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We're going to show these one at a time and beth will tell you because when she's presenting the logo she's thinking through how it affects everything else so they're not presented in a vacuum like this logo and then she's going to go back and be like, ok let's see I'd put this with these colors mean a lot of what she's showing you she has a bigger picture vision which we'll talk about yes so we're going to go through each one and we'll talk about what I'm thinking and see if that kind of matches with what we've discussed in what you guys were thinking and we're all going down the same route and keep in mind these air in no particular order yes and I'm not telling you if I have a favorite so everyone always wants to know that all right, here we go I'll go one way go there's this again and no particular order we just it's easier to name them by number then by some sort of style so with this one as you can see, it's got the little flourishes on it that one khun say or trendy however, nei...

ther one of these are a font so the last portion of that has been hand drawn the beginning t started as a front and all the flourishes were then hand drawn and added and I kind of went for you guys this particular one has anybody ever seen the show american pickers and anybody? Okay, so I was kind of channeling my inner picker and the girl on there is kind of, you know, their retro kind of kind of hip in the girl on nearest is full of tattoos but still like light and bubbly and colorful and that's kind of what I was thinking when I was going with this logo and, you know, kind of talking about the things we've discussed, the colors you like and the type of, you know, the kind of setting that your studio is so that's kind of where I was going with that and would then build upon that, you know, once we're talking about colors that you guys like the rich colors and then it would kind of take on a little bit more of a rich feel to it if that makes sense, okay, we have to go that side, so I think I'm going to set these down here too so these guys can digest is they see him because it's like we we present to our clients, their images almost the first time they kind of glaze over because it's so much and then you take a breath and you go back and we're gonna have a break we're not going to put you on the spot like what's your favorite, but you find I find you start to resonate with certain ones start to resonate with you and you start to gravitate toward them so first time just let it also yeah ok we're gonna go to number two you can see this one is more simple and keep in mind again all of these have a little bit of a similar feel to them and that's because of the things we've discussed so you know that's you know why give you well this is really contemporary and this is when we've already decided that's not your style so they all have a little bit of a similar feel to them and with this one actually with any of these really I'm going to tell you kind of again kind of like I said with the american picker there was a couple of things that I was thinking and the other is you guys talked about your building being in this old butcher shop well and having these hundred you know, gorgeous beat up one hundred year old floors well I started thinking okay, well that makes you different than everybody else and it's pretty cool so what if you know you're thinking down the road here talking identity pieces and you know you've got frames and photos you're getting ready to present to your clients and you've got that wrapped up in butcher paper with a big stamp on it on it and then you've got a big you know um, what's the twine state twine tied around it, and then the tag do you ever go? Teo teo, the butcher e explain it to me, my husband's a chef. He know he's going quite a s. Okay, you go to the butcher and they've got those little sticks in the identifiers for the different kinds of meat. Well, so say your tag is one of those little tags and it's got your logo printed on it. You could punch a little hole in it and it gets, you know, tied up every there's your picture tied up in a fancy little bow. Always something that's totally unique to you that's also on sale of the stuff we've been pulling anything hey, see, the process works. So now we're going to be going about this. What kind of what I like about this that the typography is you've got the name bold with good contrast between the name and the photography but the thought, the trout mint treatment it's got a little it's, not this perfect shape. And you said he he's got some humor and unext affected and I think that's what that fought is it's, not a straight line I'm marching down the road perfectly it's, it's a little it's a little quirky and I think that that is reflecting yet you've got photography strong there's you've got the contrast between the two so I think it's a an interesting juxtaposition off like big bold but a little twist on it you want to say that one way will move on to number three see which with each one like I said with each one I'm going to kind of explain what I was thinking and and they're all again within the same kind of realm of thinking but each one may have a specific um treatment that it might work lend itself better too and in this particular one think of an actual brand yeah so you know, kind of before I was talking about a stample this could be a real brand then you guys can have parties and you could just bring you could bring in your steaks hamburger and you know what? I thought that would be really cool and that's where I was going with that again kind of tying it back into the location that you guys are in and we talked about that you might want to have something that is an icon but not per se have your whole name in it so this is kind of, you know, taking that