly the looks on people's faces and we don't like that do we? We don't like to be on the receiving end or on the giving in because they feel yucky and that's what I love about sales is if it's done right your thrilling people okay, so what I want to talk to you first is you can sell your photography without being pushy it's every money ready to go go here with me, okay, awesome! So what I'm going to talk about first is what the heck you say to people on the first phone call okay? We've worked we've talked for several days about all the things we need to do to build our business and we talked this morning about how to get the phone ringing how to generate leads but what do you say when they call and they say how much is innate by ted what do your package is how much do your packages cost? Okay seventies so it's really easy they all start with b what you guys taking good notes here too? Because if you can learn these seven bees you will attract the right clients when they call on the phone call when you have an email inquiry you know how to get them to call you so you can turn them into a client and a cz well when you're going out into your community those of you guys again all online on your audience who asked well but I'm brand new how do I get the first client? This is how you talk to people to get the first client okay it's they're good solid sales skills but they're not pushy or obnoxious okay that's the exciting news and I loved to sell and I know that my personality is probably different than many people probably a good thing for you guys but you can sell if you're an introvert you khun cell if you're shy you khun cell if you're peppy and perky your style the style isn't what I'm sharing with you okay the formula is what I'm sharing with you you follow these seven steps and you will get results we had people we created this information for the people in our community just something to help people when we put it out there just free no cost just take us learning seven things people are e mailing us like I broke six weddings after immediately after because they were replying to e mails and they weren't booking anybody remember how we talked yesterday you create value by talking to people if they could just look on our web sites and see what we cost they're going to probably pick someone in the lower price bracket and then after their wedding how many of you have heard that they were sure that the cheaper wedding photographer was the better way to go and then the regret I mean, we've all heard it from a friend or from somebody they regret it so we're talking to them and telling them why we're different and increasing the value then we're not going to book people okay? So number one be optimistic and this is kind of should go without saying but I say it merely to make the point of I get it okay, I'm in my studio, I'm working on my next client I'm finishing, working with andrew and re touching the phone rings and I'm busy and I'm a little bit busy and annoyed I know in my mind that I need to talk to their client, but this isn't a good time but we need to remind ourselves when that phone rings this is awesome this is how we build our business so if we need to put a sign up that says be optimistic or smile when we answer the phone then let's do that and if you guys want a list of these with to fill out and take notes on its at madrid marketing dot com forward slash today three and I encourage you to print it out take notes on it and put it by your phone so that you can go down this checklist you aren't just saying ok, the price of an eight by ten is x okay, thank you bye you're not gonna book people that way you're not going to book people that way. Okay? So first call be optimistic I'm excited I've read in books where they say put a mere by your phone and literally smile it yourself because hello versus hello just when we smile it comes across in our voice so is annoyed as we are that the phone's ringing and while we're trying to do other things we can get home, we need to remember that this is more important than pretty much what else whatever else we're doing unless we're with another client okay build a report step number two we don't start selling or pushing anything or doing anything until we've build report, so people say what's, your ex cost you have packages you say, oh my gosh, absolutely, I'm so excited to tell you, but I need to ask a few questions first, and so I can figure out what you're looking for and give you the best information, and they're fine with that because really I am I photographing a family of thirty people in my photographing newborn triplets and my photographing a high school senior and they want me to drive two hours I mean, I truly can't just quote ah blanket price, but I want to build report with them because people want to do business with people that they like, you don't have to be an extrovert, you could be an interview for vour, but you have to be nice and you have to be likable, and if you're in a team situation where you're with a spouse or a partner who never and you're an introvert, you're the shooter and the other person is the sales person and the one who likes to deal people than they should be answering the phone. Okay, so you want to build report in a big way that we do that is by being inquisitive and finding an affinity ok, we've got to find us something that we have in common because we know that people like to do business with people they like, but they also like to do business with people who are like them, so if someone calls and they have twins, I have twins so I'm talking about my twins and all of a sudden aren't they thinking ok, she has twins she's going to be awesome for me because she's got twins and I have twins she there's an instant connection, so I have a whole list of questions that I am working on asking in that first phone call till I find an affinity. So where you from town? Where you from? Oh, you grew up here where you go to high school oh, cool your husband or you know, is it a family if they talk about their husband, you know, I'm trying to find out without being rude to me like, so what do you do for a living? But I want to find out what type of career there in because I found people whose husband worked what works with my husband's