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Branded Products for the Troutmans

So we're going to dig into everyone's product mix here in a second so I want you guys in the audience live audience to have questions for us because maybe you're struggling with should I cut this down? How should I simplify that type of thing but way wanted to kind of surprise you guys with some products how fun is that? So so we went on a shopping spree for you way went on a shopping spree for you and our hands were tied a little because we hadn't met you we hadn't have all these conversations about what makes you different, but we had enough information to create somewhat I think there's a really awesome way have such amazing, amazing vendors in sponsors who said, hey, they help the industry and they said, what do you want? Okay, so what we want to do is we're going to show you some stuff and let's talk about how it can fit into your product mix and that's look at take a big bird's eye look at your product mix and decide is there something you're selling that you don't love that does...

n't sell well? That's confusing ok, those are kind of the questions everyone should be asking themselves because it's confusing or if it doesn't sell or if you just don't like it that's what I was going to say you don't like it or it doesn't represent you well it may be something that everybody in your market wants so sarah when you started everybody wanted these ugly folios e like you they were they were just not right what you wanted to do a very good right so it may not show off daniels art the way that you wanted to be displayed in the way that it's shown even if everybody in town wants it so the question about sizing yes so can we have a price for every size but yet just only show for five cases and then you know yes we have it you know we can order it we know what it is what I'm looking up with do anything of that but it's not it just it seems like it weighs down the list it does you know it does too much everything we do is customs we have a basic starting point fourteen inch twenty twenty for like thirty forty, sixty ninety one and then everything else from there is custom if you want a twenty by twenty but at least it gives people the ballpark idea because here's the thing people don't know when they're coming to you what they're going to order so they're not looking through every price going well a twenty inch this is that much in a twenty thirty seven I mean they don't even know they don't even know that they're going to like your photography because they come in thinking I don't know don't pay and they leave and they see like get a horizontal panoramic of the twelve kids and they're freaking out they love it now they need to know what it costs and how they can get it so simple is always better it will talk pricing a little bit later but my favorite price menus air from white house custom color and they come in twenty five so it's a it's a press pretty card and I give them their beautiful you order twenty five if you if you made a mistake and people everyone's like, well, what if I want it like this and you hear pete three people ask it, go at that imprint twenty five war you know chrissy there's it's not like you're setting them in stone forever you have to spend five thousand dollars printing them it's like thirty or forty bucks and you're good for quite a while, okay, so you tell us this is just like we wanted there to be another way reveal every day, right? So you know, if there's something, you don't love it and you don't want to offer that's, okay? Okay, because we're looking now kind of big picture we want to give you we want to like, scrub through your whole business and give you some fresh ideas and new ways to look at things so okay I'm gonna hold these have you pull one up on all polling because they're gonna go together let's make sure we have a right way okay yes our metal dr maria these air medal prints from white house and they have these cool metal and you know you have so we shall be like for your style and your brand and everything you're doing medal is a clear a product there you know I mean you've gotta have metal we've got this gas pump you've got this cool space you've got colors that air metallics okay let's turn him around oh wow those look so that this one turned out a beautiful little aren't those beautiful know how cool are these going to be hanging in your space we wanted to make a nice and big mean you can still go bigger bigger but I felt like with seniors they will often say I don't want my first stop there right obama by that that big bed with seniors and I like the companion gets it to show tio you could do each sibling into a three or a four aren't those beautiful this is his photography were like snuck into their house knock out all their things got into his computer and you can get these at white house you guys are white house clients actually and everyone else is a white house client yeah everyone say yeah but I think you know people are minor asking sixty three and showing it to the chapter twenty four. Sixteen, twenty sixteen I think they're bigger than sixteen when I know we always think they're smaller that's when people say by ten and we hold it up put it this way oh, god. Okay, so first display, where should we ladies guys labor from that kind of generate this set with all these fun images? So we'll have all of these you? Because, there's no way! When you see everything you were showing that it will fit in your suitcase, there is actually in our backyard practically mean, like these air within I mean that's