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So we have some fun things to do, but first we want to talk about branded failure and why branding is more important for a boutique business. We touched on it a smidge this morning, but we really want you guys to understand why it's so important for you to have consistency and as you'll see throughout the morning, you'll see what we mean by consistency and everything. You d'oh because people don't recognize you if you're inconsistent. And is aaron mentioned earlier this morning with a big company like coco are some of these big brands? Maybe have a mishap gap brought out that new logo and everybody went nuts and then they took it away. People forget about that we marketing people don't forget about it, but the average person forgets about it so it's like a little drip in a big pond, nobody sees it, but when our little businesses make a make a mistake or a foe part, we're like one day get happy with our fonts and just change our logo for fun. It's a big ripple in a little bitty pond, so...

we want to really emphasize the importance of that consistency, and I'll let aaron talk about brand failure because she is the brand police, what is brand failure and how dio smaller businesses? Keep from having brand failure well, I think this set in here you guys see the set in a lot of you guys watch creative live a lot and I think that the set here is a good example of branding for those of you who have followed sarah petty photography you know that her style is bright fun, whimsical and so look at the set in here it's bright fun whimsical if we would have come in here and this that would have been black walls and you know, dark and you know, you know the portrait's wouldn't have been fun you know, bright colorful things that would be an example of brand failure right there because what and you know it's a little different because sarah's clients aren't watching this but you know what been failure is is when you cause a disconnect for your clients between the way you're doing something now and what they expect from you. So if your clients come in and you go to a fancy restaurant ok? And you know, it's it's your anniversary it's gonna be a great night out and you're you're going to spend a little bit more than you usually dio so you get trust sit up and you know you're like, ok, we're going to this nice fancy restaurant and you walk in to the restaurant and nobody greets you at the door you stand there, you wait a while nobody seems to pay any attention to you. Nobody cares. You're like we have a reservation, you know, what's going on, wait a while, you wait a while, but, you know, ten minutes go by, you're still standing there, ok? Finally somebody comes up and says, do you have a reservation? Not nice at all, right? This is a place where you were planning to invest a lot of money have a great memory, it's your anniversary and you've been there before, maybe or you've heard great things about it. So you're expecting to have a wonderful experience or expected to be greeted with open arms and you come in the door, you expected for them to have a table ready for you, you're expected for them, you know, you expect certain? I think so, right? There is just a tiny example of what brand failure would be if you go, you sit down and you finally get seated and you wait a while for your for anyone to again come, come and offer you anything, they come up and and they say, what would you like to eat? They don't start talking about all the great things on the menu and describing them and what their favorite thing is and what wine pairs nicely with this and that and the menu that they give you is you know kind of a rumble that piece of paper like this it's nothing night nothing designed you know things scratched out prices scratched out on it that's brand failure ok so when you set an expectation for your clients which all strong brands should be doing your clients should have a very clear expectation of what they're going to get from you when they come to you so they should have they should have an expectation of whether this is going to be a fun experience was serious experience or whether they're going to feel like a million bucks or whether they're going to be one of two hundred people that are in at that time they should have an expectation and it's up to you guys to live up to that expectation and when you don't that's brand failure and it goes from everything from your sign ege from your logo from the way you treat your clients from the way their experiences when they walk in the door from the way you answer the phone when they call you all of these things can lead to brand failure they're all places where you can let down your clients and not give them the experience that they're expecting and every decision you make is is determining it's a branding decision we talk about going tio having having an event in my market or co marketing we would never wear polo shirts with my name embroidered on it I mean, where bright and we promote ourselves as we built a brand of creativity and fresh and if my team and I showed up in matching embroidered polo shirts, that's brand failure, ok, someone else it might be perfect for, and I see sometimes I'll see photographers at events or whatever, and they all match, and I think they're right on, like, that's, a perfect look for them, but for me, that would be a decision that would not would be inconsistent with my brand. So all of those little things that we don't think about that or no big deal, but they are a really big deal and it's, I mean, even things that it goes as far as discounting, right? So if you're seeing is the high end person in your market and everybody comes to you and they know that they're going to come to you for, you know, they save up, they don't come to you for everything that come to you for one special thing, and then suddenly you're on group on and you're, you know, half off or, you know, you send out a postcard, everybody saying facebook post sessions today, only fifty percent off that's brand failure right