in a little bit of a different direction, you know, so it's not just an icon that is a graphic but it is initials in a way you know on that could be used alone on pieces if you wanted and then you could use the typography along with it when you're talking about printed pieces that need more of an explanation but once people have already met you or know you know when you're on your images maybe it's just brand so talk a little more about that for people listening the logo is this whole piece but they can separated or that can separate how do you decide those rules for people? Because I agree the tp the circle brand on your on your image is really reflects who you are it could be a really cool thing you could have would business cards you can have your tags on your bag made of wood and in the brand stamp on your butcher paper like all those same are not you mean kraft paper but how did they know? I talk a little bit about that when the symbols alone and when they're together and would they just used trotman together and I know some of that goes into the next step the identity and how it all fits together but talk about your thought process while doing that I think for me it it goes back to the particular logo so in this case you know you can see how you could use the uh tp brand as you know let's, say it's on your stationery, and it is blown up we've all seen, like screened back images. Well, you could see how that could lend itself to that. Now, that doesn't take away from the integrity of your logo, but you would never just want to let's say, you know, on your business card, you might use the brand on one side of it as a graphic element, but then it needs to be let's, say, maybe on the other side or something together, so I would say that it is used sparingly, and, you know, you have to think about the audience if it's, like I said on your images, they've already met you, they know who you are, and, you know, they're looking at their proofs, that's a good thing to put on there, but other than that purpose, really, it would be more of a graphic element in addition to your logo on some sort of peace that makes it so they're teaching people to recognize both. Yes, and that that symbol is you guys, yes, and and all of them let's say, in number two, you know, there is there is no, there isn't really a graphic element, per se, and so there wouldn't be anything to pull from, but then that means that we would create additional graphic elements so you would have some of those things in addition to the logo they just wouldn't be a part of the logo. This one happens to lend itself for both right? So that's kind of where we go next after we get your feedback on these beth goes back and figure it and takes the one that you love and works through how it applies to everything so that you have those rules this's when you use it here this is where here's how big it is on a wallet on a you know, some of those decisions you go back and make and then you make the rules even in photo shop you go in and make the brush sizes the brush stamp used for an eight by ten never loved by fourteen and boom consistent every single time yeah, I really feeling I agree because we all do that where we you know, I see people in blogged post photographers who they water mark like next to cool water mark for a block post where you you know, I see some people just tight their name big and then the next post it'll be their logo and that's maybe yeah, there you are so you want to think through how this whatever you pick, how it trickles through every part of your business yeah and you know you can think about graphics standards and I have you guys already talked about that little we're going to talk a little more about it throughout the day that go ahead and so that's something that I'm a big believer in and actually just kind of decided a long time ago when when all of us work together that every client needs that it doesn't matter how big or small you are because you need that consistent place to go find them tubes and you need to be able to reference your colors because you're going to forget and you need tio be able to reference you know what set a bunch that you use and if you go ahead and both visually have like maybe you know through ring binder that you refer to then you know you you start hiring people somebody else starts helping you with the marketing and here here's the folder on the computer here's the through and binder here's how our logo is to be used here is the minimum size here's the file you send if you're you know you send an e p s if you're going to a printer you're you sent to j peg if you're going to somebody online and if you've got that on your computer then you can just reference it all the time if I can jump in and point out what vector are is good because we're photographers we work in in pixelated artwork self photo you blow it up and it gets fuzzier frasier was made of pixels will vector art is created in a program called illustrator many of you have it when you get the creative sweets but we don't really use it but these logo's are created in a way that their scaleable so they're on a mathematical formula so you can make him the size of this wall and they'll be perfect ok, so if anybody watching if you if you have a logo that you love but it's a it's a j peg it's not scaleable so that's again worth investing in a designer who khun that wouldn't be an expensive task to have them creators and gps art and make a folder on your desktop for that so that you can always access it yes good little said ok, great you get that when I got this one internet is loving this by the way, what were they having questions or they're loving and meaning we could get to those okay course they have questions but okay already know okay, awesome. All right, so we've got number four and you again kind of along