sister and they've known each other for years. Oh my gosh, we're long lost friends, so we've got to find an affinity with people, okay? This is part of that process that keeps us from in the end, having people say I want to go home and think about it ok, I'm going to show you all the steps to the sales process this is the first step theseventies the first phone call but it's all for the end result of having the client's place an order, right not spend six months online shuffling through stuff are saying I need to go home and think about it or can I talk to my husband or I can't make a decision isn't that frustrating? We do all that work and then we don't get an order from the client and we're not serving them because they wanted photography and we didn't deliver that to them. Ok, so on that first phone call I'm asking, asking, asking, asking, asking questions, finding things in common so also this is helping me with the next step, which is what makes me different, okay, I'm going to next talk about how to tell them what makes you different, but I'm going to change that a little bit based on what I'm learning from them if they said I have two babies six months in the year old, I'm going to talk differently to them on this call then if they say I have three high school boys ok? Or if they say I want studio photography, everybody in town is doing that door and you're one of the few that does studio for harvey, so how am I talking to them I've got to know how to talk to them by finding out a cz much as I can we have a consultation form that we keep ah folder we have a consultation form for kids we have a consultation folder for our seniors you're nodding your head you do that for weddings even if you don't know if you're booking them you should have that and start writing this information down because if you do find out they're the right client and you go to book them and they come back and you're like now what was your kids teams and oh that's right? That doesn't show that we really care about them and that we're giving them our undivided attention which shows them that they are worth more okay, so asking tons of questions filling out this form as much as I can find out and andrea who works with me, my studio manager and other photographer she's amazing because when clients are coming back maybe there's been adapt and they're coming back she'll say don't forget there they just came back from a trip to vegas so they just came back from disney so I can walk out and say, oh my gosh guys, welcome back how is that trip to disney case of the information I collected that very first phone call is so hugely important number four bring up what makes you different, okay if you never ever ever, ever wanna have clients go home and say I want to think about it or attracting the wrong clients or having confusion about what you d'oh skip this step it could be a commodity photographer and you can sell a cd for one hundred dollars of three thousand images all retouched can kidding a little we're all like no we're like unretouched maybe ok so this is the huge step we've got to tell people what makes us different this is why we spent so much time on day one it's why we gave you guys all that free worksheet toe work through what makes you different because if you can explain what makes you different then you're no more valuable than anyone else who has a camera and they could just pick someone else and get it cheaper okay you guys getting at you and you guys all erin worked with you guys each individually and you were great you guys came right out with what makes you different I know you guys have studied with us I know you can articulate what makes you different anybody have questions on that part of it? Do you feel clear now? So we're taking charge of the conversation? We're we're coming in excited we're we're building report we're asking questions when we feel like we've gotten all the answers that we need we know a ton about um we know if they're from town if they've moved in from out of town what they're looking for is it a group is that a baby and then we're ready to talk about ourselves and I think this is where people fight it hard because you know we're taught not to brag we're taught you know, talk about other people not about ourselves but the bottom line is people need to know this information to make a decision have you ever made a purchase where you're really uneducated like if you're going in to buy you haven't bought a washing machine in twenty years and you are a tv or any and you go in and you have no idea I mean you need to know what the heck is the difference so same thing if they're calling three photographers which I find is typically not the case we want to build a business that comes in from referral from people who have heard of us but say they are talking to three different photographer photographers we want them to know clearly what it is that makes them different each one different because I may not be for everyone and that's a really hard lesson to learn I know it was hard for me because you feel rejected if if you realize they're not the right fit and you let them go it's like dang all that marketing I did they attracted that client and they didn't pick me so we feel like we're failing and really that's not the case we're figuring out what we do best and we're attracting the clients who love what we dio and if someone calls who isn't right for us, I told you guys with my business model very boutique, very high touch, very custom framed everything big things someone calls and they just want a photo to submit to a modeling contest and they just need a two by two digital file that they know we're really creative and we'll do great stuff they're not going to be the best client for me and sometimes I'll say, you know, here's our minimum we don't even have a minute but here's our smallest thing and usually that's even out of their price range and sometimes that people just beg and I said but I really wanted to do it you know I'll do it, I'll do it, but we're spending very little time and I even will tell them that look, if that's all you want here's, what we can do for you we'll do a mini session, we'll do this well have andrea edit him and you can pick while you're here and then we're done or