there if you're trying to build a boutique business, that's an example of great failure I see it a lot too, with marketing and promotion because we have an amazing industry of all these templates and people you can get all these resource is from but they're inconsistent I always like to look at the example of say, you're planning a birthday party for your kid eds and you're you're gonna have a mexican theme, right? So you get invitations that are bright and color and they have a pinata and then the food would be what would you expect if you shut up to that party with the mexican theme right? You wouldn't expect to walk in and see the table set with velvet and candles and a pretty princess tea party being greeted by a pretty princess all dressed up no you want a pinata you want streamers you want the little shaky angie yeah command talk again it's not it's about expectations some of you may be a mexican restaurant some of you may be an italian, some of you may be the little bar you go to that's dark and dingy and really cool but what happens when you you get a temple it from someone you're like because we're creatives right? So we like a lot of different things we have schizophrenia little bit with our design because we're like, oh, you know that's really pretty what sarah petty didn't that promotional piece is really pretty but but that's, a mexican party and that's not the kind of party I'm having. So what happens is we have brand failure all over the place and we have a disconnect our marketing stops working and we panic and we have discounts, which is another disconnect. So see how all those little decisions that you're making in your business can affect your brand and their branding decisions? Yes, they're marketing decisions or their communication decisions of their their workflow decisions my studio I would people will ask me well, do you ever have a session and then preview it and sell it right there? That's it not for me, for me I'm a boutique brand I want to shoot it and I want weeks to go by I want them to have some notice nous to come back and be like I hope I like these images if their kids still wearing the same outfit the same day that takes away the magic of what I do. So in my case that that might be brand failure in your case or your case or your case, you might be the kind of place that that's how you say, you know, hey, I work with people who are from out of town, you come in, we do it. You go to lunch, you come back, I present and you still have a way to work but it's every decision to work flow it's it's you know how you answer the phone it's what you mail it's everything that it has to do with how your business is perceived by others is a branding decision yes exactly and and again it's kind of maybe seem a little overwhelming because there are so many places where you can go wrong here um but released you know my best my best advice for you to stop and make sure that you're you're not having brand failure is to think about all the places where your clients come into contact with you so whether it be that they see a display that you've done in someone's office in your town you know that the dentist office or the hospital if you've got if you say for example, you've got marketing pieces that you're leaving somewhere where they seeing those are there places where they would expect to see you? Are they places that maybe could reflect poorly on you? You know you hear about the, you know, way talked about in the book actually one of my favorite examples say your brother in los got a new job and he's selling advertising in the toilet stalls in bars you know we're sitting there looking on and you can get it for free is that a good thing? Is that a good decision for you but it's free so it can't be bad? I mean, maybe I could pick up a client from it. So surely it's not bad, is it? Yeah, it isthe I mean, think about it if you are a boutique brand that's building your business so that you can charge what you're worth and still thrill your clients and you're not always being working on competing on price, these are the things we're going to be teaching you guys over this workshop, but it starts with all those little branding decisions, so look at the touch points look at every a place where your client's khun possibly come in touch with you, make a list of those things think about how they find you think about how they coming into contact with you from your website, whether it's a referral from somebody else what's um, what are other people out there saying about you? They've driven by your business? If you have an actual location, if they meet you on the playground when you're picking up your child, you know what? What what type of interaction are they having with you? And is it consistent with what you are? I'm saying as a brand, yeah, that's, why we're kind of getting get into the conversation about what makes you different with that we're going to start with the trout mints and then we're going to move to our audience they were gonna move tio all of you guys on the internet and part of that is based on your style and I know a lot of people have struggle with what makes me different, what is my style like I'm a photographer and creative, so I like all of these different things, but you have to so for example say I'm a person who wears all black and kind of the gough look and I'm just people know me as really artsy, and I'm just I dressed in really dark and that just yeah, edgy and then my photography is like pink and butterflies I mean, is that consistent with me? No. So sometimes there's a a personal disconnect and I really do think that our business brand is somewhat of an extension of our personal brand my everything I love and everything about me is bright and my husband's like she's not right, you know what I mean? I like bright colors I'm happy I wanted my photography I want to lift people up, I want to get laughing kids, I do stuff like this, I don't do some things that I see some cool photographers, you guys out there in the world doing some stuff that unlike I would love to do