two hundred yards from our studio. And this is this. This is what our hometown looks like, which is beautiful. And they have the full metal like plugs. So it's it's, such a cool look way haven't used these yet. And I'm when I saw much like our baby. Because I look at this too. If you look at it with my style, the bright color, like this little girl in the blue, and we will shoot kids with all these different backgrounds saturated hot pink or tangerine. How is that it's? A clean, contemporary look, matt, your wedding photography, crisp and clean, would be died that arch photo would be in rock and on this so see how we all take a product and we make it our own if we all just slapped the same photo in an oak frame and we're like we're photographers it doesn't get anybody excited anybody you guys have any comments on how you would use thes for I use those just for seniors? Yeah, okay, yeah so that's cool to you don't have to offer the same thing to everybody and we do that too with certain things I mean I don't want certain things certain ways my gallery wraps are actually my contemporary product I will use them in high key the soft gray or color if someone came in and wanted unearth tone warm family photo as a gallery rap campus I wouldn't sell it that way or I would try my hardest not to sell it that way occasionally someone may insist they really want it that way but with that if that's what they want I see for me again this is my filter. I see it in the chunky italian frame with matt warm snuggly and a lot of people do canvases with brains but that's not how I do it it's either framed within that or it's a gallery rep campus that's just my personal style you asked what what folks were saying and, um a wilson photo chemo says I would use them for clients that have an industrial design theme in their home, which I think is a really great idea. And I'm also printed on teo the aluminum, the breast balloons and for finer pieces as well for abstracts and such so there's, so much that even dio yeah, I love it and what we do when we find a new product like this for anyone who has a client database, instant sales call if your clients and say, oh my gosh, I have the cruelest product. Come in, stop by. Let me run by your house. See it, let's set a procession. You this is totally for your house. I think this could actually be very cool for co marketing as well. If you're looking at doing displays in other businesses, this is a great place. I mean, this is very sturdy. We're talking about, you know, it being in another business you haven't, you know, take it down, move it around also for photographers that our location based and need something again, it's, sturdier and easier to throw in your car. And I mean so again, just another couple places where you could use them and that they could show, yeah. Yeah, I love the medal for that because they're durable and if they get scratched I think it's almost like it's display that you have a couple of big sizes in your car they get beat up I think it kind of gives him character but people need to see the scale I mean, if you took this size and put it over this sofa it would look it's too small it's not, but if we wanted to talk about putting it on that wall it would be appropriate so we have to educate our clients what's appropriate ok, christmas video okay, now this one this is also from white house they have some fun boutique frames in a new line and we wanted to present you for your children side some things that were sweet but not too sweet that went with your soft kind of style of photography was like, so look at that so when when you're talking to clients and you're explaining how you see their artwork, you could say we I see this in your baby's room as opposed to if you just selling that that photo and there's no frame they're going to stick in a big fat black frame and it's gonna be like, whoa, you can't enjoy the sweet little baby but look at that fund frame and the just stressed edges go with your your your feel and like in the studio anything over the changing stations have intense station studio ivan that really perfect absolutely and you know this is chalk board back here so even kind of having fun between when we're not talking here you could even paint a wall with chalk board paid and put words love things like that and make it this warm yummy area for those of you who have studio is just a little nugget that I have thrown in in my studio I will do like an area like say this is the kidsroom wall and I'll do it in that flavor instead of try to mix everything up so this one might be the the copper with the cool this and you've got a rest iq would chair the dark leather sofa we have that full wall that's kind of that coppery wall and then a separate space altogether the soft sweet kid's room a pretty soft curtain so you're making it feel like they're coming into a home and we know that eighty to ninety percent probably of people watching don't have a retail studio and that's okay, you can recreate that as you do a child's room and you take photos of it and then you're showing these on your website you're showing them when you go and you're educating your clients but for those of us who have a studio let's let's show it off and that's teach people how to do what what we love isn't that sweet and this is another one that would be easy to take with I mean this is not a bad size to carry along with you isn't that sweet and I see this kind of this size is an add on size I mean this is a smaller I want them buying the big and this is like for your baby's room I mean how can you pass that up