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Meet the Troutmans

Hi everybody I'm sarah petty and we're here it creative live the day before and we are meeting the trotman's for the first time our fabulous makeover clients and we're excited that you get to be here with us this is beth sonneborn who is our fabulous graphic designer that we flew in from springfield, illinois with me who is going to be helping create this amazing new brand for these guys so we're ready when you're ready you guys wear hunger in the next three days nice to meet both very exciting one in having meat I know we've been dying to reach out to you guys and talk on the phone are or do a skype and we decided it would be fun to share this moment with everyone glad it's not like wife swap show or something I think that's a scary way better this so so today is sort of our pre meeting where we're just kind of get to see you guys are you nervous don't be these guys have all promised this's payments and fun and easy and this is one of our favorite things to do is brand makeovers so we...

're taking you guys from a to z one step at a time and everybody in the world's going to be here with us to watch it which is exciting but we don't know much about you I know we've exchanged e mails but we just want to get big picture kind of where you've been and where you want to go. And then beth has some questions about digging a little deeper. Okay, well, why don't you guys start by telling us a little bit about how you started your studio and what type of photography is specialized in we specialize is easier to answer. Wayne started as a longer statement way. So, um, we've had the studio there it'll be four years on. Um, october thirty first. Okay? That's only opened, um, and, uh, we specialize mostly in seniors and under two. Ok? Yeah, we do a lot of infants. A lot of first birthdays, right? Of young children. And daniel, you're the photographer. It's. Okay. And you? What is it? Just the two of you obviously gives you the business marketing. Do, sal, you do the sales, okay, so it'll partnership and kids through. Yes, we have a thirteen. Fifteen, five, thirteen, fifteen, three. So this is your livelihood. Which is what? Really, when we looked at all the submissions. What I loved about you guys that your this is your family. It's, not one of you has a job with all the benefits, and someone else could do it for fun this is this is your life, and um we're so excited to be a part of it said tell us where you want to go with your business well, are there mistakes you feel like you've made with? Our marriage is good I know that that was for improvement, right? So way we do we have the three kids they've been a very instrumental in our timing and how we've planned things our youngest just started kindergarten full day kindergarten ok, I'll spend state home dad this entire on so he's shy to even more so way shot around that entire premise is that we have our oldest is a handful and I'm sorry it's cool to see knows and she loves it it's fine. She lives that life it's fine wait. Oh, yeah, yeah. So, um but so this is really the first time that daniel can really be full time. Okay, so and I, my full time job, you work for a nonprofit, ok? And this is what I do in my spare. Okay, so you do have a co here? Oh, yeah, ok, but it's it you, sir, have tio three are you wanting to make this more time now this this is my my end goal. My goal is to do sales, I really enjoy customer service, I'm really into kind of sales, okay, and I I love babies we could have babies all the time just way fun and babies are nice because you can shoot him all year and give him back it doesn't have to be a night weekend kind of language I know I have three kids and beth has a child and it's family time yeah it is so and way enjoy what we doing we love the kids and you know well we really enjoy the seniors too because it's that premise where they're just getting ready to jump yeah and it's wake and you have kids that age which that we're friends and you know creates an opportunity teo you gives you an understanding of they are in their world so are you a deal guys are you in the studio are you in your home you're in a studio yesterday and tells a little bit about that location it ze eclectic wait get a one hundred year old butcher shop on camera room is actually where they used to hang the beef so there's seriously sue the wall completely would yeah it it's it's it was the only thing in town that had ceilings high enough when you needed it yeah that was that was a large part of why we are we are we've had to completely remodel step by step to make it useful there was no bathroom originally I mean you you name it it was really four walls and we had to start someplace. So, um, but it's been it's been great way continue to remodel. We continue to upgrade and, um and it's clear to collect its a good words. Good, I think it's amazing what we've done with this whole tio. So driving up to driving up to your studio what do people see? You have a signed, you know, nothing that identified way we've been holding off on the sign. S o b we've been logo shopping for over a year, and everything has been put on hold. So, like the sign that we wanted two years ago, we still don't have because we don't have a logo because you just because it's just example, that's exactly half that wass, you know, like way we have, we have the you are all literally like that. The letters of this big in the window and we have the wind is very eclectic looking and, you know, it's, frosted and whatever. We have some fun things going on there, but we are signing lists because we lack. Okay? So, you know, like daniel pressure washed stars and the into the cement in front of the building so that you conceit like, so that there's something way, don't some fun things, but we lack the identity that is holding us back like you would not believe how many we tried to have you worked with different people in order to get in the way turned in a bunch of stuff so you guys could see some of the things that have been suggested some of my favorite logos were his least favorite logos and the reason I didn't I couldn't say this is the logo was