that, and sometimes I can work it into a product line, but a lot of times it's just it could never work in my business because it would be baby. It was is not what my clients expect for me if there's a way to work it in some cool that I could do with the high school seniors it's, edgy or whatever, but when people are looking for their style, for those of you out there watching that are still turned, get your arms around. What do I even like to shoot? I'm still not phase where I shoot everything go back to your personal style what how do you dress what's your personal like favorite store that you shop in? How do they market what's there feel their flavor and that's actually part of that whole developing a strong brand and it's an exercise that we have you go through in that twenty one days of bringing worksheet, which which you guys are right, you're gonna be working or you're gonna have it your way here soon, so way don't have it yet, erin, we need that sos are people see, but that's one of those things that you have to look at when you're developing a brand, the first thing you need to do is get clear on your style, okay? So what is your style if your style is fun whimsical if it's more classical traditional and it's ok to like to shoot a lot of different things but think about what it is that you love the most and what gets you excited every day and that's really what your brand your logo, your identity and your marketing pieces should reflect its that piece that you really love that gets you excited that's what you want to focus that the next pieces of developing your brand around exactly so do we want to go into some what's let's bring the trotman's bag and we want to start conversations on what makes you different because all of the decisions were making over the next few days hinge on that and erin is awesome at this and I'm going to jump into but it's so fun because so many people say, well, I just have a photographer him a good photographer but there is something about every single one of you watching every single one that is different so you can't build a brand until you know what is different about you. So come on over claire and daniel and let's let's get digging in here on your browned on your business so said just like that magically they know dumped here and they're not going to be very fun to go home to our husbands when we've been treated so well jump start too twenty one days just start twenty one days jumpstarting your husband's waiting on you hand over foot. And for all of you guys at home, you can you can get the what makes you different worksheets, which is, you know, you don't have to have it obviously at all that it's part of this product. And you can get it for free at the joy of marketing dot com forward slash day one so you can get that part of this product that what makes you different? So you guys can all work through with us right now. So this is what's really fire. One of our branding exercise is I was going to tell you guys which page it was on, but I wasn't finding it quickly, so find anyone ok, so, guys, what I want to do with you is I want you to tell me as if I were a potential client and you were just hearing for me for the first time, the pressure of I pick up the phone and I call you and I say, you know, hey, guys, you know, I'm looking for some photography for my newborn. I want you to tell me now what makes you different and why I should choose you over anyone else in town that I'm looking at well, with the new ones, we tend to focus more on the relationship rather than just taking a picture of the child in a cute little basket with a cute little blanket. We want that family connection and a lot of people, you know, really appreciate that that's where we're going, but I don't want to be in the photo because I am not comfortable yet just had a baby, I that I wanted to just be about, baby. Well, that makes it really easy, because actually, not usually about you, usually about dad. Okay, way. Actually, shoot a lot of father newborn shots. Acting does a significant number of those, and we're talking black and white. Sometimes dad is just the props. Sometimes he is the basket. Okay, I mean, that that's where we put our emphasis, and if we do show mom, we usually show mom, you know, say shots, you know, with the baby it's never going to be a full body, you know, because we understand and daniel lights them such that what you're going to get is your expression and the emotion that you feel towards this newborn, not your physical. You're going to get that that soft look that's really going to put the emphasis? On the emotion that you're feeling in that moment when you only have that brand new baby and it's such a short time with those new babies that you really mean to capture that because it's gone in an instant and back to the stories you know that's where I would jump in with I would love to have that that photo with my mom or my dad just me not all three of us sitting there looking at the camera my brother and I look in the camera or whatever we actually tell people not to do that I mean like way put the emphasis when we talked when people call them like a well I want to do that but I want to do when the baby is two months and we won't have the families like no no no weii break those into two everything's you know do the emotional shots with the baby by themselves right now and then do the family shot when the baby could actually so a great learning moment great learning ok for all of you guys they're not just taking everything sure bring the da bring this siblings bring the cousins aunts uncles will do all these combinations because they know for the style that he has he does best when he can get that little baby close he can have contrast between dad's hands and if you're putting a big family and this little baby it's not what you do you're not going to love it it's not going to be your style it's not gonna be consistent so that's awesome that you did that and you were able to clearly say that's not right and I think people definitely respect you when you say you