the same theme but in number let's say number two where the text wasn't exactly perfect the text in this one is a little bit distressed, but the not perfect part is kind of behind it but you can see instead of having it a regular shadow it's a distressed shadow and there's two reasons for that one just purely stylistic and too you use a great back there and it's not going to print well, you're gonna have dots when you start printing things and said this way, it's still strictly black and white and you don't have to mess with those grady ints or anything, and then the little dots on the lines kind of both sides of photography just kind of add something that you could you could see how that could be worked in later to it may seem like something little, but maybe ever under every headline you've got a line with two doc at the end of it on all of your pieces again, just tying back even the little list. A bit of element can be something that coordinates everything together and pulls it all together. So, you know, think die, cut a business card and maybe there's a dye cut, you get a little in bossier stamper d boss, sir, so you can cut, you know you do a direct mail piece, you're cutting your no cards, you have that little cut, so she bests thinking again big picture with the logo and with all of these two, they may say, I love trout mint, but you know, don't love the daughter as a lovely one part, and I don't love the other, so about a lot of things are interchangeable, so let's say you are looking at all of them and you think, ok, well, I really like to fall from number two, but I really like the graphic element from number three. So somehow can we mix in action, put those together to get the final results and the answer to that would be yes, well, it doesn't always yes, you may want to put this particular font with number one I don't really think that might be a good idea, right? But but the majority of the time, like I said, we're kind of designing in the same vein because that's, what we've determined is your style, so they should be pretty much interchangeable, so just keep that in mind if there's a particular fund or a particular treatment or particular element that you like, you know, feel free to say to say that and we can kind of kind of go to stage two with that thought in mind. And I think that's what's nice about these. I think we all like that, you know, brown. For packaging for your framed pieces and things wrapping them in the brown mean that lends itself nicely to a branded look also the rubber stamp or or silk screen you know, bag tags we did that when I had him silkscreen on campus it was not expensive ripped him t died um you know, kind of get that look and then you know in two three years that maybe you may not want to do that same kind of tag maybe then it gets it's engraved on little metal tags and that and that becomes the same look so I think that kind of has a cool reproductive quality that's like here building it's not trendy or dated but it's it's it's it'll withstand the test of time which all of is important for all of these logos they should all stand the test of time, so we're going to more that she wasn't I think this one has a little bit more straight lines a little bit different and I'm going to explain kind of the difference in this one the text is a little bit stronger a little bit more masculine as are the lines inside but again going back to theirs that the circle on the outside and you can see how that element even compared to the other one you know it can be a brand so that could be, you know, think of color in this in this particular one is what is going to make it look rich so when you're talking about, you know, copper hues and beautiful creams than the color is going to make that one a little bit more rich and so, like I said, this one stands out a little bit more is a little bit more modern than the others, but it's got that edge to it that you wouldn't expect so it's got the rough edge along with the smooth clean lines in the middle and I would say that those can be used separately as well. I love that particular element the fact that the edge isn't just a big harsh circle because you have the strength of the font so the typography you've got that contrast and I think that's what death does really well that a lot of designers or new or non designers don't is the contrast big small cap, you know, upper case lower case strong week so you wanna have those elements happening and I think you in so many different ways you show that over and over, but I have a question when I saw this and you know, logos are interpreted differently by different people but for me what I saw and I don't know if you were thinking this when you designed it, but I see like the front of ah truck yeah like no I wasnt admitted I had the accident I think you were that I feel like but that does go with you but it's just that I didn't think that I'm thinking more like you have like fifties logo yes yes yeah like that old truck with the rust and then I feel like that's very consistent with your style and your brand and I didn't think you were thinking of it when I first saw it I like it eggs exactly what I thought in tow socially the rough edge sort of makes it look not again not like a two thousand twelve shiny new truck but like a a truck that's got character yeah well and high and this is jumping ahead of the game but I'm excited about this and I don't know if you like it or not but I like the front of your building when you guys were kind of talking about you know, putting your logo on the front of your building so when I was designing these I started kind of thinking about that and have that in the back of my head and I thought how fun would it be to do a community mural if you were going to like paint on your building and it looks you know how you go buy a