because they like we had some really cute ones with like bicycles in them but they held you back to a young child age than they didn't incorporate that senior piece you know what I mean? And they were they were beautiful logos but they didn't they didn't encompass everything needed fisher out two way did that and that was people don't get it they see that and think he does wildlife photography because if your name is trout exactly yeah it's a drop in and fish designed in detroit and it created confusion exactly so that didn't work out well foresee there and you know the stark white and blue that we had we actually had that before we even had the building, I think and so you know our color tones now that we've realized mohr when you look at daniel's pictures as a lot of black and whites there's a lot of really rich color tones and that bright white on bright blue did not match it's kind of chris rock's lauren right and it's doesn't it clean and really cool but it does this with your style or is this is our and mrs our brands like you would not believe so it's just killing me that it you know I mean and people literally the people who lived across the street from us I was two years or three maybe before they realized what that actually meant and it's like ok, well people are missing this this you know, I mean people that we see every day don't get it right we got to go to some place else, right? Well, this is you guys are so perfect I can't tell you how excited I am because you know where you don't want to be right and which is more than half the battle but unless we have we have colors were into where I mean we we were actually into fonts, you know, like I can talk fonts as faras way if we had to pick a color towns were talking cream brown, copper and black I mean that's that's kind of our color towns and way get kind of into some odd font it's for like special things that we dio, but we we've been using a lot of blazing bleeding cow bleeding cowboys registry industry standard which seems like it's just like it's the new right, you know sports expression trendy that doesn't like it and I don't want it and that's the problem is we don't want that because we don't want to not be in style in juniors yeah that's what really works record of fonts are great for shorter lived thing right like you're from anomalies yes I mean that's yeah special or something that's gonna be around for this season but the logo is your face and we'll talk more about this tomorrow but that's something that needs to be timeless exactly and I mean I think it's really important that it's not something that everybody can just easily obtain right so you're the for turning her down the street or the clothing store across the street right doesn't have this really wanted to be unique you know I mean that's that's really what we're looking for and so all right so we talked about colors a little bit we talked about fonts move it what about just over our jeanne style if you had some sort of I don't want to say theme because we don't want to get into again the same kind of thing as if you're talking about a front that's too trendy but what about um a feel that you're going for and describing your style your photographic style mickey um I'm thinking nineteen forties kind of steampunk light I mean very light way we can't use that word but there is a better word for it we're using a lot of coppers I like the textures and metal I like to play off that with wood metal maybe you know some some plant life like a mixture of I don't just against natural earth ok so something maybe a little organic yeah something that kind of plays off that steel but but still you still got an edge to it and how does your senior work different from your children work your baby's your toddlers there's a lot more black and white in our baby work than there is in our seniors um there's a lot more location work for the city yeah yeah baby stuff is almost all indoor you get right some bright high key a little not much way tend that we have this gorgeous wood floor that is just beat up beyond belief way used one hundred year old wood floor and it looks great with the kids perhaps with kids air more more more natural way can I plug another photographer it's him and the world in a way the relationship photography yeah that's really spoke to me okay yeah and we do a lot of we daddy's raising their kids we do a lot of dads with babies that we have a lot of black and white that but that relationship photography that they talk about that's a lot of the kind of stuff we do with the baby so are you looking for two will goes kind of per division or a studio logo and then possibly attack I'm thinking studio logo and tags so I don't think that's gonna hold us back or confused the audience liked the other has yeah you when you're a huge company you can have separately branded businesses all under one roof but you lose the economies of scale that you get by having one name so then it's like what sign do I put up? You have to have three signs of to have three sets of packaging I have to have everything so you get that one strong name and as those baby clients turn into senior clients then they get married and they have families it's that one really strong name so you need a logo that can work for kids that can be cool for seniors and allows you to grow I mean, what if you want to add something else some day or another photographer or as you guys grow, it grows with you and your set with your name? The name is the trump travel in photography. Okay, so would you ever consider having other shooters? Yeah. Oh yeah under the trotman photography named gets ok because I did that with sarah petty photography and added other shooters and you know you had road bumps either way because I think using your name it builds your brand as it is your artists and it gives you certain advantages but then a lot of people never think they're going to hire someone else so I'm glad you've already thought of that and well yeah we're gonna want to eventually take some time off wait did you say that was the first one and then this is our second that's all we get this year yeah well ceo that already but those kids they gotta have