know that's not what we do we do it this way here's why question it's hard it's hard to tell them no when you know it's hard to say no the right way so my question is do do you have a package that they have the two sessions because a lot of times people don't want to do the two session fees yeah they want to cram it all in and wait don't I have a written package but we do offer to do it separately without that our session v is not where the dollar figure is for us our session fee is really about them actually showing up when they say I mean yeah the sessions he's really pretty much simply actually come through the door what they say they're going to do so so the session fees is actually a negotiation piece for me about really but you know, like I don't need the second session fee it's a value added for this because you know they're going to show up and they're gonna order for if they come back that second time and so I think part of it is knowing what you like to sound like? I have a plan for that first year, what? I like them to get with that new baby. Look, I don't want anybody to do a big family group with a new baby when the baby is it one or two, so by then they're going to need more and we'll do the baby alone, but will also be able to do the family. So I think if you're a little clear on when they should come back and what products because I still wouldn't want them coming back even two weeks later, I want them back way down the road when that kid's big, they concede to hold his hands and things like that. So that's, really how I educated a lot of this is education. We'll talk a lot about that through the next three days is that's why you have to have a system where you spend time with the clients, you can educate them on how you do what you do, it means you come wearing these things you this is our system, and they appreciate that. So perfect again, another teaching example here for someone from one of the things that you said instead of making my mind go straight to how much is this gonna cost me or what am I going to get? You're painting a picture for me of the experience I'm going to have, and so that was beautiful, and unfortunately, both both of you probably won't be on the phone at the same time when the phone call comes in and that's typically how these conversations happened and why you need to get it out early on in that first conversation, so one of the things that you know, we would advise is for you to ask how I came to you, which is a little bit different beyond what makes you different, but I'd like to use it talk about it here because, you know, we're in this moment how have you seen or photography before? Because if I've already seen what you d'oh, then that's one thing and what you're going to say to me, and if I haven't, then you're going to say, ok, well, we do things a little bit differently than many of you know, maybe what you have been used to seeing. So let me tell you about how we focus on newborns. We really want to make it about that emotional connection between the family because you only have that moment in time for the first two weeks, and then you're used to the baby being in your life, but in that first two weeks, you're still trying to get used to it. I remember when I was there, my old, my youngest is now five and, you know, or you could go into the story that sarah mentioned that I wish I had this from, you know, when I was growing up or we did this with all of our kids, and now they won't let us photograph them anymore, but when we have them, they let us do this, okay? So it's all about developing that report, but also being very clear in positioning yourself on what makes you different and what you do best, because in your case, what you do best or these emotional, this emotional connection and you very well came, overcame the objection another teaching moment, which we'll get into more and day three but I don't want be in it. No problem, you don't have to be and it's not about you. Yeah. Now, what about seniors? And then we can show some images of their studio. What about seniors? What is it that if it find the high school senior and I'm looking at all these photographers, what is it people are saying about you? What is it that you do? That's magical, they say that way we shoot portland style without the port one price, but we're fixing that. They do say that one of the biggest hoaxes that we do, we do horses. We do pats, we do cars you if you want. You want your best friend. Extremely. We give them a cz many options as they want tohave and the experience of spending more time with them. So you're really giving custom individual attention, and they're doing that. And if they want to bring a sibling and inclusively that's fine. You know we'll do that for some pictures. Way we really wait, communicate the unique this, and I'm gonna tattle on you. I use a uses a lot. I say, you know what? One of the first pictures, one of the first senior portions we ever did, daniel took pictures of the board of body. I mean, that was what this that was what? The scene you want to do? I mean, we did crazy. She was it was a boy. You know, we did crazy. I mean, there's, a lot of humor and a lot of twists and what daniel does with the seniors you get the humor comes out a lot more with the senior level. So it's, not about your origin notes about what they know, so you could say, you know, again I know a lot of photographers they have a certain style and they have a certain thing that they only like two dio when it comes to their seniors maybe they only want to do like high fashion and make you feel like a model or whatever but for me what this is really about is capturing and I don't want to use the cliche but for me what it's really about is um where you are right now who your friends are right now what you like to do where you spend your time so we're going to go all over this county we need teo teo get that to tell a story about where you are this point in your life because guess what makes your going he graduated from high school and you're not going to go away to college and