you need to probably down there sound full confidence that print I think this is at a fourteen inch and way weren't sure style wise because again we all have to figure out what is our style for me I will do that baby's face giant some people won't some people don't again it's a taste it's it's what you're looking feel is so that's why we went we stayed smaller with that one is coming at on product ok grab that and pull that up can you okay and then I'm with black and whites I think a black frame is a classic look but I'm also particular of what gets a black frame and what gets a software like that little baby photo I wouldn't put it in a black friend because it's very harsh but some of your work in my opinion you get the sarah petty filter on your work go home and take off the center you choose but just like beth presented you with logos and explained them this is how I present to my client I'm explaining how I see things so I saw kind of I don't if I call it necessarily high contrast black and white but you have a lot of dark in the image and I feel like when you have a lot of dark in the image it needs a darker frame to anchor it otherwise it's heavy and then it fades off and on the opposite over here would be like hunk and then it ruins it so again, just my opinion and this is how I see this piece of work being shown oh, I love that is nice isn't that pretty and white house white house frames? I mean, we told them anything you khun dio before they can take care of and get those sent to you but that's gorgeous. I would see this on maybe a like a tope or linen color wall that's not as darlington all the eye to really and just warm and like maybe some linen pillows so rich and beautiful where you just have to stand there and you just go. I just love that looks bad and when you have the consultation will talk in this sales tomorrow but everything so interwoven it's hard to compartmentalize we're only talking about this but what I would do in the consultation is say ok here's what I do really well walk with me this you know, you walk them around and you say I love the contrast between dad's big hands and the little baby and you explain and then they're like ok, I love it boom let's shoot that you know and then you say I love you know, for the baby's room it's fun at this age to have a piece that really shows this yummy little stage of their life that that's in the side for anything yeah so you you teach them and then what will people buy that's what people will buy they're going to come in and say I want a black and white this big and then I've seen something with the cute little frame you know, their rooms I mean, they don't know that you have to take them there and it's based on your style okay, close here, let me set this over. We set it over here where you guys were sitting where we can stare at it look, I don't want to get up because you're gonna be around okay coming back here to more oh my fingers ok, this one is we were taking kind of a risk on these last two because we weren't sure if they would be go with your style but we felt like looking at your work this adds a little bit of that's something unexpected. The humor, the for feed something that isn't necessarily the straightforward. And we went with the silver because it goes with your metallic. We just took a guess with that, but we felt like your stuff lent itself all the you know, metal was a recurring me, but this is maybe more of a girly products for the girls, but yet still very cool. Okay, ready to drum roll. Oh, wow. All of our suppliers and vendors and resource is our in. If you go to the joint marketing dot com forward slash day two, we have a whole list of all the vendors that we use. So this is not a white house framed. This is from a different company, and all of those companies are listed on that just get private. But we felt like even, you know, this was one that was a little brighter. This could be painted bright red to go with this. Some of these ones that have more metal that tracks things like that would go beautifully in this, even some of your if you wanted to do some of the blends like a pretty pro fire, a pretty just face image with some cool textures and blends in the image could be really fun in this so here's the thing. This could be one and you can share if you're feeling like you know it's cool but it's not me, it's. Totally fine. I'm sure someone here would love it. But sometimes you show things for the wild value, right? So you have a display somewhere in town and people freak out over some of these different products. So you show it. And that may be what people buy. But I get if you show the same old, same old, same old everywhere you are, it's not nearly as fun and exciting. So I just thought this in silver. Um, it was a fun thing to do. Now we pay this thing line green hot, pink way sell this thing like crazy big. All different sizes kids, rooms, it's a not expensive frame it all and it's not the best quality because it's kind of a styrofoam. So for display purposes it's. Good. Great, because you can do several of them. You can get them up in your market and really set yourself apart. So it's so they come like blond and then you choose a color. They come? Yeah, with faux finish that's. Really? Until I'm not going to sugar coating certain, I think that's that's definitely well, I mean again just because I don't care for it doesn't mean someone else wouldn't write would be perfect for their work but for me you know I wanted to be different, okay? And then this is a baby piece we wanted you to be ableto have a nice big display tio talk about