jobs some day john well the model for a super oh yes yeah that was one of the other things that this is a good time to ask this week in vegas they're gonna prop things we need tio daniel was a lot of stock okay and that was a lot of the funding to buy the original gear and all that jazz too so that's the other piece what kind of stock kids or well well it is just a little bit of everything consent you know whatever comes to mind target that's where he's feisty let's get it fixed in his stock okay so is your is your logo used in that stat work backwards had totally unrelated to the branding issues we and you loaded that mostly up so you guys can see it mostly so that you could get a little bit more of the personality this is there's always that little bit of humor in what we dio and without showing the stock work it's hard to communicate that sometimes because you know that there's a lot of there's emotion and everything we do and they're so but the humor comes out with small children that you know, with little ones with them running around and and in his stock stuff, but that getting some of that stevens could see it. Okay, it's, part of how we could load that part of the personality ok, now in talking about talk about fonts and colors and styles um, what about any particular shapes? Or are you meaning towards icons versus I think we can safely assume you don't want a mascot, you know, um or were you looking for just really nice typography or are you open don't think we are or a mix of both just because it is more than typography doesn't mean that it has to be an icon, but sometimes people have, you know, hey, this has got to be in a circle, and I'm stuck on that. It doesn't have to be in a circle that we do want to shape for the signs, something something with the shape so that we can apply the logo to you know, well, you know, the way they want to be able to do the stickers on on the boxes and those kinds of things and that to me lends itself to a shape some sort of you could go wanted to wanted to waste yes, it very very much can lend itself to that but then you can also think about the flexibility you have if you don't have a shape and you can put it on any shape you want you could put it on a square sticker you could put it on around sign and we're all still go together because it's all based on the actual logo not the shape and that could be faced to get into the identity like you have a shape that is consistent and everything you do it's not your logo but it's a shape and becomes part of of your look and feeling yeah flexibilities always good ok, the other thing that we we were talking about before is that, um wait when we had our bright white and blue we could change it into other colors on the stick the shape was still so unique that we could use it for other things so if it needed to be orange and black for halloween it could be and it still carried forward so we don't necessarily want a lot of different colors okay in it in what it is you know, like we want to be able to sell to solidify it down to black and white if it needs to be veggies they're important local shall be strong in black and white first in fact we generally have historically, just always presented logos in black and white for the first time to a client only in black and white, just because if you don't like it in black and white, I mean, it is going to appear that way. And then if you do like it in black and white, you're gonna love it when you add color, so it's only gonna get better, okay? And there might not even be color because, you know, his photographers, we have different challenges in that we want that are working the photography to be this star. If we have this crazy global, like, thirty colors and you want it with the relationship beautiful black and white image, sometimes it can come into tressel so good. I think we're good to get to get started feel like we're home makeover, you know, I feel like we're on a blind date little interview, and then tomorrow we get are seconding. Is there anything else you guys want to tell us any other little too it's about your photography? About your style that your studio about brand hopes and dreams was the truth? No, really. I mean, we covered the dilapidated building eagle, theo, australia, all the things that haven't worked. I think that's really where we're at is we you know, we've narrowed down not necessarily on purpose, but just through all of these different presentation is trying to figure out what it was we wanted, at least we know what we don't well, that is our goal for you guys, when you leave the end of these three days to be crystal clear on who you are and where you're going, I know you know that in your work, but it's like with ourselves, you know, we know who we are inside, but then we have to go put clothes on and we're not going to shopping and you don't like it and nothing fits on sixty tall, so it's the same thing, we're going to help put that all in a package for you from, like I said from a to z, so that it's not going to be solved for you, which is you feel so good about where you are, that is our goal. Are you excited? We're yeah, this is huge excited too, because what I love about this most is that teaching branding and marketing and all the things we're teaching is one thing you can buy a marketing book, you could buy a business book, but for everybody to get to see you go through it oh that's going to be exciting for everyone. So we're just excited that you're here with an open mind. We have an amazing audience coming who they're all bringing home work, and they're all going to be working through the same stuff with us, so feel free to ask questions, and we're hoping for no tears. So please let them be of joy. Yes, I told them, I guess today, so, you know, you can see they're with us. They were totally, well, awesome. Well, thank you guys, and we're really, really excited to be here with you. I know this has been an amazing experience for us already, watching this whole room come together. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so, so welcome. And we're going to have a fun three days together.

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