building in it and the paint starts looking dated and stuff so after you've done it it gets all worn and then you put your mouse over it. And so it looks like it's been there forever and you could get people involved. You can get some of your clients involved in doing it some you could get some of the seniors over and make it a little parties that kind of an unveiling of hey, look at this. This is our brand new identity. And we want everybody to be involved in here some, you know, pizza and come make a day of it. So you're saying paint their logo on you and because they had talked about yet they had talked about putting their logo in moss on their wall. And you know, what I was suggesting is maybe it's painted on the wall and the moss starts growing over in the u s so it's not looking like it's been there as long as the building has been there. I know that was a jumping to one to one. This is the last one. Okay, all right, here we go. So, again, kind of went with with e pretty much just what you had said with the other one. We kind of went with the fifties, you know, retro of signed vintage thing and and you know, we had this one kind of came from talking about the gas pump so they've said that they have this gas pump that they are talking about putting their logo on so you would see that when you pull in to the studio and this just made me think of what some of those signs used to look like on those gas pumps and then you know, cutting out the centre and making the focal point you're your name and then you what I was actually thinking is so here is the gas pump and here's your door and the arrows are pointing towards the door on and then again that could be something that maybe it works there right? But then maybe you don't like those arrows for consistency all the time because maybe all the time there isn't something you want to bring in enough so it doesn't make sense so maybe that's something that is used almost as an element and then maybe in sorry no good and then maybe you don't have it on the logo let's say on um the inside of your price guide right? So you so you're looking at the inside of your price guide and your logo is up here but you've got the little arrows right in front of the headline of every package you know what I mean? So so it's still all goes right designed those together yeah, yeah, I was even thinking you said your daughter isn't happy about it, but you're photographing high school seniors and you are doing some of the dances and things so you can build relationships. How fun if you had a little stand that remember, those with burma shave like where you're going, they would tell a story suppose you had a campaign that have this with the arrow pointing to where you're shooting, and they could even be on a stick with words along, you know that either told the story or description you could out a photo or whatever, but I do think the directional thing could be a really fun yeah, um, just consistent element id to make your things stand out, you know, the guys that did the day I had the sides with the arrow and you get known for that unexpected and, you know, kind of goes back to what I was saying when when I first came out and we were talking about all the boards that you guys were doing its you know, you just need to be you and don't be afraid to be you because you don't have to be you know you don't have to go oh, well I think this is in right now or this is in right now because in the end that means you're gonna be dino you guys touched on this a little bit but you're going to be trendy and you're gonna be changing it in a couple of years and so it's important to think about all the things we've discussed and think well, you know, this really is our identity and we're going to own it and we're going toe take it to the nth degree I mean, when people walk in and you know, you say you've got some old signs up that means something to your business and means something to the place that you are and and you're going to think about that and everything that you are looking at is faras branding your studio both online in your in your space and and all of your printed materials because think about I mean, your space is so important that's that you mean they walk in on a lot of times, you know, they may have just talked to on the phone or they may have seen your logo someplace, but they don't really get the full effect until they walk in that door and for you guys, I really feel like you have such a unique identity kind of in itself with the building in the location that even if you move let's say you move you are so huge that you have to hire people and you outgrow your studio then you're still have that history you've always got it let's say you know this is where we started and this is the building we were in and you put pictures of the building up so people kind of see it and I just think that it can grow and kind of give always give you a new inspiration and you treat things differently so you know, maybe the kraft paper cool rap go is because your new building is a little funkier so you find a different ribbon or a different way to treat things that design changes a little but it's still all consistent with who you are so I'm the latest data so we can see so well these guys I don't know do you do you have initial thoughts or feedback? I don't want to put you on the spot too much because I know it's overwhelming we've talked a lot about I really like that fall into the trap many guys in the first one um the that routh man I like quite well okay um I like the tilt you know I'm good with that well in the tilt is again a kind of aa lot of retro sinus are at until it does phil retro it also has a music and to me like that that's something of that isn't invoking the feeling of having notes and try to figure out what what guitar symbol that is but it definitely