will email them three to pick from it's not our normal process but for the most part I want to attract the clients who who want what I do because that's what I loved to d'oh that's what we've all figured out in this last three days, right? That we're building a business to allow us to do what we want to d'oh we want to shoot the kind of photography that we want we want tio we're working with a guitar for now in california, who does adventure photography? He wants to take families and do all these fun things and boring for him to come to a park and pose a family of thirty and white shirts and jeans like that's, so not what he wants to d'oh. So part of it is if we need cash flow. Sure, we might do something that's, not our favorite that's, okay, but what I'm talking about is we've got to be able to tell them what makes us different on the phone presented in an exciting way. I have a studio, so right there makes me very different, but I specialize in kids so that these really huge track lights that mount to the ceiling actually plug in on the ceiling, and I can spend these babies around and shoot in my camera really fast, because what do kids do? How do they move really fast? Circles flips, so when I'm talking to a parent who's, maybe gone to the mall or maybe gone summer, harrelson had a crazy experience. They're saying ok this is worth more because she knows what she's doing she works with kids all the time not that they don't know what they're doing but again we've talked about the difference between ah low price high volume business versus a boutique business completely different so we want to communicate to people what that is I love kids I have three kids I'm passionate about kids I have a magic stool I have a trampoline I have a treasure chest I have a feather of tattoos I had stickers I have everything I need to get images that will throw my clients now if I would have put my prices on the website would anybody give out from there no they wouldn't get that from there once I talked to people about what makes me different and I share price I'm happy to share those prices but I want to talk to them because by this point I have them laughing and going oh my gosh my two year olds the grazie runs and runs runs and I'm like I love it that is my favorite to photograph in her life you know really yes really that's my favorite and if they are concerned what if I don't like him? We guarantee everything very few times in my career if I had to do a re sure reshoot but I will absolutely do it usually when I've had to do a reshoot it's because the next day the mom calls and said my child was up all night puke ing and I knew something was wrong in this session I knew they were acting weird or whatever I remember having one child who gripped in the doorway screaming and wouldn't come in she and her mom and how to fight she was not a toddler, she was seven or eight it was hilarious and then the next time she came back was perfectly fine no big deal, no big deal and I prepped them tell your kids they're coming to play don't tellem when you get there you behave my studio set up so that there's no reason I have to say no there are plugged as they can stick their fingers into there aren't lamps they can knock over there's no trouble they can get into they can just come and play with a trampoline for god's sake it's a little baby one people are like you have insurance it's a little bitty wide and really you can't get air and tell you about ten years old you have to have some weight to get off but I can get on and jump and then the little toddlers air like me me do it, you know, so I'm like mom, hold on, I get back where I am and they go and they go you know boom I got that last shot and that's all I need it for so it's not dangerous and I'll say mom stay by you know mayes super careful but I have all these little tricks that share with them that I can get the expression that they want that I can deliver the artwork they want and all the time I'm talking about my belief you know I told you about the stories and I told youto all getting journal to keep with you and I see you guys my awesome a plus audience you're already doing that this is where you tell your stories I didn't exist is a child you know this is where you're telling all of the things whatever your story is it's not my story it's your story that's how we sell by telling our story you guys have stories yes they're like many stories many stories and they help don't they? They helped tremendously so we were building report we've spent ten minutes with these people at this point already we're having a great conversation we're getting along and it's funny you can hear in their voices when they start sometimes they're they have some trepidation of you know I've heard about you I my friends come there, but I'm a little nervous and bye bye now we're lasting and they've totally relaxed and I'm gonna be completely up front and honest with price I don't want the whole you have to come in to see prices because quite frankly I'm too busy if you're not right for me and I'm not right for you like let's not waste our time let's just figure it out now but if you're giving price without talking to them then price will become an issue pay you've got to create value first so once you tell them what makes you different then it's time to tell them what you're what you're charging and if you do this correctly you should not ever have price objections again okay I should never say never because you may have price objections but you're going to knock it down tremendously because you're already addressing it you're addressing it right now if there's a price constraint ah price problem you want that objection to come out now you want them to say oh I got a gift certificate for my birthday for fifty dollars in my husband I don't have jobs they have fifty dollars to spend well they're not going to get anything at my studio for fifty dollars okay so I need to be okay I need to I need to get that pricing objection right there and be ok that they're not the the person for me the thing is on this first phone call I'm willing to invest fifteen twenty, thirty minutes to pre qualify a client cause that's what we're doing we're pre qualifying them and people think pre qualify, we're finding