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Day 3 Wrap-Up

Katherine is my now six grader, one of my twins, and she just finished fifth grade, and her teacher gave her an assignment to write a paper about something that her parents say no to. That good teaching. Yes. So most kids, you know, they write about staying up late or getting a new xbox game, but no, my child reaches just shy of the sun, moon and the stars and ask I am not a dog person. Okay, way had a dog. We first got married about this big, huge giant lab. Big harry. Sorry to all you pet people. I know everybody loves their pets, but I just have three businesses between my husband. I three kids were gone all the time and cannot picture this big harry lab sitting in the gymnasium with us basketball games and, gosh, they eat you out of house and home and there, harry, and give him a bath wrestling an alligator in the bathtub, right? And we're just joe and I had agreed no, so that was just the answer. In a year prior, my niece had also been in fifth grade and written this paper. And I ...

remember my brother and sister are racing around two, handle their family dilemma and ended up with the little pet in the swims in the bowl. Thiss fish tank was how they handled that, and so we knew this project was coming and were saying kids don't even think of writing about a dog just don't we're not getting we're not gonna dog. So my son was smart and wrote about something else, but my daughter comes in with the mom. You I said that we could do anything we put our mind to, I forgot accepted dog clause, so I added, well, when you get your first apartment, you can have anything, but it didn't stop her, so I was proud of her. She went back and we started a project with her giving us homework assignment. We were to write ten reasons why she was not going to have a dog well, being the parents that we are wanting to set a really good example for our kids, we're one hundred nineteen reasons why we weren't going to have a dog and release went crazy. I mean, we were all over the place of any possible reason, so we kind of, you know, we kind of forgot about it, and catherine went on and on, you know, working diligently on this this paper until one night it was after dinner, and we're getting ready put everybody to bed, and we were called into the family room for the presentation so joe and I are we're ready for you know we've already agreed no, there is no dog and we're sitting here he's on one and I'm on the other and we're like good honey, we're looking at each other with the parental we can odd just that not that nonverbal communication that you just know there's nothing this kid can say to get a dog because we're not having a dog but were humoring her so we're like ok, so she has her papers and she gets up there and she's waiting ok come on big production when you were a child did you have a pet? I mean come on, go for the throat right? So joey are looking at each other, you know, get a little sweaty like, ok, all I can think is how are we going to deal with this? How are we going to deal with this? So we're just we're listening and she's going through objection after objection good sales skills, right? Overcoming every reason one after one about they're going to feed it and when it's storms will all go to the basement together and grandma's going to keep the dog when it when we travel yeah, sure grandma will keep the dog when we travel and she went through all this and she finish with your fabulous, wonderful, creative, fabulous fantastic dark catherine we're like oh luckily we were given the contract to sign that she had finished this assignment thank goodness she's in middle school because what do kids do in middle school there's a yes box and no box and a maybe box I think joan, I look you should wait because we knew if we said no she was going to melt into a public tears we knew we weren't saying yes so we said maybe we put the kids to bed and we came downstairs and he said, how are we going to deal with this? So I want to show you guys katherine's beautiful five page paper and I want to show you how we dealt with it this's low life our doggy are petty family doggie and this is called the shits you which my kids love to say because they think they're getting away with a naughty word and I have no idea that this kind of dog existed because I love my husband you well, I'm a big dog kind of guy and we get this little dog in this little dog has changed our lives, we come home and this little dog runs up to me and I picked her up and she's bouncing so happy to see me like popcorn can't even holder we go to the baseball games she's run around making friends we actually take her into the gym in our little purse we're like paris hilton six feet tall family with the little baby doggy and tonight we're sitting out on the porch and the breeze is blowing and the kids are playing games we pour a glass of wine to relax and there's our young the little doggie all snuggled up with us and if it were for catherine we would never have looked at our life and seen such magic that and so much love that could be possible to enter our life so my challenge for everyone watching is to look at your life and career differently way work with photographers every day who say but I have to work every night but I have to work every weekend but I have to have my laptop on my lap and I have to check email at the soccer game and I have my phone in my pocket I might miss something and we're not present with our family and we're we're missing out on things in life and it doesn't have to be that way okay we can look at our life differently I have no idea this thiss kind of dog even existed and the business you want does exist when we were writing our book we came across some really amazing people gordy's high hat up in northern minnesota they've been opened fifty years so clearly a successful business gordon doesn't like the cold weather in minnesota he likes to go to florida for the summer so he's on ly open during the summer months could you imagine building a business that allowed you to do what you want most of the year and you work just during the season that you want to work and what's awesome up in this little town in minnesota, they don't pay attention to the ground hog to tell them when spring and summer has arrived, they look at the open sign at the little burger joint on a hit on the hill because gordy's back way met a guy in in that look in idaho who is a graphic designer and he has children and he tells his clients in the first meeting, I'm not working from four thirty to eight thirty every night because this is my family time I want to see them when they get off the bus and hug them and hear them blab one hundred miles now about their day going to sit down with him at the dinner table and have a family dinner and I want to put them to bed so you can call me at midnight. You can call me saturday afternoon, but you cannot call me during the week from four thirty to eight thirty and if you have a problem with that and clients have a problem with that, they're not the right fit and he has a thriving business, so imagine if you could have a business where you could make rules like that, that you want to be there for your kids in the afternoon or you want to take them to school every day or you want to be the room, mom. Ok, we can do these things because we are in the most amazing industry in the entire world. If we know how to build a brand and we create a system that thrills our clients all so that we can have the life that we want, we are truly redefining success. Success means something different to all of us. It isn't about the dollar. It isn't about being the greatest in the best for some of us. It's, it's being able to be with our kids, it's being able to work the job we want and doing this is a hobby for some of us. It's, it's, it's, the bread and butter for our family. So that is my challenge to all of you think of your business differently and redefine success. Thank you all.

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