your baby stuff and this may not be something that you is your is your favorite style, but again, this is your image and this is what I would have done with that and, um I think that I was trying to look at your work and fit it into products instead of just being like I'm gonna offer everything every different way I see like I see your black and whites that's how they come I see certain things this's are metal line and if you love this will go these four places or these twenty places and this is what we'll create freedom, you don't just get to pick from all the images and go, you know, I want this one on metal that's not what you want so you say if they love the hat you go, this place is and then they're gonna buy that, ok? So I was seeing this as a something you do for the kids, for the moms, for the kid's rooms, what kind of a little sarah petty influence, right, colorful and very giant wakened dropped this remark was going through her mom's gonna just so you can you not just it was it was her first birthday and how can you not just love that? Because here's the thing you put this in a kid's room and people come in and they're not going to notice the custom betting or the fancy bed or anything else in the room they're going to freak out over this right that's three awesome there's that that's that that humor indeed exactly exactly I thought this had so much personality tongue sticking out I just wantto go totally I mean, look at that look it on this blue purple wall and just pops and so I tell people they don't need to go buy a bunch of fancy stuff like a nearly piece of art and that is the cutest room you'd find anywhere way so this was fun because this did have my filter on it so maybe you guys can talk about I mean, I feel like you you feel like this nail that you feel like that is you use a look and feel and that's this white house framing those air boom easy quick get it making but yes, which is nice um the little whatnot here, the little soft frame I've seen these done really cool to include in a series so we can't even show that three in a row um I person like things in a serious when they tell a story so like, you know, you know, doing three things and she didn't win so o r so we've gotta have a second um and then the matter office do you feel like that is something that you could she's she has been trying to talk me into a frame like that forever in the studio, so yeah, I think you really hit it at that and photo might my concern is the color I'm concerned about the silver and what it's gonna look like in the studio because the colors in the studio or so war weren't we know what and I don't know until I get there I don't know it all you got to love the style all you need to do is literally get a can of spray paint and so in spray paint it that's what we do, everything else three years there spray painted way that we live with cancer I love thee detection texture and that is amazing and I just think for a girl that is such a cool product so the seniors who say and what makes your big say, you know what? I get it other people said that, but I gotta show you up, you have to see this come look at this and they're gonna go oh my good west is so the image in there is it it's very isn't it's not a metallic in it isn't it isn't ok you know way probably didn't pick the right image for this frame but we originally we were going to be picked it to do a red frame and then we were like, you know what? Let's go with a medal on guy probably and we'd already ordered the print because we you know we've got to do it your turn around yeah yeah to ship out here is our central like me in illinois little little harder but still I love it but often times I will pick a color out of the image to to paint it so with a red frame with a bright green with mustard again it's that bam like who would do that? You don't want everything people look at to just go that's that's nice you want to be like what is that? I think this piece is that the unexpected and and you're gonna have one girl in ten it's like that's awesome it's the dog whistle some people are like this is the coolest thing a lot of kids you know very well it's gonna be very popular so it's just cool toe have different things for different people and say you like the big baby love baby baby a big baby you and I see that display wise, I personally wouldn't display it next to the sweet soft one a different side of a room or like some things visually separates them but I feel like your eye needs to digest in as you look at these around your room you get different they vote different feelings that evokes something different than this and when you put them together the color distracts but that's what we present logo's in black and white first because your your mind can't take in all these different stimulation stimuli so so you know, I know how happy daniel is happy he's been trying to win that argument for a while not unlike the checkbook says no wait, what about white house as they empower photographers too have these displays they do sales twice a year usually january july so I know that when they're coming and you know, save lives all right, so you could do or mark at a discount so that you can display them I just think those are beautiful and I felt like these air kind of signature your style you know, you'd be thrilled if you could do that every day oh yeah, yeah so even think someday if you did a whole wall florida stealing of the medals will be awesome, so I think you know fewer cool things and not trying to just do everything right

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