has a music no no there's no way one so I think it's actually it looks like everyone else could see this all this quick change okay red like live e I like the lines on this one okay really well um I kind of like the fifties field fifties field we go a little slower here like I like the roughness of the circle yeah like I'm going to go with roughness of circle yes I think I see um you know pretty much the same I'm digging the how the circles aren't perfect because it's just because we're not because it's not I mean like buildings not the sidewalk isn't but this is like this edge or this edge could go that if you feel like you know I love that concept but I love this so you have to those billion every have decided that we don't want to use the tpp because it's toilet paper wait one point we made that decision I was like ok okay no moss because it yeah I can't do that it's just I'm not that anyone could be here christmas decorations tio everywhere that's what you do to your clients after they pay their bill you celebrate man by team they're going to bring this back only only not try to convince you mind you two for the type of car right? So go ahead ok like that and the thing that I was seen in this most faces like that's not that far from being somebody's so far okay, well here's here's the thing to think about too ok? So let's say you like some of those things it doesn't have to be the tp it could be t n t and it's not saying tt it's just that that happens to be you know we way made t that's what I'm going to say or we make it you know, just one s so it just it doesn't have to be exactly what's there but I like if it's quite all right like yeah, I like the clean and I like the strength of the trotman okay, so so that I like how strong that is. One of things we really struggle with is that when you write up trotman and you read that photography how long that yes, you know, way ended up doing the trump photo for our web for europe because people can't no, it is it's something that so but yeah, I like the strength of this can I jump in on that? Um I see a lot of this and I'm glad you brought that up because that is one of those branding decisions can you still get trotman for everyone out there watching didn't you own it too way have both here's the reason I would argue for keeping trotman photography for what I feel like when you abbreviate photo it's like abbreviating christmas like ex miss I just think it's way I know everything and I feel I feel like a lot of times people will find you through search they put in your city and your you know you come up so they're clicking on it or you're sending them there and does it take that much longer to type in ocracy I mean, I agree that it gets longer, but I feel like I feel strongly that I'd like to see you guys go back to trotman photography because one of the things with your identity guys if you're a real business please don't have a gmail or hotmail address these please please please please please please please please please please please. We talk about creating value a valuable business person I'm not doing business with him at hot meal do you do about your banker at hot meal your insurance guy, huh? On and I just thought at first I was we all did I was kind of a photo at gmail dot com in person I even printed it on my business card and people really way had those problems and we were all working at the ad agency together with clients who we didn't domains were so new and we were all it whatever dot com well then they got murdered emerged several clients calling I need new business cards and then it occurred to us we have we have even let her own domain we have it forever so people moving whatever and I just can't stress that enough so part of your identity is figuring that out your website your names at your website like hot mama trotman photography it's bringing failure right yeah but way but we see that you know we look through our database of photographers of we see the craziest stuff and it could be people's personal I get that but anywhere you're putting your face out there it needs to be and not that you couldn't do like cowboy trotman or whatever something but they know that that would be is always brand appropriate they were bringing appropriate right and it was consistent with we're trying to think of something that's like cool but so it's a nickname or something that's khun system what for you guys sorry you know I mean you know you're the one that that people are going to be you know I don't like the cowboy at I know what I'm saying but I think for like your general email or something like that I think it lends itself to something really I mean you could you know because obviously you guys behind all right creative right right, I think that would be fun, but I'm going to echo a little bit what sarah said about the photography I don't think it's that much longer for people to type in, I really don't because, you know, you can build a little bit if you talked about your name at all. I don't know so serious last name before it was ready, okay here and brought that up. So I mean, I and they built a whole campaign around that, and I think that there's, you know, I mean, you could always I kind of think of different ways to get people to bookmark, you know, always to be intel people book market, bookmark this at bookmark this, you know, are, you know, keep us, I don't know, I just think that you can if you're really feeling that it's too long that there are ways that you can kind of work that in to get around it. I have to tell people now that we've brought my maiden name up twice what it is you have any normal, you must have said it earlier. I didn't say it, but bill t j ceo and the a and e and my family has another business, and they did a lot of radio campaigns and they would say, chum, a lama ding dong in high