your life is not gonna be like this ever again and so we wanted we want this to be about you right now and what's cool that you guys see as we go through this process with them, my mind is already clicking with me tomorrow we're talking about your products and your prices I'm already seeing what I would is faras a branding perspective products that I would see you offering you know I'm seeing books, I'm seeing things that are like this timepiece this time capsule scrap doesn't have to be a literal scrapbook, but because you're capturing that true, who I am as a senior, and so everything you d'oh stems from this conversation we're having right now. So they may say, well, that's, cool velvet, you know, throw pillows with your face on it or whatever, but it's not consistent with what you do well, the beautiful relationship artwork in the you know, they're working with the seniors and having this custom kind of thing, and, you know, you don't have to bash on other photographers, tio, to clearly state who you are, you didn't say we'll ever know. Also, my market does blah, blah, blah by stating what you do. They'll know what's different, like they don't hear this from anyone else on daniel was a lot of emphasis on the transition piece. You know, there's. A lot of hwe are in a world community, there's, a lot of dirt roads, there's, a lot of, you know, like ok where did that were that point you know it's ready to take that leap you're ready take that step you know like pictures with wings whatever you know like it it's that transition that thes these kids are going through and it's wonderful to watch well that's something I would talk about it in consultation with the mom like I feel that same way to kids out in the field and get that look of confidence and you just feel like life here I come and I think that needs to be a wall big wall portrait yes that needs to be a bit walk fortune when you start having those conversations early on we're taking we're getting away from the how much is this cd right? I mean that's fine we don't you know we don't do that but look at what we do do our we'll talk about how to handle that those questions but you start talking about this what makes you different and it starts to position you as a different kind of photographer you've already created so much value in our mind and like I said, you paint a picture I see these beautiful warm black and white images of dad and baby mom and baby those loving moments I see these amazing seniors in really cool places out in the open and I see big pieces of art so I see all of the places that you're going already just from the conversation of what makes you different right and again it's one of the first things that you need to get out on that first phone call so even if they say what your prices which you talked about the beginning first thing our mouth is what your prices well yeah, absolutely tell me a little bit more about what you're looking for and then you can start the conversation about what makes you different and this shouldn't be a my prices started fifty nine dollars for an eight by ten oh that's too expensive goodbye I mean that's not how that first phone shell in college together and we will go through this this is a part of that sales process that we said you will love when you know what to say to people on the phone but you have the first step in that you can articulate what makes you different, but now that we know this about you let's look at some pictures, okay? Because we're bringing this back to your brand now these guys have been awesome to let us point out places that there has been brand failure ok way no there they have very strong photography and they're amazing people look at their already their skills at communicating and they know that they've made some failures here, so you know we're not our goal isn't isn't that right guys feel like I should preface with that because they thought if we just say everything's great I mean that's not helping you and I think that's something I take pride in like suzie orman or or some of those people that are like hadi quit spending money you know you're broke you're out of money and I feel like that's what we're here for we're not serving you if we're saying everything's fine because you're a lot of your stuff is way better than average and even that conversation that we just had by the way, I have these conversations with photographers I mean it's part of what we do with our coaching that was hands down like so much above and beyond and better in advance of what most where most people are you following us like tio way have not have this conversation and all they rocked it so I'm hoping that these you guys are not as good at it because it's more fun? Yeah it's good it's good and yeah, we'll get somebody maybe even from home I so just looking you know in my mind because we didn't want to know and have a huge amount of information about you because we want to let this process happen organically but listening to you talk and I have seen some of your images we looked at all the images when people submitted so we're not completely blind to what you're doing but hearing you talk in these warm black and white yummy images in these just really cool senior things and then I look at this and that does not reflect look, you've got break a whimsical colors and I know there's photos in there but it's hard for me to see them so all I see is whimsical and then again a totally different font then on your website so disconnect there um and, well, it's a really cool building I think and you've even said we've held off doing anything because we don't know who we are yet so I just see this as like a a pallet ready to just have cool things done to it and not even expensive like, oh, you need a fancy awning or whatever I mean a cool sign girl elements I mean, maybe you know, cool window box that you change out during the year with like, unexpected things we don't really creative interior designer in my city she had this old building on a corner not relieve downtown bit off the beaten path a little