out if they're rich and we're deciding they're rich and they're going to spend a lot of money with us. It has nothing to do with that for me. I want to know that they value photography, they know what they're getting and what I've just told them I can deliver for them will thrill them. You guys, you know, talking about all the cool places you go, you're going to depend that's going very based on the boy who wants to go out with his trucks or who's an archery shooter you and immediately have these ideas of what you can do for him that makes you different versus a girl who's like I'm a girly, girly, girly girl. Oh my gosh, we have this cool new frame that you are going to love and you're talking about what makes you different to customize it to her, okay, there's also different buyer styles, which isn't something I can go into a super lot here because I want to stay focused on this, but we talk differently to different buyers and that's a little more advanced and learning all of these things happen in this first phone call, which is so critical. To making sure that if you get the right person on his first phone call your set the whole system if you follow a clean system it should go beautifully but if you get the wrong person and it doesn't matter what you do back here because all they have is fifty dollars to spend ok so this is a big one for you artists and creatives and all of you awesome photographers at home believe in your price it's the hardest thing isn't it can I just say well my eight by ten's are seventeen dollars and they used to be fifteen but I you know I really just I need to charge a little more whatever it is whether you're apologizing for a ten dollars image or a two hundred dollars image we now know after being in this class we're on our third day we now know what cost of sales are right we now know that just because we pay three dollars for something charging ten dollars is not necessarily profitable right? So we've got our time we've got all of the other things that go into running a business so there's nothing else doing those costs of sales exercises they should give you the confidence to believe in your price and to be able to say this is so exciting I can't wait to tell you about prices okay I mean I seriously approach it this way because I love it I mean I'm the highest in my market and I am because I want to get the clients that want to spend time with me that want me to come to their home and measure and pick paint colors and and give them awesome framing options and bring for big giant portrait to their house and prop them up so they can see it I want to work that way and if they don't want t make an investment in that then that's ok there's a ton of photographers probably watching now in my market that can throw them and that's why I put this stuff out here because the more my competitors know about how to differentiate themselves a better we all will be right and they're not out there just saying, oh, I'm cheaper than sarah petty you know they're saying yes, prices are low but here's what I do differently ok and so it's good for all of us we can all be in business we can all six steed and stay in business so the biggest thing is believing in your price and saying ok, so let me tell you how our prices work. What I say is everything leaves archival e framed I've told them the story about how I didn't exist is a child sorry mom again and it's important for me to do this for my clients so I go through that story and I say now look we everything's are kindly framed and I get that does drive up our prices but it's important to me this is artwork so our artwork starts it x and then what we do is we bring you back we shoot all these images we know down to the favorites and I explain the rest of the system and boom it's ceo painless that wass see how painless I just told them pricing and I said it like yeah and you can wear this color shirt and we can go here and here's the prices and then we come back and we show you the images it's all exciting instead of we're gonna wear this cool stuff and we're going to go this cool place but you have to charge you for it. I know what how does that make you feel when I say that makes you feel like oh she's not worth it she's not confident in her prices so biggest thing I can say to you guys believe in those prices practicing your mirror if you have to listen to yourself you guys have bonded here practice with each other you guys your creative life community hop on facebook and say, hey, does anybody want to practice with me, ping each other and say, hey let's set up a time to talk hopefully or not in different countries across the world kind of bad when you set it up and you forget that it's a work hauser with all the traveling I do, I wake up what time's up and I call my kids or is it to him so literally practice with each other you be the client, you be the photographer, you be the client, you be the photographer practice your practice it in the mirror and I'm telling you it doesn't take you very long to rocket racket it how do you guys feel good about it? For me even now it could be a challenge because I think I consider myself be the highest photographer highest price photographer you're in seattle and my joke is if I'm not I want to find out whose prices they are second raise money, see what happens when you study with the joint marketing created which I think so yeah so and michael's been around for a while you'll get to hear his story because he's really got some cool things to share that he's done in his business but you can see he loves it. He loves that he loves talking about his prices and what you start to find is if you just confident about him and you present him like I just said people are good they're like, ok, so where we going to go? And they start asking questions not about price and you're like well, we can go all you like, but they might not do that and they might have objections, which is what is our fear, right? We don't worry about the boogeyman or the monsters at night and worry about objections that's what our nightmares our client called and said it was terrible that he hated anyone to return it and we fear them saying, oh gosh it's that much so what I get for that I'm completely fine with that because you