school, tension ahead ahead I had, like, every kind of nickname. So t j you know there's no regions, they don't put many continents in there so way did play on the name. How do you actually pronounce its producer, chol moland? Wow, I know the town. She married up. Sorry, my dad's. A little sensitive. He's loves his name, which I love it too. It's hard it's hard to spell it's hard. People really do have a problem with it, but but everybody in our town they have they have ah, auto business and everybody in our town knows it. So you know, I mean, they've done a really great job of building that brand and letting people know how to spell it and say it. And so I just feel like, you know, with that being such a huge obstacle and knowing that they succeeded, I feel like photography khun certainly be done. Yeah, he's james, all of that. How did you feel about this one? I noticed we didn't comment. Is that like your least? And if there's certain things you want to just right now going, I don't like it moving on let's team team the only reason that's out there is for other elements, you know yeah, you know, I kind of liked how it wasn't all uniforms on but I do like the strength in it but I feel it's a little too almost to western I mean, we're not that's kind of my thought with the brand to I mean, I see where you go with a butcher shop that's awesome but that we do the brown kraft paper for you here into so that that's a great or feeling speck in the sand and I just thought this was something I would have never thought of the very unexpected you know, the I do get auto yeah, yeah that's a yeah, I think it's got it's got really cool elements and I just love that about the treatment of the not perfect but it's unexpected it's not just the tree you know traditional what you'd see with a little grunge on it or whatever it's it's clean but yet kind of kind of fun I'm thinking right now you know, the one we won that I have kind of gravitating towards is probably this one here with the area son yeah, I mean, just personally, um I love the traveling with the florist is very like kodak, you know, from the nineteen thirties yeah, it does have a little bit of a retro chisholm, which is a good can't wrap show camera is definitely where an idea like retro is never out of style was great yeah yeah that's exactly what goes with you and that's what I was saying earlier you know when you pick a fund that you know maybe trendy now if there's a reason for it so I mean that kind of look is is trendy but it's not we didn't go over the top with it right yeah so I want I want to talk about gender or a little bit okay so one of things that we work you know way you need to appeal the moms and yet president recognizes that the guy that shooting it's a guy you know so and that's something that we deal with more balancing this that you know like we want we want mom to feel comfortable and appreciate it and supported but when they talk to me on the foul and I have to go you know I'm not I'm not the shooter for sure and then trying to balance that but when you know who we are as as a brand well and that's where what you wear to the party matters okay so your face it is the same whether you're going to a party with new moms and new babies or you're going to high school senior you know homecoming dance or prom or football game that's where all of the other elements come in and how they're treated me look at my logo there's nothing mom feminine it's really more masculine that it is feminine today solid yeah it's solid it's you know but yet look at my look at my everything that I created everywhere I go this is what goes with me and then look at your senior that goes with the same logo and different packaging different print from material you know, on all the identity for that all the rest of the identity I should say is completely different and her children and we will show that as we get into marketing in the next couple days how I've done that with the help of fabulous designers because I have that one face and I need to be able to go to all of these different parties you know what and reach different target markets, but certain things we do like our packaging it's it's clear so we can put bright, whimsical tissue for the seniors. We can do the rest in the earth tones, and we even do bag tags where we like take twisted metal and we'll put we made you saw the charms that we made for the high school kids roll earthy and then with with, you know we'll put poking out ribbon for the kid's family, so we're just really approaching our sir style our promotional style differently, so I just see how these congar go both of those ways I think every single one of these kingo mamat mom ish dressed up for a mom event and they can go senior with a little more of the metallic emphasis mean, even think of cool metals that are did your kids have you ever done this where you get the kit where you take the pokey thing and you carve a shape? You know what I'm saying? Like a piece of metal and you sometimes you'll trace something, it will be three d in art class. You never did that low garnishing stick here is our together for generations, I guess, but, you know, you could make little bag tags like that that could be really cool and even rub called white hot pink on it for your babies and tangerine and fun mom colors, if that's whatever look and then for the seniors it's like the medals and even jewels for the girls. So, yeah, I can see how all of these kind of you know what we talked about the graphic standards, you know, maybe he's got well, and sarah does two completely separate sets of graphic standards. So here's your logo files and over here is that your children and family standards over here's your senior standards? Yeah, and and you just have to know which to pull from

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