she took chairs, painted him all these funky colors and hung them it was like a city block of chairs with the newspaper came out photos of course the city came out and scolded them for not having them hung properly, but they fix that because it could fall on people and publicity and everyone's like wow, they're so creative they're so creative so what can you show visually to the drive by person? These two things that you've just shared with us, you know, that's the challenge or not necessarily looking for an answer, but that's the challenge of, you know, like a rusty flower box that is, you know, got cool elements of it and then in the window, a big photo like we have, where is mid midwest? And we did at this darling girl in a prom dress in the giant wheel of the john deere tractor doubts a farmer, and they were just adorable, so I'm seeing for you because you do these like medals in some of this cool stuff, something that pulls those two together and then maybe around the corner into first corner when it's moms and babies, you're not doing as many seniors and it becomes this, you know, you have pretty lights like the summer lights, and you have these pretty earthy, yummy relationship photos so it's away, this is like a display for you, and I know you're using it as a display, but it's inconsistent with where we're taking you, ok? So let's, keep looking at your things, this is fun, but really look at the potential cool door I mean, I'd have that door painted often bright colors I think people need to make it would, you know, like I keep thinking like old heavy wood is really what I need out there. Yeah, but I like so much of our stuff has been waiting I don't want to go in the signs way on the logo is like, yeah, the logo for show for sure so ok, so you walk in and this is your camera room yet this is the second room yet, so you go through that the entrance. Okay, this is the second rickman awesome, nice high ceilings, a little bit of a color caste problem, but other than that it's yeah says yeah, that warm. So you've got cool wood floors you you've got some you're bringing in different elements so you can create a crazy, amazing experience so absolutely custom. So that's what I expect I mean, I expect us come in and have you be like I found this old grungy, you know, thing in the dumpster? And I pulled it out for your session like that's what you get for the east, I know you're not going to the proper catalog and picking out the opposing stools mean, you're so again your concert that's consistent with your brand, the things you're telling them, you know, we we go out into a that here we do this we have you know, I just found the coals barbed wire that a farmer gave me and we're wrapping it in christmas lights with the prom dress so here you're throwing ideas out that are all consistent with who you are all based on what makes you different okay? And then this is sort of outdoors this's behind the studio and so the buildings over a hundred years old and they just painted it cream to that point and so then we have that lovely ex old exposed brick there that we shoot against all the time on days like this little alleyway that is well it's in the pictures but it's it's ugly but you know, it just smells right out it's beautiful see that tonight we're building our new building and not sitting like hoping one hundred year old building teo you know you can't fake that, but this is not so no windows I really, really love your window bank way knows that yeah, the northlight now there's tradeoffs in closets and you're funny stuff like that but you have this is all consistent with your with everything you're doing so building this brand is just going to be so much fun and then this is what room is this on the right? This is the entrance actually so you as you enter that that's the counter and then daniels worker is behind it on this side is a complete wall that we're waiting to put up we're going to do the next batch this is we have bootstrap this that every every dime we paid for out of pocket there's no no loans no nothing and so we've done this piece by piece he says we've had the ability since you mentioned that just for everybody I am a believer I am a risk taker somewhat, but I'm also a believer that if you're going to make it you should be able to make it without taking a bunch of loans if you need a little short term loan for some reason that but know that you can pay it off very quickly I mean I run I've nice size limits on my credit cards and I'll put stuff on knowing you know I could buy can pay it off next month it's not a real alone but it's you know if I can't pay for thirty days I don't want to get it unless it's something that can make me money but most of the time it's not stuff you know proffer this a radical place so I love that you're a great example of you're just out there doing it you're out there doing it in every single one of you guys can do it and you can give attention to your brand that you need to give so I love the copper color. It's, hard to tell on this monitor is a kind of on the one, so this is, this is actually brown and the ceiling, this copper, okay, so real copper way. Okay, right, this tin it's wallpapers and then painted and it's like a double layer, ok, looks gorgeous, okay, love it, love it. So even inside, you know, if you saw polka dots, sofa, brand failure, so they haven't. They know who they are on the inside and that's. A good challenge means some of you are still not sure who you are on the inside, and you're figuring that out and that's, okay.

Class Description

Learn branding from Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck! Attract the right clients to your business by creating your own unique brand, new distinguishing products, a more profitable price menu, the right marketing and a new sales process!

If your marketing isn't working and you're not attracting enough of the right clients, Sarah and Erin will go step-by-step, showing you how to address each part of your business's brand to make sure it reflects you and brings in clients you'll love.