know what if I handle that objection and I answer it right then and they still come to me it's never coming up again it's done and what I find most people doing is waiting till the clothes and they're there with the clients and then that objection comes up and it's too late but it's that expensive? I can't do that, I can't do that what's too late we create a system so that those objections can come up early and often what we like to assign students to dio which I'd like to sign all of you guys to do is make a list of all the objections you here in your business and we have our own list of ten I think there's really more like six objections that we hear over and over you too expensive digital files there's no room in my home I don't want to shine my kids that the older sibling got something different so make a list of what all those objections are in your journal that you keep with you and then write your stories that overcome those objections will I didn't exist is a child that's why my prices are more expensive I've already talked about that that's why framing is included can't get it without frames okay and we have actually five ways that we overcome all ten of those objections and boom system question no question if you have questions jump in because you guys are my gauge when I get a a look of confusion I know everyone at home is likely way want to break down objections digital files let's just address that one before we move on it's an overnight home it's like ok that's the objection I want to know about what about digital files? Well half of the time they're just asking a question there is a difference between questions and objections but they're asking a question can I get digital pazanin and I was digital you don't have film not gonna ask for a negative but now that's digital and know it's cheap and easy can I get him? You have to have be prepared for an answer on that on that actually I turn it around and I use it as a way of setting myself apart from other photographers I literally say unlike other photographers we don't release unfinished work to the public si eso you probably bring it up up here and what makes me different something else that makes me different is that we have very high quality standards and I don't ever release any of my digital files because I want to ensure the color is perfect the exposure is perfect every single thing is perfect and I will reprint things five times if I have tio to ensure that they are perfect and another story I have I have fabulous family fabulous sister in laws but I have a sister in law that I love dearly and I think I'm doing her a favor by giving her a digital file lo rez because I don't want to make her come in and you know, I think I'm doing a favor not by presenting caregiver digital five lower as some nails all she has to do is call my studio and order whatever she wants I mean we have time now even charge our families but she didn't want to bother us so she just planted him and I went in her house framed the photos that were so dark and I was like and I was like, ok, the file did not look like that how did you get that? I called andrew and I was like, yeah, what happened? She was here that those we didn't do that, you know I'm like how did we do that? We would never do that and so I'm like alright, we're fixing this you know? So you put files out there that are beautiful perfect in the average consumer cannot print into our seniors and not people that goes through a petty indignities so that's my take on it now the good news is we do give our clients a facebook size image of anything they purchase for facebook because what's going to happen if they have it in their possession camera phone bad light, dark, horrible it's going to show up on facebook anyway and how the time that's what they're pleased with they want that image for facebook would you consider with more, um less obvious ones like I need to go home and talk to my husband about it? Great question, great question because a lot of times that is a smoke screen okay, if you're hearing I want to go home can I think about it? Can I talk to my husband one of two things the go home and think about it is definitely a smokescreen you've done something wrong and it probably started in this first phone call okay that but if you if you're saying can I go talk to my husband, you didn't ask the right questions in the beginning because of the husband is the decision maker he needs to be involved in the process, okay, but there's definitely a difference between a real objection and a fake objection a smokescreen and we're all guilty of it we're in an art fair with our kids in florida couple spring breaks ago and they're you know they have these outdoor things and we're like just it's rare that I'm so relaxed and I don't shop a lot so I'm just like, oh, I have everything and I've been like I don't need this, you know? And it had these cool candles that were made in coconuts and they had all these names like you're making me crazy and I'm like, I'm picking up and then I'm like, you know what? I don't know if I can fit in this suitcase so I leave them there and we start to walk out and then the guy goes, is there anything I can help you with? And I was like, oh, you know what? We're I love these we're going to just walk around and we'll come back well, what was I really saying? Like, I don't want him, you know? But had he probed a little deeper, I might have said I just don't think I could fit him in my suitcase, so we have free shipping boom done, done totally done so don't look at objections as bad things I was selling two a a client's a couple of years ago and she didn't want to buy because her daughter had some stray eyebrows and she didn't wantto place the order and she was embarrassed to say I just said she said she loved him and I couldn't figure out why she wasn't making a decision and she said that you know I'm embarrassed I was like oh my gosh no big deal done so if you could do that I'm awesome but if I would have let her go home and think about it I would have been doing her a service so when people say go home and think about it I usually ask is there something holding you back is there something are you not liking do you think your husband's going to be nervous sometimes they'll say