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Day 2 Wrap-Up

It's an awesome sauce quote from adrian far I don't think I need any more reason to buy this course. Why wouldn't I want to invest in myself so that I can better my chances at being successful getting tickets job? All right, so thank you all for joining us today we have a couple of announcements. Creative life is going to the big apple october twenty second through twenty four fashion photography one o one with laura j so we would love for you to join us on by enrolling on joining the workshop from our live stream with an all star cast also later that week. I'm sorry was that so twenty second and twenty fourth with laura j than the twenty fifth, twenty, twenty fifth and twenty six, it will be an all star cast with soup, rice, bob and don davis, a korean allah vecchio, jason growth cell cicada, blair bunting and penny de los santos. So it's going to be a packed week in new york is so much fun and there's more to top off our week on friday, the twenty six were goingto have it with a bang...

and photographers unite, ignite, hosted by kevin could vote, it will be streamed. Live by creative live for free so you can watch and be a part of it from around the world. The speakers were just announced, and it is my pleasure to say that our own cannon, susan, for choice, chosen to be this speakers. And so if you like teo on, if you want to see the rest of the lineup, please go over to our facebook page and you can see all the other amazing photographers that will be a photographer's unite that friday night, wednesday, united united. Thank you, it's a it's, a true honor and the list of people who are speaking are incredible. There are names of folks who have been involved here with creative live and some new names, and yeah, we're just we're thrilled. So thank you. Thank you, kevin kuroda that's going to be a blast? So, um, I, uh, over the past two days, I'm replaying in my mind, I invested a lot of time and money into getting an mba as well, and then going to work at a big company, general mills, along with other companies, also expedia way, yeah, exactly. And and the amount of information and time that I've invested into learning business like this is has been a lot, and you two have brought this when tens of thousands of hundred thousand dollars you have brought this to people around the world for free and it really does blow my mind, it blows my mind that you are willing tio share this information that kind of live exists to bring people like you to folks all over the world. And so, um, what an amazing two days I can't believe we still have another day is a little mini mba by the joy of marketing it really is it really is, and so it just I can't. I made the decision to go get an mba. I can't make the decision for you whether you're going to choose to purchase this chorus and invest and take all these steps for your business. Sara and erin can't make that decision for you either. We put it out there, and then you choose whether what you want to do with that and what you want to make for yourself. So the choice is yours. This course is ninety nine dollars today it will not be after this course is over. So go ahead and make your choice, and we will see you back tomorrow for a very jampacked day, so we'll see you tomorrow, everyone.

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Learn branding from Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck! Attract the right clients to your business by creating your own unique brand, new distinguishing products, a more profitable price menu, the right marketing and a new sales process!

If your marketing isn't working and you're not attracting enough of the right clients, Sarah and Erin will go step-by-step, showing you how to address each part of your business's brand to make sure it reflects you and brings in clients you'll love.