well I'm afraid my husband is going to think I'm spending too much well you know what let's do let's pencil in what you want you just make a deposit I can send you home with a copy of the order and if he has any changes you can call tomorrow so put it on them to make a change versus putting it on them to come back in order they're not going to do it okay so sometimes those smokescreens you gotta probe and find out what are you really saying that you're not saying what is really holding you back and sometimes it's our fault we've shown them eighty seven unbelievable images they got to go home and think about because there's no possible way they can narrow it down right, we've all done that we've shown too many images and they get fatigued, they get overwhelmed and they've literally do you need to go home and I'm I'm the worst because I don't know how it is that here for three days because usually after an hour of that focus with a client leading them and helping them and really trying to figure out what's best for them when they stall just adenauer whatever I'm ready to like stop about my balls I can't do it anymore and if I can't do it how they do it you know they start glazing over panicking like I can't do this I need to go home so we have to create a system that helps them know by the time the end of that hour happens that they can place their order in part of that is answering all of these objections first phone call or in person consultation and if you know what they are ahead of time, answer them ahead of time. Sarah yeah way find that the I want to go home and talk to my husband piece is frequently because we've already asked him if they want to bring their husband and what it comes down to is it's that total line when you get down to the bottom line and it x number of dollars and they didn't expect it like the images this much oh my god, there they're spending more than I thought they're going to if we bring up price plan our payment plans yes that's usually gone absolutely I mean like this soon as we say, you know we have payment plans or they remember that you know that usually what gets us through that point yes so that's another way to overcome those objections by bringing up services, products, services and a payment plan is a fantastic one but sometimes when like you said you've are you already identified the husband is it doesn't need to be about in the decision then she starts with awesome good oh can I talk to my attorney room make sure I would probably say I see ordered a lot are you worried that he's going to freak out like I'm not afraid to throw that out there because that's probably what she's worried about and she goes, yeah, well, do we need to cut? Because if you go home to talk to him about this and he's going to freak out like, let me help you and one of the ways I mean we can do a payment right exactly if we spread it out or if we need to cut let's cut I mean I'm really I'm a consultative sales person, right? I'm not like well, you picked nine you need to get all nine way if we need to cut to eight or seven her six like let's cut let's thrill you and get you happy and then I can help them I can say I rather you cut out one whole thing that make these while portrait all little bitty brake because again if they go home with ten eight by ten's votes is one large wall portrait what's going to bring me referrals one wall portrait and if I send them home to make that decision there they're going down to ten eight by ten's something that I just picked up in what you said you asked her if her husband needed to be their way to send to bring their hubby if they need they're happy there it's a subtle difference but what I do is I tell them when can we make an appointment that all the decision makers need to be there because they both need to be there this way you make sure you have the husband so it's not a it's it's it's basically not a request it's almost a gentle command and they took me but that's what we've been doing jericho leiber's gentle command a killer air no that's very true and I could kind of debate that with you a little I mean I love how you say it but for me and my my business what I found is that my clients are very clued into if their husband if they want their husband or not and they're fully capable of writing a huge check are bringing out the credit card for whatever they want many of them sometimes you know there are I mean if I were investing thousands I'd at least pick up the phone and call my husband so I don't judge them or or think that's crazy or anything I'm I shocked when they just they're like sure here well that's what I say all the decision makers because wife may turn to me is that I'm the decision maker and sometimes I'll even say is your your husband's he doesn't want in and nothing he golfs he belongs this's for me she's already justifying that purchase okay let's keep going so importance of objections we get out a whole day on objections but the point is welcome them figure out what they're going to be we have an answer for them and be good with it and then number seven book the consultation people always say what do I do? You know what do I do next? Get them in, get them in so you can talk with them so you can find out what they like and what they want it's back to the hair salon if I don't talk to my hair hair stylists first and I just sit down and let them start cutting or coloring god only knows what I'm gonna get same thing with a photography studio you can't assume that they saw this on your web site and that's what they love and that's what they want. I've had consultations where people come in and out, like so and so referred me and I, and I'm like, oh, so and so would love this room. Bright fun and crazy, colorful. And there, the person's, very conservative and she's, like my house, is all brown and all neutral. She's never going to buy this, okay, but if I just assumed, based on who referred her, that she's had good feelings about me and loves my work, that this is what she wants, I'm not gonna have a sale at the end, okay, so we want to get them in. We want to talk to them in person. We want to know and continue this conversation about figuring out who they are, what they need.

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